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    Until Najib clears his name, he is a security risk.

    Imagine the French or the Singaporeans having some damaging photos of him with the Mongolian. Then the concessions to Singapore or the purchase of more arms from France will begin to make sense.

    Who is frivolous: PI Bala or PM Najib?

    Kim Quek, 7 Dec 09

    When questioned by reporters regarding private investigation P Subramaniam's latest revelations implicating the family of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak in the Altantuya murder scandal, Najib snapped: "I will not entertain any frivolous statement", and asked reporters to move on to the next question.

    This curt reply, to crassly cut reporters off from asking further questions sounds to me more like a reflex in panic rather than a responsible answer from the prime minister of a supposedly democratic country.

    For it was a totally inappropriate reply to Bala's serious accusation, made in circumstances that commanded respect and credibility.

    NONEWhat can be more serious than accusing Najib's (right) wife Rosmah Mansor and his brother Nazim of having used the 'carrot and stick' manoeuvre to force Bala to retract his first affidavit which implicated Najib in the murder scandal? Malaysiakini. Subscription required.

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    Oooh, the MACC has suddenly been stricken with an attack of "formalitis". They need P I Bala to make a formal statement before they can investigate Bala's claims on Najib. They didn't show such restraint when it came to investigating the PR leaders.

    Who are they trying to fool?

    MACC says PI Bala main witness in Altantuya mystery

    By Neville Spykerman

    MACC insists Bala write in formally before they investigate. — Reuters pic
    KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 29 — The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) today reiterated that P. Balasubramaniam must make a formal statement before any investigation can proceed on the private investigator’s allegations surrounding the murder of Mongolian model Altantuya Shaariibuu.

    The missing private investigator had sent an email of his allegations to the MACC after making public claims that linked Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and his family to events after the 2006 murder, including being paid off to retract a sworn statement, but the anti-graft agency has yet to take action. TheMalaysiaInsider....

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    Pakatan ready to go forward without Anwar
    Sunday, 24 January 2010 Super Admin

    By Syed Jaymal Zahiid, The Malaysian Insider

    Opposition strongman Lim Kit Siang again dispelled growing fears that Pakatan Rakyat would crumble in the absence of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim if the de facto coalition chief goes to jail for a second sodomy conviction.

    The DAP parliamentary chief believed the federal opposition pact, which now controls four states, has flourished and are gelling well ever since its formation after the 2008 general election.

    “Of course we are worried and we do not want to see him jailed for a trumped-up charge but (his absence) is of no major contention as far as PR continuing with its struggle,” the Ipoh Timur MP told The Malaysian Insider after a DAP campaign dinner.

    “We are ready,” added the veteran politician who was first elected to Parliament in 1969. Malaysiatoday....

    No man is an island; we are the revolution
    Sunday, 24 January 2010 Super Admin

    It is Anwar’s duty to ensure that this is what will happen. Anwar must now put into place Plan B. The second liners must now be mobilised. Anwar must strategise on the basis that he is certainly going to jail and that he cannot prevent this from happening.


    Raja Petra Kamarudin

    Anyway, the meeting that was held in this Umno veteran’s house last Friday at 5.00pm and attended by many other Umno leaders was to discuss two very crucial issues. One was on how to bring down Pakatan Rakyat and the other on how to ensure that Anwar Ibrahim gets sent to jail for a very long time where he would probably never see freedom again and end up dying in jail.

    That is how determined Umno is in seeing both the destruction of Pakatan Rakyat as well as the incarceration of Anwar Ibrahim. And that is why I said Anwar might be hard-pressed in his efforts to escape incarceration. It is not about the law. It is not about the trial. It is not about whether Anwar is guilt or innocent. It is about Umno wanting to ensure that Anwar ends up in jail whereby that would see the destruction of Pakatan Rakyat.

    While one may happen, this does not mean the other will happen as well. Anwar may most likely end up in jail. But this does not guarantee the destruction of Pakatan Rakyat as well.

    And this was made very clear by Lim Kit Siang in his statement yesterday Malaysiatoday....

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    Anwar forum ends in chaos, cops move in

    By Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani

    KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 25 — Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s first public forum in Lembah Pantai, his first since his release in 2004, ended in chaos here last night.

