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Thread: Malaysians4Change Part 3: Countdown 30-Days to General Election

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    Malaysians4Change Part 3: Countdown 30-Days to General Election

    Item 1.3 Election Campaign Knowhow &
    2.3 Online SOP - Study Election Campaign

    When we first saw the original Malay version of "Countdown 30-days to General Election", we were amazed. It could only have been produced by a very experienced and brilliant campaign director and that person had to be from PAS as they were the only ones in the opposition who had such extensive experience. We have translated it to English and simplified it for civil society. With this Countdown Chart, we can quickly identify what needs to be done to execute an election campaign. Others can also determine which area suits their expertise for which they wish to contribute their efforts.

    There is a role for everyone. Imagine an army of 400,000 volunteers to fight for change during elections. The scale of organisation is daunting. But that is what it takes to be free.

    We hope the Pakatan component parties will acknowledge PAS's expertise and leadership in election campaigns and allow them to lead future election campaigns. This is probably wishful thinking as many people are governed by their ego instead of their common sense.
    This Countdown Chart will be the master framework upon which all M4C election campaign SOPs will be based. The M4C Road Map Part 2 is a component of this chart focusing on PACA. Keep visiting this site often as we will be updating it with more material on PACA.

    We have presented this at an early stage for two reasons:

    1. The PACA is extremely crucial to the election campaign as there will be extensive cheating on polling day and the candidate without PACAs will definitely lose the election.

    2. PACA duties offer the lowest entry barrier to civil society as it is fairly standardized and easy to pick up. So training PACA volunteers is relatively easy compared to other campaign activities.

    3. All we ask from a volunteer is 1 day a year to fight for change to bring Freedom to Malaysia. Over a 5-year period, that is only 5 days!
    We have also enclosed this file as an attachment. It is clearer than the copy displayed online. Please distribute it to your friends to spread the word. To print, use A3 size paper and otherwise the print will be too fine for reading.

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    Election Campaign Team for a General Election

    This is the set-up of an Election Campaign Team for a General Election. At first glance it may look complicated but it is no different from a construction project run by a project manager. We can see where the Polling Agent, Counting Agent and Booth Observer (PACABA) operations come in.

    Typically, we need between 500 - 800 PACABA for an urban Parliamentary constituency with voter population of around 80,000. This gives a prospective candidate an idea of how many volunteers have to be found and they should start work immediately if they are serious.

    For Batu Sapi (Sabah) with only 25,000 voters, we can make do with less than 180 PACABA. By the way, Batu Sapi is an exercise in how not to run an election campaign. We will be monitoring PKR closely to see whether they take severe action to stop the rot.


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