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Thread: MBPJ Staff Owns Low-cost Housing Meant for the poor

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    MBPJ Staff Owns Low-cost Housing Meant for the poor

    Harapkan Pagar, Pagar Makan Padi.

    Low-cost housing taken up by MBPJ staff.

    If Khalid Ibrahim does not sack the senior officers responsible, then he should be sacked! This has gone on long enough.

    The Sun: Something stinks in housing system for poor.

    S'gor should probe irregularities in low-cost unit allocations
    by Giam Say Khoon

    KUALA LUMPUR (May 24, 2010): The Housing and Local Government Ministry asked the Selangor government to immediately investigate what could be irregularities in the allocation of low-cost flats by housing developers in the state.

    Minister Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha said though the ministry had not received any complaint from the public on the matter, it is up to the Selangor government and its local authority to resolve the issue of low-cost houses built for the poor that were instead taken up by Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) staff.

    “If there is any abuse, it must be investigated whether the fault is on the part of the state government of the local authority,” he said.

    “The Housing and Local Government Ministry is not involved in the private low-cost units because it is a private development which is supposed to be sold to qualified buyers determined by the state government or the local authority,” said Kong after inspecting the low-cost flats built by the ministry in Subang and Bukit Jalil today. The Sun.

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    Re: MBPJ Staff Owns Low-cost Housing Meant for the poor

    The solution is there,why wait.Just sack the khalid fellow.

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    Re: MBPJ Staff Owns Low-cost Housing - New twist to saga

    New twist to low-cost housing saga

    PETALING JAYA (May 25, 2010): A new twist to the saga of low-cost units being sold to ineligible buyers has emerged.

    The so-called circular to Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) staff informing them of the availability of low-cost units irrespective of eligibility was issued by the planning department, and not the president or mayor’s office, it is learnt.

    V. Subramanian

    It has also emerged that such a circular or policy was never presented for endorsement by the full board of the council as required by law and convention.

    While letters from Planning Director Sharipah Marhaini Syed Ali to deputy mayor Puasa Md. Taib, and Puasa’s own explanation to the State Special Committee on Local Councils indicated that the purchases of low-cost flats were sanctioned by the State Government and then council president Datuk Emran Kadir, to date there is no evidence to that effect.

    “What has been determined is that the policy on allocation of houses to council staff, including department heads and directors, came from the planning department,” said a source.

    In a letter to Puasa on Feb 4 this year, Sharipah said the council president had in 2001 asked developers who were not involved in the squatter relocation exercise to allocate units for council staff.

    “Details of the availability of the houses were openly disseminated to staff via e-mail,” Sharipah wrote.

    She also said the Sri Jati flats where she owns a unit was not meant for squatter relocation, although a year earlier, in a note to the State Housing and Property Board, she had indicated that squatters from Kampung Tropicana and Kampung Lembah would be moved there.

    Puasa, in his March 8, 2010 memo to the State Government, said the then executive councillor for housing (Datuk Mohd Mokhtar Ahmad Dahlan) and then council president (Emran) in 2001 had decreed that low-cost houses could be opened to council staff as an incentive.

    Both Mohd Mokhtar and Emran have said they could not remember issuing such directives, while the present State administration have said that bending the rules on low-cost home ownership was never sanctioned by the Executive Council.

    Former MBPJ councillor V. Subramanian said that the allocation of low cost units to staff was never endorsed by the full board.

    “We never approved it at council level. You can check the full board minutes,” said Subramaniam, who served between 2000 and 2008.

    He said the decision to allocate 10% of the Sri Jati flats in Ara Damansara to council staff never landed on the councillors’ desks.

    However, he pointed the finger back at Emran, saying the policy allowing 500 staff to buy low-cost homes was introduced during Emran’s tenure when local councils took over the implementation of squatter relocation programmes from the state.

    He added that the State Executive council never endorsed this policy.

    “But at that time, the way things were done, the word of one individual, be it the mentri besar or exco for housing became law,” said Subramaniam.

    He said he had on many occasions brought up the matter at full board meetings.

    "Check the meeting minutes, they should have recorded my objections to the policy.

    "Many council staff including heads departments who do not deserve the units were given homes," he said, adding that he had told the council that low-cost units should only be allocated to MBPJ workers who fall within the RM2,500 income bracket.

    He said all councillors agreed that all low-cost units should be for the lower income group.

    “We agreed that for large families, they could buy two low-cost units at RM35,000 for the first unit and RM42,000 for the second one.

    “But in my time, many squatters were not given homes and had to rent from those who are not eligible to buy low-cost houses,” he claimed.

    On allegations of political quota for low-cost units, Subramaniam said there was no proof of this but agreed it was rampant.

    He said when he was the MIC Petaling Jaya Barat division chief, he had supported the applications of low-cost units to party members including branch chairmen.

    “But they were all deserving cases comprising low income earners,” he added.

    Subramaniam said he had previously threatened to lodge reports with the police and Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) over the abuse of low-cost units if MBPJ does not ensure only deserving cases are allotted homes.

    “But they could not be bothered,” he said, adding that he has contacted MACC investigations director Mustafar Ali to extend his co-operation.

    The MACC had yesterday visited MBPJ to begin its probe. -- theSun The Sun.

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    Re: MBPJ Staff Owns Low-cost Housing - Bring the miscreants to book

    Bring the miscreants to book

    Friday, 04 June 2010 Combat

    (The Sun) FACT: Thousands of people who do not qualify for low-cost homes own such houses.

    FACT: Among them are senior staff of the Petaling Jaya City Council and councillors were allocated such units.

    FACT: Such actions were either sanctioned or approved by certain sections of the Selangor government.

    FACT: Erroneously or otherwise, the income threshold of RM2,500 was arrived at after deducting household income, which goes against the basic grain of the pre-qualification.

    FACT: There is the existence of several lists prepared by some elected representatives and councillors where names of their friends and cronies appear.

    FACT: The names of all owners of low-cost units appear in various data bases of local councils and district offices.

    FACT: Thousands of low-income earners have been deprived of a roof over their heads because of this malpractice.

    These startling pieces of information are now in the public domain through a series of articles and commentaries which this newspaper has published over the past two weeks. Sad to say, there has been little or no effort made to bring the culprits to book. On the contrary the state government has decreed that it “is not legally wrong” for the rich and council staff to own these units. In the interim period, it was announced that the list of owners of low-cost units would be made public.

    That was 10 days ago. To date, nothing has appeared.

    Is the state government serious about going after mis-creants who have stolen from the poor? Is it going to let those who deprived the poor of home ownership get away scot-free? These questions have to be answered and be done pronto. Enough of talk, let’s see some action. This newspaper will continue to remind the powers-that-be that they owe the ratepayers a duty. They cannot shirk that respon-ibility by couching their inaction in words. They must match it with action.

    - The Sun Malaysiatoday....

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