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Thread: Bersih 2.0 rally: Police Brutality

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    Bersih 2.0 rally: Police Brutality - Kezaliman Penguasa

    Do you know how painful it is to be punched with a knuckle duster or a pair of handcuffs used as one?

    Video footage ini menunjukkan anggota polis menjalankan tugas mengikut S.O.P. Tangkapan secara berhemah, hospitality walaupun 'perusuh' menumbuk polis.

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    PKR shows own Bersih videos to counter police claims

    By Melissa Chi July 29, 2011

    PETALING JAYA, July 29 — PKR today held its own screening of the Bersih rally videos taken on July 9 at the KL Sentral underpass to counter police claims that the demonstrators had provoked them to fire tear gas into the tunnel.

    Party vice-president N. Surendran, Subang MP Sivarasa Rasiah and Lawyers for Liberty’s Fadiah Nadwa Fikri showed reporters at the PKR headquarters here videos taken by Free Malaysia Today and TV Selangor.

    From left: Fadiah, Sivarasa, Surendran and Yew at the press conference on July 29, 2011. — Picture by Melissa Chi

    The lawyers said that in one of the clips, it showed Brickfields OCPD Wan Bari Wan Khalid shouting for the crowd to disperse, and within the next minute he had ordered his officers to shoot, and 12 shots could be heard.

    “Is it lawful for the police to fire that many shots at the protestors; it was not a very large crowd at the time, it was in a confined space in a tunnel,” Fadiah said.

    Sivarasa added that the police should also give the demonstrators at least five minutes to disperse before giving a second and third warning.

    Another clip also showed a man being restrained by police, and a policeman beating him repeatedly with a baton.

    Internal Security and Public Order director Datuk Salleh Mat Rashid said a week ago that six special police teams tasked with investigating the police’s own actions at the July 9 rally concluded that police exercised “restraint” and were “hospitable” when dealing with Bersih supporters.

    He also showed video clips taken by the police as well as “individuals” present that day which “proved” that police officers were patient, and had to deal with “individuals as well as provocative groups.”

    One video clip, claimed Salleh, showed PKR’s Chua Tian Chang running towards police officers in KL Sentral while another clip showed protestors “running” towards a Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) water cannon truck near Dataran Maybank.

    “There was provocation by protestors against the police... some protestors ran towards the water cannon truck. Warning calls were given nine times before any action was taken.

    “The police acted according to standard operating procedure,” said Salleh.

    Today, Klang PKR division chief Yew Boon Lye told reporters that a tear gas canister barely missed his left eye, grazing his face and leaving a small wound.

    Sivarasa pointed out that Yew was not the only one who got hit. Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad was hit in the back of his head and the wound required six stitches. Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s bodyguard Fayyadh Afiq Albakqry, 25, took a canister directly to his face, shattering his cheekbone.

    “There is no question that those tear gas rifles were deliberately aimed not just at the people, at their heads, with intent to cause serious injuries,” said Sivarasa.

    Surendran said the police action on that day could be classified as attempted murder.

    The ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition has been put on the defensive over the Bersih rally as the international community, from Singapore to the UK, has criticised the government’s handling of the public dissent.

    Bersih estimates that 50,000 people showed up at the July 9 rally for free and fair elections despite efforts to prevent it from taking place while police have said there were only 6,000.

    The protest turned chaotic when police fired tear gas and water cannon at thousands of demonstrators, resulting in nearly 1,700 arrests, scores injured and the death of ex-soldier Baharuddin Ahmad, 59.

    The government has promised to investigate allegations of police brutality while the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam) will hold a separate public inquiry into police conduct during the rally.

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    Bersih 2.0 rally: Police Brutality - What was Tian Chua up to?

    Uploaded by viennalooivn on Jul 9, 2011

    Dear my Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dato' Sri Haji Mohd Najib,

    Here's what I would have done - if I was you - against Bersih:

    1) Convene a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the electoral process as appealed by Bersih 2007 Memorandum to me:

    2) Direct my police & FRU (army) forces to ensure fight/chaos doesn't happen to protect the demonstrators. I would ask them to stand beside, instead of blocking the road like this:

    3) Get to work on 9/7/2011 like every day, to do my job. Not laughing at the effect of the exact tear gas like this: which had been reported to have killed 32 Palestinians in 1988.
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Why use CS (not CN) tear gas meant for terrorist on your citizen? How can we ever terrorize our own home/country? (Photo of the actual tear gas)

    Instructions clearly warned: "Very TOXIC fumes"
    "INJURY or DEATH may result".

