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  1. The Corrupted Malaysian Police
  2. Crime Alert
  3. Self Representation in Malaysian Courts
  4. Joe Singh: Precautions to avoid robberies
  5. Break-ins: Precautions
  6. 'Bar Council becoming toothless'
  7. Laws: Road Transport (Amendment) Bill 2010 - Four proposed amendments dropped
  8. Common Law as practised in UK
  9. Law & Order: Save our daughters, sisters, wives from rape
  10. Law & Order: Selangor Govt Offers to Set Up Auxiliary Police
  11. Law & Order: Emergency Laws 1966, 1969, 1977
  12. Police - Kopi O Khau Sikit Kurang Manis
  13. Law & Order: Race Relations Act
  14. Law & Order: Don't dismiss crime concern as perception problem, Wong Chin Huat
  15. Law & Order: Crime in KL getting serious - BEWARE : High Crime areas in K.L
  16. Governance: Security - FEAR of crime haunts M'sians: 64% of poll says Hisham not fit to be Minister of ANYTHING!, LKS
  17. Governance: Security - Spinning some new lies. Police detect Jemaah Islamiah, ex-Reds in opposition parties
  18. Law & Order: Crime statistics are manipulated
  19. LAW & Order: Speeding - Catching speed fiends more important than public security? Tay Tian Yan
  20. Governance Security: When people live in too much fear, they leave - Anne Paton of South Africa
  21. Governance: Parliamentary data show Najib using police to maintain power, not to fight CRIME
  22. Governance Security: Lahad Datu Standoff in Visit Malaysia Year by Armed Tourists
  23. Law & Order: (Less) Power to the police
  24. Law & Order: Plots thickens in banker Najadi's murder: SON THROWS IN A NEW TWIST
  25. Law & Order: Powers to be given to panel: Home Minister
  26. Law & Order: Home Minister - with criminals, we shoot first
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