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Thread: Sibu By-election: DAP Donation Campaign

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    Re: Sibu By-election: NFA



    Put Pakatan Rakyat in power and we shall see.

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    Re: Sibu By-election: SPR caught red-handed over postal voters. Damage-control

    The SPR is now going into damage-control. There must not be anymore postal voting for people residing in Malaysia. That will remove one avenue for cheating.

    2nd: The ballots must be counted in the polling centre, not shifted elsewhere to avoid ballot box stuffing.

    3rd: Indelible ink. Why isn't legislation being proposed? Is Hishamuddin going to insult our intelligence with some stupid reason again?

    EC: Early voting versus postal votes
    May 26, 2010

    KUCHING, May 26 — The Election Commission (EC) is looking into the possibility of replacing postal voting with an early voting system to ease the procedures for the voters in the next general election, EC chairman Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof said.

    He said the EC was in the midst of studying the matter because the existing postal voting procedures were very technical as postal voters were requested to send their forms in Envelope B and the ballots in Envelope A to the returning officer’s office by 5pm on the polling day.

    “We will also look into the possibility of using the early voting system at the Sarawak state election,” he told a press conference here today.

    The proposal, however, would not involve postal voters abroad, he said.

    Meanwhile, Abdul Aziz refuted allegations that postal ballots returned during the Sibu parliamentary by-election on May 16, surpassed the number of the ballots issued for postal voters, hence, causing the delay in the vote counting process.

    Abdul Aziz said of the 2,827 ballots issued to postal voters, only 2,637 were returned as of 5pm, on polling day.

    The delay in vote counting process was merely due to the distractions from outside the room, he said.

    On the accusation that there were phantom voters detected on polling day, he said they were actually district officers who were delivering the postal votes to the returning officer’s office.

    “They cannot cast a vote because only the registered voters are allowed to do so,” he said. — Bernama TheMalaysiaInsider....

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    Re: Sibu By-election: Change to Postal Voting to Early Voting

    EC to review postal voting system

    Wednesday, 26 May 2010 Super Admin

    (The Star) - The Election Commission (EC) will review the current postal voting system to minimise disputes in future elections.

    However, amendments to the related legislation has to be done before the changes can come into effect.

    The commission was apparently prompted to review the system by the many technical difficulties encountered in the recent Sibu by-election.

    EC chairman Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof said Wednesday they would study the proposal to call for an early voting session for army personnel, policemen and EC staff instead of posting votes.

    However, the new system will only come into place and be applicable after all required legislation is passed.

    “The postal vote is so technical. The delay in counting postal votes in Sibu by-election was due to many disturbances and shouting outside the room that stressed the staff counting the votes.

    “In addition, EC staff were stopped from bringing out ballot boxes containing these already counted postal votes. They were only brought out to Dewan Suarah Sibu after the situation calmed down,” he told a press conference.

    He said the turnout for Sibu by-election was 70%, including postal votes, and it was reported as 59% earlier because they were waiting for the result of postal votes.

    Abdul Aziz stressed that the by-election was carried out fairly and there was no manipulation involved, especially in the postal votes.

    “We cannot change the result because the votes are already counted at polling stations. There is no manipulation from EC.

    “Whichever party the people like, that party will win. We cannot fight the sentiment of people,” he said.

    He clarified that there was no issue of more postal votes received than the total votes sent out as accused by certain parties.

    “There were 2,827 postal votes in Sibu, we received 1,879 votes from army personnel (out of a total of 1,910), 596 votes from policemen (out of 627) and 162 from EC staff (out of 290).

    “A total of 190 postal votes were not returned, including 128 from EC staff, 31 from army and 31 from policemen.

    He stressed that army, policemen and election staff were free to vote but EC could not force them to return the votes and the trend of not returning postal votes happened throughout the country.

    He said all state EC directors were told to watch out for shift of big group of voters.

    He also explained that long houses were chosen as polling stations in Sarawak because there were no schools or nearby halls. Malaysiatoday....

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    Re: Sibu By-election: DAP - Don't lie, Sibu SUPP chief told

    Don't lie, Sibu SUPP chief told.

    Thursday, 27 May 2010 16:53

    KUCHING – Sentosa State Assemblyman Chong Chieng Jen has hit out at Sibu SUPP chairman Wong Soon Koh for lying to the people in Sarawak.

    Chong said Wong, who is the 2nd Finance Minister, should stop making excuses for their defeat in the Sibu by-election as BN had failed the people after 47 years.

    It was obvious that SUPP is still clueless why BN lost the Sibu by-election, for they have clearly lost touch with the needs and interest of the voters, said Chong, who is also Kuching MP, in a press statement on Wednesday.

    In his winding-up speech in the Sarawak State Assembly, Wong made a litany of "baseless and unbelievable accusations" against the DAP and made no attempt to understand the fact that the people of Sibu have had enough of the decades of abuse, cronyism and corruption by the BN state government.

    Chong said Wong told the DUN that DAP is now extremely rich for they could fly over hundreds of campaigners to Sibu to assist in the Sibu by-election.

