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  1. FAQ: Voter Registration
  2. FAQ: SPR 2001: Electoral Roll cannot be challenged.
  3. FAQ: Form 14 Statement of the Polls after Counting the Ballots
  4. FAQ: Electoral Systems - what types are there?
  5. FAQ: How to protect the secrecy of your vote?
  6. FAQ: Voter Registration Form available online
  7. FAQ: Voting on behalf of OKU on polling day
  8. FAQ: Ballot Marking Booth
  9. FAQ: How do I check the identity of a woman in veil?
  10. FAQ: Postal Polling for Spouse of Arm Forces and Police
  11. FAQ: KTM - All questions related to KTM are summarized here
  12. FAQ: Postal Polling for Absent Voters Overseas
  13. FAQ: How many PACABAs are needed during a GE? 166,839
  14. FAQ: Sequence of Candidates on Ballot Paper
  15. FAQ: Can the Kerani SPR write the voter reference no. on the ballot counterfoil
  16. FAQ: Can an overseas voter vote as a postal voter?
  17. FAQ: What to do with Phantoms?
  18. FAQ: What is malapportionment and gerrymandering? How do we overcome it?
  19. FAQ: What is the penalty to a voter for applying with false address.
  20. FAQ: Can Polling Agent speak to a voter?
  21. FAQ: Why are PACABA's important?
  22. FAQ: Who makes up the SPR? Are they independent and do they command public confidence?
  23. FAQ: Incapacitated or disabled voters
  24. FAQ: Must IC nos. match exactly before releasing a ballot paper?
  25. FAQ: Can the registration of "instant citizens" be challenged in court?
  26. FAQ: Ballot Papers - What is the custody period before destruction
  27. FAQ: What to do if the ballot paper is waxed?
  28. FAQ: How much are SPR staff paid during a General Election?
  29. FAQ: How to stop double voting by SPR Staff?
  30. FAQ: How to avoid someone hijacking your vote?
  31. FAQ: Indelible ink
  32. FAQ: Vote Buying
  33. FAQ: What is the analysis of GE 12 (2008) Results, List of State and Parliament Seats?
  34. FAQ: How to check for your address on SPR site?
  35. FAQ: Electoral System - Introduction
  36. FAQ: Using Undue Influence to influence a voter.
  37. FAQ: I applied but my name does not appear in the Supplementary Electoral Roll
  38. FAQ: How to vote (Mandarin), by hisoing 28/08/12
  39. FAQ: How much are MP's paid?
  40. FAQ: Beyond Indelible Ink - Biometric Voter Identity Card
  41. FAQ: What is the purpose of Borang SPR 765?
  42. FAQ: What is the Polling Time?
  43. FAQ: Code of Conduct during Elections?
  44. FAQ: Election References & How does success look like?
  45. FAQ: Ensuring Polling Staff Are Fair
  46. FAQ: Can we trust the EC?
  47. FAQ: Registration of Overseas Malaysians as Postal Voter
  48. FAQ: What is the difference between a PACABA, Accredited Observer (Pemerhati) & Non-accredited Observer (Pemantau)
  49. FAQ: Do Overseas Malaysians Care? Find out at JomBalikUndi
  50. FAQ: How the KTM report the Counting Results to the EC
  51. FAQ: I go to the Barung and the clerk says my name is not there.
  52. FAQ: Helpful info for voters in the 2008 Malaysian General Elections
  53. FAQ: Name saya hilang dari Daftar Pemilih. Nama saya dimasukkan dalam Daftar Pemilih tanpa kebenaran saya
  54. FAQ: How do I get appointed as a PACABA?