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Thread: MalaysianYouth4Change: Video 1 - Dear Mommy & Daddy, What's my future?

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    MalaysianYouth4Change: Video 1 - Dear Mommy & Daddy, What's my future?

    24 Jun 2011, Revised version upload: MalaysianYouth4Change Video 1 EN Upgraded.

    Download HD Video from here.


    Scandals, Mar 2011: List of scandals total more than RM 400 Billion to date without allowing for recurring expenditure and maintenance charges.

    Please register at Malaysians4Change Registration to record your interest to participate in our programme for change.
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    MalaysianYouth4Change Video 1: HD version on YouTube - Comments

    8,789 views, uploaded on 06/06/11

    All Comments (31)

    Would you like to have a say in how the BM version is produced? If so, please visit tindakmalaysia (dot) com, Malaysians4Change forum, click on "MalaysianYouth4Change Video 1 BM: Mak & Ayah, Bagaimana Masa Depan Saya?" All suggestions and comments are welcome. Tx.
    wongpiangyow21 minutes ago

    MagicRoss7, while it is good to live in hope, action is what counts finally. Why don't you visit tindakmalaysia (dot) com under Malaysians4Change. See what you can do there. Also join the BERSIH Rally on 9th Jul 11. I heard Ibrahim Ali is going to oppose it to the death. How are you for frog porridge?
    wongpiangyow14 hours ago

    FunnySabahan13 hours ago

    Sabahans used to sell thier votes because of RM50 and a sack of rice. LOL how absurd! Look what RM50 is compared to now is worth? Expecting for a change? Pinoys and Indons are MY Card holders, how do you expect for a change when these people are going to ruin true Malaysian votes?The current leader of Sabah is the biggest corrupter of all and will be the next Taib in Sabah. You will be surprised to know how many Sabah civil contracts are handed over.
    FunnySabahan14 hours ago

    I can foresee what lies for Sabah 2015. High unemployment rate and civil arrest, not to mention pay beyond poverty line RM800 per month? Enough to do fuck or buy puki ayam from wet market as substitute?
    FunnySabahan14 hours ago

    Video playing @ 0:37, okay, heard enough. Byebye Malaysia. =)
    ongxizhe14 hours ago

    ashman4827:My kids will not know that Malaysia exists.
    Children always find out.... eventually. Do you want to spend a lifetime lying and hiding the truth from your kids?
    Get ready for a 2nd question: Daddy, why did you lie to us?
    wongpiangyow1 day ago

    Bribery: Our Prime Minister has actually involved himself with it too! :3
    iambryan12341 day ago

    My kids will not know that Malaysia exists.
    ashman48272 days ago

    ashman4827, one day your kids will come up to you and ask: Why didn't you do something when you had the chance? I don't think you want to face such a question. It's better to fight and lose than not to fight at all.
    wongpiangyow2 days ago

    I totally agree with cursedweirdo. That's why I've nearly executed most of the steps below.

    Sadly, there is no hope left.....

    You're just fighting an uphill battle that ultimately you WILL lose.
    ashman48272 days ago

    I don't know why but I'm sorry to say that there is a hidden agenda in this video. Hopefully we get a video response to counter the information of this video and only then we can get a clear picture by weighing the information of both videos.
    mi90able4 days ago

    ..young man & girls , you all got the rubbish in yr heads after all these schooling days. Malaysia is a paradise, c/w multi-cultures found no other place in this world,

    everyone free to choose yr own destiny, you all must remenber that no such thing

    as fairness in this world, if you choose to be a born loser, then dream as u like, otherwise start to work hard towards yr destination., that 's no, no free lunch or

    dinners around, only can wish u good lucks, if u keep on expecting miracles.
    Tanyewchai5 days ago

    @Tanyewchai hopefully this system brings u more food that u can eat, since u are the top of the food chain..cheers.
    chaichungsang3 days ago

    stungunsteve, tx for support. There are 2 versions online. Other version has 15,663 views already. search under Malaysians4Change and you can see the other version.
    wongpiangyow6 days ago

    3921 views and only 21 likes? Only 3,

    921 views? Come on guys n girls. Let's each of us do our friends and citizens a favor by forwarding this video to 10 - 15 people each and ask them to do the same. It's the least we can do
    stungunsteve6 days ago

    cursedweirdo, how many can do as you suggest? What about the millions who can't? Do we abandon them?
    wongpiangyow1 week ago

    Grow up -> Move out -> Study in foreign country -> Work in foreign country -> Get PR -> Get Citizenship -> Never call yourself a Malaysian every again -> Winning.
    cursedweirdo1 week ago 3

    Johnhardick, join me and make a difference. Don't put yourself in a situation where your children ask you: Why didn't you do something when you had the chance?

