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  1. Electoral Roll, Q3 08, on display
  2. Liew Chin Tong: Voter registration - Scandalous EC has failed
  3. SPR Chairmen: Automatic Registration & Other Asinine Statements
  4. Poll activists back online registration, but urge caution
  5. Is the SPR a branch of the ICU?
  6. Memo by DAP Youth to SPR on how to improve SPR
  7. Wong Chin Huat: Party-List Proportional Representation
  8. Penanti Heralds A New Beginning In Election Culture
  9. Manek Urai: Army boosting BN’s chances claim
  10. Ong BK: Looking to Indonesia for electoral reforms
  11. India's Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) come under fire
  12. NAMFREL - Philippines Election Watchdog
  13. Afghanistan can have indelible ink for voting
  14. SPR perlu diletakkan dibawah Parlimen
  15. BERSIH: 2ND Anniversary in Shah Alam on 7th Nov 09
  16. Time for recall elections, Selangor
  17. Romania Postal Voting Overseas
  18. Malaysian observers praise Uzbek elections
  19. SPR: Opposition slams EC’s ‘cosmetic’ reforms
  20. Gerrymandering in Perak
  21. SPR: Now, there are 11.26 million voters
  22. Monitoring SPR and Voter Analysis
  23. General Elections Results 2008
  24. MALVU: What is in the accreditation from EC to election observer?
  25. SPR: New Threats to the electorate
  26. SPRM: Meet the SPRM at 7pm on 5th May 2010 at KLSCAH
  27. SPR: Erasing errors in transfer of voters
  28. SPR: No redelineation until after GE 13
  29. BN to register Indonesians as voters, says PAS
  30. SPR: Malaysians Overseas – Right to Vote’ or ‘MyOverseasVote’
  31. Switched to postal voter without being told
  32. Voter Registration Johor: 82,500 new voters Mar 08 - 2010
  33. EC mulls proxy voting in election law changes
  34. Elections: What happens when you don't get fair elections - Bank Runs
  35. Electoral principles and paradoxes
  36. Election Commission: Observer: 'Amateur' EC chief not fit for role
  37. EC: More Perak postal votes as soldiers’, cops’ wives sign up
  38. SPR's hypocrisy: EC ferrying S'wak voters by chopper a sick joke
  39. SPR: Electronic Voting Machine from India
  40. SPR: TI hammers SPR as unreliable.
  41. SPR: Mal-location of Voters
  42. SPR General Elections Analysis
  43. SPR: Promoting Legal Frameworks for Democratic Elections
  44. SPR: TVSelangor09 13052011 Mansuh Undi Pos Jangan Hangat hangat Tahi Ayam
  45. SPR: The value of your vote
  46. SPR: EC urged to use ‘thumbprint readers’ for polls
  47. SPR: Malaysia's Electoral System - Government of the People?
  48. SPR Fraud: How do we explain this - 1 person 2 votes
  49. SPR: Why the SPR needs to be BERSIHed?
  50. SPR: Postal voting overhaul
  51. SPR: Putrajaya proposes biometric system to divert attention from indelible ink.
  52. SPR: PAS Youth: EC finally admits existence of phantom voters
  53. SPR: It's not just about clean electoral rolls, says don
  54. SPR: EC appoints returning officers, polls imminent
  55. SPR: Polls Fraud
  56. SPR: ‘PM clueless on overseas voting processes'
  57. SPR: Gerrymandering to Gain the upper hand
  58. SPR: Civic Group invites Nicaraguan Citizens to participate in election monitoring
  59. SPR has no power over the media
  60. SPR, Listen to the Voice for Electoral Reforms
  61. SPR: Electoral Reform a Must Before Next GE
  62. SPR: Armed Forces Chief General asks stupid question.
  63. SPR: The EC is indulging in voters suppression
  64. SPR: Emulate India's Code of Conduct
  65. SPR: Analysis of Past General Elections
  66. SPR: Wikileaks Mar 2007
  67. SPR: Video - UNDILAH
  68. SPR: General Election Allowances
  69. SPR: EC to display list of 40,000 ‘unverified voters’ from Oct 27
  70. SPR: IFES 2011: A Year in Review
  71. SPR: Malaysia: Malapportioned Districts and Over-Representation of Rural Communities
  72. Elections: The new wave of US Voter suppression
  73. SPR: Absent voters' status: Decision on Jan 6
  74. SPR: M'sia's electoral system: Govt of the people?
  75. SPR: Ex-minister claims BN bought votes with cash
  76. SPR: PSC sitting on EC's request for staff
  77. SPR: ‘EC using legal loophole to change roll’
  78. SPR: EC denies manipulation in voter registration
  79. Bersih: ‘Security risk’ for ballot boxes if early vote count disallowed
  80. SPR: EC can't drop 13,000 'doubtful' names in Sabah
  81. Spr: Pakatan reveals how EC conducts "massive fraud"
  82. PSC: Don’t reveal details of the report, PSC members warned
  83. SPR: ‘Time for RCI on NRD’
