The Ruling Classes learn from each other. Be aware.

Bubbling in the horizon: Legislation currently pending in the Mexican legislature would ban a vast array of large cash transactions, but the truth is that Mexico is far from alone in trying to restrict cash. All over the world, governments are either placing stringent reporting requirements on large cash transactions or they are banning them altogether. We are being told that such measures are needed to battle illegal drug traffic, to catch tax evaders and to fight the war on terror.

Massive Ongoing Monetary Creation likely to result in dramatic devaluation of U.S. Treasury Securities’ value over the next few years, such Mandatory Conversion is a de facto Wealth Confiscation. “All you own will shrink...your income, assets, net worth, will shrink year after year in real terms inflation adjusted and possibly also nominally.”

“…in every major US financial panic since at least the Panic of 1835, the titans of Wall Street – most especially until 1929, the House of JP Morgan – have deliberately triggered bank panics behind the scenes in order to consolidate their grip on US banking. The private banks used the panics to control Washington policy including the exact definition of the private ownership of the new Federal Reserve in 1913, and to consolidate their control over industry such as US Steel, Caterpillar, Westinghouse and the like. They are, in short, old hands at such financial warfare to increase their power.

Now they must do something similar on a global scale to be able to continue to dominate global finance, the heart of the power of the American Century.

That process of using panics to centralize their private power created an extremely powerful concentration of financial and economic power in a few private hands, the same hands which created the influential US foreign policy think-tank, the New York Council on Foreign Relations in 1919…”

“Behind the panic: financial warfare over future of global bank power”
F. William Engdahl, October 10, 2008

Official Numbers vs. Real Numbers (per
Annual U.S. Consumer Price Inflation reported August 13, 2010
1.24% 8.57% (annualized July 2010 Rate)
U.S. Unemployment reported September 3, 2010
9.6% 22%
U.S. GDP Annual Growth/Decline reported August 27, 2010
2.98% -1.25%
U.S. M3 reported September 4, 2010 (Month of August, Y.O.Y.)
No Official Report - 4.32 %