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Thread: Scandal, Sodomy & Murder

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    Sex video probe: 'Don't let AG use police'

    Mar 28, 11 6:55pm

    Inspector-general of police (IGP) Ismail Omar must ensure that the investigation of the sex video scandal is carried out free of political or other forms of pressure, said former Kuala Lumpur CID chief Mat Zain Ibrahim.

    This is given the history of bad blood between two key figures - attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail (right) and former Malacca chief minister Rahim Thamby Chik - and PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim.

    Anwar has denied he is the man in the video and lodged a police report.

    Investigations are now underway under Section 292 of the Penal Code relating to the distribution of obscene material.

    Mat Zain, who had previously emerged from retirement to point an incriminating finger at Abdul Gani for his alleged role in the 'black eye' incident of Sept 20, 1998 - involving Anwar and then IGP Rahim Mohd Noor - warned today against allowing a repeat of the debacle.

    In a detailed open letter to Ismail, copies of which were distributed to the media, he said: “The investigation papers (into the sex video scandal) will be scrutinised by (Abdul) Gani as attorney-general.”

    At this stage, he said, it is expected that there will occur distortion, lies and fabrication just as these occurred in the investigation into the black eye incident.

    “We can predict the stand of Abdul Gani, what more when this issue involves a confrontation between Rahim (Thamby Chik) and Anwar.”

    Mat Zain said he does not personally know Rahim and has never met him.

    In fact, he said, he was rather surprised when Rahim emerged as one of three personalities who admitted to being behind the screening of the sex video to journalists and editors at a luxury hotel in Kuala Lumpur last Monday.

    He expressed the hope that the information given to Ismail in his letter would help him to ensure justice for all the parties.

    “Whatever it is, I hope Tan Sri (Ismail) will not allow the Royal Malaysian Police to be used by the attorney-general as occurred during the years before you,” added Mat Zain.

    Past connections

    Mat Zain had previously alleged that the investigation in 1998 into the assault on Anwar saw wilful interference as well as concealment and distortion of evidence by Abdul Gani, who was then a senior deputy public prosecutor.

    The allegations arose after Mat Zain was himself accused by Anwar of fabricating evidence during the investigations.

    Mat Zain also alleged that Ismail's predecessor, Musa Hassan, had worked hand-in-glove with Abdul Gani to distort the police probe into the 'black eye' incident.

    However, Abdul Gani and Musa were subsequently been cleared of any wrongdoing by the authorities.

    Mat Zain further recounted that on Aug 20, 1999, Anwar had lodged a police report against former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad, former attorney-general Mohtar Abdullah and Abdul Gani for allegedly “protecting” Rahim from corruption allegations involving money and shares worth RM40 million.

    The police report was submitted under his watch while he was KL CID chief, said Mat Zain.

    However, said Mat Zain, the investigation was “hijacked” and its findings “reversed” after Musa was appointed to investigate Anwar - who had cited an Anti-Corruption Agency (now the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) document in his report on Rahim - for breaching the Official Secrets Act.

    “What happened was that Abdul Gani, facilitated by Musa, reversed the situation of Anwar's (police) report over Rahim, leading to Anwar being investigated under the Official Secrets Act.

    “In other words, the report concerning Rahim was hijacked by Musa from the Kuala Lumpur CID,” said Mat Zain.

    Rahim was later cleared of any wrongdoing by Mohtar.

    Zain also suggested that the video scandal was the outcome of bad blood between Rahim and Anwar. Malaysiakini.

    Inter-faith council wants action against 'Datuk T'

    'Muftis must take a united stand on lewd slander' .

    Will the mufti speak out against 'lewd politics'?

    Extraordinary efforts against an 'ordinary' foe

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    Asri calls for massive protest against 'lewd politics'

    Mar 27, 11 5:19pm

    Outspoken religious scholar Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin has lent his weight to public outrage over the lewd politics that has dominated public space and called for a “large gathering” to express the rakyat's hatred against all forms of “dirty” politics.

    In a statement today, the former mufti of Perlis said all quarters should object to the culture of character assassination predominant in politics, and for the sake of human dignity and civilisation to demand a stop to it.

    “All politicians, regardless of which party they belong to, should end the practice of revealing the character flaws of their enemies when these do not amount to injustice against the people,” said Asri.

