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Thread: PKR KPI: Reveal KPI audit report, Wan Azizah told

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    PKR KPI: Reveal KPI audit report, Wan Azizah told

    Reveal KPI audit report, Wan Azizah told
    Athi Shankar | February 22, 2011

    An academician contends that PKR leaders must not shoot at the messenger for disclosing the party's non-performing MPs.

    GEORGE TOWN: A local academician today called on PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail to reveal the internal Key Performance Index (KPI) findings on the performance of party MPs.

    Political scientist Dr Sivamurugan Pandian indeed wants Wan Azizah to openly admit and address the problem before it was too late.

    He insisted on the perturbed PKR leaders to stop shooting at the messenger for disclosing the party’s non-performing parliamentarians.

    Instead, he called on the leaders to focus on tackling the pressing issue heads-on.

    “Being mum or in denial of truth does not mean all is well in the party.

    “It will only expand the problem into a disease that would eventually cripple the party.

    “Instead of shooting the messenger for disclosing it, they should take pro-active actions to rectify problem.

    “It’s the president’s duty to stop the rot,” Sivamurugan, from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), told FMT.

    He was commenting on FMT report yesterday that disclosed that several PKR MPs, including party deputy president and Gombak parliamentarian Azmin Ali, had flunked an internal KPI test.

    Elite leaders

    Azmin and former party deputy president Syed Husin Ali have all dismissed FMT report as baseless.

    However, Sivamurugan was not surprised by the PKR leaders’ dispute over FMT disclosure.

    “Would they have denied if the KPI was favourable to them?” he asked.

    Since PKR was the de facto leader of the three-party Pakatan Rakyat coalition, he said its leadership should lead by example.

    “PKR should be honest, truthful and, above all, transparent to reveal its internal KPI results. PKR leaders should walk their talk.

    “If they want to form the next government with a difference, they should put right their MPs’ below-par performance because it is important to the people,” he said.

    Sivamurugan, a deputy dean of the School of Social Sciences, cautioned that PKR would not develop politically if it continued to refute reports on KPI findings merely to safeguard the interests of a few elite leaders.

    “Indeed, it may end up in a no man’s land due to lack of quality leaders, internal politicking and factionalism,” he said.

    Intense politicking

    Sivamurugan added that the current internal intense politicking was not only ruining PKR but also dashing people’s hopes for a change in Putrajaya.

    He warned of serious erosion in public confidence in the party leadership if a person who failed the party’s own KPI test continued to helm its candidate selection committee (CSC).

    “People not only would lose confidence in the incumbent but also the fresh candidates.

    “Given the damage done by the recent party election fiasco, it will further tarnish the party’s image and undermine its credibility.

    “By not disclosing the KPI findings, the leadership will voluntarily put the party at a crossroads,” he said.

    Ultimately, he warned that many die-hard party loyalists would be frustrated and leave the party for good or even join an emerging third force.

    Sivamurugan said PKR members and voters have the right to know the quality of their elected representatives and party leaders.

    Thus, he said, it was the president’s responsibility to publicly disclose the KPI findings.

    But he doubts that party de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim would ever allow Wan Azizah to do it since it could severely jeopardise Azmin’s image.

    However, he stressed that it was time for Wan Azizah “to come out from her husband’s shadow and right the wrongs in the party”. FreeMalaysiaToday....

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    KPI shelved to protect elites

    PKR leader: KPI shelved to protect elites

    Athi Shankar | February 23, 2011

    A party leader says while the results were not revealed, everyone knew who would flunk the KPI test.

    GEORGE TOWN: A PKR leader has claimed that the internal Key Performance Index (KPI) test results will not be implemented in order to protect the party’s elites.

    PKR national women exco member Fellicia LF Ling said that while many in the party wanted the KPI to be implemented, this would not happen.

    “I am sure the KPI and its findings will never see the light of day. It will be safely kept in the shelves to collect dust,” the corporate lawyer told FMT.

    Ling also slammed all those in the party who claimed to be in the dark about the KPI test when it was well documented.

    “Everyone in the PKR leadership knows about the KPI… nobody can deny it,” she said.

    Although the KPI results were not disclosed, Ling said that those in the party knew who would not make the cut.

    “The findings were never revealed to us anyway… they were all swept under the carpet. But everyone knew who would and could have failed the test,” she added, without revealing names.

    On Monday, FMT reported that seven PKR MPs, including PKR deputy president Azmin Ali, were allegedly classified as non-performers.

    However, PKR had denied this, claiming that the seven were never audited.

    Meanwhile, Ling warned that “political frogs” would swamp the party if the leadership failed to implement the KPI.

    She said the KPI, outlined by the party’s training bureau two years ago, was imperative to judge the performance of party elected representatives.

    Political opportunists

    Ling urged the leadership to implement the KPI and reveal its findings to party members at the very least because “they have the right to know the quality and credibility of their leaders”.

    “At least internally, revealing the KPI findings will give an opportunity for the members to know and evaluate their elected representatives.They can vet qualified persons to be party leaders,” she said.

    Ling warned that non-implementation of the KPI and Candidate Selection Criteria (CSC) would only give room to candidates who failed to meet the mark.

    “These are political opportunists keen on being nominated and winning in the election.

    “Once they have won, they will be politically vulnerable due to their weaknesses and inefficiency, and eventually become a liability to the party,” she said.

    “They will wait and seize any chance to hop to another party to safeguard their interests and benefits,” added the former supreme council member.

    Ling explained that the KPI and CSC were formulated as screening systems to vet incumbent elected representatives and election candidates to boost the party’s political growth.

    She said both systems were crucial to capture public imagination and enhance the party’s chances to seize Putrajaya. FreeMalaysiaToday....

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