'PKR election committee taking sides'

Wed, 06 Oct 2010 06:00

By B Nantha Kumar

KUALA LUMPUR: A disgruntled PKR grassroots leader today lashed out at the party's election steering committee, claiming that it was taking sides and working for the interests of certain party leaders.

K Vasantha Kumar said the PKR election steering committee was the one "which created problems in the party by playing a one-sided game".

"It is very clear and I am very sure that the election commitee was working on safeguarding the interest of certain prominent party leaders while sidelining others," the ex-ISA detainee told FMT.

He said that at the PKR Jerai divisional election, which was nullified, the election officials had marked the ballot papers without the permission of the candidates and "this is totally against party election laws".

He also claimed that during polling in the division, some of the officials used mobile telephones to communicate with candidates who were vying for positions.

"This is also another serious offence made by them. This did not only happen in Jerai but also in other divisions nationwide. I received a lot of complaints from party members and I am surprised that the election committee is still silent on it," he added.

Party's image damaged

Vasantha Kumar, who contested the divisional chief post, also hit out at V Arumugam, his rival in the division, saying that the latter had damaged the party's image.

He said he was shocked to learn that Arumugam's supporters were allowed to bring home ballot papers issued by the election committee.

Vasantha Kumar said that on polling day, election officials had informed him that they had run out of ballot papers by noon when there only about 150 members present.

"It is unbelievable but that is what happened on election day. There is also widespread suspicion that Arumugam engaged gangsters to hijack voters The current scenario in the party has made the public lose confidence in PKR," he said.

On the Jerai divisional election, Vasantha Kumar said the PKR headquarters had yet to fix a date for the re-election. FreeMalaysiaToday....