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  2. May 13
  3. Rewriting the Emergency
  4. Lessons on race relations
  5. Merdek Review: Interview with Said Zahari on Chin Peng
  6. Rebuilding Malaysia: Rediscovering Malaysian History
  7. Constitution: Understanding Article 153 - Special Position of the Malays vs Special Rights
  8. Traversing into the past
  9. Fighting The Communists - A First Hand View
  10. Sabah: Formation of Malaysia - how UMNO betrayed Sabah & Sarawak
  11. The true colors of mca
  12. UMNO and Population Engineering
  13. RPK: History as I see it.
  14. Tony Pua: DAP wants review of History subject
  15. Defence Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi: Non- Malays are less patriotic
  16. British Malaya, An Account of the Origin And Progress of British Influence in Malaya
  17. Red Star Over Malaya, Malaysia: The Making of a Nation, The End of Empire and the Making of Malaya
  18. Auschwitz: The Ultimate Boiled Frog
  19. Islam Reached Brunei in Year 977
  20. The Origins and Evolution of Ethnocracy in Malaysia
  21. Democracy Not In Our Constitution
  22. Malaysian History: UMNO distorting it into lies
  23. History: Sepuluh Tahun Sebelum Merdeka - Harta 1947
  24. History: The Bolshevik Revolution
  26. History of chinese & indians in malaysia
  27. History: The Forgotten Jettymen of Penang
  28. History: Sabah & Sarawak - It's time to stop buying into a lie
  29. Malaysian History: The 'unofficial history' of our Independence
  30. History: What are the real powers of the Malay Sultans?
  31. History: ‘British let down the non-Malays’
  32. History: CPI Articles
  33. History: John Doe - What is a Malay?
  34. History: China - Battle of Nanjing
  35. History: UMNO's 6 Prime Ministers
  36. Malaysian History: Hang Tuah is a lie
  37. Malaysian History: Malaysian Chinese
  38. History: Heroes of the Malayan Emergency - Better Late or Justice Denied?
  39. Malaysian History: British Role in Distorting of Malaysian History
  40. Malaysian History: UMNO and the Malayan Union
  41. History: What is a Malay?
  42. Malaysian History: Sultans' Daulat is a myth, Bakri Musa
  43. Malaysian History: Ways of seeing Malaysia - deconstructing demographic violence, Charis Quay Huei Li
  44. History We are what we are today because of what happened in the past
  45. Malaya: The Undeclared War
  46. History: Autonomous regions in SEA 18th Century
  47. History: Chin Peng die at age 90 in Bangkok, 16th Sept 2013
  48. Malaysian History: Captain Freddy Spencer - The one man army against the Japanese during WWII
  49. Malaysian History: To understand, we need to know British History
  50. Malaysian History: Ancient Hindu Temple (Candi) in Bujang Valley, Kedah destroyed
  51. History: 4,000 years in one map
  52. Malaysian History: