Is Sarawak PKR up to par to lead?
February 9, 2011

With the state polls around the corner, the opposition appears to be too preoccupied with internal problems.

By Tomas Madang Anak Ijau

Sarawak is facing a state election which many feel will be held by May this year. Is the opposition really ready? More precisely, is PKR really in the position to assume leadership of the opposition?

By most accounts, it is going to be a mother of all elections. For one thing, there is little doubt that the ruling coalition is facing its toughest test as the present Chief Minister Taib Mahmud is probably at the tail end of his long and controversial political life. For another, there is the question of a successor administration: who, or which group will wear the mantle of state leadership after the current one is eased out?

It is an open secret that there are a few possible centres of power on both sides of the political divide that are beginning to emerge and they are all working to carve out their own political lebensraum in post-election Sarawak. Speculations a g. And for this it has to thank its many local factions and their allegedly multiple candidates’ lists and the interventionism of its central leadership in Kuala Lumpur.

Is PKR therefore ready for the coming election? Time will tell. For the moment, Sarawak PKR certainly appears to be preoccupied with what observers have euphemistically refer to as “internal matters”.

Tomas Madang Anak Ijau is a PKR member, Kota Samarahan. FreeMalaysiaToday....