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Thread: Scandal, Sodomy & Murder

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    Scandal, Sodomy & Murder

    ABC Foreign Correspondent: "Scandal, Sodomy & Murder"
    Posted by Super Admin
    Thursday, 30 October 2008 20:34

    ABC will broadcast their Foreign Correspondent Series 18, Episode 19 on Astro Ch. 514 at the following times:
    Wednesday 5th Nov. 6:30pm
    Sunday 9th Nov. 4.30pm

    The broadcast can also be seen on on Wednesday 5th Nov.


    On one side is Anwar Ibrahim, Leader of the Opposition, once before accused of sodomy, badly beaten and jailed, yet he still managed to pull off one of the most spectacular political comebacks in the region by winning a by-election with an increased majority.

    Anwar Ibrahim claims he will be Prime Minister by year’s end.

    In the meantime though he’s fighting a new sodomy charge.

    On the other side of the political ring is Najib Razak, Deputy Prime Minister and heir apparent.

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    Re: Scandal, Sodomy & Murder - Aug 16 verdict on strike out bid, birthday boy slams 'cruel' Najib

    Aug 16 verdict on strike out bid, birthday boy slams 'cruel' Najib

    Tue, 10 Aug 2010 09:59

    By FMT Staff

    FULL REPORT KUALA LUMPUR: The High Court will decide on Aug 16 regarding the application by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, who turned 63 today, to strike out his sodomy charge.

    Earlier, the PKR supremo had celebrated his birthday at the court complex together with his wife Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, who came with a bunch of purple flowers for her husband. FreeMalaysiaToday....

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    Re: Scandal, Sodomy & Murder - Affair claim in Malaysia's Anwar trial deemed true

    Affair claim in Malaysia's Anwar trial deemed true

    AP - Tuesday, August 17

    KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – A Malaysian judge said Monday he considered allegations of an affair between a government prosecution lawyer and the man who accused opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim of sodomy to be true but the relationship did not compromise the case.

    Anwar insists the sodomy charge against him should be dropped after an opposition-linked activist claimed last month that a young female prosecution attorney in the trial had a recent affair with Anwar's accuser, a 25-year-old male former aide. Neither of them has directly responded to the allegation.

    Anwar faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted of sodomizing his ex-aide, Saiful Bukhari Azlan. He insists the government concocted the charge in 2008 to sideline him after his opposition alliance made unprecedented electoral gains. Government authorities deny conspiring against Anwar.

    High Court Judge Mohamad Zabidin Diah ruled Monday that the prosecution team in the trial had accepted the allegations of an affair to be true because it did not directly confirm or deny them. yahoo news.

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    Sodomy II: Karpal warns Zaid of contempt over DNA remark

    Karpal warns Zaid of contempt over DNA remark

    Mar 16, 11 4:33pm

    Senior lawyer and Anwar Ibrahim's lead defence counsel Karpal Singh warned former Pakatan Rakyat colleague Zaid Ibrahim today that his recent remarks over the Sodomy II were in defiance of the trial judge's warning against acting in contempt of the court.

    “As Anwar's defence consel, I am warning all quarters, including politicians, not to defy Justice Mohamed Zabidin's (Mohd Diah) reminder that anyone committing an act of contempt in the ongoing trial will face the music.

    “Any act by anyone, however, subtle, to influence the decision of a judge in an ongoing trial amounts to contempt of court,” Karpal added in a statement released this afternoon.

    Karpal, who heads DAP as its national chairperson, was responding to Zaid's remarks earlier this week over Anwar's refusal to yield his DNA sample as requested by the prosecution seeking to link the former deputy prime minister to the DNA found on his accuser Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan.

    Zaid was reported as saying that Anwar must provide the DNA sample if he is serious about clearing his name.

    The DNA evidence which the prosecution had tried to use in the trial was thrown out on "a technicality", said Zaid citing the argument by the chief prosecutor, solicitor-general II Mohd Yusof Zainal Abiden.

    Zaid (left), who quit Umno and joined PKR in 2008 before leaving the party late last year, questioned Anwar's refusal to provide a DNA sample and said the latter would lose his moral standing.

    Karpal, however, said Zaid should remember the basic and fundamental principle of criminal law - that it is not for the accused to prove his innocence but the prosecution which must prove the guilt of an accused person beyond reasonable doubt.

