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Thread: Tropicana Toastmasters Club FAQ

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    Tropicana Toastmasters Club FAQ


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    Re: Tropicana Toastmasters Club - Standard Forms and Guidelines

    Standard forms and guidelines available at IEM TMC site:

    Additional reference documents:

    Available with the VPE. Apply to VPE direct.

    A. 0 Toastmaster Guide.pdf: General guidelines for every role player.
    B. Charter_a_new_club_-_Application_form[1].ppt,
    C. Chartering a New Club.doc
    D. Tropicana TMC Sample Agenda: Attached. Change the areas marked yellow.

    E. Speech Preparation Notes by DTM SK Ratnam on Speeches 1 & 3:

    There are ten projects in it. I suggest that you do them once a month.
    That means in ten months you can complete it.
    Therefore do a project in one meeting and take some other role at the next meeting.
    This way you will become a well rounded Competent Communicator.
    When you do the other roles , you can fulfill some of the requirements for your Competent Leader award.

    Your first project is the Ice Breaker

    The requirements are 1) To begin speaking before an audience
    2) To Discover your speaking skills
    3) Your speaking time 4 - 6 minutes
    4) You will introduce yourself and give some information
    about your background, interests and ambitions
    5) You can use notes.
    While a mini - bio from childhood to the present is often the chosen format, you may also try some other options.
    How about describing the 'Inner you' , your philosophies, beliefs, values and goals.

    Or you can talk on a life changing event that guided your life.
    Be creative in how you present it.

    So make your title imaginative. Don't use titles like , My Life or This is me,
    Always write out your talk, for a 4-6 minute talk you will need about 600 words.
    Open a file and save it for future reference.

    Your third project. Get to the point.

    What do you want to talk about .

    You will introduce a general view and then talk about a specific point
    Your talk must have a introduction, a body and a conclusion.
    After your introduction, have three main points and give your conclusion.
    Your talk must have sincerity and conviction
    Strive not to use notes.

    Your time 5-7 minutes. That is about 700 words.

    Your subjects will be to inform, persuade, entertain, or inspire.

    This project is too broad. Discuss an issue that is important to you.

    It could be your education, or you may have raised a child with special needs.
    Or it is something you feel strongly about.

    Write it out and save it , who knows you may want to write a book one day.


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    Club Chartering Forms

    This is only applicable for club committee members in forming a club and registering new members:

    1. Toastmaster 1 of 2 New Member Mentor Request Form.doc

    2. Toastmaster 2 of 2 New Member Profile.doc

    3. Toastmaster Application to Organize a Toastmasters Club 1 of 2.doc

    4. Toastmaster Application to Organize a Toastmasters Club 2 of 2.doc

    5. Toastmaster Charter Payments.doc

    Files 6 to 8 in next posting.

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    Club Chartering Forms Part 2

    Files 6 to 8.
    Attached Files Attached Files

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