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Thread: SPR: PAS Youth: EC finally admits existence of phantom voters

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    SPR: PAS Youth: EC finally admits existence of phantom voters

    UMNO Standard Operating Procedure:

    1. Deny, deny, deny.
    2. Stall, stall, stall,
    3. Accuse the accuser and threaten them with the law,
    4. In the face of irrefutable proof, give some weak excuse,
    5. If still more pressure, set up a committee to investigate the matter to death,
    6. Finally, set up a Royal Commission of Enquiry, try to define the scope to prevent any adverse recommendations or conclusions. Pack the RCI with cronies.
    7. If still no choice, ignore the RCI recommendations.

    There! You have it. Solution: Sack UMNO!

    PAS Youth: EC finally admits existence of phantom voters

    Monday, July 25 @ 07:37:51 CDT

    It claims that the commission itself has confirmed that compromised electoral rolls will be used if the GE is held any time soon.

    PAS Youth today said that the Election Commission (EC) has finally admitted to the existence of phantom voters on the country's electoral rolls, confirming fears that the entire process will be compromised by duplication and non-existent voters.

    PAS Youth's democratic rehabilitation and mobilisation committee chairperson Suhaizan Kaiat (right) said EC deputy chair Wan Ahmad Wan Omar had “indirectly admitted” to the existence of phantom voters on the electoral rolls, when the latter made a statement to The Star last weekend.

    On Sunday, The Star quoted Wan Ahmad as saying that the EC needs the help of political parties and individuals to purge “clones” from the electoral rolls.

    He said the EC had “never denied the existence of clones”, stressing that it requires teamwork between the EC, political parties and all registered voters to clean up the rolls.

    Suhaizan, who is also Johor PAS Youth chief, said the EC's latest statement was based on data that he made public last week, claiming that there were multiple entries for voters who have both new and old registered identity cards.

    “This statement is a u-turn by the EC, which in the past denied the existence of phantom voters and even accused Pakatan Rakyat of making up stories to dent confidence in it (EC),” he said in a statement.

    Suhaizan has so far revealed two cases of double registration of voters on the electoral rolls, which he said can be checked by anyone on the EC's website.

    The first case involved one Mariam Binti Su, who was registered with two new registered identity cards (NRIC) - 720616025472 and 720610025738 – despite only having one old IC, A2278510.

    A second case involved one Murugan a/l Subramaniam, who was registered with the same birth date, gender, voting locality and state and parliamentary constituencies, but with two NRICs that are nearly identical save for the last four digits.

    Murugan, whose old IC number was A2909056, is currently registered under two NRICs, 731002025877 and 731002025201.

    Major flaws in system

    Suhaizan stressed that the two examples highlight two major mistakes made by the EC and the National Registration Department (NRD), in that the NRD had issued one old IC to two individuals while the EC has allowed individual voters multiple voting rights.

    He said the EC and NRD have applied the wrong standard operating procedures for their computer database system, which was set up to weed out overlapping identifiers between new and old ICs.

    “But the NRD has allowed overlapping old ICs and the EC has accepted wrong data in registering legal voters. This is proof of the EC's and NRD's mistakes. Any party has the right to lodge a police report on the negligence of the NRD and EC,” he said.

    Suhaizan noted however that despite the proof of overlapping data in the electoral rolls, the EC has no right to strike out the compromised list, as it must go through a lengthy court process to prove there is a prima facie case to prove the legality of a voter's status as required by Section 14 of the Election Regulations (Process of Elections) 1981.

    “If elections are held in the near future, then the 13th general election will be using questionable electoral rolls. With the data on questionable voters, any party that wins in the 13th general election could have their victory nullified.

    “This is a serious issue that is bound to happen. PAS Youth urges for a royal commission to be formed to study the country's problematic electoral system,” he said.