    Isn't it better to say to future generations: You are free today because we fought to free you from tyranny in 2011!

    Life is full of choices. We can choose to be significant or to fade into insignificance. The difference is in how many lives you touch with your efforts.
    wongpiangyow1 week ago

    Unfortunately, the Malays in general either don';t go along with us or they could not be bordered. That is why, we don't hear enough complaints from them.

    I am reaching retirement age this year. I most probably will have to work until my last day if I want to live reasonbably well and that is provided I am employable until then.
    Johnhardick1 week ago

    Change or doom fellow Malaysians!

    This applies to the Bumiputeras too, think about it.

    guitarbug1 week ago

    Think all malaysians who wants change to spread this to the media
    scionkai1 week ago

    Old man, STEP DOWN LA. Let the young ones step up. it's time for changes
    latios5071 week ago

    Nothing new dear lady. I left 32 years ago and never looked back. The decision to move away was the best decision I have ever made. It was already bad then and now it's worst. Malaysia is now just a vacation destination for me to visit . Let the idiots run the country to the ground. Get out as fast as possble.
    wf6man1 week ago

    You need to stay and pay taxes. How else can UMNO absorb the unemployable graduates and maintain the UMNO-clods with their lifestyle. That's your national duty.

    And while you are at it, you can kick those clowns out during the next GE. Take up PACA training to help in election campaign to even the odds.
    wongpiangyow1 week ago

    Wong, Thanks for making this video! Very enlightening.

    And yes, very alarming state the country is in now with present government rule...

    Should the non-bumis stay or leave? At the very least, we need to vote for change come GE.

    I will share this video to all I know.
    theyouth20001 week ago

    Isaac, you are welcome. Please pass the word. If UMNO continues with their robbing and raping, Malaysia goes bankrupt by 2013. Get ready for massive currency devaluation. Protect yourself by buying gold and silver. Don't keep your cash in the bank. It will only finance their corruption.
    wongpiangyow1 week ago

    This is all real!! Thanks for making this videos~ 
    isaac1226201 week ago

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    MalaysianYouth4Change in YouTube: Standard Upload

    All Comments (84)
    37,750 views 3pm, 13/06/11

    Uploaded by wongpiangyow on May 30, 2011

    236 likes, 6 dislikes

    Uploader Comments (wongpiangyow)

    aurora317, by all means go overseas if it will be beneficial financially. It will widen your horizon. go to tindakmalaysia (dot) com, look for Sovereignman. You will find many articles discussing about opportunities in other countries. Best of luck. Email us when you are 21 and we will help you register as a voter.
    wongpiangyow19 hours ago

    @Naivelleon: In that case, doesn't it make sense to invest some time and effort to fight for your freedom?
    wongpiangyow3 days ago

    @RunToTheHell91: Jordan, not Jordon. Good one. We missed that. Tx.
    wongpiangyow3 days ago

    @147896520: The Truth will set you free.

    @mad66crow: Don't worry about Malaysians. Worry about the things within your control. Will you turn up to support your voting rights. Remember! If you don't have the right to choose the ruling party of your choice freely and fairly, you are effectively a slave! The issue is not turning out to protest. The issue is your FREEDOM! You are turning out to demand your FREEDOM!

