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  1. BN Propaganda Spin
  2. PERKASA Demo against MCA over Utusan Malaysia
  3. ‘Ditch the DAP’
  4. Religion as a weapon of fear
  5. Religion Religion Religion
  6. Intensity of BN actions
  7. Malay candidates 'only a DAP ploy'
  8. Perfect example of how to counter BN propaganda spin
  9. Islam against Bersih
  10. Police brace for hackers’ attack
  11. Perkasa, Perkasa, Talent Corp?
  12. 50 reasons (re-used) why subsidies had to be reduced.
  13. BN declaration of lies
  14. Ban Books!
  15. Sympathy votes for Najib
  16. Religion as a powerful weapon
  17. Another Billion Ringgit con job - MAS & Air Asia
  18. Mahathir speaks
  19. GE is coming. What is Pakatan Rakyat doing?
  20. New BN CORRUPTION policy
  21. Moving towards new Hope
  22. MCA increasing its speed downhill
  23. Where to hide Billions of RM?
  24. Election campaign horse sh*t has intensified!
  25. ABU = Anything But UMNO
  26. Saving public services? More like saving cronies to the extreme!
  27. Dismantling BN Propaganda
  28. BN fear of Dong Zong & discrediting it begins
  29. A Trojan horse in PKR?
  30. Ptpn
  31. BN Reverse Psychology
  32. PAS vs DAP