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    SRP: Serious issues with voter registration of foreigners

    TUESDAY, AUGUST 02, 2011

    PRU-13: Misi Pertahan Kuasa Dengan Kod "71"


    1. Latar Belakang

    Mengikut Perkara 113 Perlembagaan Persekutuan, salah satu fungsi SPR adalah untuk mendaftarkan warganegara yang layak sebagai pemilih supaya mereka dapat menyertai proses memilih wakil untuk menyuarakan pendapat mereka dalam Dewan Rakyat atau Dewan Undangan Negeri.

    Urusan pendaftaran ini telah dilaksanakan oleh SPR semenjak ia ditubuhkan tanpa gagal. Urusan yang dahulunya dilakukan secara bermusim iaitu setahun sekali selama antara 21 hingga 42 hari, kini dibuka setiap hari untuk sepanjang tahun sejak 16 Julai 2002.

    2. Kenapa Anda Perlu Mendaftar?

    Adalah menjadi hak setiap warga negara yang layak untuk memilih kerajaan untuk memerintah negara melalui pemilihan wakil rakyat untuk mewakili mereka di Dewan Rakyat dan Dewan-dewan Undangan Negeri. Sebelum anda dibenarkan mengundi wakil rakyat pilihan anda dalam pilihan raya umum atau pilihan raya kecil, anda perlulah mendaftarkan nama anda sebagai pemilih. Anda tidak boleh mengundi sekiranya nama anda tidak disenaraikan dalam daftar pemilih.

    3. Siapa Boleh Mendaftar ?

    Syarat-syarat kelayakan untuk mendaftar sebagai pemilih adalah seperti yang berikut:
    seorang warganegara Malaysia
    telah mencapai umur 21 tahun
    bermastautin di bahagian pilihan raya yang ingin didaftarkan; dan
    tidak dihalang / hilang kelayakan oleh undang-undang yang berkuat kuasa.

    4. Jenis-Jenis Pendaftaran

    SPR menjalankan 2 jenis pendaftaran pemilih iaitu:
    Pendaftaran Baru: SPR menerima permohonan warganegara yang memohon untuk mendaftar sebagai pemilih buat pertama kali.

    Pendaftaran Tukar Alamat dan Pusat Mengundi: SPR juga menerima permohonan pemilih berdaftar yang memohon untuk mendaftarkan alamat tempat tinggalnya yang baru. Ia dikaitkan dengan pertukaran alamat Pusat Mengundi kerana secara lazimnya, sekiranya seorang pemilih berpindah ke tempat baru, maka, Pusat Mengundinya akan ditetapkan mengikut pendaftaran alamat tempat barunya itu.

    5. Jenis-Jenis Pemilih?

    Mengikut undang-undang pilihan raya, SPR boleh mendaftarkan 2 jenis pemilih iaitu:

    Pemilih Biasa: Pemilih biasa adalah pemilih berdaftar yang perlu hadir untuk mengundi di pusat-pusat mengundi semasa pilihan raya.

    Pengundi Tidak Hadir: Pengundi Tidak Hadir atau PTH adalah golongan pemilih yang dinyatakan dalam Peraturan 2, Peraturan-Peraturan Pilihan Raya (Pendaftaran Pemilih) 2002, iaitu, anggota tentera dan pasangan, anggota perkhidmatan awam yang bertugas di luar negara dan pasangan yang menetap bersamanya serta pelajar sepenuh masa yang menuntut di luar negara dan pasangan yang menetap bersamanya. PTH ini dibenarkan mengundi secara pos.

    Sumber -

    Sumber maklumat Website Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya sendiri dengan jelas menyatakan bahawa hanya "Warganegara Malaysia" sahaja yang ditakrifkan sebagai "layak" mendaftar sebagai pengundi dan layak mengundi setelah permohonan diluluskan.

    Dalam Laman Rasmi Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya Malaysia juga tiada dinyatakan bahawa "Pemastautin Tetap" juga layak sebagai pengundi. Hanya "Warganegara Malaysia" sahaja layak sebagai pengundi.

    Dibawah ialah contoh MyPR ataupun Kad Pengenalan Malaysia Pemastautin Tetap (Bukan Warganegara Malaysia).