    wongpiangyow4 days ago

    floatercloud, you will have more confidence once you see the big picture. Go to my facebook under photos the UMNO War Machine, print out the diagrams. Pin it up on your wall and look at it while watching the video Malaysians4Change Part 2 a few rounds, . You will see answers that will help you in your life. Use it as mental models to filter information on economics and finance. Keep practising. Feel free to ask questions.
    wongpiangyow4 days ago

    floatercloud, I recommend you to read Conspiracy - The Rat Race in tindakmalaysia. I think you may find some answers there. A very important element is your state of mind and your attitude. Is the glass half-full or half-empty. It's all in your head. Look for shadows and you see shadows everywhere. Look for brightness and you will see it if you look hard enough. The future is in your hands. Grab it and do something about it. Always ask: What can I do to make things better? Join me.
    wongpiangyow4 days ago

    sabah and sarawak should separate from malaysia. and create our own nation!
    DskYlovesB1 week ago 18

    for some malay extremists like PERKASA, i am malay too. but remember that we also PENDATANG same like other race. open minded guys. take a look at our history of country. dont be to racist to other race. that's not what our religion teach us and our prophet teach us..
    apai94 days ago 15

    Fully support.... need change
    rbtng3 hours ago

    @afam98 merdeka is merdeka, who help us to merdeka? not everyone have the same mindset. hope you understand
    Knowinglex22 hours ago

    @DskYlovesB agree, thats very true, east has produce so much goods, but where is the money,"no idea" (bribery) HMMMMMMM..... plus, govs don't give shit about east, we have so much lands, but so little changes, whats the whole idea about it, singapore left malaysia for awhile now, look at them.

    PS: i am not flamming on you


    Knowinglex15 hours ago

    i'll become a voter in next election, i know which side to vote for if i wanted a change of my life

    but to be honest, i'm still leaving malaysia to other countries for work and better life, i rather die in earthquake than been treated unfairly on almost EVERYTHING

    not all places earthquake, but in malaysia, corruption everywhere

    aurora31719 hours ago

    Even though you are trying to prove with statistics to get the rights i dont think so other than malays can able to get their rightsd to avail the facilities from the Govt. Of course it is only for the Malays and ! alaysia means for Malaysa only
    ravina331 day ago

    If you want to change so as to make your life better and comfotable and live without fear and be thretened, vote for the change vote out the current government.
    lky881 day ago

    i agreed with most of the ideas.I'm a malay student who studied abroad by scholarship of govt. i think the issue that happen in malaysia become worse bcoz we didn't work together,speak the same language even lpak together. this video seems make us think,not JUDGE! We should understand each other needs and rights. THE TRUTH IS: we can't satisfied everyone! thus,we must learn to tolerate as how the developped country does to other immigrant (US-Black,Mexican,Pakistanis)
    MrSTeIn901 day ago

    miss, i think you better migrate to BANGLADESH la....only you are right and other people all wrong!!!! how much did pay your income tax maaa talk only maaa..... do you know how Malaysia got the kemerdekaan GO TO THE HELL LA YOU
    afam982 days ago

    tweet our politicians
    asimpleswitch3 days ago

    hey guys. i really love this video. it open my mind. to those people that making this video, can i have contact with u all?? anything news i want to follow from u guys. coz i believe that u got potency to wake up us and open our mindset. coz people nowadays are too lazy to make research bout this kind of topic. about our nation future. is not like malaysian for malays only. i am malay. but we need all of race to stand unite for our country to make change.
    apai94 days ago

    Miss, you should make a malay version!!! So the 'malays' can understand your video!
    Kejam114 days ago

    Btw, it's JORDAN. Not Jordon
    RunToTheHell914 days ago

    Miss, this is brilliant. You should make a malay version. And open up their eyes. We are the people !
    RunToTheHell914 days ago

    your voice damn irritating.
    gaysharif4 days ago

    knew all these crap would come along all these years. I'm glad I'm out of this sh1th0l3 :)
    adriezze4 days ago

    @147896520: The Truth will set you free.