    “The court has ruled the DNA profiling from the Good Morning towel, the tooth bursh and mineral water bottle recovered by the police from the lock-up in which Anwar wa placed between July 16 and July 17, 2008, was procured by the police by unfair methods and unfair means after holding a trial-within-a-trial and directing that these items and all evidence relating to them in the prosecution case be expunged.

    “The police are required by law to comply with the correct procedures in investigations. Anwar is entitled to a fair trial after a fair investigation. The law guarantees him that. No one, likewise, should and can, deny him that,” said the Bukit Gelugor MP.

    “There is no question of Anwar refusing to provide DNA samples. In 1998, it is on record that Anwar's DNA profiling was abused by the police. Anwar does not want to give the police another opportunity to repeat what was done in 1998. His fears are understandable and justified,” Karpal added.

    “As a lawyer, Zaid should know the bounds and parameters of the law of contempt. Zaid should not fish in troubled waters. It is a deadly risk, and the consequences can be equally deadly. Malaysiakini. Subscription required.

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    Sodomy II: Zaid Ibrahim has selective amnesia

    PKR communications director Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad has accused former PKR member Zaid Ibrahim of selective amnesia for shifting his position on the Sodomy II trial against Anwar Ibrahim.

    In a strongly-worded statement today, Nik Nazmi (left) said the stand taken Zaid, who heads Parti Kesejateraan Insan Tanah Air (Kita), was at odds with what he had "enthusiastically" advocated while with the PKR.

    "The position of Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat is that this case is a manufactured allegation, aimed at politically killing off Anwar," he said.

    During his short sojourn with PKR, Nik Nazmi said, Zaid had enthusiastically advocated that the case against Anwar was "made up", but now seems to have a bout of amnesia.

    In a statement yesterday, the former de facto law minister urged Anwar to voluntarily provide a DNA sample to the prosecution in order to prove his innocence and to maintain public support.

    By saying so, Nik Nazmi added, Zaid was "stooping to the level" of the right-wing Malay rights movement Perkasa and the anti-Selangor government NGO Gaps, both of which have held demonstrations on the same cause.

    'Zaid trying to split Pakatan'

    Nik Nazmi also hit out at Zaid for "purposely trying to break up Pakatan" by accusing PAS of being silent on the sodomy charge for the sake of capturing Putrajaya in the next general election.

    "Zaid's attempt to split Pakatan with his claim that PAS is silent on the case clearly shows his ignorance, both about PAS support as well of the basic principle of Islamic law that no one can be convicted without the testimony of four credible and fair witnesses," he said.

    He added that any right-thinking person, and not just "Anwarists" who Zaid (right) claimed were "the only people who believed in the conspiracy theory", could see that the facts did not add up.

    "One does not have to be an "Anwarist" to be suspicious about the trial when Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak first denied meeting (complainant Mohd) Saiful (Bukhari Azlan) two days before the latter claimed to be sodomised.

    "(It is) only after photos of Saiful at Najib's office were released that the PM admitted to meeting Saiful, first ostensibly to help him with a scholarship, and then to clarify later that Saiful came to him complaining he was sodomised."

    'Prosecution's case is crumbling'

    The prosecution's refusal to hand over full details, data and samples used in the DNA tests on samples from Saiful's body too, he said, shows that it had something to hide.

    "Being a lawyer, Zaid ought to know that this (the refusal to hand over details) is contrary to the established protocol on DNA testing and which would have automatically excluded such evidence in any fair trial," said Nik Nazmi.

    The reappearances of police officer Rodwan Mohd Yusof, who was said to have planted Anwar's DNA on the infamous mattress carted into court in 1998, also did not inspire much confidence, he noted.

    "It is clear that the prosecution needs Anwar's DNA to be present in Saiful in order to prove its case. Since the case has been crumbling, it is clear that success is measured merely by casting doubts on Anwar's moral standing, even if the court finds him innocent.

    "It is unbelievable that someone trained in law, and who understands the state of the country's judiciary after the judicial crisis of 1988, suddenly believes in the integrity of the system." Malaysiakini. Subscription required.

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    The chemist testified that there could be up to 10 different DNA's around. Here's Johnny's take on the issue.


