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27th January 2013, 02:03 PM
Note: This is a big resource. Read it carefully.

Step 1: Watch this excellent introductory video by WalkeryTalkery: http://bit.ly/VEBeASmartVoter

A. Watch the videos below first:
i. Voter Education by myDurianTV,
ii. Voter Education on polling & indelible ink by Hisoing in Mandarin,
iii. PACABA videos by Steven Choong,
iv. PACABA Videos by Ramly Atan

Videos for self-study:
Ai. Alternative site for myDurianTV on Voter Education series by myDurianTV, BERSIH 2.0 and Tindak Malaysia:http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPMQfVZ_nUzJepQ6YQZBwT0aO58xPfsvh

Aii. Voter Education on voting process and indelible ink by Hisoing in Mandarin: http://bit.ly/MandarinVideoVoterEd ​

Ai. Voter Education: myDurianTV (PYWong)

Aii. PACABA Training Videos: PKR II (Steven Choong)

Aiii. PACABA Training Videos: PKR III (Ramly Atan)

B. There are 5 files for downloading at the end. Print it out for reference. It is not possible to read online and expect to absorb the information.

C. These are training videos for the SPR Ketua Tempat Mengundi (KTM). Studying it will give an understanding of how the SPR train their KTMs. There are 4 main videos which we have broken into smaller segments for easier understanding. Language Bahasa Malaysia.

1. AVESQ01: Overview

AVSEQ01.03_3m10s-3m30s_Peranan KTM
AVSEQ01.04_3m33s-5m4s_Wajib & Kod Etika

2. AVESQ02: Satu Hari Sebelum Pengundian
AVSEQ02.01_0m-2m32s_Pengagihan peralatan
AVSEQ02.02_2m32s-2m55s_Kertas undi & Daftar pemileh
AVSEQ02.03_3m4s-4m35s_Semak kertas undi & daftar pemilih
AVSEQ02.04_4m35s-7m47s_Meterai dalam peti undi
AVSEQ02.05_7m47s-8m43s_SPR 718 Label Peti Undi
AVSEQ02.06_9m18s-11m35s_Lawatan Tapak di Tempat mengundi

3. AVESQ03: Hari Pengundian
AVSEQ03.01_0m-0m29s_Empat Urusan Utama,
AVSEQ03.02_0m42s-1m36s_Ringkasan Timeline 6 pagi-5ptg,
AVSEQ03.03_1m38s-2m27s_Pengambilan Peti Undi,
AVSEQ03.04_2m28s-4m20s_7 pagi Persiapan Tempat Mengundi
AVSEQ03.05_5m-5m22s_Tugas KP1-KP3
3.07. Not used,
AVSEQ03.08_5m50s-7m0s_Persiapan Pembukaan Tempat Mengundi, Meterai Peti Undi, Borang 753 Corak Penindik
AVSEQ03.09_7m1s-7m48s_8 pagi Pengundian Bermula
AVSEQ03.10_8m1s-9m6s_K1 menyemak Pemilih
AVSEQ03.11_9m14s-9m49s_Dokumen identiti yang sah (salah. Sepatutnya ikut Borang A dalam Peraturan-peraturan Pilihanraya Pengundian Pos: Hanya MyKad, Kad Tentera & Kad Polis diterima undi pendaftaran pemilih)
AVSEQ03.12_10m18s-11m15s_KP1 - KP3 Cara Dakwat Kekal,
AVSEQ03.13_11m16s-11m38s_Cara mengundi & KP4,
AVSEQ03.14_11m38s-14m4s_Kesesakan Pengundian (cara ini sangat tidak adil. Bagaimana boleh calon merancang dalam keadaan begitu.?)
AVSEQ03.15_14m6s-15m54s_Pengendalian kes-kes khusus - Pemilih buta
AVSEQ03.16_17m11s-17m52s_Pengundi Ragu Borang 11
AVSEQ03.17_17m52s-18m36s_Kertas Undi Rosak
AVSEQ03.18_18m37s-19m15s_Kertas Undi diambil keluar
AVSEQ03.19_19m30s-19m57s_Kertas Undi Rosak Masuk Sampul 1
AVSEQ03.20_20m41s-21m15s_Penyata Pengundian Borang 720
AVSEQ03.21_21m15s-21m57s_Catatan Peristiwa SPR 763
AVSEQ03.22_21m57s-25m8s_5 ptg Penutupan Pengundian & Pemeteraian Peti Undi