    Money, media and machinery

    “All DAP campaigners, be they Members of Parliament, state assemblymen or ordinary members, took care of their own expenses without burdening the party. . .and most of them stayed either with party members in Sibu or in low-budget hotels,” he pointed out.

    “Unlike Barisan Nasional leaders, we do not fly first class, nor stay at 5-star hotels which are paid for by the federal or state government, under the pretext of carrying out their government duties, despite obviously campaigning for the SUPP candidate.” he added.

    Chong said despite having nearly full control over the 3Ms - money, media and machinery - Wong has the cheek to accuse DAP of employing “dirty tactics” to win the Sibu by-election without producing any evidence of foul play while, on the other hand, BN handed out cash liberally to voters in order to entice votes.

    Chong said Wong even accused DAP of intimidation tactics to scare voters from voting resulting in the very low turnout of 59.8%.

    Power to intimidate

    He said Chong "must be joking" as DAP has neither the ability or the power to intimidate, but are instead victims of intimidation and injustice as BN has full control over the Election Commission and the police force.

    “What is worse is that Wong Soon Koh is basing his claim on a wrong piece of information provided by the EC that the turnout is only 59.8% when in actual fact, the EC has already corrected this figure to 70% voter turnout, which is higher than the last general elections in 2008,” he said.

    He added that Wong should admitted that the BN's defeat in Sibu was caused by the ineffectiveness of SUPP in BN, the oppressive policies of BN and the rampant corruption, nepotism and cronyism of BN.

    The denial syndrome that BN has failed the people of Sibu and Sarawak will only result in a bigger loss for BN come the next state elections in Sarawak, he cautioned. MalaysianMirror....

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    Re: Sibu By-election: We are not Taib's puppet, says SUPP chief

    SUPP has a right to be angry. Referring to a poodle as a puppet is down-right insulting.

    We are not Taib's puppet, says SUPP chief

    Thu, 27 May 2010 12:11

    By Roselind Jarrow

    KUCHING: Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) president George Chan has strongly denied that his party is a puppet of Parti Pesaka Bumiputra Bersatu (PBB).

    “That word does not exist as far as the relationship between SUPP and PBB is concerned,” he told the Sarawak Legislative Assembly, pointing out that his party and PBB had been together since 1970 when SUPP joined PBB to form the first coalition government.

    “We have been loyal and sincere partners. SUPP has never been a puppet or vice versa,” he said.

    “When we stand, we stand together and when we sit, we sit together. When we fight the opposition, we also fight together,” said Chan, who took a swipe at DAP state assemblywoman Violet Yong for her remarks in the assembly.

    Yong had labelled SUPP as “the puppet of PBB”. FreeMalaysiaToday....

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    Re: Sibu By-election: - Guan Eng's blooper in Sibu

    Our West Malaysian PR leaders should learn to be less condescending.

    Guan Eng's blooper in Sibu

    Susan Loone
    May 31, 10

    An independent observer revealed a blooper by DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng while visiting longhouses during the Sibu by-election in Sarawak earlier this month.

    Lim, who is also Penang chief minister, is claimed to have asked the residents if Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud had ever given them RM100 as part of an appreciation programme for senior citizens (as implemented in Penang).

    "What do you think the response was?" asked Ong Boon Keong, representing the Malaysian Election Observers Network at the 'Multi-perspective review of the Sibu by-election' forum in Penang last night.

    "Everyone kept quiet and dared not tell (him) that (at) every election, they receive RM600 per door! If the DAP helpers (had known) this, they wouldn't (have gone) around asking every house if they had received RM100, as they would (have known) this rate does not sell (in longhouses)."

    Abdul Taib had - on the last leg of the by-election campaign - announced a grant totalling RM147,600 for the 12 longhouses in Tanjong Penasu, with each of the 246 'doors' to receive RM600.

    PAS representative Zamry Ibrahim, also a Kedah municipal councillor, pointed out that Pakatan Rakyat's presence was sorely lacking in Sibu, especially among the Malay/Muslim community.

    "Many among the Malay/Melanau and Dayak community have supported the opposition even before (the) March 8 (general election in 200, but they are not organised. This group will vote anyone as long as it is not BN," he claimed.

    "Many want change but are afraid to express it because BN has managed to control most of them through their longhouse leaders, by either threatening them or bribing them."

    He was referring to the RM450 allowance paid by the government to the leaders.

    EC criticised

    Political analyst Cheah Kah Seng reviewed the Election Commission's performance.

    While noting that there was no proof of fraud during this by-election, the commission's 'sloppy work' presented an opportunity for 'phantom' voters, he claimed.

    "Negligence creates the opportunity for 'phantom' voters. For example, a lot of longhouses have no numbers, so large addresses were created," he said.

    "There are also massive voter movement, which created confusion. How many people would have missed voting because they could not find their polling station?"

    Malaysiakini journalist Joseph Sipalan Jr, who covered the polls, spoke about media bias and how coverage differed between the mainstream and alternative media.

