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16th December 2012, 07:19 PM
No big surprises at DAP party polls (http://anilnetto.com/malaysian-politics/malaysian-elections/no-big-surprises-at-dap-party-polls/)

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But the party continues to lack genuine multi-ethnic representation at the elected leadership level, perhaps a reflection of its membership base.

Lim Kit Siang (1,607)
Lim Guan Eng (1,576)
Chong Chieng Jin (1,211)
Anthony Loke (1,202)
Vincent Wu (1,202)
Tan Kok Wai (1,199)
Gobind Singh (1,197)
Tony Pua (1,162)
Teng Chang Khim (1,152).
Fong Kui Lun (1,137)
Nga Kor Ming (1,075)
Chong Eng (1,006)
Chow Kon Yeow (986)
Liew Chin Tong (984)
M Kula Segeran (984)
Boo Cheng Hai (958. )
Teresa Kok (925)
Teo Nie Ching (903)
Ngeh Koo Ham (824)

Ten appointed CEC members:
1. Dr Tan Seng Giaw
2. Dr P Ramasamy
3. Senator Ariffin SM omar
4. Zairil Khir Johari
5. Jimmy Wong Sze Phin
6. Dr John Brian Anthony
7. Dr Edwin Bosi
8. Leong Ngah Ngah
9. V Sivakumar
10. Thomas Su Keong Siong

The CEC for the term 2012-2015 comprises 20 elected members and another 10 appointed members.

Chairman: Karpal Singh
Deputy Chairman: Tan Kok Wai
Vice-Chairmen (five posts): Chow Kon Yeow , Dr Senator Ariffin SM Omar, Chong Chieng Jen, M. Kula Segaran and Teresa Kok Suh Sim.
General-Secretary: Lim Guan Eng
Assistant General-Secretary (three posts): Chong Eng, Ngeh Koo Ham and Dr P. Ramasamy
National Treasurer: Fong Kui Lun
Assistant National Treasurer: Nga Kor Ming
National Organising Secretary: Loke Siew Fook
Assistant National Organising Secretary: Vincent Wu Him Ven, Thomas Su Keong Siong
National Publicity Secretary: Tony Pua Kiam Wee
National Publicity Assistant Secretary: Teo Nie Ching and Zairil Khir Johari
International Secretary: V.Sivakumar
National Political Education Director: Liew Chin Tong
Political Education Assistant Director: Dr Boo Cheng Hau

Committee Members: Lim Kit Siang, Dr Tan Seng Giaw, Datuk Teng Chang Khim, Leong Ngah Ngah, Jimmy Wong Sze Phin, Dr Edwin Bosi, Dr John Brian Anthony and Gobind Singh Deo.

Reappointed as party Advisor : Dr Chen Man Hin

17th December 2012, 08:18 PM
DAP adopts one candidate-one seat policy (http://www.malaysia-today.net/mtcolumns/newscommentaries/53362-dap-adopts-one-candidate-one-seat-policy)

17th Dec 2012


(The Star) - DAP has adopted its Central Executive Committee's (CEC) resolution on the one candidate, one seat policy.

DAP chairman Karpal Singh (http://archives.thestar.com.my/search/?q=Karpal%20Singh) said one person should contest only one seat, but there could be exceptions on case-by-case basis based on the party's strategy.

“The resolution has been adopted,” said Karpal, who had wanted such a policy to provide opportunity to candidates of calibre to contest.

Other resolutions from branches that were tabled and adopted include calls on party leaders to stop openly attacking the party to the point of jeopardising its image.

Perak New Village branch chairman Lim Soo Chong (http://archives.thestar.com.my/search/?q=Lim%20Soo%20Chong) said attacks motivated by personal interest should stop because the party did not belong to any individual.

Another resolution adopted called on leaders to attend party functions and not to demand five-star accommodations.

Six other resolutions could not be tabled because representatives from the branches that proposed them were not present.

On a proposal by Sekinchan assemblyman Ng Suee Lim to impose a direct election system in the party, Karpal said the party constitution needed to be amended for it to be adopted.

“It requires a major amendment to the constitution. If the members feel strongly about direct election, then it should be considered.”

Although Karpal had said the delegates were free to bring up any issue, none of them brought up contentious issues involving Pakatan Rakyat.

Issues such as the gender ruling in salons in Kelantan, “khalwat” summonses issued to non-Muslims in Kelantan and the demolition of a religious altar in a private home in Selangor were not touched.