    The police interrupted Anwar 30 minutes into his speech at 11.35pm at the PKNS flats in Kampung Kerinchi.

    The PKR advisor was telling the public about his upcoming sodomy trial when six uniformed officers led by Brickfields OCPD, ACP Wan Abdul Bari Wan Abdul Talib, walked into the crowded parking lot where the forum was held.

    As the police got closer to the stage, the 500-strong crowd became agitated and started insulting the officers.

    At that point, Anwar tried to calm the crowd: “Everybody please calm down. Let me deal with this.”

    He tried to recite a prayer when Abdul Bari got on the stage.

    “Just give me five minutes to recite the prayer,” Anwar asked but the police stopped him without warning and moved to grab the microphone away.

    This caused momentary chaos as Anwar’s men rushed to protect him from being apprehended.

    Abdul Bari looked visibly worried when the crowd became agitated and began chanting, “Reformasi!”

    After 10 minutes of heated arguments with Abdul Bari, the veteran politician was then allowed to be escorted into an apartment in a nearby flat.

    The police, including Kuala Lumpur police chief Datuk Mohamad Sabtu Osman, then ordered the crowd to disperse as a small group of FRU personnel began to line up near the parking lot entrance.

    The organisers also tried to ease the tension and asked the supporters to leave peacefully.

    “Please calm down. They are only doing their jobs. Please leave,” one of the organisers shouted.

    Twenty minutes later, Anwar came out smiling from the apartment and walked to his car.

    The car drove off while the remaining few remaining shouted, “God is great!”

    A distressed-looking Nurul Izzah, Anwar’s daughter, criticised the OCPD for stirring up public emotion.

    “I think it is a clear provocation because you certainly do not have to do that. We stress again this is merely supposed to be a briefing.

    “This is terrible because it showcases how politics has gotten involved in police dispensing their duty,” she told reporters here.

    The Lembah Pantai MP also argued that they were supposed to have been allowed to hold the talk because it was PKNS land.

    “We should have been able to use the hall (of the PKNS flats) but it was denied by the Umno leadership here.

    “Since we were not given the hall, the OCPD said that it was fine to hold the talk here (in the parking lot) but a permit was not given,” she added.

    Abdul Bari later explained that it was Anwar who provoked the police to act.

    “We were okay in the beginning but with the presence of Datuk Seri Anwar... his speech was political in nature which was not in line with why they gathered.

    “So we were forced to act,” he said.

    He also stressed that he had warned Anwar to stop before the police moved in. TheMalaysiaInsider....

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    Najib’s Down-Fall – Faster than Abdullah Badawi?

    Tuesday, 26 January 2010 Super Admin

    Judging from the missing jet engines scandal to the latest “Allah” issue, it seems Najib’s administration may be short-lived – shorter than former PM Abdullah Badawi.

    You may not like Badawi’s administration because, well, there was no administration in the first place *grin* simply because the country was on auto-pilot while the pilot was dozing off most of the time. Of course Badawi managed to “steal” his first 4-year term with rosy promises otherwise he would have been booted out within a single term.

    Najib’s mentor, former PM Mahathir, was quick to joke that the country would be in better shape since Najib Razak does not sleep on the job although he (Mahathir) is amazingly quiet on Najib’s most tainted allegation – the allegedly link to Mongolian Altantuya’s murder. Mahathir was however quite annoyed with the allegation that he has squandered about RM100 billion during his 22-year rule. Without denying Barry Wain’s claim, Mahathir pointed that Abdullah Badawi’s administration was worse - indicating his chosen successor has squandered more than what he did. Malaysiatoday....

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    [color=blue]All sound bites and no substance. Typical UMNO. Asking UMNO to transform is like asking a 4th-degree cancer patient to operate on himself.

    Attaining developed nation status by 2020? We are headed for Myanmar-status, not Singapore-status. We drive our best and our brightest to Singapore and take the dregs from the Philippines and Indonesia through Sabah.

    The shrinking of the middle-class:

    Asked what has to be done in order for Malaysia to be not overtaken by other countries, Najib said he had started the first agenda with the administration philosophy — the 1Malaysia concept with the objective “People First, Performance Now”.

    “After that, we have the National Key Result Areas (NKRAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) methodology. These are part of the Government Transformation programme. Thirdly is the new economic model for Malaysia which is being formulated. After that, we’ll have the 10th Malaysia Plan.