    “Such practices are dirty and digusting. Everyone, whether they are in Umno, PKR, PAS, DAP or other party, should end it now.

    “It is sinful and digusting, whether it is in the form of slander or revealing the flaws of other people.

    “The public exposure of others' flaws does not indicate the strength of one's mind. On the other hand, it merely exploits the weaknesses of other people or victimises them,” he added.

    Asri's remarks come on the heels of a week full of slander and sleaze after a former Malacca chief minister, a businessman and a member of a Malay-rights group screened, at a luxury hotel in Kuala Lumpur a pornographic video that they alleged was of a top opposition politician.

    Occurring on the same day as the dissolution of the Sarawak state legislative assembly on Monday, the demands of the 'Datuk T', as the trio called themselves, were that Anwar Ibrahim - whom they claimed was the man recorded in the video having sex with an unidentified woman - step down as de facto leader of PKR.

    The sex video and other related issues have since hogged the frontpages and headlines of national newspapers and online news websites and blogs.

    In his statement today, Asri said all lewd acts, words and suggestions should be disallowed from being published.

    “(Or else) it will have a negative effect on the values of the younger generations,” said Asri, calling for politicians to be “well-spoken and well-mannered”.

    “They should be free from elements that indicate lowly character and and sloppy mindset. They are examples for the rest of society. Being well-mannered does not, however, prevent one from being firm," he added.

    Turning his sights on the media, Asri called on media organisations to be dignified rather than contribute or encourage the culture of lewd and dirty politics.

    “Media that encourage fitnah (slander) or the screening of lewdness should be isolated by dignified society.”

    Asri said politicians are needed who can bring the nation forward with clear and reasoned thinking for the good of the nation.

    “Those who are devoid of ideas, charismatic leadership, ethics and manners should be kicked out of politics.”

    The rakyat should rise against all forms of injustice and violations of rights regardless of religion, ethnicity or party,” he added.

    Meanwhile, the National Association of Muslims Students (PKPIM) called for qazaf (falsely accusing somebody extra-marital sex/adultery) to be classified as an offense in the Penal Code.

    In a statement, PKPIM president Muhammad Faisal Abdul Aziz (left) said charging somebody of having committed adultery or pre-marital sex is grievous as it destroys the esteem, dignity and reputation of the individual so accused.

    Current political developments, however, would make it seem as a convenient way to to destroy a person's dignity and character, he added.

    For these reasons, qazaf should be severely punished by placing it in the Penal Code so as to signify the seriousness of accusing somebody of adultery or extra-marital sex, said Faisal.

    (Admin: We must avoid the temptation of giving yet more authority to those in power to control us apparently to solve a current problem.

    View Comments (46)

    ---------- Post added at 08:27 AM ---------- Previous post was at 08:24 AM ----------

    This is a major development. The abuse of public institutions to persecute and bully an individual has to stop.

    Interfaith council wants action against 'Datuk T'

    Mar 28, 11 12:45pm

    The Malaysian Consultative Council for Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism (MCCBCHST) has described the recent emergence of a sex video as slander designed to humiliate Anwar Ibrahim.

    In a statement signed by president Reverend Thomas Philips, the council urged the government to take swift action against 'Datuk T', the code-name used by three individuals who have admitted to being behind the release of the video.

    "Their aim in publicly humiliating (Anwar Ibrahim) the Opposition Leader of Parliament offends the sensitivities of decent people, no matter to what race or religion they belong," the statement said.

    The MCCBCHST said this “sad sordid episode, once again, brings the nation to prominence for the wrong reasons”.

    The statement adds: "Over the few decades, we have been treated to and numbed by numerous financial scandals, social scandals and political scandals committed by those supposedly dedicated to leading our citizens through 'leadership by example'.

    "This latest video clip to slander a fellow Malaysian, albeit a Muslim MP, is viewed by our members with great concern and revulsion."

    The exposure of the video at this juncture, the council said, has made it the "mother of all moral scandals" perpetrated by titled personalities and so-called leaders.

    "Since the involvement of the trio has surfaced, the Malaysian public is once again feted with disgusting material that begs the question, 'where is all this leading to?' in spite of the many seasonal national slogans that challenge us to greater heights of achievement and harmony."