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    The Malaysian DNA Conundrum – MPF
    March 19, 2011
    tags: Forensic DNA, MPF
    by Dr. Dzul

    (I’ve been invited to be on Selangor TV this evening ~5 pm sharing the time with Shamsul Iskandar, the AMK Chief on DNA. Just as I was perusing the many writings and reports about the world-infamous Sodomy 2.0 trial now on-going, an old colleague called. This piece has just been emailed to me subsequently and Im taking liberty to just now post it, for the benefit of all and sundry. Having left academia and medical laboratory practice for more than a decade now, I find this piece this handy and insightful- DNA’s guide for dummies of sort. It has said it all and perhaps a lot better than what I could piece together as it is the colloboration of 3 very distinguished medical personalities. Thank you again, to all you good doctors. Continue serving humanity without fear or favour! – Dr Dzul)

    by Dr. Sheik Johari Bux, Dr. Farouq Musa, and Dr. Musa Mohd. Nordin (Muslim Professionals Forum, MPF).

    Virtually the whole of Malaysia is now talking about DNA. DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) has become a buzz word, featuring in conversations at coffee shops; offices and even our august parliament.

    We must thank Crick and Watson who discovered the double stranded helical structure of the DNA molecule in 1954 which has since unleashed a plethora of advances in biotechnology. Forensic DNA is one of the many breakthroughs in this research in an impassioned endeavour towards advancing justice through DNA technology.

    Justice and fairness should be the buzz word of the rakyat, the parliament , political leadership and the impartial media. This unfortunately is a far cry considering the various statements issued and the nuances of the mainstream media. Overnight, a handful of parliamentarians have turned pseudo-geneticists, shouting for surrender of DNA material ! Some have even sentenced the alleged assailant an unequivocal guilty verdict !

    Beginning with the end, it is important to emphasise upfront that with all of the available DNA techniques, conviction cannot be based on DNA evidence ALONE if there are a host of other conflicting and non-corroborative evidence. For example, if a victim claimed rape in a condominium in KL whilst the accused was addressing a seminar in Singapore at the material time, no amount of DNA recovered at the crime scene is going to make any difference.

    We hope this would moderate the DNA mania which is incessantly hyped, the latest by the father of the alleged victim.

    Notwithstanding, what is worrying from the hypothetical case scenario is, how DNA of the alleged assailant got into the condominium. In the language of forensic medicine, there is an outright breach of the chain of custody in this hypothetical case.

    Surrendering blood for DNA testing is NOT the central issue in the current stalemate. Maintaining the chain of custody is the CRITICAL factor for any DNA evidence. It demands a strict record of individuals who have had physical possession of the evidence and the process used to maintain and document the chronological history of the evidence. The chain of custody of the specimens must be strictly guarded to ensure the collection, delivery, testing, storage and rigorous documentation of the results are preserved and protected from any unauthorized and illegal access.

    The historic trial of 1998 laid bare the extreme flaws of the country’s DNA squad, by design or otherwise. The grave concern from all quarters, national and international on the conduct of the current investigation is understandable and reasonable given the experience we were subjected to the last time this play was enacted. The accused and family who endured those humiliating moments of the last sham trial must be gutted by this sequelae.

    We offer below a short brief on DNA as an idiots guide to the correct medical procedures to be followed in cases of alleged sodomy. It is grounded on back to basics forensic medicine, founded on evidence and not emotions.

    If the alleged victim claimed “the latest violation” on 26th June 08, had “counsel on 27th June 08 and reported to police on 28th June 08, it is highly likely that nature’s most efficient plumbing system would have flushed out whatever foreign fluids and tissue deposited within that most currently spoken of orifice. Almost all humans need to answer the big call at least once a day!

    Notwithstanding the above, if indeed the alleged accused’s specimen was obtained from the “hole”, it would be imperative to verify the authenticity of the collection to ensure no foul play was involved in collecting the specimen.

    DNA from the sample obtained (2) can then be readily compared with the DNA fingerprint of the accused, assuming his DNA profile from the last trial had been safely archived. That is the role of the National DNA Database. It is hence nonsensical for the incessant calls for the accused to give his fresh blood to perform a match with the sample from (2). Unless of course in typical Malaysia Bolehland fashion, the accused’s DNA fingerprint records have gone missing! This then does not speak well of the professionalism of the investigating team. But then again it is but a recurring theme in so many other investigations of late.

