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  1. Build Bridges of Understanding First
  2. Islam: Top Scholar Slams Attacks on Christians in Muslim Countries
  3. Islam’s special position
  4. Shariah Law: Outrage over women’s caning for illicit sex
  5. The Pleiadian Misson
  6. Islam: Breaking into Private Homes – When Muslim Lives are No Longer Private
  7. Unreported World Malaysia - Asia`s Slaves
  8. Malay in the country that bears his name
  9. theSun: Only Syariah Court can decide
  10. Malay-Muslims and the ‘Perfect Religion Syndrome’
  11. Islamic conversion of children against parent's wishes
  12. Are our Muslim girls' futures not worth the effort?
  13. Religion: Incentives for marrying and converting orang asli
  14. JAKIM: Guidelines For Muslims Celebrating Religious Festivals Of Non-Muslims
  15. Fascism masquerading as religion: Reclaim our religion and streets from those who attacked Teo
  16. Religious Freedom: Najib, Don't just talk: Prove there is "religious freedom" and BN is "fair"
  17. Religion: Season of Goodwill
  18. Religion: Al-Qaradawi: Freedom takes priority over Islamic law
  19. Islam and Valentine's Day
  20. Religion: More Islamic Guidelines
  21. Religion: Good Governance In Islam - An Order to Maalik al-Asthar
  22. Religious Suppression: Christians say fed up with Najib administration
  23. Religion: Surely not another 50 years of Islamisation?
  24. Religion: Malaysia has no official religion!
  25. Housing for former estate workers: Bkt Jalil Case
  26. Housing: Selangor Govt Upgrading PJS 2 Flats
  27. Religion: Feudalism Rules
  28. Religion: Christian cleric condemns Jais raid on PJ church
  29. Religion: Dr. Asri - Where's the zakat money?
  30. Religion as a tool of psychological warfare
  31. Religion: Code words of psychological warfare: Muslim Unity.
  32. Religion: Sensitivites of the races
  33. Religion: ‘Racism and fanaticism’ exploited in Malaysia for politics, Asri tells WSJ
  34. Social - Welfare:
  35. Religion: Rise of strict Islam exposes tensions in Malaysia
  36. Religion: Wikileaks: Najib’s Islamic moderation lip service
  37. Social: The Ugly Malay Man
  38. Religion: Freeing the Malays and Muslims from religious mind control
  39. Religion: A Christmas greeting from a Muslim
  40. Religion: PM vows full consultation with churches on Christian issues
  41. Religion: PERKIM into road construction
  42. Social: Happiness through management of expectations - Upside of the Downturn
  43. Religion: Vedas & History of Human Beings - Billions of years old?
  44. Social: What every Malaysian needs to know about race
  45. Social: Perlis Mufti: Fatwa on illegitimate children not finalised
  46. Social: Spiritual Transition in 2012
  47. Social: Interfaith group wants heads to roll over ‘inflammatory’ seminar
  48. Social: Beer, Boobs and Books
  49. Social: German View of Islam
  50. Social: Fear of trying, Mariam Mokhtar
  51. Social: Sister of Charity, Tzu Chi
  52. Social: Malaysian ruling party wielding religion with a heavy hand
  53. Social: We are Malay-Muslims, we are entitled.
  54. Social: Olympic Swimming Champions - how they did it?
  55. Social: No dignity in life or in death
  56. Social: Pictures in humility
  57. Social: Malay Rulers against Islamic State
  58. Social: The Buddha explains!
  59. Social: Schemes : State Schemes : Namakku Naame Thittam
  60. Social: Pocket Litter: The Evidence That Criminals Carry
  61. Social: State-Sponsored Covert Conversions Unbeknownst to Bumiputra Christian Victims
  62. Social: Nurul Izzah at forum on Freedom of Religion - Storm in a tea-cup
  63. Religion: Once a muslim, always a muslim
  64. Religion: Sending mixed signals on Islam and politics, RPK
  65. Social: The World's Most Unusual Therapist
  66. Social: The Greatness of the Indians
  67. Religion: Would Sarawak be Godless without UMNO? keruah Usit
  68. Religion: IKIM - Dumbing down for Islam
  69. Religion: Sex, Death and the Meaning of Life
  70. Religion: Open letter from Art Harun to Dr. Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah
  71. Religion: SEA's biggest church opens amid rising religious debate in Msia
  72. Social: Fitting migrant workers into plural Malaysia
  73. Social: We are Malay-Muslims, we are entitled
  74. Social: Anwar condemns terror attacks on Buddhism's holiest shrine in Bodh Gaya
  75. Social: Meritocracy and elitism - Goh Chok Tong
  76. Social: Re: conciliation... find Ambiga, Jafir, Paulsen & Chegubard in concert
  77. Social: As religion rubs against the law, a lawyer becomes leader
  78. Religion: Landmark Indira Gandhi Judgement
  79. Religion: Muslim girls are easy target
  80. Social: Enforce polygamy laws effectively
  81. Religion: A new paradigm of Muslim politics
  82. Religion: Malaysia among countries faring worst in faith-based discrimination, says global study
  83. Religion: Archbishop quits, Pope accepts: Peaceful Pakiam's chequered legacy
  84. Religious Persecution: 2 Shiites stand trial
  85. Religion: Allah Issue - Cfm media statement - jais raid on bsm - final - 3 jan 2013
  86. Religion: Religious repression in Selangor
  87. Religion: For peace, pastor wants
  88. Religion: Putrajaya imposes ‘very high’ restrictions on religion, global study finds
  89. Religion: USA - Our Failed Religious Freedom Policy
  90. Religion: Catholic Church Head's Pastoral Letter (Archbishop Emeritus Murphy Pakiam )
  91. Social: Racism - The death of common sense
  92. Social: If you hate Umno, you’ve got to love the Malays!
  93. Religion: No apostasy applications in 10 years
  94. Religion: Kassim Ahmad picked up over statements on Islam
  95. Religion: Pakatan, BN, both to blame for religious persecution, thinkers say
  96. social: Ancestral Lineages of the Malays
  98. Social: Hollywood Legal Battle Engulfs "Racketeer" Riza Aziz
  99. Social: Homelessness in Malaysia - popularly misunderstood
  100. Religion: Hudud - Muslim leaders, please wake up
  101. Religion: Wahabism - Theofascism and the myth of ‘Moderate Malaysia’
  102. Religion: Sufism - Another case of much ado about nothing (reprise)
  103. Religion: ‘Allah’ controversy resurfaces in another court – Bob Teoh
  104. Religion: Sisters in Islam declared illegal
  105. Social: Muslim sensitivity: Real or feigned?