    “There are segments of the agenda that stressed on innovation and creativity,” he added.

    Najib: Be extra-ordinary or be left behind

    Najib says developed nation status harder to attain now. — file pic

    KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 26 — Datuk Seri Najib Razak says Malaysia is in the middle of an ocean with full of challenges and something extraordinary has to be done so that its progress is not overtaken by other countries.

    “If we don’t do something extraordinary, something with full commitment, I’m worried we will be overtaken by other countries,” said the prime minister when interviewed on TV3’s “Soal Jawab Bersama Perdana Menteri” programme when asked whether Malaysia’s vision to become a developed nation in 2020 was achievable. TheMalaysiaInsider....

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    Anwar Conspiracy No -2 written by Sivarasa
    2 Feb 2010


    It is just over 11 years since Anwar Ibrahim, newly sacked as deputy prime minister, was first slapped with trumped-up charges of sodomy and supposed corruption ( abuse of power), and subsequently put through two trials which were condemned around the world as manifestly flawed and politically motivated. As a result he spent six years in detention in Sungei Buluh Prison, in solitary confinement throughout, with contact only with his family and lawyers. Finally, after his nemesis, former Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamed was reluctantly forced into retirement in October 2003, Anwar was acquitted and released on 2 September 2004 at the final level of his appeal against the conviction for sodomy.
    Now the nightmare is starting all over again. On 16 July 2008, Anwar was arrested on a new charge of sodomy, after a report was lodged on 28th June 2008 by a junior aide in his office Saiful Bukhari. Anwar says that the charge is, again, politically motivated, and a renewed attempt to scuttle his political career which has revived dramatically, against all the odds, since his release. Most people both inside and outside the country agree with this assessment.

    The new case replays an old script with new actors – the current script also shows the previous episode’s features of political interference, manipulation of officers in the AG’s Chambers and police, and falsification of evidence all arising from a political conspiracy to stop Anwar’s political career.

    A truly suspicious case

    There are many facts about the current allegations made by Saiful and his behaviour which are already in the public domain. These facts speak for themselves and immediately show the lack of substance in the fabricated case now brought to attempt to bring down Anwar.

    Saiful claimed in his police report of 28th June 2008 made at Hospital Kuala Lumpur (“HKL”) that he was sodomised by Anwar on the afternoon of Thursday 26th June 2008 at a condominium in Bukit Damansara. His version to the police in his police statement appears to allege that he had been assaulted about 8 to 9 times against his will by Anwar over the previous two months. In his police report made two days later on 28th June 2008, he claims that this incident of sodomy was also against his will.

    This version immediately raises suspicion as to why this so-called “victim” is sodomised 8 to 9 times against his will over two months and yet made no complaint to the authorities. During that time, he was in regular contact with Anwar and all the other office staff at Anwar’s office.

    It has also been revealed that on Wednesday 25th June 2008, the day before the last so-called assault on Thursday, he had met with a senior police officer Senior Assistant Commissioner Rodwan Mohd Yusof ( then Deputy Director of Criminal Investigation Dept of the Royal Malaysian Police Force, now CPO Melaka ) in the Concorde Hotel in KL at Room 619. When asked by journalists about this meeting, Rodwan said he had no comment. Rodwan had played a key role in the police team in Anwar’s 1998/9 cases and in particular was infamous for his role in illegally using Anwar’s blood sample for DNA testing and was also embroiled in allegations of planting fabricated DNA traces on the infamous mattress brought to court. In the first trial in 1999, the DNA evidence was so discredited that even the hostile trial judge Augustine Paul was forced to expunge the evidence to assist the prosecution.

    It has also since been revealed that the “victim” also met the current Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak ( then the Deputy Prime Minister ) a few days prior to the alleged incident. What is interesting about this revelation is that Najib initially denied meeting Saiful to the media, then admitted it, then said the meeting took place because Saiful ( a university drop-out ) was asking him for assistance to get a scholarship, and then told the media that Saiful said he was sodomised by Anwar and looked traumatised during their meeting.

    Saiful’s behaviour after the so-called assault on Thursday also raises questions.

