You spin Umno right round baby

AUG 20 — It is actually quite easy to explain why Umno is struggling with public perception. Though it is the past master in spinning stories, it can’t deal with re-spins.

Therefore living in a world where everyone gets to tell a story — irrespective of whether you have a blog for your poker mates or write a column in an uncensored online newspaper — is a scary proposition for the boys and girls of Putra World Trade Centre.

Umno’s previous successes are making it — poetically perhaps — ill-equipped for new successes in the present.

How did it work before?

The whole period between the 1930s till the late 1990s is just a rolled-up ball, with little connectivity to most Malaysians — since stats show 70 per cent of the population are under 30, all of them started school after 1985. They are all children of the Mahathir legacy, they all grew up with blinders. TheMalaysiaInsider....