    The prime minister and the deputy IGP, amongst others have insinuated that old DNA from 10 years ago is of little or no use in the current saga. Let it be known by all and sundry that there is no expiry of DNA. For purposes of DNA fingerprinting alone, even the Jurassic dinasours DNA can be analysed , unless of course there is a sinister intention for use of the accused’s fresh DNA that is almost unthinkable.

    We offer the following solution to the current impasse for the authorities kind consideration :

    If at all it is legally required for the DNA of the accused to be analysed from a fresh blood sample, the following is the recommended procedure.

    There must be three specimens

    (i) Blood from the accused

    (ii) Blood from the alleged victim

    (iii) Specimen from the “hole”

    There must be two aliquots (portions) of each specimen and these must be presented concurrently to prevent any tampering by either or both parties. The chain of custody of the specimens must be strictly adhered.

    DNA analysis of the three specimens can then be conducted independently by a laboratory of their choice (both parties getting 1 aliquot of each specimen). A holding watch of each process can be agreed upon.

    DNA matching from the above can then be used as corroborative evidence to either acquit or convict. DNA does not lie provided humans handling them don’t.

    As all Malaysian citizens would have realized by now, politics and medicine is a very volatile mix. The political sodomy of medicine in the trial of 1998 should make all of us even more wary of the innuendos which the current saga brings to fore.. This, despite the exclusion of the IGP and AG from the investigating and prosecuting teams and all the assurances from the powers that be.

    The Malaysian public in particular and interested parties around the world awaits the truth of the matter in this episode of “Sodomy Malaysian Style”. We pray that this time around truth will not be sacrificed at the altar of political gamesmanship!

    In ALLAH we trust and HE knows best.

    MPF. drdzul.

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    PERSECUTION: Umno bent on pulling Anwar by the pants down

    Terence Netto
    Mar 26, 11

    COMMENT Right now, for Anwar Ibrahim a bunker in Benghazi under siege from a crumbling dictator would be a safer place than any redoubt he might chance to have, either in in Segambut Dalam, where he has his house, or even Cherok Tok Kun, his village back in Permatang Pauh.

    Barely had he emerged from what turned out to be a Pyrrhic victory - the refusal of the court, reversed subsequently, to allow personal effects from his brief incarceration in Sodomy II as items for DNA procurement - than he found himself bushwhacked by a sex video purportedly capturing him in flagrante delicto with a sex worker.

    As if that were not enough bother for one phase of a preternaturally tumultuous life, Anwar is now under investigation for promoting religious pluralism.

    A speech he delivered at the London School of Economics in March 2010 is under investigation, so said the de facto religious affairs minister, Jamil Khir Baharom, for possible religious deviancy.

    If you thought that the ongoing and interminable Sodomy II, combined with his six-month suspension from Parliament over Apco, would strike his besiegers as enough to keep their quarry nicely enmeshed; apparently, this is not reckoned to be sufficient.

    A sex tape and probable religious aberrancy have now been added to the bill of sundry indictments against Anwar.

    His adversaries' obsession with him has bordered on the pathological just when Anwar has come through a phase when errors in his judgment with respect to PKR affairs such as its divisive internal elections and its detrimental aftereffects, leadership issues in its Sabah chapter, and to a lesser extent also in its Sarawak division – have combined to detract from his standing as a potential prime minister.

    Feet of clay

    The smart money would have been on him continuing to expose his feet of clay and allowing that impression to ripple across the political terrain.

    But no, his adversaries are not content to wait for that. They are bent on pulling him by the pants down.

    That much won't appease them either. They are now trying to divest him of his skullcap.

    One will have to search hard for a precedent in modern history for this kind of treatment, except in despotisms of the right and left. We have to use a metaphor, of despotic provenance, to describe it: Stalinist.

    Not since Joseph Stalin pursued his rival Leon Trotsky, whose skull was split by an assassin's axe in 1941, has there been a feud as malignant as that between a rabid Umno and Anwar Ibrahim.

    It must be said that the vendetta is pursued mainly from one side, with Anwar the target more than reciprocal antagonist.

    It's a hugely distorting antagonism that has deepened the blight to institutions - the judiciary, police force and mainstream media - that were already sliding into the decay which has given Anwar's career its raison de'tre since 1998 when he was sacked from Umno and the government.

    The hectoring of Anwar

    But even if Anwar had not joined Umno and the BN government in 1982, his career would be incandescent because it is linked to what has become a world-historical issue: whether Islam is compatible with democracy.