    The next morning, Saiful went to the Anwar’s office as usual. He made no complaint to anyone and appeared quite normal. Later that day, he attended an Anwar Ibrahim Club event at Anwar’s house, at which Anwar was also present. There he helped serve coffee to the dozen or so persons present, showed no signs of fear or anxiety, and was able to sit and stand without showing any signs of discomfort.

    The following day on Saturday in the afternoon about 2 pm, Saiful decided to go to a private hospital called Pusat Rawatan Islam ( PUSRAWI ) in Jalan Tun Razak. There he complained to one Dr. Osman that he had pain in his anus for a few days and that apparently a “plastic” item had been inserted. A proctoscopy examination by Dr. Osman showed no physical signs of penetration and a normal anus and rectum. After the examination, he then told Dr. Osman he had been sodomised by a VIP and was then advised to go for an examination at a government hospital. Despite HKL being virtually across the road, it took Saiful two and a half hours to get there. At HKL, where he reported that he had been sodomised, he was examined by three specialist doctors, which was a very unusual procedure in itself. These three doctors, in their official report, have stated that there were no ““no conclusive clinical findings suggestive of penetration to the anus ...” again reinforcing the conclusions of Dr. Osman.

    Any objective investigator would have understood that a prosecution for sodomy would get nowhere in the light of such clear medical evidence. No objective prosecutor would have allowed the case to progress. Here we see the opposite – the investigation being driven fully although from the outset, the medical evidence itself ruled out penetration. The malice in the investigation further confirms the involvement of political motives.

    This investigation was pursued despite the medical findings which would have been made available immediately to police investigators. Swabs taken from Saiful suspiciously took two days to reach the chemist lab for analysis. We know now that the prosecution will rely on purported DNA evidence to attempt to prove that Anwar was involved in an act of sodomy with Saiful without his consent.

    How a 61 year old man with a bad back can force himself on a fit and tall 24 year old man will be an interesting question for all observers of this political trial.

    The other interesting question will be, in the light of the emphatic medical evidence that there are no clinical findings even suggestive of penetration, the lack of credibility of any DNA report purporting to show that Anwar’s DNA was found in Saiful’s rectum. Such a report would in fact raise suspicion about such DNA evidence itself – i.e. that such evidence had been fabricated or tampered with which is easy to do with DNA evidence especially when the perpetrators are the investigators themselves as in the 1998 trials.

    Examples of fabrication of evidence to implicate Anwar

    This would not be the first time in cases involving Anwar where the phenomenon of fabricated evidence has arisen. The cases of 1998 and 1999 were replete with incidents of manufactured confessions, fabricated DNA evidence and suppression of evidence on the part of the police and the senior prosecutors involved.

    Several quick examples can be given. Gani Patail who was one of the senior DPP’s prosecuting Anwar in 1998 was exposed this year as having fabricated medical evidence in the form of medical reports in the investigation into the assault on Anwar on the night of 20th September 1998 when Anwar was brutally assaulted by Rahim Noor. After the world saw Anwar’s black eye, there was an outcry followed by a police investigation. The Investigating Officer for the case, Dato Mat Zain, has now confirmed in a letter to the MACC dated 15th April 2009 that Gani Patail was actively fabricating false medical reports with the assistance of Musa Hassan ( now IGP ) in an attempt to suggest that Anwar’s injuries were self-inflicted along the lines of the suggestion then made publicly by Dr. Mahathir.

    Fabrication of evidence against Anwar was also going on in other related cases and individuals. Gani Patail was implicated in serious charges of threatening Nallakaruppan with the death penalty to force him to give false evidence against Anwar. This was exposed in the form of a statutory declaration by Nallakaruppan’s lawyer Manjeet Singh Dhillon who was a direct witness to the blackmail attempt by Gani Patail to get false evidence against Anwar.

    Federal Court judge Steve Shim in the case of Zainur Zakaria v PP [2001] 3 CLJ had this
    to say of Anwar’s application to disqualify Gani Patail and Azahar as senior prosecutors in
    the 1998 case because of their involvement in threatening Nallakaruppan with the death
    penalty to get him to fabricate evidence :

    ”In the circumstances, was he ( “Anwar” ) not justified, on a prima facie basis, in complaining that AGP (Gani Patail)’s conduct at the meeting on 2 October 1998 was an attempt to get Nalla to fabricate evidence in order to perfect charges against him for other alleged sexual offences?”

