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    Najib’s New Year message: I don’t want to lose control

    Just like his father, he will stop at nothing to gain power.

    Sunday, 02 January 2011 12:04
    Najib’s New Year message: I don’t want to lose control

    Written by Mariam Mokhtar, Malaysia Chronicle

    Despite Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s simple 2011 New Year message stressing how his ‘government was sensitive to the people’, he has nevertheless done his utmost to let the people down by undermining the Pakatan-led state government in Selangor.

    He did this by challenging the Selangor Menteri Besar’s choice of State Secretary.

    He did this by the back-door route.

    But perhaps the most damning bit is that he dragged royalty into this fracas.

    Najib reminded us not to gamble away the future of the coming generations with wrong decisions: “Let’s mould a better future for the coming generations.”

    He then stressed that the success of the Government’s plans and programmes was dependent on the support and cooperation of the people.

    “The power to build lies in the hands of the people. Fulfil this responsibility as best as you can.”

    He said that the Government always adopted full responsibility in the management of the country, in particular the economy.

    “As a government sensitive to the pulse of the people, we will not at all neglect the people’s interests by making a promise or a decision which seems to be popular but is actually to the detriment of the interests of everyone.”

    If so, why has he engineered the current state of confusion in Selangor? Why has he gone against the people’s wishes?

    The Federal government appointed outgoing Selangor Islamic Religious Department director Mohd Khusrin Munawi as the new state secretary.

    Selangor Menteri besar Khalid Ibrahim was not consulted and the state government under his leadership, rejected the appointment. Khusrin is known as a 'thorn' because he likes to undermine state decisions.

    Moreover, Khusrin was the least capable candidate in the selection round conducted by the state-appointed panel.

    Nevertheless, Khalid is furious with the Chief Secretary to the Government Mohd Sidek Hassan, who appointed Khusrin, because a wrong message is being sent to civil servants.

    Khalid fears that civil servants will wrongly believe that merits and ability are not priorities in the promotion of government servants, whom he said was already facing criticisms for being ineffective and incompetent.

    He is right.

    Last September, Rembau MP and Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar admitted that the ‘over-inflated’ civil service had to be culled and streamlined.

    He suggested ways of reward and promotion improvement: “At the moment, it is not based on productivity, but seniority and length of service. We need to change that so that we can cull the inefficient.” Khairy’s father was a civil servant in Wisma Putra.

    Everyone is aware that Umno’s most potent political weapon is the civil servant. With 1.2 million bureaucrats (over 4% of the population), Umno is assured of political commitment. These civil servants represent the fifth column.

    But now Umno have introduced another lethal weapon: Royalty.

    Perhaps, it is to be expected of a charlatan; A Prime minister who was not elected; who has no sense of how to govern.

    Najib’s strategy is to drag the Sultan of Selangor into Umno’s muddy brand of politics. He fears that Umno/BN may lose at the next General Election. He fears the humiliation of not wresting control of Selangor, the ‘jewel in the crown’, from Pakatan.

    Failure to regain control of Selangor will mean the end of his career.

    Devoid of proper governance, Najib’s only recourse is gutter politics.

    The chorus of people who have come to the defense of this controversial appointment include ex-Menteri Besar, Khir Toyo, who faces a corruption charge and who is probably best remembered for his multi-million ringgit mansion and his all-expenses family holiday to Disneyland – his ‘study trip’.

    The second voice is that of Noh Omar, a weak and unpopular leader.

    Perhaps Najib believes his personal record is relatively clean.

    Najib orchestrated a political coup in Perak in 2009. He is attempting a repeat performance in Selangor.

    He has already sullied the name of democracy. What is the point of a democracy if the Opposition has to constantly seek redress in the courts?

    Najib is a man with no moral scruples. Did he have to compromise the neutrality of our Sultan just so he can perform his dirty deed because he does not want to lose control? FreeMalaysiaToday....

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    2011 – The Rise Of Pakatan Rakyat, The Imminent Fall Of Umno/BN

    by Richard Loh

    Let us Malaysians start the New Year with a Big Bang. May our New Year resolutions not be for self but for the country. We should resolve to be fully committed to voting in a new Federal Government at the next GE, one that will bring about the changes Malaysians have desired for so long.

    It would appear that 2010 was a very good year for Najib, even though all he did was to plaster the whole country with slogans and rhetoric that benefited no one but his wife, foreign agents and cronies. Just imagine the millions or even billions wasted to promote them. And it is the rakyat’s money!

    What comes out of Najib’s mouth sounds so hollow. You must have read in the Mainstream Media his various speeches in front of different communities. He paints a rosy picture to arouse the rakyat into believing that what he is ‘trying’ to do is for the ‘good’ of the country.

    He talks about unity, equality, religious tolerance, Bangsa Malaysia but his actions contradict his preaching. He can still tolerate the racists Utusan, Perkasa and civil servants spreading racial hatred and religious intolerance. All these are living proof that Umno/BN have failed in their 54 years of administration and governing.

    The alternative media and bloggers too have countered all these insincere promises and pointed out that talk and slogans alone will not unite the country and bring prosperity to the rakyat.

    We must reject Umno’s/BN’s call to return them to power again. There is totally no hope that they will change. BN’s continuing rule of this country will only bring more hardship to the rakyat and will bankrupt the country.

    After March 2008, we expected Umno/BN to realise that there are so many faults in their ways of governing. However, instead of making amends, they have continued to use strong-arm tactics, undemocratic processes and a divide-and-rule system to stay on top. It is in name only that Umno/BN upholds democracy. In reality, it is leaning towards becoming a totalitarian regime.

    Can you still tolerate Umno/BN, given their undemocratic actions, corruption and racism? While taking a break from writing this article, I read the news that Najib & Co are on their way to power-grabbing Selangor – just like what they did to Perak. And it was reported too that no cross was to be visible and no sermon allowed when Najib attended a Christmas function recently. This is a clear sign that 1Malaysia is not accepted even within Najib’s own administration.

    Najib & Co do not care about the rakyat. They are busy planning and plotting how to take back the States that they lost in order to regain a two-thirds majority. They will not hesitate to resort to underhanded methods and undemocratic processes and yes, they will get the help of the EC in the coming GE to ensure a win.

    The 2008 tsunami shook up Umno/BN but it did not destroy their corrupt, arrogant, racist and undemocratic nature. To date, they have still not felt any shame in using their power to betray the rakyat and choke the States under PR of development funds. This country cannot afford to continue to allow such incompetent and undemocratic leaders to govern any further.

    Malaysians must learn to accept the truth – that this country and its citizens can survive without this regime. We need not be afraid of their threats. We must recognise that it is we who decide the government of the day, not Umno/BN. We need to punish Umno/BN for not listening to us and we must put them into cold storage for 2 or 3 terms.

    We must believe our hands are not tied. We have choices in everything. If you don’t like a Proton Saga, you can go for a Persona. And there are many other choices of car models and makes. If you don’t like Versace, you can have Christian Dior, Amani and many other brands of clothing, perfume and make-up. The choice is yours to make. But make a wise choice, for otherwise the consequences can be disastrous.