    @mad66crow: Don't worry about Malaysians. Worry about the things within your control. Will you turn up to support your voting rights. Remember! If you don't have the right to choose the ruling party of your choice freely and fairly, you are effectively a slave! The issue is not turning out to protest. The issue is your FREEDOM! You are turning out to demand your FREEDOM!
    wongpiangyow4 days ago

    Your a true malaysian and your not afraid to speak the truth. Ur awsome!
    1478965204 days ago

    and i do see the big picture, do you?
    floaterincloud4 days ago

    why? umno and pr is the same. i watched the vid and understand completely what you are trying to say in the vid. but change of gov or not it will remain the same. the greedy will still be on top, and the poor will be poorer. i'm not saying we dont need to kick the current administration out of office, we do. but what i'm trying to say is the opposition is no better than them. there is no credible political party in this country. they can put lipstick on shit, but it'll still be shit
    floaterincloud4 days ago

    Will Malaysian go out in force to protest? I highly doubt it..
    mad66crow4 days ago

    floatercloud, you will have more confidence once you see the big picture. Go to my facebook under photos the UMNO War Machine, print out the diagrams. Pin it up on your wall and look at it while watching the video Malaysians4Change Part 2 a few rounds, . You will see answers that will help you in your life. Use it as mental models to filter information on economics and finance. Keep practising. Feel free to ask questions.
    wongpiangyow4 days ago

    this is nothing new to me

    I suggest everyone to watch Zeitgeist
    meis4 days ago

    Spoken like how all Malaysians should speak.
    BenthePizzaman4 days ago 2

    because Malaysia is too peace, we need to demonstrate on the street about the unreasonable car price.
    Billy30325724 days ago

    floatercloud, I recommend you to read Conspiracy - The Rat Race in tindakmalaysia. I think you may find some answers there. A very important element is your state of mind and your attitude. Is the glass half-full or half-empty. It's all in your head. Look for shadows and you see shadows everywhere. Look for brightness and you will see it if you look hard enough. The future is in your hands. Grab it and do something about it. Always ask: What can I do to make things better? Join me.
    wongpiangyow4 days ago

    @wongpiangyow i support you all the way. the only way to change is through awakening. i may see the glass as half empty,this is the reality. any days newpaper will prove that. but i too strive to change that. if 1 person manages to awaken 1 other person, then the battle is won.

    i wish you luck, and i wish for all of us to awaken from this nightmare and embrace each other for what we are, the "same".

    floaterincloud4 days ago

    floaterincloud, if you want politics to be clean, then get involved. If good people like you don't come in, then dirty people will come in. Nature hates a vacuum.
    wongpiangyow4 days ago 2

    @wongpiangyow unfortunately, there is no such thing as clean politics. the world is ruled by the greedy, and there are more greedy people in the world than any of us would like. the problems we face in our country is actually a worldwide problem.

    if a survey is conducted world wide, asking every human being alive over the age of 16, "would you murder your neighbour for a million gold bars without any chance of jail or punishment, would you do it?" you'd get surprising results.

    floaterincloud4 days ago

    the shitty part is: the opposition will do the same crap.both parties are full of shit.

    there is not a single politician in Malaysia that is fighting for the rakyat.

    you want your bumi rights? keep it. 7% discount on home prices, no problem, but stop wasting trillions on rubbish projects that get us no where. dang.

    the corruption culture in our country is screwed. you want to keep a lil money on the side, sure, but dont take the whole fucking cake and leave the crumbs for the project.
    floaterincloud4 days ago

    Very good video. Extremely informative, and I hope those who're still living under the impression that the government is actually trying to help "us" will wake up. Keep the videos coming wongpiangyow. Good job once more.
    dinesh2hell4 days ago 2

    very detailed and well said indeed.
    wafflesforthewin4 days ago

    @DskYlovesB And if it works and turns out a better nation, I'd probably swim over to join it,
    nitevision924 days ago

    sivasaur4 days ago

    The main problem is religion. when you mix religion with ANYTHING, it's bad and doomed for failure.
    loveuallso4 days ago

    @loveuallso I have no choice but to agree with that. I fail to understand why race and religion has to be injected in nearly everything, namely in our education system. Also, why would they have quotas for scholarships? I don't think it's meant to keep everything fair and square. That's just a poor excuse if you ask me. Scholarships should be handed to those who actually DESERVE it, instead of it being handed based on our race and religion.
    dinesh2hell4 days ago

    More educational videos coming. Looking for volunteers to help in video production. People in the mass communications or graphic design field or those who love creating powerpoints and videos. Payment is the satisfaction of contributing towards a Better Malaysia.
    wongpiangyow4 days ago

    @Mrmilofuze Its so sad that your vocabulary is limited to "dumb ass idiot" only. Shows how a (insert your favorite vocab here) you are.
    sayzteff4 days ago

    Can I like this infinity times?