    Yet Judge Augustine Paul did not disqualify Gani Patail and Azahar. Instead he found Anwar’s solicitor, Zainur Zakaria in contempt of court for filing the disqualification application and sentenced him to three months imprisonment. Gani Patail went on to become Attorney General. Azahar became a High Court judge. Malaysia Boleh!

    Sukma, the adopted younger brother of Anwar, was arrested in September 1998 as well, and held incommunicado for 14 days. His lawyer’s repeated requests to see him were rejected. He was subjected to mental and physical torture until he made a confession to committing sodomy with Anwar. The police officer named in the Court of Appeal judgment responsible for this was Musa Hassan now Inspector General of Police. A physical examination by one Dr. Zahari Noor showed there was no evidence of penetration – this report was known to the prosecution who suppressed it from the court when Sukma was produced in court to plead “guilty” based on his purported confession. Sukma’s family appointed lawyer was prevented

    the court from speaking on his behalf after objection by the prosecutors ( Gani Patail and Yusuf Zainal Abiden ). The Court of Appeal in the reported judgement of Sukma Darmawan Sasmitaat Madja v PP [2007] 4 CLJ 697] had this to say in June 2006 of the case:

    “Here we have a case of an improper conduct of a prosecution by the intentional suppression of evidence favourable to the defence. And there can be no clearer case of an injustice where the plea of guilt is alleged to have been induced by illegitimate pressure.”

    The arrest and detention of Dr Munawar Anees was similar to that of Sukma where he too was held in incommunicado detention, tortured and forced to make a false confession under duress of sodomy with Anwar. Unfortunately for him, all the appellate courts he faced were hostile. Judges like Low Hop Bing J in the Court of Appeal together with Zaki Tun Azmi ( the current Chief Justice ), Zulkefli Makinudin J. and Nik Hashim J in the Federal Court have made sure that Dr.Munawar’s request for justice and to have his case reopened for a new trial was turned down. They made sure that Dr. Munawar would never be able to expose the ordeal he experienced in 1998 at the hands of the police, prosecution and courts in a new trial. His application to review the earlier Federal Court decision was just turned down very recently on 28th December 2009 by a Federal Court panel comprised of Arifin Zakaria J., Raus Sharif J. and Mohd Ghazali Mohd Yusuf. The clear contradiction between the treatment of Sukma’s case and Munawar’s case at the appellate courts is obvious. In any criminal legal system, when a confession is challenged on the grounds that it is involuntary, the accused is automatically entitled to a full viva voce hearing ( through witnesses ) on its voluntariness. This safeguard is even more important when a guilty plea was recorded based on that involuntary confession. Regrettably the highest courts in Malaysia have lost sight of such fundamental principles. By their actions, they have legitimised serious crimes committed by the police and prosecutors involved on Dr. Munawar when he was arrested, detained and tortured to obtain a false confession and then jailed for six months for the sole purpose of tarnishing Anwar’s name by association.

    Malice and political conspiracy in the current case

    Gani Patail is now the Attorney-General of the country. Musa Hassan is the head of the police force. Both names, and in particular Gani Patail, have been implicated by Mat Zain in the fabrication of false evidence, a serious crime in itself, to implicate Anwar in the “black-eye” investigation.

    Investigation of the current case is under the control of the police who are under direction from Musa Hassan. The malice in the police investigation became obvious when armed policemen with balaclavas arrested Anwar at about 1 pm just outside his home on 16 July 2008 – this was about two and half weeks after Saiful’s report. The arrest was completely unnecessary as Anwar’s lawyers were to accompany him to IPD, KL ( the Central Police HQ for KL ) at 2 pm that day to attend at a pre-arranged and agreed appointment with police investigators to record his statement. Yet he was arrested as if he were a fugitive. Anwar was also held overnight in jail – again this was malicious and completely unnecessary. He was forced to sleep on the cold concrete floor which aggravated his old back injury. The reason given by the police for the overnight detention was that they had to finish recording his statement – his undertaking to return the next morning at an agreed time was rejected. It is now clear that he was held overnight in an attempt to illegally obtain DNA samples from him.

