View Full Version : Projek BERES: What are we?

25th July 2013, 07:40 PM
About Us

Projek BERES is an electoral reform group with a difference. Our project is a citizen-initiated collaboration between Malaysians local and abroad. Our chief aim is to achieve a legislative system that empowers the rakyat.

We believe that ordinary citizens should play a key role in shaping our democracy. Therefore we are presenting to the current government, the opposition and to the nation a comprehensive, ready-to-use blueprint for electoral reform that is meaningful.

Projek BERES is made up of individuals who are passionate about building a thriving democracy in our beloved country. We worked on these proposals with the following objectives in mind:

To review current electoral legislation, including the Federal Constitution, Elections Act, Electoral Offences Act, Election Commission Act, Conduct of Elections Regulations, Registration of Electors Regulations and Postal Voting Regulations, to assess adequacy and appropriateness of provisions;
To recommend, add and draft amendments to regulations to address any inadequacies in the provisions;
To benchmark local electoral practices against regional peers and international benchmarks;
To present our findings, recommendations and draft amendments to the relevant authorities;
To further empower public institutions to carry out their respective duties as expected in a mature democracy;
To introduce further measures to ensure all parties involved in electoral governance maintain ethics, transparency and accountability;
To educate the voting public on the inadequacies and implications of current electoral legislation and practices, and our suggested amendments;
To branch out into other opportunities for improving electoral governance.