AVSEQ04: Mengira Undi
AVSEQ04.01_0m40s-2m8s Urusan Pengiraan Undi,
AVSEQ04.02_2m8s-4m9s Urusan Sebelum Pengiraan Undi,
AVSEQ04.03_4m9s-5m20s Urusan Semasa Pengiraan Undi,
AVSEQ04.04_5m20s-6m51s Ulang Kira Kalau Kurang 4%,
AVSEQ04.05_6m51s-7m43s Penyata Awal Borang 764,
AVSEQ04.06_7m43s-8m19s Borang 14,
AVSEQ04.07_8m19s-10m17s Urusan Selepas Pengiraan Undi,
AVSEQ04.08_10m17s-1043s Ikut Peti Undi ke Pusat,
AVSEQ04.09_10m56s-11m20s Perjumlahan.


This is the basic training module developed by Antony Tong. Use this as a starting module.

PACABA1_Antony_basic97slides_py2_190213 (http://malaysians4change.com/PACABA/PACABA123Basic.BM/PACABA1_Antony_basic97slides_py2_190213.pptx) : Click to download

This is the Advanced Module

PACABA Advanced 157slides_190213.pptx (http://malaysians4change.com/PACABA/PACABA123Basic.BM/PACABA%20Advanced%20157slides_190213.pptx)

Trainers have to study the files and decide which is most appropriate for their locality. Then work with Tindak Malaysia's local trainers to organize role-play sessions for the participants. That is the most effective way for them to absorb the information. Focus on the paper flow process, Form filling and preparation of Surat Bantahan (Objection Letters). Complete the forms filling in the 1st part of the training through role-play. The later part can go into the principles and theory.

We will only have one version online - BM. This is to encourage everybody to use the BM version as you will be dealing with the KTM who will speaking mainly BM.

NEW BM version 16/04/13: 00 Handouts-BM_py12.sv4_31ms_160429.pdf

Thanks to Mary, Singam & Chun for tidying it up. Download from the attachments. There is no link for this file.

This is the Guide Book issued by the EC on what is a valid ballot paper and what is not. Refer to the Advance Module for detailed discussions on the principles on what to accept or reject. In general, reject any marking outside the box opposite the box for the candidate, as it does not indicate the intention of the voter in accordance with the DIRECTIONS of the COE Second Schedule. Other markings besides an "X" in the box can be taken to indicate the intention of the voter - eg. Tick, dot, circle, star, hash.

PACABA Undi Ragu (http://bit.ly/PACABAUndiRagu)

In principle, a counting agent should only accept a marking in the box opposite the candidate. Any marking outside the box can be rejected under the Second Schedule, notwithstanding COE R25( 8 and (10). The reason is that the SPR has cooked up a guide book that gives the KTM a lot of room to abuse his authority. How can any person imagine that he can fathom the intention of a voter just because a mark appears on the same row as the box but outside it?


New, 21st Mar 2013: Election Laws and Regulations in BM and English for downloading.

Federal Constitution: http://bit.ly/FederalConstitution

Before you come for class, please download the Handouts, print and bring to class -

Undi Ragu for printing 2 slides per A4 page.pdf (http://www.tindakmalaysia.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=707&d=1361243506) for Counting Agent

00 Handouts BM_py13.sv4_31ms_250413.pdf (http://www.tindakmalaysia.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=729&d=1364965564) for PACABA (BM) (updated 25/04/13)

These 2 law guides should be printed for reference. We teach based on the election laws and you are expected to print and bind them for reference. You can use English or BM according to your choice.

NEW: Panduan SPR added May 2012

1. BUKU PANDUAN EJEN TEMPAT MENGUNDI.mei2012.pdf (Note that Clause 9 (1) is in conflict with Regulation 23 of the Conduct of Elections. R23 prevails: Only a voter holding a ballot paper at the end of polling (5pm) gets to vote. A voter still inside the polling station but not holding a ballot paper cannot vote.)
3. Translation for guidance only. Refer to the BM version as the official version - ADVANCE VOTING GUIDE.r3.0512.pdf

11th February 2013, 03:17 AM
This is a checklist identifying what is the minimum a PACABA should look out for.

