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18th July 2013, 01:30 PM

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Timely article on The Conversation website about our Unelected Senators and MLCs

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Western Australia

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Click here (http://www.prsa.org.au/2011-08-24_Antony_Green_PRSAV-T_Inc_AGM.amr) to hear Antony Green's 2011 Talk to PRSA on:
being in the UK during its 2011 electoral referendum campaign
outlook for the November 2011 New Zealand plebiscite on replacing its Mixed Member Proportional system

Click links below to hear Malcolm Mackerras's 2009 Talk to PRSA on:
why Senate above-the-line voting (http://www.prsa.org.au/mackerras2009senate.mp3) option should be abolished, and
NZ plebiscites on MMP with voters' choice (http://www.prsa.org.au/mackerras2009nz.mp3) of Hare-Clark or MMM.
(Read Mr Mackerras's article (http://www.crikey.com.au/2009/11/13/kiwis-voting-system-to-go-to-referendum/) on NZ plebiiscite in November 2011 (http://www.prsa.org.au/history.htm#november2011))

History (http://www.prsa.org.au/hist_ind.htm) of the PRSA and its Branches, with links to many aspects of PR

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Other Publications (http://www.prsa.org.au/bibliogr.htm)

Analysis (http://www.prsa.org.au/pr_el_an.htm) of certain Federal and State single-member electorate elections
to show likely outcome under the more representative Hare-Clark (http://www.prsa.org.au/hareclar.htm) PR system

Vote-counting Service (http://www.prsa.org.au/software.htm) for clubs, incorporated associations, etc.

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View definitions of PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION (http://www.prsa.org.au/municip1.htm) and of DEMOCRACY (http://www.askoxford.com/concise_oed/democracy?view=uk).