    Umno/BN have been the ruling government for 54 years and we have grown tired of their undemocratic actions, their censoring of our freedom, their corruption, racism, unequal distribution of the nation’s wealth, poor education system plus their downright incompetence.

    We now have a choice, an opportunity to rid our country of the cancer inflicted by Umno/BN and to start afresh with Pakatan Rakyat. Yes, there are weaknesses and flaws in PR. They may not be 100% perfect (which government is?) but I am very sure they are well over 100% better than Umno/BN.

    So, join me in spreading this call:


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    The most dangerous man in Malaysia

    Tuesday, 04 January 2011 00:05

    The most dangerous man in Malaysia

    Written by Mariam Mokhtar, Malaysia Chronicle

    Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is running scared. Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad did not mince his words when he accused the federal government of manoeuvring to dissolve the Selangor state legislative assembly by appointing Mohd Khusrin Munawi as the state secretary.

    Khalid said, “This is the evil and despicable plan of BN. Najib wants to create chaos in Selangor and force the dissolution of the state legislative assembly.”

    Khusrin, the former private secretary to former-Selangor Menteri besar Muhammad Muhammad Taib and outgoing Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) director, has been commanded by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to initiate moves to create dissent.

    This deliberate attempt by Putrajaya to cause turmoil in Selangor is reminiscent of the debacle that Najib engineered in Perak last year. The ousted Perak Menteri Besar Nizar Jamaluddin who suffered at the hands of Najib has already warned Selangor of the fate that will befall them if they do not take precautions.

    If Najib was surprised at the way the rakyat reacted to his machinations, none was more surprised than the Sultan of Perak. His Royal Highness was taken aback at how Najib managed to galvanise the rakyat. In the end, evil may have triumphed but as they say, elephants never forget…..and others might even add, they never forgive either.

    Najib is desperate. And a desperate man will resort to desperate measures.

    He has to call an election before long. But his knows that his 1Malaysia is falling apart. Even his one-time mentor former Prime minister Mahathir Mohamad is confused by 1Malaysia. His deputy has rejected it outright. His Cabinet is seen as corrupt, inept and not practising his 1Malaysia views.

    Worst of all, his non-Malay BN component parties such as MCA and MIC, are toothless and do not attract popular support. Whenever there is a racial or religious infringement, the best they can do is wring their hands in mock horror. They are what can be termed as “wasted space”.

    In the first year of being in office Najib spent most of his time overseas and neglected to attend to matters of state. His reputation abroad needs to be propped up by centre-fold advertisements costing USD5million highlighting his wife’s achievements. His wife invites Hollywood celebrities, who visit under the cloak of secrecy, to be shown “the real Malaysia”. We ask, which version of the “real” Malaysia?

    Najib knows that under normal circumstance Pakatan will triumph in the general elections. That is why he has to do his preparatory work first.

    This man is dangerous. He was not elected as Prime Minister and has no known credentials of being a leader. Being a career politician by piggy-backing on the name of his father is no real test of leadership. What true experience has he of the real world?

    No leader blatantly offers the people of a town RM5 million in exchange for votes. No leader tries to influence voting by offering to repair schools. Broken-down schools should be repaired as a matter of course.

    Najib’s cabinet is in disarray and tainted with known charges of corruption, sexual scandals including rape, and mismanagement of the public purse.

    Najib knows he has a lot to lose. He is also aware that if he goes down, he drags others down too - People who rose up the ranks not through merit, strength of character and their policies. These people are dependent on him to stay in power, to protect them.

    Just like Najib, these sycophants fear for their positions, ill-gotten wealth and reputation. They know that with the Opposition in power, they will be stripped of all these and may face ruin in prison.

    These people used bribery and blackmail to serve themselves, robbed us of our democratic rights, and in some cases eliminated others so that they could achieve what they have always craved for – power.

    Najib believes he can take Selangor by his underhand tactics. Just like he what did in Perak. So how deep are his pockets? What sort of leader pits its own people against each other? Is he so morally banrkrupt?

    Perak’s experience was not a fight of non-Malays versus Malays, like what his father engineered just over four decades ago.

    This time, Selangor’s power tussle involves a people who have are oppressed and who are fighting for the simple desire to enjoy their democratic right. These people dare pit their wills against those who gladly accept further ruin by Najib.

    Najib has conveniently forgotten his “People First, Performance Now” slogan. He is on shaky ground and he does what he knows best - sowing the seeds of confusion and discontent. He is no true patriot. He is a deceiver and suffers amongst other things from crab-mentality.

    The Opposition win of 2008 was a humiliating blow for Umno. Najib cannot afford another defeat.

    He is aware of the people’s support for Pakatan. So he pulls out his remaining trick, which involves royalty.

    This is Najib’s most dastardly act, to involve the Sultan. He has everything to lose so he does not care if he compromises the neutrality of the Sultan.

    Najib is prepared to use the Sultan against his people. Just like what he did with the Perak Sultan whose popularity plummeted after the fiasco in Perak.

    How does one know? You can gauge it from the lack of warmth that the people normally have reserved for the Sultan of Perak.

    These days there is neither spontaneity nor depth of feeling and sincerity when Perakians meet their Sultan. The Perak Sultan’s drop in popularity is directly attributed to Najib.

    Najib’s greed is to stay on in power. His fear is to be charged with the various crimes that he is suspected of having committed.

    Najib is prepared to risk the future of the monarchy by using the Sultan as a pawn.

    That is why the most dangerous man in Malaysia is Najib Abdul Razak. Malaysia-Chronicle....

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    Is Najib fit to be PM? Najib tries to damage control for Teoh, Church but S'gor exposes him

    Thursday, 06 January 2011 14:35

    Najib tries to damage control for Teoh, Church but S'gor exposes him

    Written by Wong Choon Mei, Malaysia Chronicle

    Prime Minister Najib Razak and his administration have been forced to run for cover, trying their best to save his controversial 1 Malaysia slogan from being ridiculed and exposed as a sham, but they may have failed as Malaysians scrutinise the constitutional crisis boiling over in Selangor where the opposition is being publicly bullied into submission by the combined forces of Najib's Umno party and the Palace.

    “Nowhere is it more obvious than in Selangor where Najib and Umno are hiding behind the Sultan who rightfully should be above politics. Here it is crystal clear, despite the doublespeak, 1 Malaysia is nothing but sheer hypocrisy. It is being used to pull wool over the people’s eyes, and by right it should be outlawed because it is subversive propaganda aimed to divide the races - not to unite them,” PKR vice Tian Chua told Malaysia Chronicle.

    “As we had feared, 1 Malaysia has gone the way of OneIsrael and OneAustralia. It is now not just a symbol of racial supremacy but also a symbol for corruption by the super-elite who expect the people to respect them without thinking or have any right to judge for themselves. Is this right or wrong? “

    Sultan "apolitical"

    Indeed the manner that Najib had marshalled the machinery of his federal government and his Umno party that has ruled Malaysia for 5 decade to ride roughshod over the Pakatan Rakyat Selangor government elected by the people in 2008 has been a eye-opener.