You are unlikely to have time to prepare surat bantahan. So we suggest you tabulate the incidents and help the Wakil Calon to prepare a letter to the Pegawai Pengurus later. See attachment.

List of Borangs attached:

Borang 13 Penyata Kertas Undi

Schedule of Form Filling_r2

Pre-polling: 7am – 8am (PA)

Form 9 will derive Forms 13 Part A, 753.
KTM prepare Forms 13 Part A, 753, seal Ballot box but leaving opening unsealed.

PA countersign Form 753.
Makes copy of Form 13 Part A and 753. If KTM refuse, refer him to Form 9 which specifies serial no. & official stamp as criteria for valid ballot paper.
Sign security seal of ballot box

Polling: 8am – 5pm (PA)

Form 10 by OTB asst Msian 21 years +,
Form 10A by KTM,
Form 11 by Pengundi Ragu
KTM fills Form:
720 Penyata Pengundian,
763 Catatan Peristiwa

EC Staff from another station may attempt to vote using SPR 717 and COE R15(1) Para 2. (Reject as EC staff are postal voters and should return ballot to Returning Officer.) If the KTM allows such voter to vote, insist on the Voter signing Form 11 Akuan to declare that he has not voted more than once. Get a copy of Form 11 to submit to your Ketua PACABA. This will be used after the election to check if this person voted in other areas. Immediately sms your Ketua of the presence of such a voter so he can inform the Wakil Calon and check at his original polling station.

PA gets copy of Form 10, 10A, 11.
Take photo of Form 763. **
Issue Objection Letter against SPR 717, REJECT ballot paper during counting as not in Form 13 Part B.

Polling ends. Closing: 5pm – 5:15pm (PA)

KTM complete Form 13 Parts B to E.
Seals and close Ballot box

PA countersign Form 13 that was first signed by the KTM. KTM makes enough signed copies to issue one each to the PA's present (Advance Polling Clause 8.4). Hand over to CA Forms 13 & 753.
Sign security seal of ballot box.
KTM seals election materials in envelopes or packets. Sign on seals together with PA.

Counting: 5:15pm – End (CA)

KTM open Ballot box & pour ballot paper into counting tray.
Prepare Forms 757. Refer to Third Schedule if excess ballots found in ballot box. Also Form 13 Part B on serial nos.
Prepares Form 764. Check for recount.
Prepares Form 14

CA countersign Form 14 copy of KTM.
** CA gets a written copy of Form 14 signed by KTM and submit to Ketua PACABA.
Follow ballot box to Main Tally Centre

21st February 2013, 06:30 AM






5th April 2013, 06:27 AM
This is building up of a Trainer's Kit so that new trainers new how to start up.

It will a work-in-progress.

Trainer's Kit - Label_Tempat Mengundi (Printing: Page 1 Colour. Page 2 Black and White. Page 3: For reference only. Don't print.)

PACA Kit casing: Contact: Alex Leong <myalex2013@yahoo.com (myalex2013@yahoo.com)> 012 2973368

Felton A4 Doc Case - 40mm
FFH 015

RM 2.80

Felton Star Case 85mm – M

RM 3.70

Marketing Executive
H/P:(6016) 2010 633 (tel:%286016%29%202010%20633)

Federlite Sdn Bhd
1 Jalan BK 1/12, Bandar Kinrara Industrial Park , Bandar Kinrara, Jalan Puchong, Selangor Darul Ehsan , Malaysia
Tel:(603) (tel:(603)) 8075 5888 Fax:(603) 8075 9240/ 8075 5999
Website: http://www.felton.com.my/ (http://www.felton.com.my/)

3rd May 2013, 06:26 AM
Buku Panduan SPR:

A. General:
A3. penjelasan_terhadap_isu.pdf
A4. How to use indelible ink.pdf -infograpt

B. Normal Polling:
B2. Polling_Agent_Handbook_20130430.docx
B5. Polling Station New Layout.pdf

C. Advance Voting:

D. Postal Voting:
D1. Buku Panduan Pengurusan Undi Pos Luar Negara - SPR.pdf
D2. Buku Panduan Undi Pos Aug 2007: For GE13, apparently, the Candidates were not issued with a buku panduan. So we have to refer to the version dated Aug 2007 attached.

