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Thread: PKR forms new council, appoints new leaders for Sabah and Sarawak

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    PKR forms new council, appoints new leaders for Sabah and Sarawak

    PKR forms new council, appoints new leaders for Sabah and Sarawak

    25 Oct 09 UPDATED
    By Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani

    KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 25 — PKR moved today to put behind the rising discontent in East Malaysia when it appointed a new state chief for Sabah and also formed a National Integration Council for Sabah and Sarawak.

    Thamrin Zaini was appointed the new Sabah chief, replacing Azmin Ali after leaders from the state had threatened a revolt recently over the latter’s leadership.

    But the party hopes that the formation of the new National Integration Council with senior leaders from the state and also from the peninsular will be a more permanent solution to help improve ties with the two East Malaysian states.

    Among the leaders appointed to the council are Dr Jeffrey Kitingan as coordinator, and Daniel Tajem from Sarawak, Dr Syed Husin Ali and Dr Toh Kin Woon.

    PKR chieftains in both states were in open revolt and were demanding that local leaders be appointed to head the party.

    In Sabah, factions aligned to the appointed party vice-president Jeffrey had launched a mutiny against Azmin by submitting a memorandum which, among other matters, claimed that Azmin had under-performed.

    But after PKR's national leadership met today for four hours, party president Datuk Seri Wan Azizah Wan Ismail announced that both vice-president Azmin and Mustafa Kamil Ayub would be replaced as Sabah and Sarawak chiefs.

    Azmin has been replaced by local man Thamrin, who is Libaran assemblyman, and Mustafa was replaced by local lawyer Baru Bian.

    Wan Azizah denied that Azmin’s removal was due to pressure from PKR Sabah.

    “There was not any issue of revolt. We had a meeting and they agreed to give me the mandate to choose ( Sabah’s party chief) and they will support my decision,” she told reporters at PKR headquarters in Tropicana here.

    Both Azmin and Mustafa have been reappointed as party chiefs of Federal Territory and Perak respectively.

    Wan Azizah also anounced that Penang deputy chief minister Dr. Mansor Othman would replace Datuk Zahrain Mohammad Hashim as Penang’s new party chief with Abd Rahman Yusof as Terengganu chief, and PKR election director Saifuddin Nasution as Kelantan chief. PKR Youth chief Syamsul Iskandar would also be replacing Khalid Jafaar as Melaka party chief

    Party de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim denied that Azmin reportedly resigned from his Sabah post earlier this week.

    “Azmin Ali and Mustafa Kamil Ayub were given the task ( to lead Sabah and Sarawak) till the end of October,” he told reporters at PKR headquarters in Tropicana here.

    In a bid to make headway in both states, which are crucial vote banks for Barisan National (BN), ahead of the next national elections, Anwar took over the leadership of both states in March.

    However in May, both Mustaffa and Azmin were handpicked to lead the party in the two states.

    The unilateral move by Anwar to appoint Malay leaders from the peninsula, which was supposedly a temporary measure to consolidate the party in East Malaysia, had backfired.

    In an effort to help mend the strained relationship between the party’s east and west Malaysian members, the party announced the formation of a National Integration Council for Sabah and Sarawak. TheMalaysiaInsider....

    Christina Liew follows Jeffrey Kitingan in resigning from the MPP. Malaysiatoday....

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    Re: PKR forms new council - Press statement on party leadership

    Press statement on party leadership

    Posted by admin
    Thursday, 29 October 2009 15:31

    Recent changes to the leadership in Keadilan have caused confusion and consternation among some.

    I recognise that not everyone will be pleased with decisions made by the party’s leadership and not everyone will appreciate the difficulty we face in seeking to accommodate all views, including those of the divisions and branches which make up the backbone of the party, while striving to guide our party towards achieving its goals.