    This issue has been hogging the world's attention the way the Japan earthquake and its collateral issue - nuclear energy - have done the past month, but unlike the latter, is not likely to recede to the margins over time.

    It is what is called the zeitgeist, the spirit of the times, a question that is set to be determined in this age and times.

    This makes the decision of the government to investigate Anwar for purveying Islamic pluralism over a speech, 'Religion and Pluralism in a Divided World,' he delivered at a colloquium in London a year ago an attempt to trap a bird that has irrevocably flown its cage.

    Nothing gives the lie to the 1Malaysia concept of national concord espoused by Prime Minister Najib Razak as the hectoring of Anwar for, essentially, propounding the view that Islam is compatible with democracy, the line he has been purveying throughout his career.

    If anything, that view would help give heft and weight to the 1Malaysia concept of the PM, if that concept ever had anything more substantive than its merely pleasant phonetics going for it.

    That Najib's surrogates in party and government don't know this marks the gulf in substance that separates them from the target of their lunatic obsession.

    TERENCE NETTO has been a journalist for close on four decades. He likes the occupation because it puts him in contact with the eminent without being under the necessity to admire them. It is the ideal profession for a temperament that finds power fascinating and its exercise abhorrent. Malaysiakini. Subscription required.

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    We can only conclude from all these shenanigans that UMNO has lost all sense of humanity and the moral authority to govern. The fact that UMNO and the Police are so blatantly unjust has made the people all the more determined to support Anwar, warts and all.

    Saturday, 26 March 2011 16:07
    Orgasmic failure for Najib as sex video disgusts PAS and the Malays
    Written by Selena Tay, Wong Choon Mei, Malaysia Chronicle

    Despite denials by Prime Minister Najib Razak, PAS leaders are convinced the three men involved in a sex videotape are none other than Umno 'henchmen' commissioned by the ruling elite to kill off Anwar Ibrahim's political career. The video purportedly shows a man who resembles the Opposition Leader frolicking with a prostitute in a hotel room.

    PAS leaders also thrashed Najib's insistence that Malaysians should focus on whether the tape was authentic and not if it was an Umno conspiracy.

    "What is relevant and of utmost importance is, is Anwar the man performing the sex act?" PAS vice president Mahfuz Omar told Malaysia Chronicle.

    "The more Najib shies away and tries to deflect attention from this point, the more he gives himself and Umno away. It is now quite clear that his government is involved in this sleazy video."

    The three men who confessed to discovering and publicly screening the tape are former Malacca chief minister Rahim Tamby Chik, businessman Shazryl Eskay Abdullah and Perkasa treasurer Shuaib Lazim. All three are Umno members.

    The hit-men

    The fast and fluid turn of events have revealed what many hard-nosed members of the public have suspected all along, that the sex video was part of a high-level conspiracy. And somewhere along the line, pundits have said, one could be sure that Umno or to be more accurate, its top leaders were actively pressing the buttons.

    According to Mahfuz, greed has turned the Umno elite into an extremist force. They are desperate to destroy Anwar and annihilate his Pakatan Rakyat coalition.

    Because should the Pakatan wrest federal power, the people can be relied on to demand a thorough and complete accounting of the wealth squirreled away by the Umno heavyweights who have ruled Malaysia for more than 5 decades, the PAS leader added.

    It has since been discovered that at least one of the 3 men are directly connected with RISDA, a government organisation which is part of the Kementerian Pembangunan Luar Bandar or Ministry of Rural Development.

    Rahim is the chairman of Risda and Risda booked the conference room for the illegal screening of the sex video at the Carcosa Seri Negara hotel.

    Shazryl owns fertilizer factories in Thailand and lobbies for contracts with Risda.

    Shuaib is the father-in-law of Shafie Apdal, the Rural Development minister and the blue-eyed boy of Najib's.

    "One has a black record involving statutory rape of a minor, one was once a bankrupt and one had engaged in dodgy land deals. Therefore, why should anyone believe these 3 men?" Mahfuz asked.

    Umno wanted PAS to cut off ties with Anwar

    Indeed, PAS members were warned more than a month ago to watch out for "something explosive that will be conclusive proof that Anwar was an amoral devil".

    "It is likely that the Datuk T sex tape was meant to turn PKR lawmakers against Anwar and make them defect to Umno, as well as to make PAS cut off ties with such a 'sinner'," PAS MP for Shah Alam Khalid Samad told Malaysia Chronicle.