    Even this morning, at the oath-taking ceremony of Najib’s blue-eyed boy Khusrin Munawi, whose controversial appointment as state secretary has been rejected by Menti Besar Khalid Ibrahim’s administration, the Sultan clearly sided with the powerful prime minister. He endorsed the federal government's choice without taking into consideration his own state government's wishes.

    The obvious question of "why" is now at the heart of the bitter and escalating row between Khalid, the federal government and the Palace.

    Although the Selangor Ruler insisted he was "apolitical", it would be interesting if a referendum was taken and the people asked if they believed that he was really neutral, or acting on his own, or as most people believe was siding with Umno. It would even be more interesting if the scope of referendum was expanded and the people asked to jot down why they though the Sultan would want to side Umno?

    Nonetheless, due to courtesy and protocol demands, Khalid had no choice but to attend Khusrin's oath-taking ceremony, but he and his Pakatan team say they are sticking to their pledges to the people. They have announced that they will carry on with all ways and means to dislodge Khusrin, including calling a state assembly sitting to amend laws that would invalidate his appointment.

    Who would the people side with?

    To counter this, Umno support organs have been busy spreading word that Pakatan's defiant behaviour showed they were anti-Palace and by extension anti-Malay.

    Whether such a premise is logical is moot because Khalid and his team were the people’s choice. Khusrin is not. Even Najib was not elected by the people of Malaysia. He became PM because of an internal Umno power transfer. The Sultan is the Sultan because of birth right.

    “This is what happens when the different parties overplay their roles and forget that they are mere cogs in the wheel of life. The super-powerful must remember to be sensitive to the people, who through education can think very well for themselves. Those born into privilege are already blessed by God. For them to come and stand on the side of wrongdoing and corruption in order to amass even greater wealth is to ask for too much,” a political analyst told Malaysia Chronicle.

    The Perak lesson

    Indeed, Selangor is the second state in Malaysia where Najib and Umno have used might to steamroll over the opposition. In Perak, they toppled the Pakatan state government with the help of the Perak Sultan and the state secretary there.

    Speculation had then been rife that Najib had allocated a huge business deal to the Perak royal family. And just weeks ago, the federal government confirmed a RM36 billion MRT project to MMC-Gamuda without open tender. Gamuda is controlled by the Perak royal family.

    Apart from the Selangor Sultan-state secretary crisis, Najib has also stumbled perhaps by trying to two-time the people once too often. During Christmas, he tried to score brownie points by showing that he was not averse to visiting Christians. Unfortunately for him, news leaked out that he had ordered his minders to ensure that his image was protected, and they in turn had ordered Church officials to remove symbols of Christianty such as crosses and crucifixes during his visit.

    This was to protect Najib from being photographed with any Christian symbol displayed in the background because to the Umno mindset, such an image would strike at the heart of Najib’s ‘Islam-ness’.

    “That is Umno hypocrisy for you. The elite are not really that backward but instead of leading the party forward, they are only too happy keep the mentality of their members in the stone ages. Anything goes as long as they stay in power. They really have no moral authority to lead Malaysia,” Nizar Jamaluddin, the deposed Pakatan Perak chief minister, told Malaysia Chronicle.

    Damage control: It's my fault! An RCI for Beng Hock!

    An aide has since emerged to take the blame for Najib’s X’mas fiasco. But it is doubtful if her words will mean anything because at the heart of what ireally rks people and makes them lose trust in Najib and all things Umno is their insistence on cave-man politics. Just like the episode involving the ‘apolitical’ Selangor Sultan and his preferred state secretary.

    And also just like Teoh Beng Hock, the luckless Selangor political aide who died in suspicious circumstances after overnight interrogation by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, which coincidentally has also previously claimed that it is ‘apolitical’.

    On Wednesday, after more than a year of inquiry, an inquest could not decide what caused his death. The Coroner delivered an “open” verdict – the biggest implication of which meant that the police would not have to pursue further investigations.

    Amid the ensuing public outcry and if not for the fact that a by-election in Tenang – a constituency with a large Chinese population – loomed, there would probably be zero chances of Najib ordering the Royal Commission of Inquiry that his BN-media have reported he is mulling.

    At the core - duplicity and intention to deceive

    But of what use is an RCI bound by parameters aimed at protecting wrongdoers just as in the inquesr, rather than exposing the culprits, pundits asked.

    They pointed to a previous one involving former premier Mahathir Mohamad and lawyer VK Lingam, saying Najib's judiciary was now so bold-faced they could even dare to allow the findings of an RCI be challenged in court and an application sought to have it overturned.

    “This is the duplicity of Najib. It doesn’t cost him anything to call for the RCI. He may tell the MACC not to worry, we cross the bridge when it comes because at the moment we cannot afford to anger the non-Malays because Tenang is too close by,” Gopeng MP Lee Boon Chye told Malaysia Chronicle.

    “Same sort of deception going on in Selangor. The Sultan assumes a heavy-hand when he actually has no say over who becomes the state secretary and this has been confirmed by the Chief Secretary. At the same time, Najib sends his Umno NGOs and Utusan poking fire among the Malays. They say things like, Selangor is going to the dogs. It is becoming a colony of China, Pakatan doesn't respect the Sultan. If Khusrin is ousted, the Malays in Selangor are finished. You see the logic? No, there is no logic because it is pure emotionalism. This is the type of politics being played by Najib and this is the true meaning of his 1 Malaysia. It is really a very dangerous scam.” Malaysia-Chronicle....

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    Is Najib fit to be PM? Not with this Albatross on his neck - The problem with Rosmah

    In answer to the question: Is Najib fit to be PM?

    After 21 months now, it is clear that a person who cannot control his wife, cannot be trusted to run the country.

    The problem with Rosmah
    Written by J. D. Lovrenciear Thursday, 13 January 2011 08:17

    From the heaps of pelt hurled at our PM's wife, Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah
    Mansor, one wonders why is the fairy godmother still not rescuing her. The
    picture painted of our 'First Lady' in the new media is one that is more of
    Cinderella's step sister.

    Let us take a quick tour of all the great women who were behind our past
    prime ministers to appreciate the dilemma of Rosmah.

    Both stardust and stones were showered and thrown at the Tun Doctor for his
    greatness and follies, respectively. But Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Hj Mohamad Ali,
    the fourth PM's wife was well respected in all media. Even to this very day,
    the rakyat have only praises for her.

    On that same token, the sacked DPM Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahi's spouse is well
    received by all communities. There isn't any gossip in the marketplace
    smearing her credentials as wife, mother and leader.

    Tun Sharifah Rodziah Binti Syed Ali Barakbah, the third wife of 'Bapa
    Merdeka' was always portrayed as the loving stepmother to the Tengku's late
    first wife's (Meriam Chong) children. She was in the limelight too as she
    even stood by the PM in 'rallying support' for him during Malaysia's most
    tumultuous history. But she never earned any sticks and brats.