    He related stories about how the local press had obtained orders from the top to block out news about the opposition, but said the alternative media had tried to give as much coverage to BN as possible

    "Due to lack of staff (Malaysiakini had sent three reporters to Sibu), we had to narrow our perspective. We had to pick and choose, and we covered Pakatan because they are not covered by the mainstream media," he said.

    DAP's Wong Ho Leng (left) unexpectedly grabbed the Sibu parliamentary seat from BN with a majority of 398 votes, in the polls concluded on May 16. Malaysiakini. Subscription required.

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    Re: Sibu By-election: James Masing - Spoken like a true thug

    Sibu by-election – the “Incredible Hulk” warning after the “Barbarians at the gate” speech

    Malaysiakini commentator Terence Netto hit the nail on the head when he wrote a commentary entitled “S’wak BN shell-shocked by Sibu defeat“.

    This explained the “Barbarians at the Gate” speech of SUPP Chairman, Datuk Dr. George Tan and the ensuring “Incredible Hulk” statement by Parti Rakyat Sarawak President Dato Sri Dr. James Masing, which is reproduced below.

    When will the Barisan Nasional leaders particularly those from Sarawak come out of their denial syndrome and wake up to the true meaning and implications of the historic 516 verdict of the voters of Sibu in the Sibu by-election?

    Don’t make Incredible Hulk angry, opposition told | The Borneo Post
    May 26, 2010, Wednesday

    KUCHING: Minister of Land Development Dato Sri Dr James Masing yesterday warned Peninsular Malaysia-based opposition parties to watch their step and refrain from practising rowdy politics in Sarawak. He said Sarawakians had had a glimpse of such behaviour among opposition leaders in the Batang Ai by-election but that was short-lived.

    However, he said, during campaigning for the Sibu by-election Sarawakians had witnessed the full-blown rowdy behaviour of West Malaysian opposition leaders and their local counterparts.

    Warning the opposition that such political rowdiness could break down social order in the country, he said they should not force Sarawakians to defend their territory against the rowdy antics of politicians from outside.

    “Don’t make the Incredible Hulk angry. He is a very peaceful man but when he’s angry you better watch out. So don’t make him angry because you will not like him if he’s angry,” Masing told reporters during a break of the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) sitting yesterday after delivering his ministerial winding up speech.

    “Please don’t come to Sarawak using that kind of tactics. These are alien to us and don’t do that because you may touch something which may not be very helpful to us. There is anger around us,” he warned.

    He said Pakatan Rakyat (PR), comprising the Democratic Action Parti (DAP), Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) and Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS), should learn from the May 13 incident and to ensure the ugly tragedy would not repeat itself.

    “May 13 was when the Bumiputera were about to lose the power to control the state, so don’t start it. There’re certain things that we don’t go into. This is one thing we should understand. They should not encroach into one’s sacred areas because that will be a danger.

    “I am just giving you a warning. Don’t do it. There must be certain areas that we play by and do it slowly. You must ask yourself why May 13 happened.

    “Unfortunately there was a move along that direction, but please do not, if that happens we are going to have problems,” he cautioned.

    While the people of Sarawak were very friendly, he said, when disturbed and provoked they too could be rough.

    Earlier, in his speech, Masing said that the opposition should never assume that Sarawak politicians were incapable of being tough and fight back when forced to do so.

    “The Dayaks, especially the Ibans, in this house, may look placid and timid, but if you touch our raw nerves and abuse our dignity and pride, we will fight back,” he stressed.

    He said it was therefore, advisable for peninsulabased politicians to learn the history of Sarawak so that they know who the Ibans were and what they did to their enemies in the old days.

    “The civilised world may have dulled the Ibans’ sense of aggression against those who wish them ill – but it can re-emerge and when it does it will not be pleasant.

    “Malaysia has been peaceful for the past 50 years because we acknowledge and respect these societal holy grounds and understanding.

    Whatever our political dreams are for ourselves or for our party, please, never forget those understandings less we fall into the abyss of anarchy.” He said when social order broke down, no one would benefit – not even members of the opposition.

    “Therefore, it is my hope that in the midst of our struggle to get elected, or in our effort to score political points, we should not let our emotions get the better of us,” he said.

    Commenting on the same issue, Housing and Urban Development Minister Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Openg said opposition parties from Peninsular Malaysia had been very provocative during the Sib by-election.

    “If you start to do something which is provocative then other people will react.

    So the best is to have certain atmosphere where everybody follows the game according to the rules.

    “Surprisingly in the Sibu by-election there seemed to be some changes in the way they (opposition) campaign.

    For the first time, in that by-election, I saw people travelling in a car with microphone,” he said.

    Abang Johari said he had gone through seven elections but that was the first time he saw such a thing and it was only of late that he had witnessed the new and rowdy trend of campaigning.

    However, he said, whether the Oppositions’ campaigning tactics were unlawful was up to the Election Commission (EC) and other relevant authorities to deal with.

    Masing is Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) president while Abang Johari is deputy president of Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB). lks blog.

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