    The political nature of the Saiful allegation was again confirmed when Saiful took part in a highly publicised purported “oath” in the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur Mosque on 15 July 2008 in the presence of Ustad Ramlang bin Porigi, one of the imams there. Subsequently in August, Ustad Ramlang revealed that he was directed by the Head of the Department for Islam and Islamic Affairs in Kuala Lumpur ( JAIWP ), Dato Che Mat bin Che Ali to be present there to witness the so-called oath taking. For making this revelation publicly, Ustad Ramlang was then transferred to the “finance” department of JAIWP and then subjected to disciplinary action a few months later.

    Political interference is also demonstrated in the handling of the qazaf complaint filed by Anwar against Saiful on 9th July 2008 with JAIWP ( qazaf is the offence in syariah law for publishing a libellous statement against another particularly in relation to sexual conduct ). The enforcement department of JAIWP had completed their investigations within a few months and recorded statements from Anwar, Saiful and other relevant witnesses. JAIWP has not declared to date that there is no offence committed by Saiful. At the same time, no prosecution of Saiful has been initiated. The JAIWP officials have been directed by the Federal Minister in charge of Islamic affairs not to take any action against Saiful, on the pretext that the sodomy case is pending. This is wrong as the jurisdictions are separate and independent and again show the political interference in the case.

    Malice and bias on the part of the prosecutors; withholding documents from the defence; an unfair trial

    There is also serious concern about malice and bias on the part of the prosecutors. Gani Patail signed the certificate transferring Anwar’s current case from the Sessions Court to the High Court. Yusuf Zainal Abiden, the senior DPP leading the prosecution team in current case was deeply involved in the Sukma case and also in Anwar’s prosecutions in 1998. Others in the prosecution team were also involved in the 1998 cases. There are serious concerns therefore given the bias and mala fides or bad faith exhibited by the prosecutors in the earlier cases, that Anwar will not get a fair trial from the DPP’s prosecuting him now.

    Some of this bad faith has already manifested itself in the question of discovery of documents and evidence in the current case. Repeated requests by Anwar’s lawyers for documents relevant for preparation of the defence such as witness statements of Saiful and other witnesses to be called by the prosecution and relevant medical and forensic reports and notes were not entertained by the DPP’s. Anwar then made an application for these documents to the High Court trial judge Justice Zabidin Mohd Diah which was granted. The prosecution appealed resulting in the Court of Appeal setting aside the judgement. Anwar’s appeal to the Federal Court was rejected on Friday 28th January 2010 which is not surprising, given the political stance taken by the Federal Court judges on the Munawar case.

    Despite the fact that Anwar’s appeal to the Federal Court on the key issue of production of documents was still pending then, the High Court trial judge on 6 December 2009 appeared to be under pressure to fix early dates for the trial and set the trial to start on Jan 25th 2010 for a month. The same judge had said earlier this year that the trial dates would not be fixed until the issue of the production of documents was decided in the appellate courts.

    The fairness of the trial that Anwar will face is already in question by the denial of documents that are important for the preparation of the defence. In criminal trials in most other jurisdictions, an accused will be given, prior to the trial, the witness statements of all witnesses who will be called by the prosecution to testify against him and all documents that will be produced by those witnesses. This procedure ensures fairness to all parties, and prevents delay to the trial. The trial of Anwar will, despite provisions of the law to the contrary, will now proceed very much in the old style of trial by ambush. The details of the case for the prosecution and many key documents will be seen by the defence for the first time only at the trial, putting the accused and his lawyers under immense and unfair pressure.

    Political conspiracy

    The key dimension of the trial will remain the political character of the prosecution and the interest of certain involved parties in particular Gani Patail ( the current Attorney General ) and Musa Hassan ( the current Inspector General of Police ) and the current Prime Minister. Anwar and the Pakatan Rakyat have subjected them to severe criticism in and out of Parliament – the AG Gani Patail for his own criminal conduct in the “black eye” investigation, his failure in ensuring any prosecution for many cases of serious corruption, and in particular in relation to the corruption and crimes exposed through the VK Lingam video clip saga; and the IGP Musa Hassan in relation to credible allegations about his own criminal conduct and corrupt links with leaders of underworld gangs such as BK Tan and Goh Cheng Poh. Anwar’s public criticism of the current Prime Minister’s suspected involvement in corruption in the Sukhoi jets and Scorpene submarines purchases by the Defence Ministry is a matter of record. Anwar has also repeatedly called for Najib to allow for an impartial investigation to clear his name of credible allegations of his and his wife Rosmah’s involvement in the infamous murder of the Mongolian model Altantuya Shaaribuu. The internet blogs buzz with the sworn evidence of private investigator Balasubramaniam who says that Altantuya told him of her affair with Najib and her connection with the same arms deals and also about how DSP Musa Safiri, Najib’s ADC played a role in her arrest and disappearance. Yet incredibly, Musa Safiri was not even called as a witness during the Altantuya murder trial.