3rd May 2013, 07:01 AM
00 2B Head of PACABA SOP



Citizen of at least 21 years old
EOA S.13

Not a bankrupt
EOA S.13

Not a criminal
EOA S.13

Not been convicted
EOA S.13


Appointed by Election Agent
EOA S.14

The presiding officer (KTM) must be informed in writing of name and address of each polling and counting agent (PACA)
EOA S.14

Every barung (BA) polling (PA) or counting agent (CA) shall act at the booth, polling and counting station for at least two hours before he can be replaced
EOA S.14 (1A), S.26A(3)

Responsibilities of head of PACABA for each polling station

Protect the candidate’s interest & Secrecy of voting
EOA S.5 (2)

Make an oath of secrecy on Form A
EOA S.5 (1)

Arrange PACABA training before the date of notice of election is announced or as early as possible

Familiarise with the essential election laws

Peruse the electoral roll arranged by address: (If normal PACABA, arrange house-to-house visit with the rest of the PACABA assigned to the said polling district to identify dead or moved voters as well as voter with strong inclination towards a particular candidate. Summarize suspicious voters by polling station and ic no. in readiness for challenging them at the Barung and polling station on polling day)

Check postal voter roll, identify any elector appearing on the normal polling electoral roll. If they do, cross out the names in the electoral roll and mark it with “PP” – “pengundi pos”.

Repeat for Advance Voter roll, which may be more difficult as it may not show the MyKad no. except for the spouse which uses MyKad only.

Obtain from the Penyelaras (Coordinator) PACABA the Schedule of Voting for his polling centre showing no. of stations and electors/station.

Obtain from the Penyelaras PACABA the transport route of the ballot boxes for each polling station.

Ascertain the polling station address and hours open for polling

Visit the polling station with the rest of PACABA before the day of polling. Take photos of entrance to the polling centre and post online for reference of your team and the public.

Obtain from the Penyelaras PACABA the list of PACABA on duties with name, IC number, mobile number and hours on duty of each PACABA, as well as the polling station, the counting station and head of PACABA identified

Obtain the from the Penyelaras PACABA a separate list of PACABA for the Head of PACA to be given to the KTM before polling starts. Include IC no. for security.
E(COE) R.15 (5)

Obtain the PACA kits from the Penyelaras PACABA and before handing over to each and every PACABA, check that it is complete with the following:

· Copy of electoral role for the stream with marking “PP” for “postal voter” against the name in the electoral roll

· Pen, pencil, ruler, eraser, permanent markers, carbon papers, wax seal, party rubber stamp, torch light, 5 sheet of blank papers

· 10 copy of party protest letters

· EC name tag

· Letter of appointment as PA or CA or BA or all

· Form A on oath of secrecy

· Extract of duties and election laws


· Sample of accepted and rejected ballot papers

· 4 copies of Form 10, 10A and 11

· 2 copies of Form 13, 14, 15, 16, SPR 753, 754, 755, 757 and 764

Arrange transport to fetch every PACABA without own transport to and from the polling and counting station, if counting is at a place other that the polling station

Collect from Election Agent or the PACABA Coordinator the allowance packets for people on duty on polling day

Take care of PACABA in terms of foods and drinks in the said polling and counting station

Check with the Election Agent or the PACABA Coordinator, the counting place is not changed to another location 2 days before the day of polling (EC can change the counting station of any district at least 3 days before the date of polling by giving notice under Form 12A)
E(COE)R R.23A (3)

Remind (through your PACABA Coordinator) the Election Agent to negotiate with the Returning Officer (RO) to allow the PA’s to jointly inspect the electoral rolls and ballot papers at the office of the Returning Officer one day before polling.

Arrange for your PA’s to inspect electoral rolls and ballot papers jointly with the KTM at the office of the RO at 9:00am one day before polling, if approved by RO.