  84. SPR: Veterans and Battle-of-Athens, TN, 1946 Tennessee, USA
  85. SPR: Flawed voter roll: Fraud only one of causes
  86. SPR: IFES Event - Mitigating Electoral Violence: Gender Analysis, Technology and Proactive Election Management
  87. SPR: Mahfuz making up 'evil fairy tales', says EC
  88. SPR: Monitoring Elections - JOMPantau PRU 13
  89. PSC: Gov't must walk the talk on EC reforms - Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir
  90. SPR: ‘It’s not EC’s fault, onus falls on voters’ - NIEI
  91. SPR: Phantom voters and fraud fears for Malaysia polls - AFP
  92. SPR: Najib pledges clean and fair elections
  93. SPR: EC chief: Our electoral roll is cleanest in the world
  94. SPR: Bersih 2.0 demands election commissioners resign
  95. SPR: BERSIH 2.0 Detects 24,000 double registration in Selangor
  96. SPR: Bersih 2.0 to EC: Stand for election if you dare
  97. SPR: No more passes for party supporters, says EC
  98. SPR: EC chief, deputy admit they ‘could have been’ Umno members
  99. SPR: Electoral roll needs to be scrutinized, Dr VS Paraman
  100. SPR: Absentee voting 'only for army trainers' in Palapes
  101. SPR: Mahathir - Gerrymandering is normal
  102. SPR: Assessing Electoral Fraud in New Democracies: Refining the Vocabulary
  103. SPR: PKR launches 'phantom voter-busting' system
  104. SPR: Mat Zain calls for tribunal on EC's top guns
  105. SPR: EC may extend campaign period
  106. SPR Fraud: Tak boleh mengundi, nombor IC 'dicuri'
  107. SPR: Non-resident voters - Economises on the Truth, Ong Kian Ming
  108. SPR: EC mulls holding all-party campaign debates
  109. SPR: EC aims to make postal voting for media transparent
  110. SPR: Will the Govt implement clean elections?
  111. SPR: Merdeka Centre - Almost half don't trust electoral process
  112. SPR to conduct electoral roll checking campaign from June 1
  113. SPR: Doubtful votes — can they change an election outcome? by Deborah Loh
  114. SPR: PROHAM wants monitoring body to oversee electoral reforms
  115. SPR: Hidden threat with the abolishment of nomination objection period
  116. SPR: EC admits double registration of voters
  117. SPR: Hadi blasts EC for failure to address postal votes fraud
  118. SPR: EC rues 'poor' response from Malaysians abroad
  119. SPR: EC 'reforms' boost polls expenses, claims Tindak
  120. SPR: IDEA - Standards for External and Absentee Voting; Voting from abroad Handbook
  121. SPR: India Electoral Practice
  122. SPR: 84 voters with same identity card numbers are different individuals
  123. SPR: 5 NGOs to act as local election monitors for GE13
  124. SPR: Pua: EC's stealth on voter registration stats suspicious
  125. SPR Members and Secretary
  126. SPR: Mexico recounts votes
  127. SPR: EC mulls automatic change of voting constituencies
  128. SPR: EC announces minor changes to voting process
  129. SPR: EC meets all parties: GE-13 imminent!
  130. SPR: Lembah Pantai Returning Officer threatens to ensure Nurul Izzah loses in GE 13!
  131. SPR: The Electoral Roll - Issues and Clarifications (English & BM)
  132. SPR: Research on Postal & Absentee Voting
  133. SPR: EC meets all parties: GE-13 imminent!
  134. SPR: New Rules And Constituencies For New Challenges?
  135. SPR: Saving Parliament from the EC
  136. SPR: US elections - How are the votes counted - offshore?
  137. SPR: Electoral Systems - Off the Edge. Divided we stand
  138. SPR: Constitutional posers for GE13
  139. SPR: Selangor polls will not be held during GE 13
  140. SPR: No need for EC to be under Parliament
  141. SPR: Only rules change needed to let Malaysians vote abroad
  142. SPR: Govt agency registering foreign-born as voters
  143. SPR: South Korea EC demonstrates overseas voting.
  144. SPR: Defective electoral roll, Anwar
  145. SPR: DAP: EC refuses to prosecute electoral roll manipulators
  146. SPR: M'sians overseas can vote by post, says EC
  147. SPR: Making elections better, Hwa Yue-Yi
  148. SPR caught red-handed with blunders in voters list by pakatan rakyat
  149. SPR: India EC problems
  150. SPR: Selangor already fallen to BN
  151. SPR: M'sia can be benchmark for Islamic nations but EC, govt too "defensive", Muslim polls group
  152. SPR: ACE Focus on Voter Identification
  153. SPR to invite foreign observers for GE
  154. SPR: ER exhibits latest additional electoral roll (Q4/2012)
  155. SPR: EC launches GE13 portal
  156. SPR Jom Balik Undi Press Statement
  157. SPR: MERAP on Electoral Roll - Chapter 4: Seeing double