    As our party grows in number and transforms into a national organization we have struggled at times to identify right strategy and mix of leadership that will carry us to the next level. Along the way we have encountered great challenges and have also uncovered promising new talent. Our task remains a work in progress and the announcements made this week are based on consensus and consultation within the party to work towards a better future.

    Keadilan was established with a mission to be a unifying force for Malaysians of all races and religions and restore the integrity of the principles enshrined in the Federal Constitution. This mission carries unprecedented import and its pursuit confronts us with unparalled challenges.

    Over the years many have poured scorn on our aspirations for a brighter future and have derided our belief in an end to racial politics and rampant corruption. And yet we, with our partners in the Pakatan Rakyat, made historic progress towards restoring democracy, freedom and the Rule of Law. We have done so despite a hostile media and the relentless attacks on us by the institutions of the government and the unlimited resources of the UMNO-led BN coalition.

    I acknowledge the setbacks that we have faced since the March elections. Political parties are complex organisms and political coalitions are neither crystallised overnight nor even in a fortnight. The frustrations which have been expressed by some colleagues within the party and by some supporters are valid and I remain open to engaging all parties on the principle of mutual respect, understanding and an unrelenting commitment to the principles of justice and fairness.

    The future of the nation does not lie in the hands of any one individual nor does our party nor does this coalition. I continue to ask the ongoing faith and patience of the people in supporting the mission of Keadilan and of Pakatan Rakyat.
    President, Keadilan


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    Re: PKR forms new council - Azmin claims Kitingan an obstacle to younger leaders

    Azmin claims Kitingan was an obstacle to younger leaders
    By Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani

    KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 29 — Former PKR Sabah Chief Azmin Ali said today he was not surprised that Jeffrey Kitingan had resigned as PKR vice-president and as a member of the supreme council

    Azmin pointed out that the strength of the party was not from a few individuals but from the support of voters.

    “I do not agree if the strength is dependent on any individual. When I was leading Sabah, I was inclined to recognise new faces among the new generation who are committed to the party and this was certain to disturb certain individuals who have been there for a long time.

    "But my principle is not to defend any individuals but to strengthen the party so that the support base can be larger. So I needed the new generation to support Keadilan,” he told reporters in Parliament. TheMalaysiaInsider....

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    Re: PKR forms new council - Anwar: Leave or stay loyal

    About time. Read comments at bottom of MT's article.

    Anwar: Leave or stay loyal

    Monday, 09 November 2009 Super Admin!

    (Malaysian Mirror) - PKR supremo Anwar Ibrahim has given party leaders and members two choices -- stay loyal or leave if they do not want to adhere to party policies.

    He said he could accept criticisms against the party, but would not compromise with leaders and members who could not follow the stipulated party policies.

    All party members must support the transformation agenda, work for the Pakatan Rakyat or be sacked from the party," he said when opening the Penang PKR Convention here Sunday night.

    Anwar said the stance was taken as there were many PKR leaders who wanted stern action taken against errant members.

    "Give your commitment to the party or leave the party and join Umno," he said.

    Voices of discontent

    In recent months, there have been growing voices of discontent and disillusionment from members aired publicly. Some were blatant criticisms hurled at the party leadership.

    Notably among the affected states were Selangor, Sarawak and Sabah. One PKR state assemblyman in Selangor has resigned from the party to become an independent BN-friendly member.

    In the two East Malaysians, grouses are still being heard against the PKR leadership in Kuala Lumpur.

    Last week, PKR president Dr Wan Azizah went on damage control, telling members that she was aware of the problems at hand and was making efforts to put things on the right track. Malaysiatoday....

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    Re: PKR appoints new leaders for Sabah - Reconciliation w/ Jeffrey spells doom

    Wednesday, November 18, 2009
    Reconciling with Jeffrey may doom PKR in Sabah

    By Wong Choon Mei

    As top PKR leaders in Kuala Lumpur mull the fate of their Sabah ‘strongman’ Jeffrey Kitingan (left), a storm of protest is building up in his home state, where many of the party rank-and-file are demanding that he and several division leaders linked to him be shown the door and quickly too!