Obtain from the PACABA Coordinator the list of names of KTM, kerani menyemak dafter pemilih at the Barung and Kerani Pengundian (KP) on duty at your polling station one week before polling day so that if it is overlooked, there is time to get it from the RO by the Election Agent.

Direct booth observers (4 maximum) to be stationed with EC clerks in their booth to ascertain each and every elector’s number and stream in the polling station. Every observer must work for at least 2 hours. The time slot of any observer who leaves in less than 2 hours will be kept empty and no replacement allowed.
EOA S. 26 A

Before polling start, check that the KTM has put up a notice (Form 8) stating the constituency, polling station, polling station number, polling hours etc in a conspicuous place in each polling district.
E(COE)R R.13 (1)

During the poll, check that there is a notice at the door to direct a voter how to mark and fold the ballot paper, how to obtain a replacement of ballot paper, that marking more than one candidate or making a mark that the voter can be identified will be void
E(COE)R R.13 (2)
2nd Sch

Check that the voter can mark his ballot paper out of the sight of any person and there is no hidden camera installed that can see the voter marking the ballot paper
E(COE)R R.13 (3)

Permit only eligible electors as stated on the electoral roll to vote on polling day to minimize phantom voters, double-voting by postal voters. Note that double-voting is an offence under EOA.
E(COE)R R.14EOA S3(1)(o)

Protest, and if necessary make police report, if any person during the polling and counting (normal, advance and postal) process commits the following offences:

· Forges or counterfeits or fraudulently defaces or destroy any ballot paper or the official mark on any ballot paper
EOA S. 3(c)

· Without due authority supplies any ballot paper to any person
EOA S. 3(d)

· Sells or offers to sell any ballot paper to any person or purchases or offer to purchase any ballot paper from any person
EOA S. 3(e)

· Not being a person entitled to be in possession of any ballot paper which has been marked with any authorized mark has any such ballot paper in his possession
EOA S. 3(f)

· Puts into any ballot box anything other than the ballot paper which he is authorized by law to put in
EOA S. 3(g)

· Without due authority takes out of the polling station any ballot paper or is found in possession of any ballot paper outside a polling station
EOA S. 3(h)

· Without due authority destroys, takes, opens, or otherwise interferes with any ballot box, ballot paper or packet of ballot papers in use or intended to be used for the purposes of an election
EOA S. 3(i)

· Votes at any election when he is not entitled to vote thereat
EOA S. 3(l)

· Obstructs or prevents a voter who is otherwise entitled to vote from voting at an election
EOA S. 3(n)

· Votes in an election at more than one polling station in the same constituency or a different constituency
EOA S. 3(o)

Protest, and if necessary make police report, if any EC officer, clerk, interpreter or other person during the polling and counting (both normal and postal) process commits the following offences:

· Permit any person whom he knows or has reasonable cause to believe not to be a blind person or an incapacitated person to vote in the manner provided for blind persons or incapacitated persons
EOA S. 4(b)

· Refuses to permit any person whom he knows or has reasonable cause to believe not to be a blind person or an incapacitated person to vote in the manner provided for blind persons or incapacitated persons
EOA S. 4(c)

· Willfully prevents any person from voting at the polling station at which he knows or has reasonable cause to believe such person is entitled to vote
EOA S. 4(d)

· Willfully rejects or refuses to count any ballot paper which he knows or has reasonable cause to believe is validly cast for any candidate in accordance with the provisions of such written law
EOA S. 4(e)

· Willfully counts any ballot paper as being cast for any candidate, which he knows or has reasonable cause to believe was not validly cast for such candidate
EOA S. 4(f)

To warn any person that is about to or has committed any of the offences under EOA S. 3 and 4 above, he shall be liable, on conviction, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years or to a fine not exceeding five thousand ringgit or to both such imprisonment and fine and, subject to any specific provision to the contrary in any written law relating to any election, shall until the expiration of five years from such conviction, be incapable of being registered or listed as an elector or of voting at any election or of being elected at any election, and if at that date he has been elected at any election, his seat shall be vacated from the date of such conviction.
EOA S. 3 & 4

Ensure the Wakil Calon gives you a White SPR tag to enter the Main Tally Centre for final results to help in tabulation of results.