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Thread: Sarawak PKR Roadshow

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    Sarawak PKR Roadshow


    Pictures the Barisan Nasional would not want you to see.
    Posted by Baru Bian at 1/19/2011 03:43:00 PM

    PKR Sarawak kicked off its 'Jelajah Perubahan' roadshow last weekend, and
    will be touring the entire state for the next six months or until the state
    elections are called.

    Thousands turned up to hear speeches from PKR leaders at this first leg of
    the tour, and judging by the number of plain-clothes Special Branch officers
    who tailed the roadshow, it can be assumed that the BN is watching us

    These pictures of the roadshow indicate the REAL situation on the ground.
    People are no longer afraid to defy the authorities and have turned up in
    droves. Even tuai rumah are opening up their longhouses to PKR. You are
    welcome to download, copy and share these photographs with your friends.


    Tents filled with tables of party members and supporters.

    PKR State Liaison Chief Baru Bian accompanied by PKR YB Sim Tze Tzin, ADUN Pantai Jerejak, Penang and party leaders.

    A welcoming crowd in the restaurant.

    Loud-speakers were placed outside for the tables which overflowed from the


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    An estimated crowd of nearly a thousand people turned up.


    A grand welcome. Followed by a miring ceremony

    Despite being intimidated by the authorities, longhouse folk bravely and
    defiantly turned up to listen to the message of change.

    People even sat outside 0n the ground in the dark as the inside of the longhouse was too crowded.

    New members submitted their forms.


    Nearly a thousand Dayak natives turned up to hear our message of change. Later in the evening, party faithful congregated in a hotel in Sibu for the installation of office bearers.

    A press conference was held later.

    Friday 21st January
    Rumah Ado, Kakus (6pm onwards)

    Saturday 22nd January
    Rumah Radin, Entajum (11am onwards)
    Rumah Abu, Sungai Buloh, Ulu Balingian (6pm onwards)

    Sunday 23rd January
    Rumah Ladon, Sungai Bawan, Balingian (8am onwards)
    Rumah Limai, Labang, Bintulu (2pm onwards)

    Sunday 30th January
    Betong town, Layar (7pm onwards)

    All welcome. Admission FREE.
    Be a part of the tsunami of change that is sweeping over Sarawak!


    Thursday 20/1/11
    Broadcasted on January 20, 2011

    Washed out! We reach the refugees of the Miri flood. They blame the disaster on the logging upstream. Why has the government allowed this in our country? Perhaps the Chief Minister has been profiting! Last October it was Sibu. We talk to the victims of Sarawak Report's new story revealing how Taib's brother has made a quick profit of RM7,000 by grabbing land. RPK discusses the political scene. and up, up, up prices in Sarawak are going out of control.

    Podcast: Download

    1st Transmission: 1800-1900 local time on 15420kHz kHz
    2nd Transmission: 2000-2100 local time on 6205 kHz

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    Pakatan Rakyat is making inroad in Dayak heart land

    Pakatan Rakyat is making inroad in Dayak heart land
    Written by: Dr. John Brian January 22, 2011

    I must apologise for not being able to write in this blog for sometime for where I was in the last few weeks there is no accessibility to internet. Whenever I am in town I do not have a stable line using my handphone as a modem. That means the internet coverage in Sarawak is still poor despite Government talk of better coverage and even the lap top give away to Tuai Rumah is a scam.

    Information is reaching the rural folks

    In most stop I made to rural Sarawak I found that they already have some CDs
    distributed by NGO on behalf of Pakatan Rakyat, especially that from PKR. Radio Free Sarawak CDs is also making its way up river and printing of Sarawak Report and DayakBaru articles is evident. As election is near we must double our effort to get more material to the rural area. The impact of the CDs and printed article is encouraging as we have many Form 5 dropout staying in the rural areas now. They cannot get job in the city and has little money to venture to Malaya. Most has chosen to stay in longhouse due to good ptrices of rubber, oil palm and pepper. These are the people who are reading and articles and play the Pakatan Rakyat CDs.

    I am no more taken aback by those who greeted me by my name as if they have
    known me for a long time. It is obvious that DayakBaru Youtubes has been burned into CDs and distributed around. To those of you who has taken the initiative to spread our message to the longhouse, please continue and even double up your effort. We are getting reaction from the rural areas as they do not have TV to watch. They have VCD / CD players but no TV reception. The government do not seem to care about them maybe because the Government though that they can keep this people ignorant for ease of control.

    Pakatan Rakyat is getting more organized.

    This is the first time that I can see evidence of Opposition making serious effort to organize themselves to face the election. Potential candidate preparation on the ground is picking up. Potential with more funds has made major in roads in their election machinery and also key campaigners. The meet the people session by Pakatan Rakyat is drawing bigger crowd and the young Dayak leaders are spending more time explaining political issues to the people. Now, if you are not already involved, please make it a point to join this PR visits to longhouse.

    The older generation is open to our talk and explanation. The Government effort to frighten the Tuai Rumah is not working well anymore despite the on going seminar conducted by the government for the Tuai Rumah. The many Tuai Rumah I met told me that this seminar confirmed what the DayakBaru has been saying. The government is trying to suppress the Dayak resulting in the marginalization of Dayak. The government effort in short is now counter productive.

    Tuai Rumah

    The allowance increase for Tuai Rumah has not been put into effect. This is a normal happening where announcement is made by BN but nothing is done to implement it. Basically, due to BN Government corruption, the country has no money to pay the allowance. What is more evidence is, the number of Tuai Rumah who has been "registered" by the government is low com pared to those that has not been registered. The "unregistered" Tuai Rumah are now offended by the lack of process instituted by the government to get them registered. The registration of Tuai Rumah is now a political process instead of the normal administration process. The Government is going to fail to entice loyalty through carrot and stick because the rule is not established and if
    any is not followed.

    Penghulu, Pemancha and Temenggong

    This category of leadership is trying their best to make the government happy and keep their job. But on the ground, this category of people are sharing their disappointment with the government lack of effort to meet Dayak needs.

    Just a few days back, Taib in TV 1 interview stated that the IBAN has made tremendous progress in the last 10 years in all fields. If the IBAN really made that progress as he claimed, it is not attributed to BN Government effort. The Dayak are making personal effort to improve and that is sustainable compared to a community that is given almost everything for free.

    TV interview

    Last night, YB Awang Tanah tried to look competent and precise in explaining the land issues in Sarawak. Why are these interview being conducted NOW! Simple, this has never been done before and the Government is trying to tell their "truth" to the people. The government is aware of land issues and is trying to counter it. But even that is a one way process - dictatorial in a sense because the Opposition should be invited to give their view in an interview as such. We know that is not possible and it goes to show that the BN government has no strength to face the people to such issues.

    The Dayak people are facing real problem on the ground, land without title, timber operators taking logs from their pemakai menoa and temuda, plantation land dispute etc and all the BN government say is we did everything in a correct and legal manner. Legal manner does not mean that bthe process and the law is fair. The voters will not vote for injustice and unfairness.


    DayakBaru, we are on the right track to change this government through a legal election process. We need to Win big and we need your help. We need change from 27 years of Taib effort to erase Dayak rights. Change WE must and bring new fresh leadership to renew our country in progress. The politics of development rob the poor of the land and given to the rich. We want a new order for our country so that independence mean something to us. Today we are made slave by our leaders in the name of development. A development that benefit the rich and powerful and keep the poor in poverty for ease of control. Say NO to BN Government through Change WE Must.

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