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Thread: Proposal for "Elected" Local Government

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    Re: Proposal for "Elected" Local Government

    18 months after our proposal to the Selangor Govt, the State Govts in Penang and Selangor talk about local govt elections. How can one avoid the impression that they are playing football with Najib and playing for time?

    Third vote must represent all races, say PAS.

    And the EC's response: Tak nak.

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    Re: Proposal for "Elected" Local Government - Another Proposal by Haris Ibrahim


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    Re: Proposal for "Elected" Local Government

    It is no point talking about when we should have a full loave of bread.Let start with half a loaf,before every one die while waiting.PR are too stupid to innovate and improvise and feel that men must be driven by law and no other way.They simply cannot think outside the box and it is best we retire them.

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    Local polls: The court may have to decide

    Teoh El Sen September 12, 2012

    Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has written to the EC again to conduct local elections for the state before the issue is taken to court.
    PETALING JAYA: The Election Commission (EC) has again been asked, possibly for the last time, before the issue is brought to the courts, to conduct local government elections in the DAP-helmed Pakatan Rakyat state of Penang.

    Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng last week sent a letter to the EC chairman Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof, reminding the official election body that it was now ‘empowered’ to run the third vote for Penang and Seberang Perai municipal councils.

    In the letter, dated Aug 30, Lim said that the Penang Local Government Elections (Penang Island and Province Wellesley) Enactment 2012 was passed in May and has been been gazetted since July 5.

    Lim also drew the attention of the EC chief to Article 113(4) of the Federal Constitution, which states states:” Federal or State law may authorize the Election Commission to conduct elections…”

    “Therefore, the Penang state government requests the EC to run the election for local government authories for Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang and Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai,” said Lim.

    In a press conference in Penang today, Penang exco (Local government and traffic management committee) Chow Kon Yeow said that Lim’s letter was the last step in the state government’s “roadmap to local elections”.

    The Padang Kota assemblyman said they expect an answer from the EC within a week or two. And if the EC does not respond positively, the next step, Chow said, will be for the state to ask the courts to decide on the matter.

    “If the EC says they do not want to hold this election, despite being empowered by the Federal Constitution, our next step is to bring it to the court for judicial pronouncement,” he said.

    “We want the court to declare the state enactment as a good law, and not ultra vires to the constitution. Secondly, we will ask the courts to then direct the EC to conduct the elections,” he said.

    Attempts by FMT to get a response from Abdul Aziz failed. However, EC public relations officer Sabri Said told FMT that it was unlikely that the EC will make any drastic change in its previous stand not to hold state elections that the Pakatan Rakyat states are trying to revive.

    BN, EC not in favour

    Local polls were suspended in 1965 after the Indonesian Confrontation. It has been reported that despite a promise by then prime minister Tunku Abdul Rahman to revive them, this did not take place. When the Local Government Act 1976 (LGA) was gazetted, all provisions relating to local government elections became null and void via Section 15 of the Act.

    However, the Penang government had in February issued a gazette notification exempting local authorities from section 15 of the LGA.

    On May 9, the Penang Legislative Assembly unanimously passed the Local Government Elections (Penang Island and Province Wellesley) Enactment 2012.

    The revival of Penang’s local state government elections have been described by Lim as DAP’s ‘delivery as promised’, as it was a huge part of the opposition’s campaign in 2008 general election.

    Repeatedly, both the Barisan Nasional federal government and the EC have rejected the proposal by Pakatan states to have local elections.

    Abdul Aziz had previously said that state governments can conduct local government elections if they so wish, but the EC will not be involved as there were no enabling law for the EC to run such elections.

    Minister of Housing and Local Government Chor Chee Heung had informed Parliament that local elections were a waste of money and manpower.

    Attorney-General’s Chambers also found that the Penang enactment was not valid because Section 15 of the LGA which states that laws on local government elections shall cease to have force of effect, overlaps the Local Government Elections Act 1960.

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    Local council elections: Where does the buck stop?

    Posted by Anil Netto on 6 January 2013 Add comments

    So we still can’t have local council elections – due to a “technicality”. What exactly is holding back the restoration of the third vote?

    Reading the Malaysian Insider report below, I am left confused. Exactly what or who is holding back local council elections?

    The law has been passed and is due to be enforced – but that is not enough for the Election Commission, so it passes the buck. It wants the enforcement date gazetted.

    It reminds me of a party game, where the package is passed from one person to another until the music stops – except in this case there is no music at all, only the clamour for local elections.

    What will it take to restore local elections to the people as soon as possible? Who is the mysterious person (or parties) holding it back?

    See what you make of the report below:

    Penang forced to hold off on third vote due to technicality

    By Opalyn MokJanuary 04, 2013

    Lim said the matter was now in the hands of the state legal advisor. — File pic

    GEORGE TOWN, Jan 4 ― Penang will delay the implementation of its Local Government Elections Enactment after the Elections Commission (EC) asked for the enforcement date to be gazetted.

    The state government earlier wrote to the EC informing it that the law will be enforced on January 31, and requested that the EC conduct the local elections within 180 days of the enforcement date.

    Local government and traffic management executive councillor Chow Kon Yeow said the EC replied by requesting the state government gazette the enforcement date in order for it to proceed.

    Prior to this, Penang had written to the EC in August, after the Act was gazetted, for the local elections to be held, during which the EC had requested that the state set an enforcement date.

    “This was brought up at the state exco meeting but the state legal advisor was not present at that time to provide legal recourse,” he said in a press conference after the re-appointment ceremony of Penang Island Municipal Councillors.

    Chow said this meant the announced enforcement date of the Act, January 31, will have to be dropped for another, as it may take time to settle the issue of gazetting the enforcement date.

    “This is now in the legal advisor’s hands and we will leave it to her to handle it; there’s nothing we can do about it now,” said Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, who was also present.

    The Pakatan Rakyat state government has been trying to return to the public the power to choose their local councillors since it took office in 2008.

    On August 11, 2009, the state assembly approved a motion to request the federal government to revive local government elections and had sought advice from lawyers on the rights and powers of the state administration to hold local elections.

    On March 4, 2010, Lim wrote to the EC requesting it conduct the local elections as provided in the Federal Constitution, but the EC rejected the state’s request.

    Last year, the state government finally passed the Penang Local Government Elections Enactment in order to use the law to compel the EC to hold the local elections.

    Chow had earlier said the state government could not conduct the local elections and that only the EC will be able to conduct it.

    Currently, all local government councillors are appointed under the Local Government Act 1976.
    Local council elections were abolished in 1964.

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