UndiMalaysia brings you LIVE Election Edutainment! Come watch LETS GO PARTI battle it out with PARTI ALL NITE LONG!

Who will win the Annexe Gallery By-Election? Only YOU can decide! Campaigning starts 19th June 2011 from 12pm to 7pm at Arts For Grabs 2011!



The Annexe Gallery By-Election will take place this 19th June 2011. The seat fell vacant following the death of incumbent MP Datuk Dr Like To Grab who suffered withdrawal symptoms from Arts For Grabs March 2011 and eventually died of a heart attack. The much-loved artsbazaar failed to take place for still unknown reasons and was the cause of the death and illnessfor many other Malaysians over the last few months. The Health Ministry recently announced its relief following the confirmation of the next Arts For Grabs this June. Meanwhile, Police are on the lookout for Mr Pang Khee Teik, the gallery's Arts Programme Director who has been AWOL since investigations began.

The Annexe Gallery, measuring approximately 4500 sq. ft., attracts over 1500 voters during ArtsFor Grabs. It is made up of three inter-connected galleries starting from Gallery 1, which borders Gallery 2 in the middle and stretches to Gallery 3.

Winning the Annexe Gallery is crucial for both parties. Due to its strategic location (neighbouring landmarks include Central Market, The Malaysian Bar Council, and Soong Kee Beef Ball Noodle Shop), the gallery fetches consistent rental income; and serves as an ideal spot for hobnobbing with the middle classes and hipsters. As such, extremely aggressive campaigning is expected. -- Berinama

What's happening on 19th June

12pm-6pm : Campaigning at booth, people can come to the booth to pick up some info about the candidates. They can also submit questions for the candidates which will be addressed at the debate later on.

6pm-6.20pm : Speeches by politicians. Trash talking, etc. [10 minutes each]

6.20pm - 7pm: Politicians sit down with moderator, take questions, start debate. More edutainment (PR tactics etc) - Campaign teams please think about what you want to do. Examples: To dodge question, candidate brings out pet turtle/family for photo op (you will have to arrange this)

7-7.30pm - Edmund and Zain talk about UndiMalaysia.


LETS GO PARTI - Syahredzan Johan


MODERATOR - Wong Chin Huat

VOTE COUNTING - Esther and Syed

EMCEE - June