    Dibawah ialah deretan nombor Kad Pengenalan Pemastautin tetap Bukan Warganegara Malaysia yang dikesan telah didaftarkan sebagai pengundi di Malaysia:

    Buktinya, print screen semakan dilaman Website Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya Malaysia dibawah:

    Harap dapat penjelasan dari Pihak Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya Malaysia. Kesemua nombor-nombor diatas menggunakan Kod nombor "71" sebagai rujukan kelahiran diluar negara Malaysia.

    Kalau tiada respon dari pihak Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya Malaysia, kita mesti bersetuju bahawa Misi Kod 71 adalah Misi menjual Negara Malaysia kepada Pendatang Asing dan penggeraknya ialah Pemerintah Negara Malaysia sekarang yang takut kehilangan kuasa.

    Demi kuasa, Maruah Negara diserah pada warga Asing

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    SPR: EC insincere in cleaning up electoral rolls, says PAS

    EC insincere in cleaning up electoral rolls, says PAS

    UPDATED @ 02:02:10 PM 15-08-2011 By Lisa J. Ariffin August 15, 2011
    KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 15 — The Election Commission (EC) has no intention of cleaning the existing electoral roll with its statement that there are no clean voter lists across the world, PAS information chief Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man said today.

    He added that EC chairman Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof’s remark “there is no clean electoral roll in the world” is similar to the Malay folklore figure Pak Pandir who said “not only our children will pass away, other people’s children will also pass away”.

    “This statement reflects the real attitude of the EC, which has no direct intention to favour the people and vigorously clean the existing electoral roll,” Tuan Ibrahim said in a statement.

    He noted that the EC had been obstinate about denying its weaknesses over the years but pressure from the opposition has led it to acknowledge there are deficiencies in the electoral roll.

    But Tuan Ibrahim said the confession is far from sincere with Abdul Aziz blaming “technical errors that occurred during the process of the National Registration Department (JPN) profiling”.

    “The electoral roll has about 12.3 million voters and there would be mistakes here and there, the whole world will have the same problem ... there is no perfect electoral list in the world,” Abdul Aziz had said.

    “All that’s happened was not planned by the EC. The EC will not simply allow voters to vote twice. Sometimes, it goes wrong during the profiling (by JPN). We will check if it’s in the wrong place, if so, we will throw it out,” Abdul Aziz said amid a backlash from evidence presented by the opposition such as registered foreign voters, overlapping names, phantom voters and names of voters not present on the JPN list.

    “EC’s confession is clear why Bersih 2.0 was held, and now people are seeing its results,” said Tuan Ibrahim, who is also Pahang PAS commissioner.

    He added that although the EC and Umno continue to portray the Bersih 2.0 rally negatively, people have started to open their eyes and see how dirty the election system is with thousands of foreigners given voting rights so easily.

    “Imagine, foreign voters are able to determine the political decisions and the future of the country. Who has sold the country by illegal means in order to remain in power?” Tuan Ibrahim asked.

    He said the EC should reform immediately to build confidence in the masses.

    “The loss of people’s confidence in the current EC is the reason to demand reform in the electoral system in order to build confidence of all parties so the coming general election results will be accepted with an open heart and without a doubt.

    “There are still many areas that require improvement such as postal votes that are exposed to various manipulations, unfair electoral boundaries, automatic registration,” he added.

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    Thursday, 18 August 2011 23:35

    100,000 instant citizenships: Can Pakatan still hope to win GE-13

    Written by Iskandar Dzulkarnain, Malaysia Chronicle
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    Nearly a week has passed since PAS vice president Husam Musa lambasted the government over the disclosure that 100,000 foreigners were given citizenships by the National Registration Department so as to qualify them as voters. As usual, not a single sound has come back from the Election Commission or Prime Minister Najib Razak despite insisting he was sincere to get to root of the votes fraud problem.

    Strange that Najib is willing to set up a bi-partisan Parliamentary Select Committee but not ready to order an immediate probe, which should be simpler, to look into this seismic fraud allegation.

    Husam had said Bangladeshis and Chinese were also among those who submitted their forms and were not subjected to any background checks, adding that the "conspiracy has placed the country in danger".