    The trio - former Malacca chief minister Rahim Thamby Chik, former honorary Thai consul Shazryl Eskay Abdullah and ex-senator Shuib Lazim - were behind the screening of a 21-minute video to journalists last Wednesday, showing a man having sex with a woman in a hotel room.

    They claimed that the man in the video is Anwar, but he has denied this and lodged a police report. The police have since called in the trio to record their statement.

    'Disgusting personal agenda'

    The statement further said the scandal does not inspire the younger generation to trust in the political process or to observe cultural, religious, social and moral norms.

    "The violation of basic decency and privacy is abhorrent and despicable, not only to the mature adult but more importantly, to the vulnerable and impressionable young in our midst and communities.

    "Our consultative council that represents non-Muslims is disheartened and uncomfortable with the whole episode. It does not bode well for the future political and cultural landscape of this multi-cultural and multi-religious nation.

    "Malaysia's image is further tarnished by irresponsible and selfish leaders like those who acknowledged their shameless involvement."

    Hence, the council called on the government to take swift and firm action against all those behind the scandal.

    "We further urge the government to distance itself from all forms of deceit and cunning and bring the perpetrators of this latest mischief to face the full extent of the law.

    "Furthermore, the government should employ every means to quell the rising anger, disquiet and dismay over this uncalled-for sordid and despicable attempt, by an unscrupulous few, to achieve their own personal disgusting agenda."

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    How low can you go? Even Jakarta is condemning our media.

    A new low for Malaysian politics

    Tuesday, 29 March 2011 admin-s

    The Malaysian media did not bother to identify the man in the video. The mere suggestion that man looked like Anwar Ibrahim was enough to cast doubt on Anwar’s credibility and integrity in the supposedly puritan yet hypocritical society. Truth and verification go out window when you are part of a propaganda machine.

    The Jakarta Post

    Malaysia’s dirty politics reached a nadir last week when the local media reported on a new video featuring a man who looked like former deputy prime minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim having sex with a prostitute in a hotel room.

    Coming at a time when Anwar is battling sodomy charges in court, it makes you wonder just really how low can it go.

    The video was shown to a few journalists from the mainstream media who were selected and screened in a fashion worthy of a cloak-and-dagger novel.

    The government-controlled media, which have played a key role in previous campaigns to discredit Anwar, violated every known ethical practice of journalism by providing graphic reports of the alleged “sex sojourn” without verifying the identities of the video’s subjects.

    Typically, the source of the video was not disclosed, evoking the popular Indonesian (and Malay) saying lempar batu sembunyi tangan, which means “throw the rock, hide your hand”. No one took responsibility for screening the video, but the mainstream media played along and reported what their journalists saw.

    Ever willing accomplices, the media broke one of the credos of journalism: Identify your sources, especially when making allegations as serious as this.

    The Malaysian media did not bother to identify the man in the video. The mere suggestion that man looked like Anwar Ibrahim was enough to cast doubt on Anwar’s credibility and integrity in the supposedly puritan yet hypocritical society. Truth and verification go out window when you are part of a propaganda machine.

    The media placed the onus on Anwar to disprove the claim, something which would likely keep him busy for the next several months or even years, certainly until the next general election.

    We have seen this before when Anwar was first sentenced to prison for sodomy, only to have the Supreme Court to overturn his conviction in 2004.

    Subsequently, new sodomy charges appeared and Anwar has been busy going to and from the courtroom.

    Sex, media and video conspiracies define Malaysian politics today. It gets dirtier all the time.

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    Sex video may strengthen Anwar, says WSJ
    By Shannon Teoh
    March 30, 2011

    Anwar may come out the winner if he can disprove his alleged part in the video, according to the daily. — file pic
    KUALA LUMPUR, March 30 — The sex video implicating Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim could end up strengthening his position if he can convince Malaysians he is not the man in the recording, a leading US newspaper said today.

    The internationally distributed Wall Street Journal (WSJ) said that if the opposition leader is successful in his denial, it will reinforce the belief that he is the victim of a political ploy and turn the tables on Umno, seen to be the perpetrators of the sex tape.

    “If Anwar can convince Malaysians that he is not the man on the tape, this latest attack will only make him stronger, since it will bolster the belief at home and abroad that he is the victim of politically motivated persecution.

