In independence we trust
1 Feb 10 : 8.00AM

By Ding Jo-Ann

Book on Muslim women no longer banned

THE High Court has been demonstrating their ability to be independent over the past few weeks in striking down several decisions by government institutions. On 22 Dec 2009, the High Court censured the police for wrongfully arresting participants of the Asia Pacific Conference on East Timor II (Apcet II) conference. Barely a week later, it quashed the Home Ministry's restriction on the use of the word "Allah" by a Catholic publication. And most recently, on 25 Jan, it overturned a Home Ministry ban on a Sisters in Islam book.

Malaysians may have been surprised to witness this display of sustained independence from a judiciary still struggling to establish its impartiality after the persistent executive assaults on it. Surprising or not, we should get used to it and expect nothing less.

The judiciary in these cases was in fact performing the very function it is meant to play in a democracy — being a check and balance against possible government abuses of power. Thenutgraph.