    To him, it was puzzling that these newly-crowned citizens had almost immediately registered themselves as voters, adding that there must be somebody masterminding such efforts. “Those people are only interested to become citizens and not voters."

    He then called on political parties especially Pakatan Rakyat to come out with a solution. “The people of Malaysia must protest. This is a dangerous act,” he warned.

    Well the cat is out of the bag. First there was evidence of 1,600 foreigners who were given citizenship and became instant voters in Selangor. Then an extra 30,000 voters were discovered in Penang. But the revelation by Husam Musa takes the cake at 100,000 voters.

    Pack up and leave

    Wow, how is Pakatan Rakyat going to win the election? It’s a hopeless situation and we might as well call it a day, pack our bags and leave. These figures may just be the tip of an iceberg. Statistics have always shown that 90% of all crimes are never ever reported.

    Husam said the people must protest at this dangerous act. But how are we going to protest? Who is going to listen to us? EC's Wan Ahmad? Maybe MCA or MIC?! Does UMNO know what’s happening? Are NRD and the Election Commission acting alone without UMNO’s knowledge? Isn’t such an attempt an act of high treason to the nation? How about another Bersih?

    The last Bersih march on July 9 was attended by 6,000 people according to the police. 1,700 were arrested and treated to a lavish meal, so say the police. The rest were bombarded by tear gas and water cannons for refusing to be arrested. Yellow was declared an illegal colour and anyone wearing Yellow was arrested without rhyme or reason. Bersih was also declared ‘kotor’ or unclean. There were probably more Riot Police than marchers on that fateful day.

    But Bersih has come and gone, and the BN government continues to ignore its demands for free and fair elections. To the BN, why should it comply with all the 8 demands when it believes that the past elections were conducted freely and fairly? There is absolutely no proof that the elections were rigged, it insists, and the latest exposes’ are just figures. Can Husam show any proof? Short of asking all 100,000 new citizens to come forward to testify, the government will just shrug their shoulders and say there is no proof.

    The BN government has always believed in what they believe. And any ‘charlatan guru’ can attest that if you truly believe, you will achieve. Doesn’t matter whether what you believe is true or false. If you believe it blindly enough, it will always be true.

    Psychological war-fare

    So, we can’t blame BN for denying the obvious. If what they were doing was wrong, how come they managed to rule this country for 50 years? Also we can’t blame them for looking down on us and taking us for fools. To them, they actually think that we are the fools. Can you imagine? And they are at a loss why fools like us would want to abandon them?

    Controversies like the JAIS raid on DUMC are engineered to deflect the people’s attention from the election system’s inconsistencies, while at the same time, rouse the hard-core right-wingers to seethe in anger and create a scene. Then PAS Youth can jump in and make a fool of themselves.

    Pakatan Rakyat cannot beat the BN in the art of psychological warfare. The BN are professionals, while trying not to look like one. Pakatan are just amateurs at this game.

    No one knows when the election will be until BN has consolidated all its strategies. Overdue since March 2011 as BN was sceptical at its chances, this time round they want to ensure that no stone is left unturned when the big day comes which means nothing less than a two-thirds majority.

    Bersih chief Ambiga has announced that there are no immediate plans for a Bersih 3.0 unless the Government continues to ignore its 8 demands for a free and fair election. So far the government has been trying to stall the process by offering some sort of compromise every now and then.

    Some have called on Perkasa – the champion of the Malays to act on the accusations that many foreigners were given citizenships. Malays like Ibrahim Ali would never allow such a thing to happen, which would upset the balance of the true Malays in this country, whom he proudly champions.

    Malaysians have called on all peace-loving and good-hearted politicians from the BN to stand up and oppose the evil that is going on. But we doubt that there are any conscientious politicians left in the BN fold.

    There are some who feel that a Malaysian citizenship is now a dime a dozen, which ‘makes us look cheap and like some big garbage can. Folks, before u know it we'll be knee-deep in foreigners and by then it will be too late. Others feel that UMNO has reached a point of no return and another Bersih rally is necessary and unavoidable. Some have even appealed to the King to intervene, which is doubtful as his Royal Highness is beyond politics.

