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  1. Politics, finance & economics
  2. How to survive the coming financial crash
  6. Oil Revenue
  7. Is it time to get back into the market
  8. And we thought commodities were safe!
  9. There are no more markets, only manipulation
  10. Is my money in the banks safe?
  11. Free investment advice
  13. Singapore guarantees all deposits
  14. FTSE 100 hits 5 year low
  15. Economics: Subsidies - Electricity Price No Drop Despite Fuel Price Drop
  16. Know when to walk away
  17. Greed, Fear & Arrogance
  18. Shahrir: How about putting our petrol price back to RM 1.50/litre
  19. Retirees fear savings may run out
  20. Financial Education: Bretton Woods
  21. Selangor taking pro-active action to face financial crisis
  22. Financial Crisis: US Government throws oil on fire, by Henry C K Liu
  23. EPF Funds to be used to prop up KLSE
  24. Slowdown: Klang Valley I-City in limbo?
  25. Beijing Consensus to replace Washington Consensus?
  26. Is CIMB in trouble?
  27. Why did the USD go up recently?
  28. Malaysia oil reserves to last 20 years only?
  30. Airflight adverts: Time for Airasia to advertise full fares
  31. What should I do with my EPF money?
  32. Be fearful when government officials tell you things are honky dory
  33. Paulson Bailout: Be careful when governments invoke emergency acts
  34. Financial Education: Derivatives
  35. DOW: How low can it go?
  36. Financial Education: Don't be a sucker.
  37. China: Anything below 8% growth is a problem
  38. Economics: Emerging or submering
  39. Kazakhstan: The Seven Fat Years & THe Seven Lean Years
  40. The future for retirees
  41. Interview with Paul Volcker: US monetary policy in the late 70's and 80's
  42. PR Govts looking for foreign investment
  43. Kemana kah Gabenor Bank Negara Malaysia?
  44. Lee Kuan Yew: Marry above your level
  45. Watch Citibank
  46. Pressing Agenda for Economic Crisis
  47. Crash Aftermath: What happened?
  48. Jim Rogers & his crystal ball: The US is bankrupt
  49. Real Estate Ratios
  50. Carol Yip: 2nd Money Basics Seminar on Sat 15 Nov 08, 9am - 12:30pm
  51. Housing: Govt urged to scrap housing quotas for Malays
  52. Yawn. Mixed reactions greet relaxing of Bumi equity rule
  53. Financial Crisis: What Singaporeans think of their Govt's performance
  54. Michael Jeyakumar Devaraj: Helping the Malay poor
  55. Global Financial Crisis and Implications on Malaysia forum - 12 Nov 08
  56. Financial Education: Understanding the Financial Crisis
  57. BN Governor & Deputy Minister: Malaysia not in recession
  58. FTA: Lovely code words
  59. Great Depression by 2011: 30 reasons for it to happen
  60. How to bring prices down
  61. Multinationals in Penang preparing for the worst
  62. Are you financially literate
  63. Financial Education: Why banks fail
  64. Lee Kuan Yew: What China is doing to overcome the Financial Crisis
  65. S&P in US to be much worse next year
  66. What happens when countries go bankrupt?
  67. Amanah Saham Wawasan 2020
  68. Financial Education: Quantitative Easing
  69. Peter Schiff on YouTube
  70. China may stock up on basic metals
  71. Banking Crises: Plus Ça Change …
  73. Financial History in the Making
  74. Terengganu forms own investment fund
  75. Soothsayers See Gloom & Doom in Flip Flops Fed Gomen
  76. ASEAN tightens up to ride China's rise
  77. Is China our hope to the current financial crisis?
  78. China the sleeping dragon, when are you going to wake up?
  79. The devil and Bernard Madoff
  80. Lithium Ion Battery anyone?
  81. The EPF as a piggy bank
  82. Toyota to post 1st loss in 70 years
  83. Markets Can't Rule Themselves.
  84. Chan Akya: Ask not for whom the bells toll
  85. Down and still coupled
  87. The different stages of national economic collapse
  88. Japan Should Scrap U.S. Debt
  89. Know your ABC's
  90. Selangor Investment & Trade Mission to Taiwan
  91. US Homes plunge record 18% in Oct 08