    And I hope those people faster run to hell before they bring us to hell.

    demonsoldierchem5 days ago

    kohtianyi, change your thinking and things will change. The current party running the govt has a mandate to govern for 5 years. If you don't like the way they run it, kick them out in the next elections. Go to tindakmalaysia (dot) com, malaysians4change, Poll: Malaysians4Change Video Part 1 (En): A Wake-up Call & Action Plan. Start work now. The GE could be Jul 2011!
    wongpiangyow5 days ago

    i love my country, but my government doesn't love me.
    kohtianyi5 days ago 2

    i suggest to make a malay version and a chinese version, so more ppl can get this info.

    well done! :)
    bigcake1235 days ago 2

    @bleee1727 I think you can contribute if you want to. Just ask yourself: What can I do to help or make things better? Ideas, money, effort, time, network, pass the word around? If don't know but still willing, drop us a line and we can offer some suggestions. Whatever it is, just do something! One day, you can look back and say to yourself: YES! I did it!
    wongpiangyow5 days ago

    so what? the canteen operators dun want to make profit? dumb ass idiot.
    MrMilofuze5 days ago

    "we pay more than indonesian n american" bahahahaha....what a joke wongpiangyow...u compare this developing country with bloody america who is fat forward 80 yrs than us....brilllianntttt!! and indonesian....uh who is it that have to come here n work in other country? does our ppl have to go to other country to work just to make sure our family members are not starving u dumb ass idiot go check again all ur remarks in this stupid dumb ass video
    MrMilofuze5 days ago

    @MrMilofuze in fact, you dont know that there is not a small amount of malaysian have to go oversea and work their ass out. face the fact.
    kennethklkk5 days ago

    @MrMilofuze patriot much?
    kohtianyi5 days ago

    @enghwa23 fuck off
    MrMilofuze5 days ago

    yiminchong asked: If we share will we get caught by ISA?

    Yes, that's a worry. Even thinking about it is cause enough for you to be detained. Since that's the case, you might as well share. What else have you got to lose? We are in deep enough horse-processed hay as it is.

    wongpiangyow5 days ago

    trinitybryan, good observation on gold and dollar. you may want to read the forum "Gold and Precious Metals" at tindakmalaysia (dot) com. Look for Gold Primer. The other thread you may find interesting is in Conspiracy - The Rat Race. Read Global Rat Race and The Rat Race Parts I - VI.

    Help: Prepare to attend the BERSIH 2.0 Rally in KL on 9th July. This is very important. We need more than 300,000 marchers.

    wongpiangyow5 days ago

    I really wanna see Malaysia government failure!! 
    enghwa235 days ago

    I'm going to have to work harder to get more gold...
    roflmfaoball5 days ago

    Btw, after watched the video and see through your forum. Piang Yow, I really want to thanks you very much for the effort you do in helping the next generation of Malaysia. You really do a great job, many pple in my generation still didnt wake up. Many still playing with their Iphone and Ipad while we now should use our money to buy gold and silver. I already registered in ur blog as bryan khoo. Keep in touch, and if you need any manpower or support, pls contact me. I will do what I can help.
    trinitybryan5 days ago

    @trinitybryan opps, is forum not blog... haha
    trinitybryan5 days ago

    When this video correctly reported about the incompetency about our government. Here extra another info, do you all know why most people compare inflation starting from 1970? This is the year when President Nixon of US separate US dollar from Gold rates. This is where the global inflation begins. Today, US is printing money in trillions without gold reserves. The rule of money have changed since 1970. But the main problem is our government, education system is still the old system
    trinitybryan5 days ago

    If we share will we get caught by ISA?
    yiminchong6 days ago

    I wonder... Will our Government ever listen?
    genie19786 days ago

    PAS is better than UMNO

    DAP is better than MCA + MIC + Gerakan

    PKR is better than Barisan Nasional

    vanagumsabagum6 days ago

    megabigblur, good point. will look into it.
    wongpiangyow1 week ago

    Mandymandytee, that's your reward for being the "fixed deposit". Also for selling your votes for $50. Stop complaining. Do something to educate the natives not to be so cheap as to sell themselves for a few bucks. I feel sorry and angry at them for being so...... Or join our Sarawak-PAG to learn how to become a PACA.
    wongpiangyow1 week ago

