8th March 2010, 08:56 PM
MARCH 8 – becoming a significant date in Malaysia


March 8 is becoming yet another significant date in Malaysia. March 8 – the International Women’s Day (IWD) a date of massive significance to the revolutionary cry for equality was the result of the great women movements in New York, Europe and Russia. The day signifies the issue of discrimination as well as the revolutionary struggle to oppose it. Most Socialist Countries have made this day a National holiday compared to the wealthier Capitalist State.

March 8 was also the date of the bloody racial attacks in Kampung Medan, a another black spot in the nation’s history and a continuous reminder that racism is very much alive in Malaysia. Racism cannot be countered by racism. We must built a multiracial and multiethnic movement to counter these trends for the future of our civilization.

Two years ago, March 8 was a date of hope when the ruling oppressive BN lost five state Governments as well as lost its two- third majority in Parliament. PSM also made significant gains when 2 socialist representatives – Dr. Jeyakumar and Dr. Nasir Hashim was elected Parliamentarian and State Assemblyman, the socialists were back after a 4 decade absence in these two houses of representatives.

PSM being the only party where election candidates declared their assets before the election and since then we have made it our promise to declare our assets on a yearly basis. For this year, PSM elected representatives and its three councilors will declare their assets on 18 March 2010 as well as present their report cards for Sungai Siput and Kota Damansara Constituency. The event will take place in Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall and will be open to the media and public.

We take this opportunity to express our solidarity and support on the decision of the Penang and Selangor State Government in its move to conduct local Government elections. We call upon the Election Commission (EC) to assist these two states to conduct the election. In the case of the EC not wanting to assist, which we think is the most likely scenario, we call upon the PR Governments to use political will and conduct such elections using state resources. We believe this move will be popular and embarrass the BN run State Governments. It will also restore the confidence of the people on the PR and put the BN in the defensive.

PSM would also like to express our total support and endorsement for the Joint Statement by 96 civil society organisation titled, “Make Democracy the only game in town” and its 6 demands

PSM practices “recall elections” at party level where members can sack party elected representatives who underperform. PSM also has a policy that only members who have done grassroots work in an area for 5 years be considered as candidates for election and such people have to declare their assets as a condition. Such a guideline would enable only quality candidates are chosen and we propose that such high standards be used to choose candidates in the coming election.

On the issue of development grants to the people, PSM sole Parliamentarian is also contemplating in suing the Federal Government for denying the people of Sungai Siput their rightful grants for development projects.

The spirit of the International Women Day and the hope for better Malaysia and a better world should guide our mission in the challenging times ahead.

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Secretary General