    What about Tun Abdul Razak's spouse, Tun Rahah Mohammad Noah? Another 'First
    Lady' who earned the respect of the rakyat.There was not a taint of
    suspicion about her.

    Likewise for Pak Lah's two spouses. Not a hint of smear in the media despite
    the fact that the rakyat and all the merry men of the Tun Doctor had even
    said bad things about the 'sleeping' PM.

    But in the case of our current 'First Lady', there are unending stories in
    the streets, townships, corporate corridors and even within the civil
    service. Why?

    Many of these stories do not paint a 'First Lady' image at all. On the
    contrary, she is seen as a vain personality out to grab power at all cost.
    In fact it was also most unfortunate that at her very early days of being
    'First lady', the shadow of Altantunya cast a huge spell upon her.

    There are all kinds of stories being traded among the rakyat today and none
    of them are pleasing to the ear. hence it will not be spelt out here.

    The question is 'WHY?' Why is she not being praised and saluted like all the
    spouses of past Prime Ministers?

    Arguments like 'these unfair comments about her are not true' or 'her
    enemies are envious of her rags-to-riches success story', or 'the Oppositon
    is all out to finish her off' and the like are irrelevant. The point here is
    why is she inundated with so much of negative comments and publicity?

    After all, the Tunku had to go through even more turbulent times with deadly
    enemies like the communist insurgents. Surely his wife could have been a
    target to oust the Tengku.

    The Tun Doctor had many enemies as well. Ask him and he will tell all. But
    his wife was not a target either. And she too worked very very hard in
    nation building through her numerous public campaigns, and championing
    national causes.

    Therefore to even entertain the thought that people are trying to bring
    Rosmah down because they want to finish off the PM is absurd really.

    Truly Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah may be working very hard for the nation,
    championing the 'children of Malaysia' cause. But why are mothers and
    fathers not heaping praises or coming to her defence. Even the main stream
    media are not so very kind to her if you read between the lines and
    understand the play of pictorials well enough!

    Perhaps, our 'First Lady' should do some serious thinking to the question
    why. Why is the fairy godmother not on your side even though you may have
    employed the best brains to do image restoration. wargamarhaen

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    Najib: Is he fit to be PM? Ex-US envoy launches broadside at M'sia's racism

    Ex-US envoy launches broadside at M'sia's racism

    Feb 8, 11 12:47pm

    Former United States ambassador to Malaysia John Malott has lambasted Prime Minister Najib Razak's hypocrisy over his 1Malaysia slogan in a scathing article published today in the Asian Wall Street Journal.

    Malott (left), a frequent critic of the government since ending his three-year tenure as US ambassador in 1998, told Najib to take “a long look in the mirror” if he was serious about achieving his 1Malaysia goal.

    “Despite the government's new catchphrase, racial and religious tensions are higher today than when Najib took office in 2009.

    “Indeed, they are worse than at any time since 1969, when at least 200 people died in racial clashes between the majority Malay and minority Chinese communities,” said Malott in his AWSJ commentary.

    He blamed the recent escalation of tensions on the government for “tolerating, and in some cases provoking, ethnic factionalism through words and actions”.

    Malott cited a number of examples, including the incident where a top Najib aide, Hardev Kaur, had suggested that no crucifixes be displayed during the premier's Christmas Day open house visit at the residence of the Catholic archbishop of Kuala Lumpur.

    “Ms Kaur later insisted that she 'had made it clear that it was a request and not an instruction', as if any Malaysian could say no to a request from the prime minister's office,” lamented Malott.

    Other examples of insensitivities, said Malott, included Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussien defending the actions of a group of residents who paraded a cow's head to protest the relocation of a Hindu temple to their neighbourhood, and Defence Minister Zahid Hamidi questioning the “lack of patriotism” of ethnic Chinese and Indian Malaysians.

    Malott also slammed Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia for stoking racial hatred by regularly attacking “Chinese Malaysian politicians, and even suggested that one of them, parliamentarian Teresa Kok, should be killed”.

    As a result of the growing racism, as many as 500,000 Malaysians left the country between 2007 and 2009, more than doubling the number of Malaysian professionals who live overseas, decried Malott.
    The economic price tag of racism

    He also said Najib is enamoured to right-wing groups such as Perkasa, which are against economic reforms in the name of 'Malay rights'.

    “But stalling reform will mean a further loss in competitiveness and slower growth. It also means that the cronyism and no-bid contracts that favour the well-connected will continue.”

    Malott said that while Najib may not actually believe the rhetoric emanating from his party and his government's officers, he allows it because he needs to shore up Malay votes.

    “It's politically convenient at a time when his party faces its most serious opposition challenge in recent memory - and especially when the opposition is challenging the government on ethnic policy and its economic consequences.”

    The steady erosion of tolerance, warned Malott, had become an economic problem as well.

    “To meet its much-vaunted goal of becoming a developed nation by 2020, Malaysia needs to grow by 8 percent per year during this decade.

    “That level of growth will require major private investments from both domestic and foreign sources, upgraded human skills and significant economic reform. Worsening racial and religious tensions stand in the way.”

    The former US ambassador argued that while the government might find it politically expedient to stir the racial and religious pot, such opportunism comes with an economic price tag.

    “Its citizens will continue to vote with their feet and take their money and talents with them. And foreign investors, concerned about racial instability and the absence of meaningful economic reform, will continue to look elsewhere to do business.” Malaysiakini. Subscription required.

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    IS NAJIB FIT TO BE PM? John Malott: Who's off the rails, Bernama?

    Who's off the rails, Bernama?

    John Malott
    Feb 20, 11

    Bernama news agency recently commented that I have "gone off the rails" because of my article in the Asian Wall Street Journal.

    Because Bernama is owned by the Malaysian government, it is no surprise that they would feel obliged to say something critical.

    But who really is off the rails? It is too bad that Bernama went into attack mode before it did its homework. Indeed, the article reads like it was written by a PR firm, trying to spin the truth.

    So let's take a look at what Bernama said.

    It cites two alleged errors. First, Bernama said I was wrong about how fast Malaysia's economy needs to grow in the coming decade to achieve Wawasan 2020.

    Second, it appears my crystal ball is out of order, because I did not know that one week after my article appeared, Prime Minister Najib Razak would suddenly attend a meeting of the Malaysia Inter-Faith Council (which, by the way, was a good thing to do).

    Let me deal with the economic issues today, and save the Inter-Faith Council issue for Part 2 tomorrow.

    Bernama says that I took a potshot when I said that Malaysia, once one of the developing world's stars, has underperformed over the past decade. I said that reforms are necessary and that foreign investors would shun Malaysia unless they are undertaken.

    Who else has said that? Answer: The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

    In its report on the 2010 Annual Article IV Consultations with Malaysia, the IMF said that there is "a stark choice for Malaysians and their political leadership, a choice between muddling through in a business-as-usual mode - or going for an historic transformation of the economy". The report also says that "rolling back affirmative action" and improving human capital are "necessary to revive the business climate and double Malaysia's per capita income by 2020."