  92. Malaysia records deficit in balance of payments for Q3
  93. Don't Miss the Coming Gold Bull
  94. Martin Armstrong: It's Just Time
  95. Martin Armstrong: Abolish the Income Tax
  96. The Daily Reckoning: A Year In Review, Part II
  97. The biggest casualty of 2008 - Trust
  98. Aliran: Global Food Crisis Review
  99. Monetarism enters bankruptcy
  100. Pre-Xmas news: US, China & Japan
  101. US governors seek $1 trillion federal assistance
  102. Capitalist system has failed, says Nor Mohamed
  103. Financial Education: Understanding inflation, Mainstream vs Austrian View
  104. We are in recession
  105. We are all Keynesians now
  106. Intel shuts two plants in Penang
  107. Resources: Russia Prepares To Rival Rio And BHP
  108. Sime Darby to give Subang Jaya a city centre
  109. Tunku Razaleigh: Govt's Economic Management - Do they know what they are doing?
  110. George Soros: The right way and wrong way to bail out a bank
  111. History of the DJIA & Bank Solutions
  112. Day the UK banks were just three hours from collapse
  113. Ron Paul: The Solution to the US Financial Crisis
  114. Howard Ruff: Preparing for Ruff Times
  115. Debt-addled coconuts
  116. What if your wallet was stolen: Credit Card & Cheque Security
  117. Financial Crisis: Who said no one saw it coming?
  118. Chance for China to drive the world
  119. Johor Bunkering Depot: Malaysia’s bunkering ambition in jeopardy
  120. Mental Model for Depression
  121. Hurray! Electricity rates to come down
  122. CT Choo: IPPs & Privatisation
  123. Diamonds are a woman's best friend
  124. HSBC plans USD 17B fund raising exercise
  125. Pete Peterson on A mission to save a profligate nation
  126. Trade value declines in January
  127. Monetary & Fiscal Policy
  128. etheorist & de minimis
  129. Mini Budget RM 60B
  130. Airline industry in recession
  131. Mr Prime Minister, You have run out of OUR money
  132. Believer in small government predicts 15-year depression
  133. Gold/Oil Ratio
  134. How the rich live?
  135. Martin Hutchinson - The correct recovery paradigm
  136. Useful Financial terms
  137. Banker bonuses led to ‘lethal’ risks
  138. FTA with New Zealand - Disclose the details for public feedback
  139. Economics: The never-ending (Proton) Saga
  140. Mukhriz plugs franchise industry as engine of growth
  141. New model needed in Malaysia
  142. Change to DOW JONES Index
  143. Felda to seek listing soon
  144. George Soros: The three steps to financial reform
  145. Power cut in Malaysia til 8 Aug 09
  146. Bank Negara Malaysia Bill 2009 approved
  147. China's buying of hard assets cannot last - oh yeah!
  148. Tender for Bakun’s undersea cable out next year
  149. Pensions: why there are dark clouds hanging over your sunset years
  150. California financial grid-lock - A proposed solution
  151. Robert Kuok Hock Nien's notes on the past sixty years
  152. The Dark Years Are Here
  153. Diesel subsidy
  154. A Grand Unified Theory of Market Manipulation
  155. A M'sian fantasy about foreign workers
  156. The Malaysian Economy: Recovery or Stagnation? Pt 1 & 2
  157. THE LARGEST HEIST IN HISTORY Building the Great Pyramid
  158. Lower Budget shortfall targeted for 2010 - don't you believe it.
  159. Deflation
  160. National Debt Update
  161. Guan Eng: BNM must act against those responsible for Maybank deals
  162. Robert Kiyosaki: Preparing for the Worst
  163. Jobless in America: Is Double-Digit Unemployment Here to Stay?
  164. Malaysia plans currency exchange with China
  165. How to recognize a bank run
  166. Martin Hutchinson: When Money Becomes Worthless
  167. Selangor: Can the Selangor Govt set up its own bank?
  168. Housing: Developers' Directors to be screened
  169. Dollar to Hit 50 Yen
  170. Privatisation in Malaysia: 2nd wave
  171. CPI: Unemployed graduates: Who prospers?
  172. Financial Education: Central Banks - Their reason for being
  173. Budget: How to read it.
  174. SPIN: The USD will remain strong