  158. SPR: Afghan poll cash goes to waste
  159. SPR: Enforce law on election posters
  160. SPR: EC predicts unusual polls scenarios
  161. SPR: New Procedures for voting - Use pen instead of paper
  162. SPR: No campaigning in army camps, police barracks
  163. SPR: MACC says election bribery by political parties is not bribery
  164. SPR: Supplementary Electoral Roll Gazetted on 22 Feb 2013
  165. SPR: Waspada dengan muslihat NGO 'ajaran sesat'
  166. Spr: Merap findings
  167. SPR: Election Misconduct and the need for election observation
  168. SPR: New SPR Website
  169. SPR: PM doesn't interfere in EC business, says Nazri
  170. SPR: 'Unconstitutional' to exempt electoral roll from review
  171. SPR: Normal to have 28% new voters unidentifiable.
  172. SPR Announces appointment of RO's ahead of GE
  173. SPR FAQ on Overseas Postal Voters
  174. SPR: Pakatan leaders want to undo 'electoral abuse', humayun kabil
  175. SPR: Unfortunate that GE comes before RCI concludes
  176. SPR: EC draws scorn with 'we have no power on caretaker guidelines' claim
  177. SPR: Games the SPR play with phantom voters
  178. SPR: Overseas Postal Voting Procedures
  179. SPR: US - My plan to fix Congress, Krist Novoselic
  180. SPR: Open letter to the EC, Tessa Houghton
  181. SPR: Caretaker Governments
  182. SPR: Electoral Systems
  183. SPR: EC Should Go! - Election Commission in the spotlight
  184. SPR: The intrepid civil servant
  185. Spr: Pakistani elections are victory for democracy as millions cast ballots despite threats of violence
  186. SPR: Just 16.7%
  187. SPR: VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE on EC chief to conduct Kuala Besut by-election fairly - Kasthuri
  188. SPR: No need for EC Chairman to resign, says Muhyiddin
  189. SPR: RM200M bonus - paid to fail
  190. SPR: People kept poor to ensure support can be bought
  191. SPR: Universal Conventions that All Govts Are Expected to Abide By
  192. SPR: Bar Council - Post-Election Series Seminar
  193. SPR: People's Tribunal - Bersih 2.0 Names 3 Locals, 3 Foreigners as members
  194. SPR: Polls panel mulls new voter registration law
  195. SPR: Ex-EC Chief - Electoral Roll not EC's fault. Gerrymandering not to be blamed.
  196. SPR: Electronic voting. Direct Democracy: Progress and Pitfalls of Election Technology.
  197. SPR: Canadian System of Voter Registration
  198. SPR: Voting by the Disabled (OKU)
  199. SPR: EC mulls adopting NZ's election model - MMP
  200. SPR: Ex-Election Commission chief joins Perkasa, says goal is to help Malays retain power
  201. EC India: Supporting Democratic Electoral Management
  202. SPR: The Influence of Electoral Laws On The Conduct Of Elections In Malaysia
  203. SPR: EC invites UMNO's Saifuddin Abdullah for a dialogue
  204. SPR: EC failure to renew terms of asst registrars slammed, Ong Kian Ming
  205. SPR Electoral Reform: My kingdom for a democracy — Projek BERES
  206. SPR: EC mulls heavier penalty for quitters
  207. SPR: Bersih-Engage Redelineation Exercise Education
  208. SPR: House set to approve bicam report on political ad ban lifting
  209. SPR: Tindak Malaysia - Mad about empowering voters
  210. SPR: Voters can unite and use the ballot to silence fundamentalism,, Prof Ramlan Surbakti, Indonesia
  211. SPR: EIP ranks Malaysia’s electoral integrity just above Zimbabwe
  212. SPR: US Country Report on Human Rigths Placnices to Congress
  213. SPR Electronic Voting
  214. SPR: EC prepared to consider shorter poling process, longer cooling off period
  215. SPR: Vote Buying - commodity or gift?
  216. SPR: In Indonesia vote, ballots travel on horseback and by boat
  217. SPR: Proportional Representation
  218. SPR: The Election Commissions of Bhutan, Bangladesh, India and Malaysia
  219. SPR: Effective Electoral Assistance to Bangladesh
  220. SPR: Southeast Asian elections worst in the world
  221. SPR: EC should re-appoint ARO
  222. SPR:Do We Need Electoral Reforms?
  223. SPR: Malaysia, world champion in District Boundaries Practice (from the bottom)
  224. Spr: Election Audits: International Principles that Protect Election Integrity
  225. SPR: WSJ: Najib ued 1MDB'S funds for GE13
  226. SPR: Malaysia's many scandals
  227. SPR: G25, 68 NGOs join forces for reforms amid RM2.6bil scandal
  228. SPR: EC Chief gives e-voting the thumbs down
  229. SPR: Political Funding - The 3 Monkeys Principle of See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil
  230. Voting Systems Favour Rural Voters