    - Malaysia Chronicle

    Last modified on Thursday, 18 August 2011 23:37

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    'Enough cloned voters for BN to topple Selangor'

    Kuek Ser Kuang Keng
    Aug 24, 11

    10 friends can read this story for free

    The PAS Youth wing, which has been raising the issue of electoral fraud, claims it has detected tens of thousands of 'cloned voters' who the BN can manipulate in the coming general election.

    "The number of dirty registrations of 'cloned voters' is already enough to topple the present Selangor state government.

    "Is this what is meant by (Prime Minister) Najib (Abdul Razak) to grab Selangor at all costs?" PAS Youth exco member Mohd Adram Musa asked at a press conference at PAS headquarters in Kuala Lumpur today.

    A 'cloned voter' is voter who has two entries in the electoral roll, with same name but slightly different MyKad numbers.

    PAS Youth has been releasing names of such voters over the past one month, questioning whether they are allowed to vote twice in elections.

    'EC, NRD must explain issue of clones'

    Some of the names have been proven to be 'clones' - which the Election Commission admitted and deleted them from the electoral roll as soon as hey were raised.

    According to National Registration Department (NRD), these 'clones' are non-active Mykad numbers, which should have been removed from its database.

    However, a few of these names are genuinely shared by two different individuals who also have the same date of birth.

    These people have come out publicly to slam PAS Youth's action for publicising their details and slandering them.

    During the press conference, Mohd Adram together with Johor PAS Youth chief Suhaizan Kaiat (right) issued a 14-day ultimatum to the EC and NRD to explain the issue of 'cloned voters', including the total number of such names in electoral roll, and how many the EC has removed and will remove.

    They also urged the NRD to explain how the department verified invalid 'clone identities' that should be removed.

    "Does NRD already have a list of 'clone citizens' before PAS Youth made its objection?

    "We afraid that the EC may remove the wrong identities," Suhaizan said.

    Should the EC fail to provide a satisfactory explanation, he added, PAS Youth would disclose its list of 'cloned voters'.

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    PAS Youth to expose voters with 'fake MyKad' daily

    Sep 15, 11 3:18pm

    10 friends can read this story for free

    PAS Youth will publicise 10 voters allegedly registered with 'fake MyKad' everyday from today in an attempt to pressure the government to set up a royal commission of inquiry to look into various electoral flaws.

    Many of such MyKad holders have been removed from the electoral roll by the Election Commission (EC) over the past two months.

    In a statement issued today, Johor PAS youth chief Suhaizan Kaiat also urged the government to immediately charge those responsible for issuing the 'fake Mykads' to manipulate elections.

    Each of these voters, Suhaizan said, had the same name as another voter but a slightly different MyKad number. They have come to be dubbed 'cloned voters'.

    They were previously in the electoral roll, but removed once PAS exposed them.

    Some of them have no address in their records, which could be accessed at the EC website before their removal.

    Motive behind issuance of ICs

    PAS Youth suspects that the MyKad issued to them are fake, with the purpose of enabling them to vote twice in an election.

    One example is that of Shodah binti Abdul Rahman, who has two entries in the electoral roll carrying two almost identical MyKad numbers - 550620055800 and 560620055412.

    Both entries were registered as voters in the parliamentary constituencies of Titiwangsa.

    After PAS Youth told media about it, the EC has removed the second entry (560620055412) from the roll.

    Suhaizan told a press conference yesterday that the wing has detected more than10,000 such cases in the gazetted electoral roll.

    "We are confident that 90 percent of the MyKad involved are fake. The existence of fake MyKad is treason to the nation. National security will be threatened if no action is taken against the people responsible for this manipulation," he said.

    Suhaizan called on all quarters including the media, political parties, NGOs, influential individuals and all Malaysians, to pressure the government to address the issue.

    The details of first 10 voters publicised today can be viewed at the PAS Youth website and Suhaizan's Facebook page.

