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Thread: KL Roads

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    KL Roads

    Roads in KL are built in such a way to bamboozle potential (land) invaders. Even armed with a GPS and several recce outings, no occupying force will be able to find their way around town, much less coordinate their attack to arrive at the same time (it's likely that the traffic jams will slow them down anyway).

    What with road names seamlessly merging into each other, roads with two different names - one at each end, highways that split into three with tolls on either sides but not the middle (I'm looking at you, SMART Tunnel!), signboards, if followed to the letter, will lead you to a whole different end of the city, lanes that merge then split, then merge again, roads that were previously 2-lane but changed into single-lane, but only halfway along the entire road, it's easier to bomb and rebuild than try to take over the city.

    It's a conspiracy to confound and confuse!

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    Re: KL Roads

    welcome to kl!

    even natives of kl sometimes have problems finding their way.

    if you drive along old klang road from oug towards midvalley, it should be just a straight road but you need to change lane at least 5 times.

    our urban planners must be from another planet.


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