    For its part, the World Bank has said in their report, "Until solid implementation of reforms is seen, there is unlikely to be a groundswell of positive sentiment of foreign investors towards Malaysia."

    From the horse's mouth

    Bernama also says that I had "claimed that Malaysia needs to grow by 8 percent annually if it hopes to attain developed status by 2020, contrary to what has been projected by the government, which is a modest 6 percent annually for the rest of this decade."

    So who told me that Malaysia needs to grow by 8 percent over the coming decade to achieve 2020 and not 6 percent?

    The answer is Prime Minister Najib Razak. Check out the big chart on page 47 of the government's official report, 'Challenges to Realising Vision 2020', issued last year. It clearly shows that the required growth rate is 8 percent.

    At the bottom of the chart, it says that the source of the information is the World Bank - and an August 2009 speech by Najib. So I Googled for that speech, and here is what the PM said:

    "For Malaysia to qualify and meet our goals, we must grow at an annual growth rate of 8 percent over the next ten years. Anything less will delay our goal."

    What about the 6 percent growth rate that Bernama claims is correct? Najib said, "Annual growth of 6 percent means reaching high income status would be delayed by ten years - to 2030 rather than 2020."

    It's all on the Prime Minister's official website. Check out paragraph 6.

    The whole issue of economic growth rates can get very boring, very quickly. That's why they call economics the dismal science. But for certain, Bernama's attempt to play "gotcha journalism" also was a dismal failure.

    Tomorrow Part 2: Not for PM to say one religion superior to another.

    JOHN MALOTT is former US ambassador to Malaysia. Malaysiakini. Subscription required.

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    Najib: Asia Sentinel article revisited - Grand Theft Malaysia

    Grand Theft Malaysia

    Written by Our Correspondent
    Friday, 27 November 2009
    Many snouts in the public trough

    Read the comments below for more information.

    Summary of losses:

    Morgan Stanley: USD 100 B since 80's,
    Jul 1983 BMF: USD 1 B,
    Bank Bumi bailout: USD 600 M,
    Perwaja Steel: USD 800 M,
    Co-operative Central Bank: Hundreds of millions RM (Bad loans to UMNO and MIC politicians),
    Maminco: USD 500 M,
    Bank Negara Sterling speculation: RM 20 B (USD 6.7 B),
    Bank Islam Malaysia: RM 457 M,
    Pos Malaysia: Lost RM 30 M due to 15.7% of RM 200 M loss in Transmile Group Bhd,
    Rafidah Aziz: Car AP's. Cost to the car buyers?

    The Port Klang Free Zone scandal may be big, but it is only the latest in a long line of Malaysian scandals going back to the early 1980s. Time Magazine quoted Daniel Lian, a Southeast Asia economist at Morgan Stanley in Singapore, saying that the country might have lost as much as U$100 billion since the early 1980s to corruption."

    The scandals listed below are only a small sample of the looting of the country's coffers:

    In July of 1983, what was then the biggest banking scandal in world history erupted in Hong Kong, when it was discovered that Bumiputra Malaysia Finance (BMF), a unit of Bank Bumiputra Malaysia Bhd, had lost as much as US$1 billion which had been siphoned off by prominent public figures into private bank accounts. The story involved murder, suicide and the involvement of officials at the very top of the Malaysian government. Ultimately it involved a bailout by the Malaysian government amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars.

    Mak Foon Tan, the murderer of Jalil Ibraim, a Bank Bumi assistant manager who was sent to Hong Kong to investigate the disappearance of the money, was given a death sentence, and Malaysian businessman George Tan who had participated in looting most of the funds, was jailed after his Carrian Group collapsed in what was then Hong Kong's biggest bankruptcy, and a handful of others were charged. No major politician was ever punished in Malaysia despite a white paper prepared by an independent commission that cited cabinet minutes of Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad giving an okay to a request to throw more money into the scandal in an effort to contain it.

    That was just the first Bank Bumi scandal. The government-owned bank had to be rescued twice more with additional losses of nearly US$600 million in today's dollars. Ultimately government officials gave up and the bank was absorbed into CIMB Group, currently headed by Nazir Razak, the prime minister's brother. That scandal, which stretched over several years before its denouement in 1985, set the tone for 24 years of similar scandals related to top Malaysian officials and was the first to prove that in Malaysia, you can not only get away with murder, you can get away with looting the treasury as well.

    Perwaja Steel, for instance, lost US$800 million and its boss, Eric Chia, a crony of Mahathir's, was charged with looting the company. He stood trial, but was acquitted without having to put on a defense.

    In the mid 1980s, the Co-operative Central Bank, a bank set up to aid the Indian smallholder community, had to be rescued by Bank Negara, the country's central bank, after hundreds of millions of ringgit in loans granted to a flock of United Malays National Organisation and Malaysian Indian Congress politicians became non-performing. Some had never been serviced at all. Although the chief executive and general manager were charged with criminal breach of trust, none of the politicians were ever charged.

    Before that, the Malaysian government was believed to have lost US$500 million in an attempt at Mahathir's urging to corner the London tin market through a company called Maminco, driving the world price of tin from US$4.50 per tonne to US$7.50. It then sought to cover up the loss by establishing a US$2 company called Mukawasa from which allocations of new share issues to the government's Employees Provident Funds' were diverted. Mukawasa expected to sell the shares at a windfall profit to hide the tin speculation.

    Mahathir also was behind an attempt by the then governor of Bank Negara, the central bank, to aggressively speculate in the global foreign exchange market. Bank Negara ended up losing an estimated RM20 billion. The governor, Jaffar Hussein, and the head of forex trading, Nor Mohamed Yakcop were forced to resign.

    There have been many other political and financial scandals since. In 2005, Bank Islam Malaysia, the country's flagship Islamic bank, reported losses of RM457 million mainly due to provisioning totaling RM774 million as a result of bad loans and investments incurred by its Labuan branch. Cumulatively, Bank Islam ran up nonperforming loans of RM2.2 billion, partly from mismanagement and poor internal controls but also "years of regulatory indifference fueled by the misconceived notion of an untouchable Bank Islam because it was a favorite child of the Malaysian government, being the first and model Islamic bank in the country and region," according to a December 19, 2005 article in Arab News.

    "Bank Islam had a reputation in the market for being the spoilt child of the Malaysian Ministry of Finance; and the perception of the bank was more of a Muslim financial fraternity or government development financial institution," the report said.

    In 2007, in what was called Malaysia's Enron scandal, the publicly traded Transmile Group Bhd, whose chairman was former MCA President and Cabinet Minister Ling Liong Sik, was caught having overstated its revenue by RM530 million. A pretax profit from Rm207 million in 2006 was actually a loss of RM126 million, and a pretax profit of 120 million in 2005 was a loss of RM77 million, causing the government postal company Pos Malaysia & Services Holdings Bhd to warn that its earnings for the 2006 financial year might be affected by the reported overstatement, as the postal group owned 15.3 percent of Transmile.