    Yesterday, Suhaizan also demanded that both the EC and National Registration Department (NRD) to answer four questions:
    • The EC only registers individuals after verifying their names in the NRD database through the Agency Link-up System (Alis). However, when we object to certain names, EC will check with NRD and remove the names from electoral roll only if they are not in the NRD database. So how is it that those names, which initially existed in the NRD database, have gone missing after our objection?

    • How did NRD determine the validity of the 10,000 cases and remove their records in just two months? How does it determine whether an identity is valid or invalid?

    • It is not easy for NRD to go to the ground and identify invalid identities in just two months. So, the question is whether it has already prepared a list of fake MyKad numbers to be inserted into the electoral roll in order to manipulate elections? Is NRD involved in the manipulation of fake MyKad?

    • If PAS Youth can identify more than 10,000 fake MyKad holders registered as voters without having access to the NRD database, what is the real number of fake MyKad issued by NRD?
    EC chairperson Abdul Aziz Yusof (left) had earlier toldMalaysiakini that his commission is 'cleaning' the electoral roll on a daily basis.

    “Based on daily official information from NRD through Alis, the EC will amend or delete content on the electoral roll.

    “In the case of double registration, EC will delete the not active ones subject to NRD confirmation, and the process will continue.”


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    The answer to Bersih 2.0 is Project IC 2.0 – now I know why we marched (dwi bahasa)

    By Lee Wee Tak at 9/22/2011 07:27:00 PM

    Translation of key points in the report entitled “Pemuda Pas discovered more than 170,000 suspicious voters”, published in Oriental Daily on 22nd September 2011
    Terjemahan kenyataan-kenyataan utama dalam laporan akhbar bertajuk “Pemuda Pas menjumpa lebih daripda 170,000 orang pengundi yang mencurigakan” dalam akhbar Oriental Daily bertarikh 22 haribulan September 2011.

    Pemuda Pas discovered more than 170,000 suspicious voters
    “Pemuda Pas menjumpa lebih daripda 170,000 orang pengundi yang mencurigakan”

    (Putrajaya 21 September) Pemuda Pas urge Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara to set up a Royal Commission of Inquiry to check on the inclusion of 170,818 persons with unknown country of origin as voters and citizens in 2nd quarter of 2011 alone.

    (Putrajaya 21 September) Pemuda Pas menyeru Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara mengadakan Suruhanjaya Diraja untuk menyiasat kejadian seramai 170,818 orang yang negara asal mereka tidak diketahui tetapi boleh diberikan kewarganegaraan Malaysia serta didaftarkan sebagai pengundi hanya dalam suku tahun kedua 2011 sahaja.

    Pemuda Pas pointed out that they discovered 170,818 voters with kod negara 71 in their IC number in SPR voters roll.
    Pemuda Pas mendedahkan bahawa mereka mendapati seramai 170,818 orang pengundi dalam senarai SPR yang memegang kad pengenalan dengan kod negara 71

    According to Ketua Pemuda Pas, Nasiruddin, 52% or 97,923 of these persons are allocated to Pakatan Rakyat administered states as the top 5 states with the most such voters are Selangor (29,75, Kuala Lumpur (17,54, Perak (16,680), Kelantan (15,345) and Penang (12,799).

    Menurut Ketua Pemuda Pas, Nasiruddin, 52% atau 97,923 orang daripada jumlah tersebut telah diagihkan ke dalam negari-negeri yang ditadbirkan oleh kerajaan negeri Pakatan Rakyat di mana 5 negeri yang memiliki jenis pengundi in yang paling tinggi adalah Selangor (29,75, Kuala Lumpur (17,54, Perak (16,680), Kelantan (15,345) serta Penang (12799).

    “The number of people with unknown country of origin allocated to Pakatan administered states is huge and enough to topple the state government.”
    “Bilangan orang yang negara asal mereka tidak dapat dikenalpastikan telah diagihkan ke negeri-negeri kawalan Pakatan Rakyat cukup untuk menjatuhkan kerajaan negeri.”

