PSM cries foul over voter registration form shortage

Humayun Kabir
Jan 28, 10

The state Election Commission (SEC) has put a spanner in the works of Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) efforts to register about 10,000 new voters for the coming state and general elections during the weekend celebrations of Thaipusam.

PSM, known for its public service ground work, is gaining popularity among the lower income group, the marginalised groups and the displaced urban pioneer (squatters) groups.

According to PSM central committee member K Kunasekaran, there are unseen state political powers that are out to sabotage its efforts to mobilise and register new voters as they see the party as a threat to their success in the coming state elections.

Kunasekaran believes that the SEC is being manipulated by these powers to prevent PSM from registering new voters.

According to him, SEC had initially refused to entertain their requests for application forms to register new voters in the state stating that PSM must first seek permission from Election Commission (EC) headquarters at Putrajaya since it was a newly-registered political party.

Green light

After EC headquarters gave the green light, SEC organised a briefing session for the party and gave about 600 new voter application forms.

When the voters' registration forms ran out, SEC started to give excuses and declined to give another 10,000 such forms as requested by PSM.

"There are about 4.2 million Malaysians nationwide that are not registered as voters of which about 500,000 are in Perak. We are trying to help SEC to register such potential voters but there seems to be no cooperation from the SEC," he lamented .

He said during festive seasons like Thaipusam it would be easy for the party members to campaign for new voters and enrol new members into PSM.

He told Malaysiakini today that the party might hand over a protest memorandum over the incident to SEC tomorrow morning.

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