    Over the years 2001 to 2006, the government had to spend billions to rescue seven privatized projects including Kuala Lumpur's two public transport systems, the perennially ailing Malaysia Airlines, the national sewage system and a variety of others that, in the words of one study, "had been privatized prematurely." The government also repeatedly bailed out highway construction concessionaires, all of them closely connected to Umno, to the tune of another RM38.5 billion.

    In 2008, it was revealed that Rafidah Aziz, who had served as trade and industry minister for 18 years, had been peddling approved permits for duty-free car sales and allegedly lining her pockets. Two companies which didn't even have showrooms – one of which belonged to the husband of Rafidah's niece – received scores of permits. Although Rafidah came in for heavy criticism from within Umno, she remained in office until she was defeated in party elections.

    In the 1960s, federal prosecutors in the United States who were attempting to jail the late labor boss Jimmy Hoffa for looting the Teamsters Pension Fund of millions of dollars with his cronies were puzzled by the fact that their revelations appeared to have little effect on the union's rank and file. It was because no matter how much money Hoffa and his cronies stole, there was always money left because the fund was so rich. That appears to be the case with Malaysia. asiasentinel



    Looting at the Universities too
    written by Lecturer , August 04, 2010
    I am very disappointed with the Ministry of Higher Education for sending less-than-average IQ lecturers overseas for their masters and/or PhDs. I say less-than-average because almost all of them failed to complete within the stipulated 3-year time frame and asked for extension for the next 6 months with full pay and full scholarship, and again, yet another 6 months with full pay. Meanwhile, a handful completed but they conned the government by saying that they have yet to complete and need full-pay full-scholarship extension. Recently I met a lecturer who has just reported for duty after a 4-year study leave. He told me that he was busy working and earning money for a year while waiting for his PhD. During the waiting period, he was on full-pay full-scholarship leave. To validate my claim, the Ministry of Higher Education can always check with you-know-who in the UK (for the Malaysian scholars in the UK) to see if their names are listed as workers.

    I have another friend who was on a commonwealth scholarship, and he told me that at the outset, the Commonwealth Commission said that he has to complete the PhD within 3 years; after which the scholarship stops. So he was very diligent, going to the library everyday whereas the Malaysian government scholars were busy working in Saintsbury / Marks& Spencer etc to earn more money over and above the full-pay and full-scholarship which was of courses from the Malaysian tax-payers' money.

    So, when these opportunist scholars return to their respective universities, they will be getting 3 increments in their pay, and then get another promotion to a higher grade and again, with 3 increments (P1T4 in DS52 pay scale). They will start looting again -- this time getting commission in the university purchase. Instant noodle at RM7.00 ... and an acer laptop of RM1299 at RM4299.

    cheap nike shox
    written by nike shox sale , May 19, 2010
    Remember aboiutr the RM7.00 instant noodle. The corruption at the procurement level must have added up to another RM 100 billion during the premiership of the man whom the then Australian PM labelled as recalcitrant.

    The plundering has not stopped
    written by old kanchil , December 02, 2009
    New of the NPL in CIMB of 8.4billion ringgit has not reached main stream media yet. There is a news blackout on it. CIMB bought over the perpetually bankrupt BMF. It is being used by UMNO Putras and their cronies to give out huge loans which can never be repaid. Just like Bank Bumi and BMF in the past. It is not the intention of the borrowers to repay their loans. Malays, given the chance, do not repay their loans. Look at the massive default from scholarships given to Malays. To them, all the money belongs to the Malays and they can do what they like with it. Just put your ears to the ground and you will know what I mean. All the money borrowed from CIMB is not to do business. It is to buy property overseas, shares overseas and just plain investment in overseas funds. How nice of the NEP. This is the Piracy Act that allows the Malays to be pirate kings in Malaysia.How can they Malays be poor? By the time they admit that they have 30&#xof; the wealth of the country, they will actually control 90%. They are like the "arab and the camel". They are deceitful to the core. That's why they can't get business partners from the West for their Proton company. No one from Europe trusts the Malays. Only the Chinese for some reason still give face to them. This is their last hope - and they still want to marginalise the Chinese. The DPM agrees that the peace treaty allows Chin Peng to return home to Malaysia. BUT he says Malaysia will still not allow him to do so. This is the classical deceit of the Malays. Never trust them even with a contract singed and sealed. Who wants to invest in Johore's Iskandar Project?They will change the rules when they realise other races are doing better than the Malays. If I were Singaore I would not even think of investing there. The risk is not worth it.

    Corrupt and incompetent to the core
    written by old croc , December 01, 2009
    I am no UMNO sycophant or agent-provocateur. In all sincerity it's time for the non Malays to come to the rescue of Malaysia. All the UMNO Putras and their cronies in BN have hoarded 100 billion ringgit. If they took out 50% and invested it in businesses it wouldn't be so bad. But the Malays just hoard and hoard. It is common to find huge stacks of money in their bungalows. I know because I have lived with them. It is a status symbol to have a hoard of money and jewellery - from the rulers down to the middle class Malay professionals. Now the dirt has come out about the brainwashing programme of the BN government - the BTN. It's only function is to create Islamic and Malay extremism so that the BN can still govern and carry on hoarding money. About the Bumi Finance Scandal - the minister of finance at that time was Tengku Razaleigh. Lorraine Osman took the rap by not mentioning the name of the minister who gave him his orders. For that Lorraine Osman was given a large sum of money and now he lives in the lap of luxury in London. Even then his dirty ways could not disappear. He was implicated in the resignation of the Irish PM. Just like in BMF! Who was that minister behind Lorraine? Was it the PM or the Minister of Finance? Whoever it is, it is classical UMNO culture. From then on, every minister used a Caterpillar tractor to "dig" for easy wealth - in the past they only used a changkul(spade). It is common knowledge that ministers only talk of how much can be made and from which project. No wonder the country now has no money for development and has to borrow heavily from China. The Malays must realise that the only hope of getting on in life is to depend on the Chinese both locally and internationally. No one from the West will give them face. Only the Chinese can do that. And the Malays still want to marginalise the Chinese. They are so like frogs under a coconut shell. They just don't know which side of the bread is the butter. Only the Chinese will tolerate their nonsense.