    These protesters – believed to represent the majority in Sabah PKR - fear that KL may recapitulate and reject Jeffrey’s recent resignation as vice-president and supreme council member. Such a decision will only bode disaster for the party and prolong a power tussle amongst the state division leaders, they claim. advocateviews

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    Re: PKR forms new council - Jeffrey volunteers to quit PKR 'for Sabahans'

    There is always a danger that one can cry "Wolf" once too often.

    Jeffrey volunteers to quit PKR 'for Sabahans'

    Mon, 31 May 2010 10:53

    By Luke Rintod

    FMT EXCLUSIVE KOTA KINABALU: PKR vice-president Jeffery Kitingan is keeping his options open on his place in the opposition party.

    "If it is in the best interest of Sabah and Sabahans" he would leave the party without hesitation, the maverick politician said in an interview with FMT over the weekend.

    In a sign that he is in two minds about his situation, PKR's top man for Sabah and Sarawak, did not attend the PKR annual congress in Kota Baru, Kelantan, which ended yesterday.

    Jeffrey, instead attended the state-level harvest festival celebrations at the Hongkod Koisaan (headquarters of the powerful Kadazandusun Cultural Association) in Penampang near here on Sunday.

    The younger brother of Sabah deputy chief minister Joseph Pairin Kitingan, Jeffrey was seen mingling with thousands of Kadazandusuns, Muruts and members of other communities who attended the two-day celebration which ends today.

    In the exclusive interview, Jeffrey made known that he preferred to be linked to a Sabah-based political party but, thus far, PKR is his best option.

    The following are excerpts from the interview:

    FMT: There is this talk you will be leaving PKR, what is your comment?

    If it is the wish of the majority, I will volunteer (to leave PKR).

    If it is the wish of the minority?

    If not (majority) then there is nothing that can be done at the moment, but to stay in PKR, lie-low like in the just concluded Sibu by-election. (Admin: Like a festering wound?)

    What is your assessment of the situation in East Malaysia, in particular Sabah's politics?

    The idea is to empower the two states and not take over power from them like what is being perceived by the people right now about the BN … and PKR too. By empowering Sabah and Sarawak, we are empowering the nation. We are reducing the burden of the central leaders.

    Are you saying that PKR and Umno have failed to empower the two states in managing their own affairs?

    If I speak as a party man, I will be biased. I'm talking as observant independent leader and I think what we have is mostly in name only. For instance on power of immigration, in name, yes, Sabah has that power, but look who is running the immigration for Sabah?

    Likewise on the Federal Development Fund for Sabah, the fund should be left to the state to utilise but what is happening is they (federal leaders and officers) are managing it for Sabah. This is not empowering. In other areas, similar things happen. In politics, in party politics.

    There have been calls for you to register a new party in Sabah. They, the federal government that is, won't allow it to be registered.

    If indeed one day you leave PKR, what will be your options?

    We have to work with groups of people, not in an isolation. There must be a way … options. I can work with the immediate viability.

    Timing of meeting slammed

    In another development, a Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) vice-president Herbert Timbon Lagadan criticised the timing of the PKR congress which coincided with the harvest festival celebrations.

    He said this was an affront to local leaders in Sabah and Sarawak as the party leaders should have realised that Kaamatan and Gawai celebrations would be on at the same time.

    "This act of holding the annual congress during Kaamatan and Gawai celebrations speaks volumes of PKR leaders' hegemony towards the people in East Malaysia especially the Kadazandusuns and Dayaks," he told FMT.

    PBS is led by Joseph Pairin, who has denied trying to influence his younger brother to rejoin PBS to ensure the Kitingan legacy.

    The PBS chief is also the 'Huguan Siou' or the paramount leader of the Kadazandusun community, a position he has held since 1984. FreeMalaysiaToday....

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