    "Do not fire DIRECTLY"

    "For Outdoor use only"

    But my beloved PM, under your leadership, the FRU fired about 7 tear gases [into] a tunnel at KL Sentral. We almost couldn't get out alive. Please try it on yourself, then give this speech laughing that the tear gas effect is nothing:

    I forgive you for your ignorance, but just so you know now, the exact tear gas by Federal Laboratories had been reported to have killed 32 Palestinians in 1988.
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Dato' Sri Haji Mohd Najib,

    On the apparent level, I'm crying, choking in pain (my chemical-infused body's still in pain), and I almost lost my conciousness (fainted) due to the many Tear Gases that you ordered to be fired on us - fired from the front & back of a small tunnel. Where should I go - or disperse - to? For a moment, I thought I wasn't going to make it out alive.
    Deep inside, I used to entrust some of your policies. Now I'm just deeply disappointed at your cruelty.

    What a cruel leader you were to subject the Rakyats - who've elected you to listen to their voices - to such pain?

    I ask for you to try Just Two canister of Tear Gases on yourself (front, back, in a tunnel). Then, you can laugh & tell me its not painful like you did here:

    Are you Our PM, or are you a Dictator?

    I believe I had my answer to that question today.

    But it's okay, continue doing what you do best (suppression with brutal powers, etc).
    It's okay, for I understand the truth of impermanence - everything is ever changing.
    We can change you. (Egyptians did it, Malaysians have the ability too).
    I could think of 100 other Malaysians with a better mind, heart, and values than you do.
    I have experienced that You truly do not have the qualities as, nor do you deserve to be, Our leader.

    By just another citizen who loves our common home(Malaysia),
    Vienna Looi.

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    Tian Chua's reply.

    Thursday, 28 July 2011 18:39

    Tian challenges police: Me, violent? Show unedited video for all to see

    Written by Tian Chua
    font size Print E-mail 23 Comments
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    On July 21, the PDRM held a press conference to justify the violent conduct of police personnel. An edited video footage was released to the press in order to show that BERSIH demonstrators were aggressive and provocative. The PDRM claimed that they had only used minimal force against the peaceful assembly.

    One particular clip showed the scene where the crowd marching out of the KL Sentral were met by a row of policemen. The video is said to show me leading the demonstrators running to the front. The PDRM asserted that it was an evidence of provocation.

    Subsequently the video has been broadcast on prime time TV almost daily, with the objective of depicting BERSIH rally as violent. This edited video does not give the true picture of what happened at the tunnel that day.

    The PDRM has launched an all-out media propaganda war to demonize BERSIH. Although the police did not specifically accused me for "charging" the police, reports in mainstream media insinuate that I and other demonstrators intended to "attack" or cause physical harm to the police officers.

    This is far from the truth. From the video, it was clear that the policemen had their guns loaded with tear gas canisters. At the time, the crowd was trapped in an tunnel-like enclosed area. The group included BERSIH chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan, Anwar Ibrahim, Wan Azizah, Hadi Awang, Lim Kit Siang and other leaders and participants.

    For anybody in that circumstances could notice the danger of staying in the enclosure once the police fire the tear gas. The video footage only showed a few people rushed out toward the open air, and tear gas was fired directly into the crowd.

    The video also showed that the police fired the tear gas canisters horizontally into the enclosed zone non-stopped. The police action was evidently malicious and intended to cause maximum harm to the peaceful group without warning. It was unprovoked and unwarranted action. It was police brutality.

    Hundreds of eye-witnesses, so stop lying

    Hundreds of people were eye-witnesses to the incident. The edited video cannot distort the truth. The government should accept the responsibility of excessive force against peaceful BERSIH rally. The witch-hunt whether on me or other participants cannot absolve the guilt of brutality on 9 July.

    The video also showed that the police fired the tear gas canisters horizontally into the enclosed zone non-stop. At least 12 shells were fired in a matter of a couple of minutes. 3 persons suffered injury to the head. The injuries suffered by Anwar Ibrahim's bodyguard Fayyadh Afiq Al Baqry who had his left cheekbone crushed were particularly serious.

    The police action was evidently malicious and intended to cause serious injury to the defenseless demonstrators. Use of tear gas in such a manner has been known to cause death.

    The incident was eye-witnessed by hundreds of people and even the edited video cannot distort the truth. The government should accept the responsibility of excessive force against peaceful BERSIH rally. The witch-hunt whether on me or other participants cannot absolve the guilt of brutality on 9 July.

    I call upon the police to cooperate fully with the impending SUHAKAM inquiry where I believe the facts will be presented by all interested parties in a public inquiry. Let the public then judge based on those facts.

    - Tian Chua is the Vice President Parti Keadilan Rakyat and Member of Parliament for Batu

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