    Time Bomb in Malaysia-Change! or be Changed by honest Malaysians!
    written by Hobama , November 29, 2009
    Its not about Malays or non-Malays taking over this disfunctional government.Its about true, honest patriotic Malaysians standing up to run this country democratically.I think the Malay community are not unintelligent to realize that when Mahathir came to power-he had one thing in mind-making as much money corruptly as is possible to saty in power, while doing so keep men who atre that way inclined to be his lackys and successfully did it for 22 years. So while the Rich Malays ,Royalty and selected Bumiputras ( including Ananda Krishnan, Kuoks,LTY and many many more) increased their wealth -also were nominees for Mahathir-the country declined. In all sectors corruption reared its ugly head-Town Planning, Agriculture,Mining , Licences,Judiciary, Police,Legislative body, UMNO

    Malays have failed to govern
    written by old croc , November 28, 2009
    The Malays have failed to govern Malaysia. They have had 50 years to make it but they have undermined Malaysia's future and their personal values by their innate corrupt culture, racist and religious extremism, incoherent logic and sheer laziness. As someone born and breed in Malaysia, I have seen the downhill slide brought about by UMNO and their cronies in MCA and MIC. Most non Malays are proud of malaysia(like me) but their efforts are undermined by the corruption,sheer incompetence and racist approach to government. The worst came with DR Mahathir. He put an approval stamp on anything that benefitted him and his cronies. He has single handedly gave birth to the culture of deceit and hypocrisy. As the saying goes -"one dollar for the government, 2 dollars for him".Everything undesireable appeared to bloom under his rule. Any positive outcome was accidental. The primary outcome of any project was to swell his pockets and that of his cronies. And he is still at it - using his son to put his foot in the till of the Malaysian Treasury.
    As the Malays fail to govern, it is time for the non Malays to take over the country. The Malays will realise that they can still enjoy themselves while the non Malays slog with their might and brains. All they need to do is just stay out government. Be the nature's gentlemen that they were born to be. Throughout SEA, the Malay man has always been the one to "lepak" or loiter aimlessly smoking a cigarett while the women folk foil in the fields and town. This is their culture. This is what they can be. Just stay out of government.

    Teras Dara Konsortium - add this to the long list.
    written by seriati , November 28, 2009
    When Development Authority for Pahang Tenggara (DARA) was dissolved 10 years ago, the commercial arm of DARA was privatised to Teras Dara through an MBO front. The man behind this was actually non other than Dato Jamaluddin Jarjis, our current ambassador to the US. What was then a very sweet deal was turned into an ATM. Shareholdinds and assets have been sold. Even a palm oil plantation of 10000 acres was deprived of its mill, the later sold to a diferent company.

    I hope somebody more well versed with such matter would investigate. PKR Pahang?

    otes: +13

    Malaysians should stop paying Taxes! Mahathir, Badawi and Mahathir -CONMEN!
    written by Orang Jakun Malaysia , November 27, 2009
    I agree that Malaysians should stop paying taxes immediately. The malaysian government is illegal-UMNO was made illegal by the late J Harun.That decision still stands.It is illegal to start a new society and transfer all the assets before inquiry is made how the assets were obtained in the 1st place.
    Najib, his brothers and his nephew Hishamuddin and all the UMNO crooines in the cabinet including the DPM, MCA and MIC are an illegal government.I hope that MI-6,CIA and all law enforcements agencies will leak to the public all the ill gotten gains of Malaysian politicians in international banks.

    I hope that when our politicians travel that they will be arrested by Magistrates in Europe or the USA on the grounds of crimes against humanity-torture is a crime against humanity-The politicians who should be arrested are Mahathir, Badawi,Najib, Albar, Hishamuddin and Rais Yatim.It will be good that malaysian learn what the politicaisn in malaysia have been doing over the years with thgeir ill gotten gains! I am ashamed to eb a Malaysian because my own people have no respect fro honesty-I am ashamed that the unscrupolous are teh Government, the Attorney general,Judges, Police and all other institutions that run this country-It is a SHAME that Malaysian have to suffer with a BAD government. DONT PAY TAXES-if they try and sue you-leave malaysia and seek Asylum in Europe and /or USA-this is a primitive country where UMNO still sits on the trees and s**ts on its citizens!!

    Mahathiar still milking our national funds
    written by Langkawi Boys , November 27, 2009
    In Langkawi, Mahathir still spends millions of Rakyat's fund annually
    which can be use to help out the poor Penans (in East Malaysia) and
    the hardcore poor Rakyats!

    The Perdana Musuem is just to keep his personal belongings which can
    be housed in his personal Mansion. There is the National Musuem if any of
    them are significant to our national history.

    Where is the PERDANA MUSEUM to keep items of our founding BAPA MALAYSIA,
    Tunku Abdul Rahman or Tun Razak or Hussein Onn?

    Its time we STOP this wastage and divert the funds to help the hardcore poor in
    our economically declining nation.

    Breakingnews: RM8.4Billion CIMB Bank's NPL
    written by Habib RAK , November 27, 2009
    CIMB reported that it is saddled with RM8.4Billion in NPL. Though this is a collossal amount, it is buried in mainstream media. Not given any highlight. Apparently the net worth of this RM8.4Billion is only a mere puny RM928Million. The central bank Bank Negara is suppose to be the watchdog but alas. Sigh.
    Hope Asia Sentinel will carry the detailed news.

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    Najib’s ridiculous doctorate.

    March 9, 2011 · 1:30 am

    Najib’s ridiculous doctorate.

    As an Australian and an ardent advocate of freedom and human rights, I’m outraged by Monash University’s proposed awarding of an honorary doctorate this Friday 4 March at its Melbourne campus to Malaysia’s Prime Minister, or as my old mate Antares more accurately characterises him, Crime Minister Najib Razak.

    This man and his Umno/BN colleagues and cronies are as big a burden and blight on Malaysia as the Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali clan was on Tunisia, the Mubarak regime on Egypt, and the Gaddafi gang on Libya.

    Najib has even declared, Gaddafi style, that he and his Umno party must stay determined to cling onto power at all costs, “even if our bodies are crushed and our lives lost.”

    And in case anyone imagined he was engaging in empty rhetoric, Umno Youth are engaging in military-style training and Umno’s sinister ‘volunteer force’, Rela, is reportedly on a mission to achieve a membership of more than two million by sometime this year.

    Meanwhile Najib is mounting an international charm offensive to try and hide the harm he and his cronies have been doing the Malaysian people.

    Employing the services of the notorious Apco Worldwide, PR consultants and lobbyists for dubious causes and countries, to arrange ‘humanitarian’ awards for his widely-loathed ‘first lady’ Rosmah Mansour and invent a veneer of respectability for himself.

    Though the campaign’s not working as well as it might, as Najib’s carefully-scripted words are inevitably given the lie by his nefarious works.

    As Mariam Mokhtar and others has recently noted, Najib and other senior Umno/BN figures have been loudly proclaiming the difference between their regime and embattled kleptocracies elsewhere, even to the extent of condemning the use of force against demonstrators.

    Yet recent racial-equality rallies in Malaysia have been dispersed with similar force, and dozens of protestors summarily arrested. And of course the never-ending persecution of Malaysia’s opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim, is still in progress, as his trial on a second charge of sodomy pursues its dismal course.

    Then there’s the fact that the Anwar case, as outrageous as it is in itself, is far from unique. Ever since former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad decimated the nation’s formerly independent judiciary back in the 1980s, Malaysia has been infamous for its politically-compliant judges and kangaroo courts.

    With the word ‘kangaroo’ inevitably evoking thoughts of Australia, and Najib Razak’s performance revealing him as a snake-in-the-grass in the legal field, the discussion naturally turns to what on earth Monash University is thinking of in its intention to award this person an honorary degree of doctor of laws.

    Could it be some kind of esoteric intellectual in-joke? Or a quid pro quo for Najib’s government’s recent, unprecedented granting of RM1.1 million (Aud$361,000) in research grants to academic staff of the Monash campus in Sunway, KL?