    PAS pointed out the controversial Mismah who has Kod Negara 71 in her IC as a prime example, giving the suspicion that the federal government approved citizenship for immigrants who although country of origin is known, yet been allocated kod negara 71 for special reasons.

    PAS mengambil Mismah yang kad pengenalannya memiliki kod negara 71 sebagai contoh, menyatakan kemungkinan kerajaan persekutuan bertindak walaupun negara asal orang asing diketahui, mengeluakkan kad pengenalan kepada mereka dengan kod negara 71 untuk tujuan tertentu.

    Pemuda Pas officials handed the memorandum to the Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara and the document was received by Deputy Director Zulkifri.

    Pegawai Pemuda PAS telah menyampaikan memorandum kepada Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara dan Penolong Pengarah Zulkifri telah menerimanya.

    Pas request JPN to investigate this matter and according to Nasiruddin, if PAS can locate these 170,000 voters in such a short time, JPN should be able to locate even more such errors.

    PAS minta pihak JPN menyiasat perkara ini dan menurut Nasiruddin, jika PAS mampu mencari pengundi seramai 170,000 dalam masa yang singkat ini, JPN harus dapat mengesan lebih lebih ramai lagi kesilapan seumpama ini.

    Suhaimi of PAS Committee for Restoration of Democracy wondered aloud why such a large number of individuals were granted citizenship when JPN was unable to ascertain their country of origin and he wondered why there is such a high chance of successful application for such dubious characters, as well as being admitted successfully and promptly as registered voters.

    Anggota Jawatankuasa Pemulihan Demokrasi PAS Suhaimi melahirkan perasaan hairan mengapakah bilangan yang begitu besar pemohon-pemohon nan negara asal tidak dapat dikesan oleh JPN boleh diberikan kewarganegaraan bahkan didaftarkan sebagai pengundi dengan amat cepat sekali.

    According to PAS’s investigation, among the 170,000 cases, Chinese form the majority at 42.3% (72,742) with various description of origin as Chinese, Hokkein, Teochew, Cantonese, Kockchew, Henghua, Hainan etc.

    Menurut siasatan PAS, daripada bilangan 170,000 yang dikesan, kaum Cina adalah kumpulan yang paling besar pada 42.3% (72,742 orang) dengan keterangan yang bermacam-macam iaitu Cina, Hokkein, Teochew, Cantonese, Kockchew, Henghua, Hainan etc.

    Whereas Indians formed 17.33% of the pack and the controversial and much discussed Indonesians form 4.37% 7,468.
    Manakala kaum India pula mencecah 17.33% dan golongan Indonesia yang banyak dipertikaikan itu berjumlah 4.37% ataupun 7,468 orang.

    Translator’s note

    If 171,818 was for Q2 of 2011 and most of them are Chinese, then what happened in the previous quaters?
    That leaves about another 61,000 who is of other origin. Where, I might ask, Arabs? Bangladeshise? Mongolians?
    From the JPN website, out of the approximately 200 allocated nation codes, the number of China is 74, Indonesia is 61, India is 75, so JPN what is your sorry excuse?

    Nota penterjemah

    Jika seramai 171,818 kejadian ini berlaku dalam suku tahun 2011 and kebanyakan pengundi adalah kaum Cina, maka apakah yang teah berlaku di suku-suku tahun yang lepas?
    Masih ada lagi 61,000 pengundi yang negara asal mereka tidak diulaskan dalam laporan tersebut. Dari manakan mereka itu? Dari Arabskah? Bangladeshkah ? Mongolia kah?
    Menurut laman JPN, sebanyak lebih kurang 200 negara telah ditetapkan kod negaranya, antaranya kod China adalah 74, Indonesia 61 dan India 75. Apakah alas an JPN yang bergaji buta ini?

    Answer from BN's administration is /jawapan pentabiran BN adalah:


    Project IC

    The project is a complex matter involving certain political parties as well as various government agencies including the Election Commission of Malaysia, the National Registration Department and the Immigration Department, which comes under the purview of the Ministry of Home Affairs. The suspicions and allegations on the existence of Project IC started in around the mid-1990s.