    Anwar had in July last year and February this year also filed police reports against both Gani Patail and Musa Hassan for their role in fabricating evidence against him in the “black-eye” investigation in 1998 and also abetting the filing of a false police report on the night of 20th September 1998 in relation to his arrest at his home in Bukit Damansara. None of these reports have resulted in any prosecution although one former Federal Court judge held the view that Gani did commit criminal wrong-doing in the “black-eye” investigation.

    The manipulation of state agencies such as the police, the Attorney-General’s Chambers and other state agencies and the judiciary as happened in 1998 are happening again in the current case. What is at stake here is not a simple criminal case – what is really at stake here is the use of this framed up case as a political weapon to stop the advance of Anwar Ibrahim and the political movement of Pakatan Rakyat that he leads which threatens the very existence and future of the current Barisan Nasional government and its key leaders.

    Sivarasa Rasiah

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    Speech by Michael Danby, Federal Member for Melbourne Ports and Chair of the Australian Parliamentary sub-committee on Foreign Affairs

    Wednesday, 03 February 2010 Super Admin

    This trial, like the first trial of Anwar Ibrahim, is a disgrace to Malaysia, a country that aspires to democratic norms, where parties change power peacefully and political opponents are not persecuted by organs of the state. Perverting the legal system for political ends by charging Anwar with sexual offences is an affront to human rights.

    Michael Danby

    Tonight, I want to speak out on behalf of fellow democrats around Asia, who are flabbergasted at events unfolding in Kuala Lumpur. I refer to the trial which began today of the Malaysian Opposition Leader, Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim. For the second time, the Malaysian leader of the Opposition, Anwar Ibrahim is on trial for what they call in ancient grating English, ‘Sodomy’. For the second time, the Malaysian legal system is being manipulated by supporters of the incumbent government to drive Malaysia’s best known leader Anwar Ibrahim out of national politics. For the second time, documents are being forged, witnesses are being coerced, evidence is being fabricated.

    This trial, like the first trial of Anwar Ibrahim, is a disgrace to Malaysia, a country that aspires to democratic norms, where parties change power peacefully and political opponents are not persecuted by organs of the state. Perverting the legal system for political ends by charging Anwar with sexual offences is an affront to human rights. In the first place, the offences with which Anwar has been charged that should not be on the statute book. Australia abolished its laws punishing consenting adult homosexual acts decades ago, as did most advanced countries. It’s long past time that Malaysia also repealed these laws, which it inherited from British colonial times. If these laws did not exist, they could not be used for political purposes as we are currently seeing.

    In the second place, everyone in Malaysia, and everyone in the international legal community, knows that Anwar is innocent of these charges. This week the Wall Street Journal published a first-hand account of how the Malaysian Special Branch police fabricated the charges that led to Anwar’s first trial in 1998. Munawar Anees recalled how he had been starved and beaten into signing a false confession which implicated Anwar. Now it’s happening again. These are the lengths to which the corrupt elements within the Malaysian ruling party are willing to go to frame Anwar and remove his threat to their power.

    Malaysia is a long-time friend and ally of Australia. Over the past 40 years Malaysia has become an increasingly prosperous and successful multi-cultural society. We continue our friendly and mutually beneficial relationship with Malaysia, which is a deep economic, strategic and cultural relationship.

    But Malaysia is also a country of 28 million people who have lived ever since independence more than 50 years ago under the rule of the same party, the United Malay National Organisation or UMNO. UMNO has stayed in power by playing on the Malay fears of the Chinese and Indian minorities. So long as Malaysian politics were polarised even subtlety along racial lines, so long as the Malays voted loyally for UMNO, then the self-perpetuating UMNO oligarchy, who have grown rich through long years of power and through their cozy links to business, would be safe.