    Or, given that surely no university worthy of the name would sell its favours so ridiculously cheap, is it simply just a dreadful mistake?

    Alternatively, perhaps there’s a clue to be found in Monash’s rather curious motto, “ancora imparo” or “I am still learning.”

    Though on second thoughts surely no Australian university could be such a lamentably slow learner as to be ignorant of Najib Razak’s highly compromised personal reputation, let alone his appalling record as prime minister of Malaysia.

    Far from deserving an honorary degree, let alone a doctorate of laws, Najib fails miserably on Monash University’s own website-proclaimed values: diversity, innovation and creativity, international focus, fairness, integrity, engagement and self-reliance.

    Najib’s Malaysia has diversity alright, especially of races and religions, and Najib and his Umno/BN goons work tirelessly to keep these diverse groups as divided and unequal as possible.

    As for innovation and creativity, all that Najib has innovated and created in the term of his premiership is his “1Malaysia” slogan. And this is just a lame and lying attempt to cover up his government’s above-mentioned divide-and-rule policy.

    When it comes to ‘international focus’, all that Najib and his government appear to have achieved in the global arena is a grossly ill-deserved image as a bridge between moderate Islam and the West, all the while winking at international crimes like people-smuggling and the traffic of illicit weapons components, and providing aid and comfort to embargoed regimes like Mugabe’s Zimbabwe.

    Which brings as to the qualities of ‘fairness’ and ‘integrity’, both of which appear entirely lacking in Najib Razak and his Umno/BN regime.

    Besides racial and religious divisiveness, the Malaysian government conspires to keep itself in power through grossly iniquitous gerrymandering of electoral bounderies and blatant bribery of voters.

    It feeds the populace a pack of lies through the regime-monopolised mass media and suppresses dissenting opinion through its ruthlessly-enforced if unconstitutional Printing, Presses and Publications Act.

    It robs the Malaysian people blind with a monstrous system of everything from kickbacks, ‘commissions’ and crony contracting to blatant fraud, embezzlement and outright theft.

    It protects this whole pernicious system with a police force that’s clearly in league with organised crime, an anti-corruption commission that’s a standing joke, and a legal system that routinely fails to prosecute the perpetrators of homicide by the forces of so-called law and order.

    And the most notorious nexus of corruption and murder in recent Malaysian history, the shooting and explosive dismembering of Altantuya Shaariibuu, a Mongolian translator involved in the apparently corrupt purchase of French submarines, occurred when Najib Razak was defence minister.

    Coincidentally, perhaps, the man most outspoken in insisting that Najib was personally implicated in this crime, Raja Petra Kamarudin of, is currently visiting Australia.

    Now living in self-exile in the UK and thus safe from Malaysian ‘justice’, RPK is scheduled to speak at several Australian universities including Sydney and ANU in his role as chairman of the Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement (MCLM).

    As a true Malaysian freedom-fighter and former inmate of Kamunting Prison under the Umno/BN government’s iniquitous internal security act, he’d be a far worthier recipient of an honorary degree than a repressor and robber of the people like Najib Razak.

    And surely, as a man without any discernible honour, the Right Honourable Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak has enough fancy honorifics to his name. In any case it would pay him to learn that the longer your title gets, the more ridiculous it makes you look. Or, as they say in Texas about suspicious displays of grandiosity, “the bigger the hat, the smaller the ranch.” deanjohns.

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    Thursday, 10 February 2011 10:00
    Najib strikes fear in markets and brings shame to Malaysians

    Written by Mariam Mokhtar, Malaysia Chronicle

    Maybank Investment chief executive officer Tengku Zafrul Tengku Abdul Aziz added to the mounting pressure in the market on the appointment of former Negri Sembilan menteri besar Mohd Isa Abdul Samad as Felda chairpman, by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

    He said, “There have been many GLCs that have ex-politicians appointed as chairpersons, but Felda is a rare case, where the market is concerned with such an appointment. It sends the wrong signals”.

    National Economic Advisory Council member Zainal Aznam Mohd Yusof was more blunt and said Mohd Isa’s track record of graft had raised alarm bells. Zainal played a major role in the preparation of the Second, Fourth and Fifth Malaysia Plans.

    He said, “It was a sad day when Isa was appointed chairperson of Felda.”

    Zainal Aznam said real reform could be achieved if there was a blanket ban on the appointment of politicians to head GLCs: “Why not say politicians cannot be appointed, no matter which political divide you are from, or whether or not you are corrupt? Power corrupts, so the basic assumption is that (politicians) are stigmatised as corrupt”.

    He believed that Isa Samad’s appointment was a blow to Felda's solid reputation in the developing world.

    Former Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir expressed his regret at the shocking level of corruption and cronyism in the nation.

    He said, “If the founding fathers could see what is happening now, they will turn in their graves. Corruption is everywhere, you have to bribe people to get things done. Cronyism is everywhere.”

    The men were speaking at a forum organised by the think tank Institute of Democratic and Economic Affairs (Ideas), which was founded one year ago.

    Former Prime minister Mahathir Mohamad once condemned Isa Samad’s links with corruption and warned the party that Isa Samad could tarnish Umno’s image.

    His criticism of Isa Samad was evident when Isa was nominated as candidate for the Bagan Pinang state by-election, in 2009.

    Mahathir believed that Umno’s image would be affected because people would think that the party was not serious about fighting money politics if it chose a corrupt candidate.

    Isa was suspended for six years, reduced to three years on appeal, for money politics in the 2004 Umno elections.

    Incredibly Najib ignored all our protestations and for reasons of his own, and against his better judgement, appointed Isa Samad.

    The unfortunate thing is that the people whom Isa Samad is supposed to help are the ones who are oblivious about his past.

    Najib’s refusal to address our concerns has prompted various remarks about why Isa Samad was elevated to Chairman of FELDA. The reasons put forward have suggested that the PM could have been compromised because of his past connection and dealings with Isa Samad.

    Najib is part of the problem rather than the solution. Appointing Isa Samad is like telling Malaysians that corrupt practices will be rewarded. Najib should have come down hard on Isa Samad and others like him who are openly corrupt.

    This betrayal of the Malaysian public is what causes mounting resentment in the rakyat. They feel as if their grievances are not being addressed.

    The adverse publicity in terms of racism and corruption are bad for our image abroad.

    It comes at a time when Najib’s racism was recently criticized by ex-US ambassador John Malott.

    Malott’s article was published in the Asian Wall Street Journal and will be bad for our FDIs (foreign direct investments). It will be read by numerous Fortune 500 CEOs and Asian/European CEOs as well as countless bankers, equity managers and decision-makers around the world.

    If Malaysia is known globally as a country that practises racism, Isa Samad’s appointment is an endorsement of corrupt practices.

    The other tragedy is that Najib may be the one which causes the eventual downfall of FELDA, the organisation which was started by his father, to elevate the living standards and raise the hard-core poor, out of poverty. Malaysia-Chronicle....

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