    But the plot went awry.

    Quick checks by PKR revealed conclusive evidence of Risda's and Shuaib's involvement. Risda made the booking for the Carcosa Seri Negara hotel press room where the video was screened and Shuaib paid the bill.

    It was impossible for them to deny and they decided to confess their roles in a press conference on Wednesday.

    The trio were confident of pulling it off as the entire mainstream media, which is controlled by Umno, was behind them.

    Sadly for them and fortunately for Anwar, Malaysians refused to buy their story.

    Worldwide attention is now on the country due to the exposure of the video. Malaysia has become a laughing stock once again under the Najib administration.

    Najib's use of "sexual politicking" has dragged Malaysia through mud

    Pakatan leaders have called for Najib's resignation. They said even if the video is genuine, it is still illegal for the Datuk T trio and Umno to screen it and they should be arrested and charged.

    Furthermore, that is not the crux of the matter. While it is a crime to possess and screen pornographic material, the real and deeply troubling issue was the way Najib persistently used "sexual politicking" to attack Anwar and other political rivals to shore up his own grip on Umno.

    "Malaysia must be the only country in the world where there are so many sex scandals thanks BN's crooked shenanigans. And the best of all is that it is still Najib's own Altantuya scandal which is still the mother of all Malaysian sex scandals," said Mahfuz.

    The Pokok Sena MP reiterated that Malaysia was on the world stage for all the wrong reasons and this "has got to stop".

    He is also of the view that the police are dragging their feet in this matter even though Rahim and Shazryl have been hauled for questioning. From the manner the duo had "arrogantly" denied they had been arrested, it was clear that Malaysians could expect another major BN cover-up.

    "Are the police delaying the investigation on purpose so that the sex video remains hot news and thereby continues to drag Anwar's name through the mud?" questioned Mahfuz.

    The Kedah MP chided Umno for becoming "insane" and putting at risk the country's image just to ensure Najib won the 13th General Election.

    "Umno grassroots and the BN Government must know that all these sex scandals give a very bad impression of Malaysia but perhaps they are blind to the fact in their craze for power," said Mahfuz.

    The question is: Is it Anwar, not if the tape is authentic

    Meanwhile, as expected Najib denied it was an Umno conspiracy. He urged Malaysians to focus on whether the video was authentic or not.

    Like another of Anwar's political enemies, Zaid Ibrahim, the PM also refused to state if he believed the man filmed cavorting with the prostitute was Anwar. Zaid has said he saw the video, while Najib omitted to make any mention.

    Both Najib and Zaid were immediately flayed for hypocrisy and wickedness of spirit on the basis that their only intention was to smear Anwar by insinuation, rather than stand up for justice and what was right.

    “People have been asking whether Umno is at fault but the main issue is whether the tape is true or false,” Najib, who is also the Umno president, told reporters after chairing a supreme council meeting on Friday.

    “Raising the idea of a conspiracy is shifting the focus from the main issue of whether the recording was genuine."

    Never did the PM once mention that such a recording was illegal or the injustice to Anwar if the man was not him.

    Nonetheless, PKR leaders said Najib's response was to be expected as he and his wife Rosmah Mansor have been accusesd hatching the ongoing sodomy charges against Anwar. If they could do that, what was the latest sex video to them, reasoned the PKR leaders.

    The first couple have also been linked to the murder and corruption case involving Mongolian translator Altantuya Shaariibu and the government's RM6.7 billion acquisition of 2 Scorpene submarines.

    "I think Najib has just given himself away. What sort of a man he is is very clear from his comments," PKR vice president Tian Chua told Malaysia Chronicle.

    Two PKR leaders, Sungai Petani MP Johari Abdul and Badrul Hisham Shaharin, have seen the video and deny it was Anwar.

    “You are not talking about anyone. This is Anwar. He is not only a prominent politician but well known throughout Asia and the West. Definitely, Rahim would have discussed this with the top leaders,” Johari told Malaysia Chronicle.

    “Then what about the money. Who is going to bear the cost of this exercise? Impossible for it not to be a conspiracy and Umno leaders don't know about it.” - Malaysia Chronicle Malaysia-Chronicle....

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    This picture sums up the sleaziness of UMNO and her lap dogs.


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