    “That would spell bad news for the ruling United Malays National Organisation (Umno), which says it has nothing to do with the sex tape,” it said in an opinion piece today.

    It wrote that the Umno-led Barisan Nasional (BN) is currently vulnerable despite Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak steadying the ship since taking power in April 2009.

    Rahim’s role in the tape created a perceived trail back to Umno.
    This is due to corruption scandals such as the potential RM12.5 billion cost overrun in the Port Klang Free Zone project that are occurring on its watch, the newspaper said.

    Anwar’s PKR has alleged that Najib is involved in the video, a claim which gained credence when Tan Sri Abdul Rahim Thamby Chik — who had to resign in 1994 as Malacca chief minister after accusations of statutory rape — admitted to his involvement.

    But Umno has been quick to distance itself from its former Youth chief, and Najib himself called for the public to focus on police investigations into the identity of the man in the video, not the allegations of his party’s involvement.

    The WSJ added today that the timing of the tape is politically significant as snap elections are expected later in the year.

    The Sarawak state elections, where the opposition hopes to make significant gains, will be held on April 16.

    However, the newspaper said that public scepticism over “the ever-lengthening list of allegations against Anwar suggests they may no longer have the power they once did to ruin political careers.”

    Alternative sources of information are developing, and as Malaysians become better informed, they are more independent-minded, it wrote.

    The Permatang Pauh MP is currently facing a second sodomy charge, after having a previous conviction in 1998 overturned in 2004, and has also been repeatedly accused of sexual misconduct by, among others, former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

    Dr Mahathir, who sacked Anwar as deputy prime minister in 1998, had claimed in his recent autobiography that Anwar had propositioned at least four girls for sex in the 1990s.

    But the WSJ said that the reversal of Anwar’s sodomy conviction due to inconsistent evidence and the assault he received in custody prior to the trial has resulted in his current sodomy trial being greeted sceptically by Malaysians.


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    Tuesday, 29 March 2011 10:00
    Sex video conspiracy: Mahathirism by any means and at what cost
    Written by J. D. Lovrenciear

    Indeed the unfolding of the political strategies these past several months is becoming even more incredible. Slaying of opponens with sex smears is so deeply rooted within UMNO's think-thank that it makes even Clinton's butt-grabbing episode seem like a mere flutter in the breeze.

    The 30,000 supporters praying for Anwar appears to be a gentle warning for UMNO politicians. The next time around there could very well be 300,000 - not just praying but taking to the streets to register their tired feelings of "enogh is enough".
    Quite understandable.

    What UMNO has failed to rcognize is the fact that when they allow their members to tarnish another fellow Malay with inundating accusations of sordid sexual strays, it hurts the pride and integrity of all peace-loving and God fearing Malays.

    The reign of Mahathirism has oulived its purpose and lifetime. That again is not registering withn UMNO and it is just as puzzling why.

    Dividing the people to seize power; diverting people's attention with sensationalism; seizing on global incidents to drum up alarm within the nation; clinging to power by cmpromising, colluding and corrupting the pillars of political structures and systems -- all of these may have worked well during the Tun M2 era.

    What must dawn upon UMNO and its coalition members is, what was a success formula in the past cannot be a guarantee for the future. People learn, people change and people become more aware of their civil liberties over time.

    Today, despite all the damage inflicted on DSAI, the Opposition coalition is emerging more convincingly as the people's hope for a better managed political future. That is the simple truth.

    The message is being cast in lead: Mahathirism is ending and for a changing future. Any foul attempts to derail the momentum will only lead to turmoil. So far it is quite clear that the peace lovng Malaysians are only giving UMNO, MCA and MIC a mere generous extension to reform for the better by acknowledging the winds of change.

    But that passive generosity may soon ebb if the people are continously and mercilessly insulted.

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    Tuesday, 29 March 2011 11:19
    Najib - paranoid, perplexed and paralysed with fear?

    Written by Selena Tay, C Celestine, Malaysia Chronicle

    There is a famous Greek saying which goes like this: those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.

    No one can rightly estimate when or who is going mad but the average man can see the country or the political landscape is in the nut house.

    "Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak is certainly an embattled man, what with his economic programmes not yielding tangible results and foreign investors shying away," commented Dzulkefly Ahmad , PAS Kuala Selangor MP to Malaysia Chronicle.