    I like the video, agree with most of the points, but a couple of technical comments - 1) the reader is not bad, I would give her a 'B+' for voice acting but not quite 'A'. 2) Looks like you have converted the video from PowerPoint with some weird software. It doesn't fill up the whole YouTube window. It's quite annoying that it's so small so it's hard to see the graphs and so forth. Please fix in later editions. Sorry to complain but I'm complaining as a supporter who wants to see better =)
    megabigblur1 week ago

    Sabah & Sarawak has given a lot, but how come they're still living in poverty? This I really cannot comprehend.
    mandymandytee1 week ago 3

    Excellent video Wong. 
    stgreg041 week ago

    2 people are from PDRM asking for "kopi" money.
    rexen98081 week ago 5

    sabah and sarawak should separate from malaysia. and create our own nation!
    DskYlovesB1 week ago 18

    Cant wait for the day when we can freely punch Ibrahim Ali's face until it flattens legally, because the court has sentenced him to death through severe beatings because of what he had done to the country.
    sintiansai1 week ago

    Dont worry young lady, PR is bringing you the lightof hope you are looking for..

    (And "Oh PS" is quite funny, liek it ^^ )
    mukmin011 week ago

    Divide and conquer strategy works well when majority of each side is easily deceived. Greater awareness and transparency can equalize that. Good on you Youth 4 Malaysia!
    chaliele1 week ago

    SG no better and yet more n more still flooding in?!!!!
    RonLarhz1 week ago

    because the folks at Sabah, Sarawak are still Christians
    shiyinglau12051 week ago

    There are enough laws to cover the requirements of the PPPA and ISA. It's just that the leaders and the police are too lazy to use it. We have nearly 700 Constitutional amendments since Merdeka while the US have less than 30 in more than 200 years of existence. Either the people are stupid or the leaders are stupid if we need so many Constitutional changes.
    wongpiangyow1 week ago 3

    I am against UUCA...but i support the sedition at ,printing presses and publication act and ISA ...but this act should only be use when needed..not peacefull time ...
    rukhsah1 week ago

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    9th Jun 2011: Read rebuttal by ShuZheng -
    I chanced on the above post last week. It started off with an attack on DAP, Christianity, Tony Pua, Raja Petra, Hannah, Ah Ching (Teo Nie Ching?). Next it proceeded to mock DAP leaders like LKS, Lim Guan Eng. Even Hannah's baby was not spared ShuZheng's venom and of course, yours truly was included.

    Normally, I ignore articles that resort to personal attacks as they are usually devoid of meaningful content and it would be a waste of time engaging with such people. But on further reading and upon the advise of some friends, I decided to read the article carefully. By the time, I finished I was completely confused. What was the writer trying to say?

    ShuZheng airily brushed off national debt and threw in a lot of inconsequential stuff about GDP and currencies to mislead the reader. Then he made a big song and dance about the video lacking in economic numbers. ShuZheng conveniently forgot that this was a short video for youngsters, meant to be light and easy - to trigger them to think and investigate further.

    To save time, I have posted here some charts and let the reader decide for themselves whether national debt is important or not. One of the dangerous thing about sovereign debt is when govts hide it through derivatives, SPVs (special purpose vehicles), off-budget accounts through GLCs, etc. That was what Greece did and one of the reasons why they are in such deep trouble today. The financiers don't trust them anymore. If the same thing happens to Malaysia, we will get into similar financial difficulties.

    Read the articles from here onwards

    and in post #8:

    Watch the interest rates shoot through the roof (Sovereign bond yields for Ireland and Portugal 11%)
    CDS for Greece is now 19% per annum: The uncertainty around how a sovereign default would course through the derivatives market had greatly increased the price premiums banks were charging to put on new derivatives trades related to European countries. As of last week, the price to insure against default on $10 million of Greek debt was $1.9 million per year, up from $775,000 a year ago, according to Markit.
    The European Commission set 60% Debt/GDP as the acceptable limit. Malaysia has exceeded that limit by more than 60% and we don't have the European Union to back us up.