  175. Used car dealers, owners cry foul over NAP conditions
  176. Debt to GDP Ratios
  177. GST - Najib's maiden budget take 2
  178. Super-rich seen buying gold, selling hedge funds
  179. Anti-Goldman Rally
  180. Talking Stimulus; Or Why Fiscal Deficits Might Fail To Boost Economies
  181. State by State GDP Data
  182. The day the Dollar Died
  183. The Oil Casino: SEC Heading for Monte Carlo, Part I
  184. CIMB: RM 8.4B NPL
  185. North Korea currency crash.
  186. Nube want 'racist' bank investigated
  187. Gas: Turkmenistan to China Gas Pipeline
  188. Petronas wins Iraqi Oil Rights in Oil Auction
  189. AS1M: Malays smarter than Indians who are smarter than Chinese
  190. The world in 2010: China continues its unstoppable economic charge
  191. Bank Negara: Illegal forex scheme
  192. The Austrian School’s 7 Commandments
  193. Finance Minister II: New Economic Model ready
  194. The rise of the permanent temporary workforce
  195. Malaysia's Disastrous Capital Flight
  196. Psychological Warfare: Handling MOPE
  197. Understanding OTC and CDS
  198. US Economic Data
  199. Plantations to be hit by labour shortage
  200. Letter from Dad: What Does Greece Mean to You?
  201. Global Overview by Jim Sinclair
  202. Petronas to list petrochemicals, heavy engineering arms
  203. Fong Chan Onn: Why is Malaysia caught in the middle income gap? How to get out
  204. Hishamuddin: Foreign Workforce to be cut from 1.8m to 1.5m
  205. The true story of Sime Darby — Dr Chan Chin Cheung
  206. Financial Literacy - Student debt: Can you teach financial literacy?
  207. Khazanah plans sukuk sale for Parkway buy
  208. Interview: Jim Rogers on Currencies and Inflation
  209. Measuring National Performance - Beyond GDP
  210. India: Chop the Civil Service and the Economy Booms
  211. Guthrie defies Indonesian Court over Kalimantan Oil Palm Acquisition
  212. Khazanah: Another RM935 Million Khazanah Fiasco: Time For MACC Or Royal Commission
  213. Economics: Unemployment Out of Control?
  214. Max Keiser: America, a walking dead-zombie country
  215. Reproduction: Social Welfare Article
  216. China: Rumors of the Central Bank Chief's Defection
  217. Martin Armstrong: Australia and the Current Account Deficit
  218. Backlash over China curb on metal exports
  219. JP Morgan to shut down proprietary trading desks
  220. Richard Russell: The Big Picture
  221. What will replace the USD as the Global Reserve Currency?
  222. US Government and Financial Elites Deceive Us
  223. Financial Education: How the Stock Market and the Economy Really Works
  224. Malaysia an ‘extreme’ example of tepid investment, says World Bank
  225. “Stealth” Currency (i.e. Purchasing Power) Debasement
  226. Liquidity flowing into asia and western latin america
  227. Mortgage Fraud in the US
  228. Doug Casey on the Violence of the Storm, the Destruction of the Middle Class and the Coming Gold Standard
  229. Ron Paul: Economy in October
  230. Proper operation of depository accounts
  231. CPI: The Real Cost of Living
  232. Smartknowledgeu & Undergroundinvestor
  233. Bubble Trouble - the next global asset bubble, by Shane Oliver
  234. PM to calm telcos upset with YTL’s new TV spectrum
  235. Gold is now money
  236. 100-storey tower
  237. Carbon Trading: The Transfer of Pollution from the Industrialised Countries to the 3rd World
  238. Counter Party Risk
  239. China Crash Coming? China: That Urban Empty Feeling
  240. Continuous Commodity Index Commentary from Trader Dan
  241. A survival strategy for the euro zone — Nouriel Roubini
  242. Chinese Take-Out Of The U.S. Economy
  243. Sovereignman: Chile Country Report
  244. Drought in US and Argentina
  245. Malaysia's Real GDP Growth Rate
  246. 2011 is going to be fun. Silver may go up 37%!
  247. US Gasoline and Diesel Costing
  248. Shipping: Forwarders cry foul over port deposits
  249. EPF: How safe is your EPF? European nations begin seizing private pensions
  250. Stock Market Year End Window Dressing