    Likening Najib to a dangerous wounded tiger, Dzulkefly views the survey polls indicating Pakatan Rakyat (PR) will do well in the Sarawak state elections as the catalyst. To him, the latest salvo of the video scandal against Anwar Ibrahim indicates BN is terribly afraid of losing its grip on Sarawak.

    The video purportedly shows PR leader Anwar having sex with a prostitute, the back fence talk of the county, reportedly bears the hallmarks of being the work of Umno goons. Najib must have thought he delivered the coup de grace to Anwar's political career besides wrecking PR's hopes of capturing Putrajaya.

    Hold your horses for a minute here, the political drama has only just begun. Anwar vowed to fight hard against this latest ploy, to derail his and PR's efforts to prevent BN from regaining the two-thirds majority in Parliament.

    Cutting off the driftwood

    Angkatan Muda Keadilan Youth Chief of PKR, Shamsul Iskandar likened this video scandal as an attempt to tarnish PR's image, ahead of the Sarawak state polls. The timing coincides with the dissolution of the Sarawak State Assembly by Chief Minister Taib Mahmud on Monday 21st March 2011.

    There was talk Najib and Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin tried to pressure Taib to step down earlier. Taib being the wily old fox that he is said to be, gave a vague stepping-down date. Realising Taib is a liability and BN might lose a large chunk of votes in Sarawak, this video scandal could be BN's latest tactic, to topple Anwar Ibrahim and PR. If it succeeds it could be a new line up in the BN Sarawak state control.

    Moreover, the 3 men in the video controversy are unsavoury characters of ill-repute and low-moral standing. Therefore, their credibility is very much in doubt, perhaps a line to get the heat off the BN.

    Shamsul remarked Najib has Pakatan-phobia and paralysed by fear of doing badly in the Sarawak polls. He has to hold the 13th General Election before July this year as world economic reports said, the global economic climate will be in for a tailspin after June.

    Political analysts commented Najib needs to do well in the Sarawak elections so that he can use that as a barometer to campaign in the 13th General Election. By promoting the Sarawak results showing Sarawakians chose BN with a large majority, peninsula Malaysians would be urged to follow suit. If the Sarawakians turn against him, he is in for big trouble, noted the analysts.

    "Najib is madly desperate now. This latest attack on Anwar is not the end. We in PKR are not discounting the fact more videos may surface in the near future, especially before the 13th General Election as BN is mounting a concerted effort to destroy Anwar and PR," continued Shamsul.

    Political shenanigans

    Certainly the saying 'Heavy is the head that wears the crown' is true in regard to PM Najib.

    Meanwhile the business community is disappointed Malaysia continues to be rocked by political scandals as this can cause investor confidence, to plummet in light of too much political shenanigans going round.

    "Najib is a man living in terror of Pakatan Rakyat. He is overcome by paranoia, perplexed and paralysed by fear of losing, big time in the 13th General Election," added Shamsul.

    Is the Greek saying coming true and is Najib being made mad by the gods? If so he will certainly take many down including those in the Opposition.

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    Dirty tricks in Malaysia

    Wednesday, 30 March 2011 11:32
    Dirty tricks in Malaysia
    Written by WSJ

    The latest installment in a long saga of smears against Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim is afoot, even as his second trial for alleged sodomy drags on. Three anonymous men calling themselves the "datuk trio," now exposed and under police investigation, showed a group of hand-picked journalists a video purporting to depict the former deputy prime minister having sex with a female prostitute a month earlier. The three said their motivation was to "show the truth." But as with past attacks on Mr Anwar, the timing is politically significant: Snap elections are expected later this year.

    The way in which the tape became public is also suspicious. Many of the invited journalists proceeded to impugn Mr Anwar without revealing the identity and motivations of the tape's owners. Nor did they determine whether the tape was doctored, or other details of its provenance. Mr Anwar's denials that he is the man on the tape, and his defense that he was busy posting on the Internet on the night in question, have been given short shrift by the country's mainstream media outlets, many of which are owned by the government and the parties in the ruling coalition.

    Dirty-tricks campaigns like poison-pen letters are depressingly common in Malaysia. But public skepticism about the ever-lengthening list of allegations against Mr Anwar suggests they may no longer have the power they once did to ruin political careers. Alternative sources of information are developing, and as Malaysians become better informed they are more independent-minded. If Mr Anwar can convince Malaysians that he is not the man on the tape, this latest attack will only make him stronger, since it will bolster the belief at home and abroad that he is the victim of politically motivated persecution.