    Post #6 below has a more detailed treatment of Malaysian debt and where the nos came from - Thompson Reuters Eikon Report dated 13th Jan 2011. Note carefully the chart on National Debt and how more than 1/3 is hidden from public view.

    Therefore to suggest that national debt is not important is misleading at best and dangerous at worst. If you feel that the above does not do justice to your article, I believe there is more here to whet your appetite. Bon apetit.

    By the way, ShuZheng. If you wish to attack people, do it the honourable way. Show yourself instead of hiding behind a pseudonym.

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    National debts: more puzzling numbers tumblin'


    Recently there is a claim in this video, MalaysiaYouth4Change (see post #1 above) that according to a report on 13th Jan 2011 by Thompson Reuters Eikon, the bonds sold by Malaysia national debt is USD179 billion which, at optimistic exchange rate of RM3 to USD1, is a whopping RM537 billion, very much higher than RM271 billion as at June 2010 as reported the finance ministry.

    I have no idea how TRE derived the number and is baffled by the huge gap between this number and the finance ministry figures, on which the Prime Minister had cheerfully advised Malaysians that national debts have decreased.

    Then some curious person sent me the breakdown of TRE numbers hoping I could clarify the situation. I am amused by this because I am certainly not part of the federal finance ministry administration but I can just take a cursory look at the data and hope to point out a thing or 2.

    Picture 1 shows the finance ministry number as at 30 June 2010

    Picture 2 shows the Thompson Reuters Eikon numbers, very much higher

    Picture 3 shows some more detailed information

    Luckily there is an excel file which makes analysing easier

    Base on a cursory review of the 2 sets of data, the discrepancies could be explained by

    1) Finance Ministry only included bonds issued to Malaysia where as TRE included bonds issued to proxies such as Petronas, Khazanah, MISC etc

    2) that still leaves a sizable difference between the TRE and finance ministry numbers - it could be different exchange rates applied and also classification differences between these 2. Statistic collection can be a dodgy business.

    In any case, the Malaysian government should seek to clarify this with TRE urgently because its figure is giving a different impression from what the finance ministry is giving, hence confusing the business communities, foreign and local, as well as all tax payers.

    Not to mention it cast doubt on the integrity and competence of the present administration.

    The last time when a leading Malaysian official dismissed an analyst's report, the rebuttal from the foreign investor community harmed all Malaysians. (Remember the DPM and PERC issue?)

    The graph below summarise the differences between the 2 sets of numbers.

    The bonds carry some abstract description that looks like the name of borrower. I just did a "match, guess and hope for the best" and made a best guess hear: looks like about RM36 billion under Khazanah, RM48 billion under Petronas, RM5 billion under MISC, RM6 billion under KLIA.....

    Note the huge jump in bonds issued since June 2010?

    I blogged about this last year

    "According to Singapore's Today, Dow Jones reported that 21 more government bonds auctions (really it means rakyat debts committed by temporary administrators on their behalf without getting rakyat's consent), 1/3 more than this year, to raise money to spend on 131 "key projects" (which should include the much objected Menara Warisan Merdeka).

    Malaysians are expected to owe another RM90 billion from debts raised in 2011 alone; the years and years of accumulated debts as at 2008 alone was already RM213 billion.

    In 2011, Najib's administration will almost double our debts and subject us to more foreign exchange risks. The loans are for infrastructure and property projects - not a whimper about healthcare, human capital development, education .... the soft skills so vital nowadays and Malaysians so lack of it nowadays."

    Also, the finance ministry must clarify their methodology of reporting national debt figures to the general public. At the moment, it seems to me that whenever "national debts" is discussed, it only involves bonds issued to Malaysian government, and it excludes Hutang Dalam Negeri Kerajaan Persekutuan (the bulk of it includes KWSP & all those sijils in your hands bought by your savings) and the burden carried "special purpose vehicles" which some accounts are not for public scrutiny, like Khazanah and Petronas.

    Otherwise it looks like Off Balance Sheet finance/debts carried at somewhere else to me, a term that makes ex-Enron pension holders cringe with despair.

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