    That’s why Anwar Ibrahim is such a threat. For the first time Malaysia has a charismatic Malay opposition politician able to appeal to Malay voters and pose a real threat to UMNO’s hold on power. At the 2008 elections Anwar’s People’s Justice Party and its allies won 60 seats away from UMNO and its allies, creating a viable two-party system for the first time. As a result, Abdullah Badawi was deposed as Prime Minister and replaced by Najib Razak, but the threat from Anwar’s coalition continues to grow. So even though the first attempt to frame Anwar on these spurious charged had failed, the corrupt forces within UMNO have decided to try again.

    I recently had the privilege of meeting Anwar Ibrahim when he was in Melbourne for the Parliament of the World’s Religions in December. He is an intelligent and articulate and passionate democrat. He is committed to a thorough reform of Malaysian government, to rid it of the cronyism, corruption and authoritarian tendencies that have gained ground since Mahathir Mohammed became Prime Minister in 1981. He is a great, although not uncritical, friend and admirer of Australia. If he were to become Malaysia’s Prime Minister our relationship with Malaysia would become even stronger.

    I am pleased that in the last few hours the judge has suspended the case against Anwar for a day. I hope Prime Minister Najib and his ministers are not involved. The best way for them to prove that they are not is to intervene and have these charges withdrawn, and those responsible for fabricating them punished. Malaysia is a great country, and an emerging power in our region. It can do without the embarrassment that these disgraceful proceedings are undermining its newly won democratic credibility. Speech by Michael Danby, Federal Member for Melbourne Ports and Chair of the Australian Parliamentary sub-committee on Foreign Affairs.

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    It's clear that Najib will do everything possible to put Anwar in jail. He has decided that the public anger, the foreign condemnation, the destruction of the integrity of all the govt institutions involved, is worth the price. Basically, we are dealing with a coward who does not dare to face the opposition parties in a free and fair election.

    Anwar Ibrahim will receive a hearing date for his application to review the Federal Court decision to reject his appeal to access more evidence for his sodomy trial from the prosecution this Friday. Anwar's review application date this Friday.

    Can we trust the extraction of samples from the rectum. Contamination a major problem with DNA samples.

    Saiful tells of Anwar's 'sexual advances'.

    What the public says? Sodomy II: 'Malaysia on trial'.

    Malaysian Mirror: Sodomy II: Indecent proposal.

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    Now we have a face.

    Nasir Safar, the ‘mystery man’ the day Altantuya died

    Thursday, 04 February 2010 Super Admin

    Yes, that man in the blue Proton Saga was Nasir Safar. But the police, who took Bala’s statement, denied it and said that it was a resident from that area and not Nasir Safar. How did the police know this immediately without any further investigation and without taking Nasir Safar’s statement?


    Raja Petra Kamarudin

    The Special Officer to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, Nasir Safar, has been asked to resign for calling the early Indian immigrants to Malaya beggars and the Chinese prostitutes. But that is not the icing on the cake. The icing on the cake is that Nasir Safar was the man mentioned in item 30 of PI Bala’s Statutory Declaration:

    “Azilah asked me whether the woman was Aminah and I said ‘Yes’. He then walked off and made a few calls on his handphone. After 10 minutes another vehicle, a blue Proton Saga, driven by a Malay man, passed by slowly. The driver’s window had been wound down and the driver was looking at us.”

    You can read the full text of Bala’s Statutory Declaration below.

    Yes, that man in the blue Proton Saga was Nasir Safar. But the police, who took Bala’s statement, denied it and said that it was a resident from that area and not Nasir Safar. How did the police know this immediately without any further investigation and without taking Nasir Safar’s statement?

    Now, why would the Prime Minister’s Special Officer be at the scene of the crime? Was it to see for himself that Altantuya is arrested and quickly disposed off?

    So that would make two of Najib’s staff involved in the Altantuya murder, the other being his ADC, Musa Safri, who was never called to testify at the Altantuya murder trial.

    Do you remember Norhayati Hassan, Rosmah’s ADC? Weren’t she and her husband, Abdul Aziz Buyong, not also involved in the murder? Their senior officer in the army confirmed that he had trained this husband and wife team on how to handle C4. Is that a coincidence, circumstantial evidence, or maybe merely a lie by RPK and Malaysia Today? Malaysiatoday....


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