    That would spell bad news for the ruling United Malays National Organization, which says it has nothing to do with the sex tape. Its support has been slipping away in the Malay heartland, leaving the ruling coalition vulnerable. In the March 2008 general elections, the opposition substantially increased its seats and polled 46.8% of the popular vote. Mr Anwar then came close to toppling the government by enticing MPs to defect from the government benches. Prime Minister Najib Razak has since managed to rally government forces, but this could be a temporary reprieve. UMNO is vulnerable to complaints that corruption scandals such as that over the funding of Port Klang are occurring on its watch.

    The transfer of power might have happened much sooner but for Mr Anwar's conviction for sodomy in 1998. He served six years in prison before the Supreme Court reversed a verdict that had become a stain on the country's body politic—the defendant was beaten in custody by the inspector general of police, evidence was inconsistent and witnesses were found to have been coerced. So it's understandable that many Malaysians regarded the latest case with skepticism—especially given irregularities in the investigation, such as the lack of medical evidence and delay in collecting DNA evidence.

    Mr Anwar has maintained his innocence, but the pressure has taken its toll. While even the Islamist PKS party dismissed the latest sodomy allegations and affirmed Mr Anwar's leadership at first, the opposition coalition has been fracturing and losing by-elections in recent months.

    Many Malaysians have had enough of dirty tricks. But Mr Anwar still faces an uphill struggle to convince a majority that despite all the smears he is a worthy leader.

    - WSJ

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    Wednesday March 30, 2011
    It’s not all about the politicians

    People are supposed to get into politics to do something for us, the people who voted them in. It’s not at all about them and what they can get out of it.

    I HAVE just returned from a holiday in the pristine Scottish countryside where my head and my lungs imbibed very clean air. Unfortunately, as soon as I got home and read a local newspaper, I felt polluted again.

    How do we get away with printing these lurid stuff all over the front pages? Aren’t we concerned our children might read them?

    I know we’ve been through this several times before, all of it more disgusting than the last, but I keep hoping that one day our newspapers might rise above the gutter. But what am I thinking? They never do!

    What is worse for me this time is that there are three personalities trying to make themselves seem like paragons of morality. At the very least, the fact of revealing this horrible video taints them with the most muddied brush there is.

    I make no judgments about the contents of the video or whoever is in it. But I do question the judgment of people, politicians or not, who feel they can get away with behaviour they’d happily pass laws against as long as it affects someone else.

    I’m still waiting for a politician who will state, as part of his election campaign platform, that his party will get rid of all moral policing laws, for all communities.
    If we put private behaviour where it belongs, behind closed doors, there will be no opportunity to try and blackmail anyone.

    But then politics is all about hypocrisy, isn’t it? It’s not about making people’s lives better by passing laws and policies that actually benefit people.

    Instead it has become all about proving that someone else is dirtier than you, and therefore, relatively speaking, you come out smelling slightly rosier. At least that’s what you hope.

    The truth is, there isn’t much to differentiate between one and the other; all sides smell like excrement.

    Is it any wonder that when I talk to young people, I find they are so turned off by politics? They have no role models in politics anymore because almost every single one is tainted in some way. Or if not tainted, so despicably boorish and hateful that they are just as unappealing.

    I don’t recall fan pages being set up for people who make insulting remarks about women in Parliament, for example. Is there a single politician on the national stage that gives any young person hope at all?

    I really wonder how some people want to be remembered in history. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be remembered for having elevated your own people, whether economically or intellectually, rather than for having dragged them straight into the gutter?
    Wouldn’t it be better to get accolades for taking young people to a higher plane and exploiting their potential, than making them read pornography in the papers every day?

    What is the point of constantly trying to censor the Internet, supposedly to protect our children, when they can read filth in every paper?

    Have we forgotten that elsewhere in the world people are dying either from natural disasters or being shot at by their own rulers, and that there is an impending nuclear disaster hovering over us?

    Who cares who’s sleeping with whom when we’re all going to be glowing from radioactive fallout.

