"Mahathir's Cancer"

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Tuesday, 29 September 2009 08:20

By Pakac Luteb

Few Malaysians disagree that Mahathir was both a destroyer and a creator.

During Mahathir's time the economy expanded and Malaysians now spend their leisure time in enormous gleaming shopping complexes eating all manner of foods.

Mahathir also gave Malaysia a terrible cancer that to this day has not been cured.

Worse still, Mahathir did so deliberately.

Mahathir wanted power beyond what the law allowed. Mahathir changed the law.

Mahathir is very intelligent. He knew that he had to make changes stepwise, a little at a time, to avoid strong objections that would block him from his goal of attaining more power.

He removed the independence of the Judiciary, bringing it under the control of the Executive.

He removed judges whose decisions did not favour himself or his cronies.

For the coup de gras he eliminated trial by jury.

Since then, judges, not juries, reached verdicts in trials. Malaysiatoday....