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  1. PSC: Najib announces formation of Parliamentary Select Committee on Electoral Reform
  2. PSC: Poll Reform Hearing Dates
  3. PSC Hearing No. 1, 121111: 国会遴选委员会听证会 10组代表传召供证
  4. PSC For Polls Reform:
  5. PSC: Amanah moots caretaker gov't system
  6. PSC Hearing No. 2, 26th Nov 11 & Tindak Malaysia Submission
  7. PSC Hearings on SPR: Redrawing the Boundaries
  8. PSC Hearing on Electoral Reform: Preliminary Report 1st Dec 2011
  9. PSC Hearings: The right to vote for all, The Star
  10. PSC must adopt all Bersih’s demands
  11. PSC Hearing No. 4, 15th Dec 2011, Penang
  12. PSC: EC: Voters will be marked with indelible ink in next general election
  13. PSC: BERSIH 2.0 should demand SPR rectify current malapportionment
  14. SPR: Ex-SPR Chairman suddenly found his tongue
  15. SPR: Ex-army officer warns of voting inside camps
  16. SPR: Overseas voters must be taxpayers before given the postal vote.
  17. SPR: RPK Interview - Destroy the UMNO culture (VIDEO)
  18. PSC: MyOverseasVote submits Draft Overseas Postal Voting Regulations
  19. SPR: Election Reforms still not enough
  20. PSC: Voter audit reveals thousands of dubious records
  21. SPR: Media personnel to get postal vote
  22. PSC: 'Some electoral changes may not be applied for GE13'
  23. PSC: BERSIH 2.0/Tindak Malaysia Memorandum on Electoral Reform to PSC, 060312
  24. PSC: Electoral reform process to conclude at PSC/EC meet tomorrow
  25. PSC: Press briefing on proposed electoral reforms by BERSIH 2.0/Tindak Malaysia
  26. PSC: Bersih: Delay polls until all reforms met
  27. PSC: Pakatan declares PSC a failure
  28. PSC: Response From Bersih 2.0 To The Recommendations Of The Parliamentary Select Committee on Electoral Reform
  29. PSC: Tindak Malaysia's response to the PSC Recommendations of 3rd Apr 2012
  30. PSC: KAMI calls on Govt to ensure access to media during polls
  31. PSC Report: An illusion of real electoral reform — Kim Quek
  32. PSC: Polls watchdog: 'Weak' PSC report lacks political will
  33. PSC: Surrender to God and be subservient to the people - Shahrir
  34. PSC: Cabinet to consider Minority Report
  35. PSC: EC tells BERSIH to respect the Constitution
  36. PSC: 10 major problems in EC's electoral roll - Ong Kian Ming
  37. PSC: Is the govt serious about electoral reforms?
  38. PSC: PSC Report DR.1 TAHUN 2012 passed by Parliament on 3nd Apr 2012
  39. PSC: Ongkili: Government, Parliament can ensure EC carries out reforms
  40. BERSIH 2.0 upset with Pakatan MPs
  41. PSC: BERSIH 2.0 ticks off Info Ministry for silence over PSC Report
  42. PSC: Reducing Unfairness in the Delineation of Electoral Constituencies, Dr. Lim Hong Hai
  43. PSC: EC should stop buying time on reform
  44. PSC: Six rejected PSC proposals need further study
  45. SPR: FORUM: Role of Citizen in Ensuring Fair Elections, organized by NIEI
  46. PSC Electoral Reform: Govt Portal hosting the hearings and submissions