    Is it too much to hope for some civility to return to our political life, where people may disagree with one another but still respect each other, where private matters stay private because ultimately we all have to go before the one Judge in the end?

    I may not personally like a public figure who betrays his wife with someone else, but when it comes to politics, it’s not about him, it’s about the rest of us (though of course I would doubt his ability to make women-friendly policies).

    I think that’s what’s been forgotten. That people are supposed to get into politics to do something for us, the people who voted them in. That it’s not at all about them and what they can get out of it, but what we can get out of them.
    Every five years or so, we march off to the polls to make an investment in our future, not theirs. Of course, if they do well for our future, theirs is assured, too. If not, then they should be booted out.

    Right now, I wish all our politicians would realise that they are all found wanting in one way or another. I can’t really think of a single one I would be thrilled to sit next to at dinner and have a scintillating conversation with.

    And if they bring up sex scandals, I swear I would just get up and leave. That’s all they deserve.

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    Prove your saintliness, Gerakan man tells Najib & Co
    Athi Shankar | April 6, 2011

    The outspoken Barisan Nasional leader wants the PM and his subordinates to walk the talk and take respective religious vows to prove their moral standards.

    GEORGE TOWN: A Gerakan leader has boldly called on Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and his Cabinet ministers to take religious vows to prove that they are paragons of virtue.

    According to Baljit Singh, head of Penang Gerakan legal and human rights bureau, Najib and his ministers, their deputies and parliamentary secretaries must prove that they were better than Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim.

    “They shall be obliged to be subjected for a moral test. They should take the vow and bow before God,” he told FMT.

    In other words, Baljit said, the Cabinet must walk its talk.

    Anwar had been attacked on grounds of morality following the disclosure of a sex video, which his accusers claimed depicted the opposition leader having sex with a prostitute.

    However, Anwar and his wife, PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, denied that the man in the video was Anwar.

    Meanwhile, Baljit said Najib and his subordinates should take their vows in accordance to their respective religious beliefs and rites that they, throughout their careers, were never involved in graft, sexual transgressions, and abuse of power.

    He pointed out that the Umno-helmed federal government had always harped and passed judgments on the moral standings of Anwar, first with the sodomy cases and now the sex video.

    “He who has not sinned shall cast the first stone,” he said, adding that Najib and his team should take the religious vows if “they are so morally righteous.”

    He said that the people had the right to know about their government leaders’ moral standards.

    Nazri and Hisham slammed

    Baljit also slammed Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz for suggesting that Wan Azizah was not competent to identify the person in the video.

    He chided Nazri for refusing to accept that the sex video game was now “over” following Wan Azizah’s denial.

    He criticised Nazri’s statement as “the most illogical and unrealistic suggestion coming from a full cabinet minister.”

    “If there is someone who knows every inch of Anwar’s body, it must his wife. How can Nazri say that Azizah is not the best person? Don’t tell me Nazri knows Anwar’s body better than Azizah?” he asked.
    He also rebuked Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein for claiming that the public had wrongly perceived Barisan Nasional of being the mastermind behind the sex video.

    He said Hishammuddin had unnecessarily dragged BN into an alleged Umno mess.

    “The public perception is that Umno, not BN, has been involved in this sex video from the start. The public knows that others in BN have nothing to do with this mess,” he added.

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    Facebook jury: It’s not Anwar

    GEORGE TOWN: Two days after a short version of the sex video implicating Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim found its way in YouTube, a majority of commentators in social network Facebook are unconvinced that the main male actor was Anwar.

    Indeed if feedbacks from Facebook were anything to go by, the 1.47-minute snippet has backfired on its perpetrators.

    “The guy on the tape is definitely not Anwar,” said many Facebook account holders after two days of relentless debates, attacks, criticisms and discussions in several forums on the sex video.

    Inevitably, former Malacca chief minister Rahim Tamby Chik, Kedah-based businessman Shazryl Eskay Abdullah and Perkasa treasurer Shuib Lazim came under heavy fire from the Facebook commentators.

    The three “Datuks” have openly claimed they were the masterminds behind the sex video.

    But now they are the Facebook “fall guys” in the scandal.

    All sorts of criticisms and labels have been levelled at them for the “disastrous sex scandal foray”.

    They were labelled as “Three Stooges”, “Three Musketeers” and “Tiga (three) Abduls”.

    ‘Coincidence or plotted script?’

