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Help Out Someone With Past Posts

by Trace Mayer, J.D. on August 1, 2009 · 0 comments

Reading time: 6 – 10 minutes

These past several weeks have been fairly volatile with gold ranging from $910 to 955 and platinum ranging from about $1,100 to $1,225. As I wrote about in the latest article, The Coming Market Crash, this autumn will most likely have some fireworks. As now is a relatively calm period I think it would be wise to take an inventory of where we have come, review some of the past posts and get prepared for the fall.

With over 150 posts on RunToGold the archives can be daunting. As there are constantly new readers I think it would be good to point out some of the better articles. In response to a reader request a few weeks ago I added an email option to all posts. Several readers have used this tool to inform and help others they care about.


“My father is a smart man, CPA, successful entrepreneur, and believes that deflation is what lies ahead. Therefore, there is a real problem with differences in our ideas about what to do going forward. Your recent article “US Dollar in Hyperinflation” makes my point (better than I ever could!). I sent him a link to your article”. (my analysis of the Inflation or Deflation argument)

“Saw your article on ’silver backwardation’. Very informative!”

“Trace, Thanks for your information and work. You have some really useful information and charts. Best regards, TS; Hong Kong”.


Gold In Backwardation

A Problem With GLD and SLV ETFs (this kicked off a lot of controversy and now some large hedge funds have liquidated their ETF positions to instead take a physical position)

Another Problem With GLD and SLV ETFs (follow up on the lack of ability to audit the physical gold stockpiles)

Gold Confiscation (why I think it is unlikely)

Gold Privacy and Constitution Rights (a great instructional video on how to appropriately assert your Constitutional rights)

State Budget Shortfalls and Safety Deposit Boxes (why your safety deposit boxes are risky)

Current Dollar Currency Controls (exchange controls on the FRN$)


Peak Oil Theory

Why The Gold To Oil Ratio Matters

Gold Oil and Your Stomach


Platinum Liquidity Increases (why I am a platinum bug!)


Federal Reserve Will Fail With Quantitative Easing (was on the homepage of Seeking Alpha for an entire week!)

Global Quantitative Easing (central bank policy)

Raze The Fed


The Land Of Plenty (America’s dominant position)

Survivalism In The Suburbs (how I would approach the issue of risk preparation)

Brazil Bucking The Buck

Resurgent Russia Discharging Dollars

EVAPORATING CURRENCIES (massive devaluations)

Armenian Currency Goes Poof

Kazakhstan Currency Goes Poof

United States Treasuries Are The Biggest Bubble Of All

How And Why The Treasury Bubble Will Burst (which it now has)

Icelandic Currency Goes Poof

The Derivative Illusion (a great short article on perspective of this fiat currency debacle)


Previously I reviewed David Morgan’s Get The Skinny On Silver. I have setup the ability for people to use TrialPay to get the book for free when taking advantage of their various offers with big name brands. You may want to consider getting a copy.


I still have a few physical copies of The Great Credit Contraction. If you want one then just buy a the digital copy and provide an address for shipping with this form. Also, if you want to pay with platinum then I will give you a deal with a price of only 0.7 grams.


Human Action, Patriots, 4 Hour Work Week, The Ascent of Money (which I reviewed), What Has Government Done To Our Money (which I reviewed) and various 72 hour kits.


There is a tremendous amount of clear, concise and actionable content in these articles. Please take a few moments to think of a few people you have talked with over the past few months and a relative article and then use the new email feature to send them a copy. I am sure that both they and I will greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness.

I would love to know how to make the site a better resource for you, your friends and family so that you can be better prepared intellectually to protect, preserve and grow your wealth during these challenging times. If you have any suggestions, requests, compliments, etc. then please leave them in the comments. runtogold.