    Umno was surely at the receiving end of the Facebook outrage because many believe that the party top brass was behind the sex video, although the allegations remained to be proven.

    Some questioned the timing of the video leak to YouTube, just two days after Inspector-General of Police Ismail Omar told the press that police probe had revealed that the video was authentic.

    “Was it a coincidence or a plotted script?” asked many.

    Several cyber forum hosts, dubbed as “Umno cyber Trojans”, who tagged the leaked video clip on their links, also came under fire for attempting to convince Facebook account holders that “Anwar had been caught literally with his pants down”.

    The hosts were taken aback by the fiery reactions and eventually silenced by the strong criticisms from the commentators.

    Indeed, the hosts appeared have gone missing for long periods while debates were raging fiercely over the sex tape.

    Certain interested parties would argue that the anti-video critics were Anwar or PKR “cyber Trojans”.

    But, if one has been long enough in Facebook, one would be convinced that even neutrals, supporters and members of Barisan Nasional (BN) remained unconvinced that it was Anwar.

    Some even suggested that “the male actor and prostitute looked like Thais”.

    Dubious features

    The patrons raised many interesting questions on the clip, including why it was in black and white, and not in colour.

    They raised questions about the many dubious features in the video, including the standard of the hotel room, its paraphernalia, especially the bed, and the appearance of a third person.

    Some suggested that the hotel could be in Thailand.

    “Don’t tell me Anwar would go to such a low-class budget hotel. Even I won’t go for it,” said many.

    Several others also questioned the presence of the third person, a male, in the video prior to the sexual acts.

    “Why was the person there? Was he directing the whole scene? Or was he a pimp?” asked many.

    Certain Islamist-typed commentators slammed Umno and its alleged cyber Trojans for mocking Islamic virtues by stooping so low and resorting to malicious lies to undermine an opposition leader.

    Several of them suggested that the sex video was produced to help Umno win convincingly in the Sarawak state election.

    But they claimed that the sex scandal could help Pakatan Rakyat win over neutrals in future electoral battles.

    “The sex video could help the opposition more than the BN in Sarawak. It also could backfire on Umno and BN in the next general election,” they claimed.

    ---------- Post added at 08:54 AM ---------- Previous post was at 08:51 AM ----------

    This further reinforces the idea that the Police is part of the UMNO War Machine! If the Police cannot keep out of politics, they should resign and take part in politics!

    IGP reckless to confirm ‘authenticity’ of sex video
    Tashny Sukumaran | April 6, 2011

    Anwar's lawyer Sankara Nair questions the integrity of police investigations and the speed in which tape was declared genuine.

    KUALA LUMPUR: Sankara Nair, one of Anwar Ibrahim’s lawyers, said he disagreed with IGP Ismail Omar’s statement that the sex video linked to his client was authentic.

    “Given the complexity of the issue, it would be proper practice to ask for a second or several opinions and then proceed to conclude the clip’s authenticity or otherwise.”

    He drew parallels with the VK Lingam “looks like me, sounds like me” clip investigation, which took approximately 30 days or more to conclude.

    “Officials were even sent to Madrid to validate the findings of the clips. So it is rather peculiar that the authenticity of this clip was affirmed in a matter of days.”

    Sankara also slammed the police for “dragging their feet” by not arresting the ‘Datuk T’ trio for committing a criminal offence.

    He also questioned the integrity of the police’s investigation, as all CDs containing the clip were supposedly surrendered to the police by the ‘Datuk T’.

    “Clearly if they were the only ones who had their hands on the CDs, the police should swiftly bring them in for questioning as this amounts to mass distribution of pornographic material.”

    Former Malacca Chief Minister Abdul Rahim Thamby Chik, Perkasa treasurer-general Shuib Lazim and businessman Shazryl Eskay Abdullah released a 21-minute sex tape featuring a man who resembles Anwar on March 21.

    Since then, the de facto PKR leader has been calling for their arrest under Section 292 of the Penal Code, which concerns illegal possession and distribution of pornography.

    The IGP said earlier yesterday: “I will decide on the right time and who to arrest.”

    In the latest developments, the wife and children of Anwar have publicly denied that the person depicted as having sex in the video is the opposition leader.

    A 1:47 minute teaser of the video made its rounds across the country two days ago.

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