    In 2007, the former Sandakan district chief Hassnar Ebrahim made a statement confessing being involved in Project IC. ….. exposed in specific details of the modus operandi of project …. a secret meeting between former Sabah chief minister Harris Salleh and Federal Minister Megat Junid Megat Ayub in Hong Kong.[10] Hassnar claimed that 130,000 illegal immigrants were given ICs in 1985 alone.

    ….. the project was a secret policy of the Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition, in particular United Malays National Organisation (UMNO), in order to attain political domination in the state using the votes of these immigrants……

    ….. popular Malaysian news blog Malaysia Today alleges that UMNO had made a deal with the government of Libya and the Abu Sayyaf militant Islamic group in the Philippines to bring in 1 million new Muslim voters from Philippines into Sabah.[11]

    Former Parti Keadilan Rakyat vice president Jeffrey Kitingan alleges that there are 600,000 immigrants with ICs out of an estimated 1.7 million foreigners in Sabah.[9] The estimated population in Sabah in 2006 was 2,997,000.[6] Most of the foreigners in Sabah are from Indonesia and the Philippines.

    Unlike other states in Peninsular Malaysia, the majority of natives or bumiputras in Sabah are non-Muslims. In 1960, the state comprised:[4]
    32% Kadazandusuns,
    23% Chinese,
    15.8% Other Muslims,
    13.1% Bajaus,
    5.5% Indonesians
    4.9% Muruts,
    1.6% Filipinos and
    0.4% Malays.

    In 2006, the estimated ethnic composition of Sabah are as follows:[6]
    25% Non-citizens,
    17.76% Kadazandusuns
    14.62% Other Bumiputras,
    13.4% Bajaus,
    11.48% Malays,
    9.6% Chinese,
    4.8% Others,
    3.3% Muruts.

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    Oct 2008
    How come so efficient? Did 69,293 people died over the last quarter? If not, how long has those names been lying there?

    Electoral roll: Removed 69,293, another 50,000 pending

    September 27, 2011
    KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 27 — The Election Commission (EC) removed the names of 69,293 dead people from the electoral roll between July and September 15 this year, Bernama Online reported.

    As part of the exercise, the EC has also removed 1,068 names of those who have ceased to be citizens.

    The process was facilitated with the help of the National Registration Department’s help (NRD)

    EC Secretary Datuk Kamaruddin Mohamed Baria said the effort was to prepare for the next general election.

    The EC stated 50,000 names were being investigated before removal from the electoral roll, so that no names are erroneously removed.

    The probe will involve the EC liaising with the NRD, Armed Forces (ATM) and the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM), verifying citizenship status, identity card numbers and employment status in the services, Kamaruddin said in his statement released.

    There are 12.3 million registered voters as of the moment.

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    PAS corners foreigners said to be given citizenship

    It was a cat-and-mouse game for PAS at a village in Bangi today as party members, along with local villagers on motorcycles, tried to corner the leader of an alleged operation to grant citizenship to some 240 foreigners said to be holding permanent resident status.

    PAS Youth treasurer Mohd Adram Musa said the foreigners were being kept inside a resort near Kampung Bukit Dugang.

    The gates to the resort have been locked to keep all outsiders away after the owners were said to have been “spooked” by questions from curious residents in the area.

    "This modus operandi, I suspect, is an attempt to register foreigners as voters. This is the proof that we have," Adram told reporters outside the gates of the resort this afternoon.

    He said a few PAS members entered the resort at 11am and found people who looked like foreigners, most of whom, seen from not too far a distance, resembled Indonesians and Bangladeshis.

    When the party members questioned a person, who seemed to be one of the organisers there, the reply was that the visitors were attending a course.

    "If it is a course, then why do they keep avoiding us? At noon, the head of Kampung Bukit Dugang wanted to go in and interview the “visitors”, but he was not allowed to go in," Adram said.

    Today's episode came to light, he said, after he received information that six buses from Johor were ferrying foreigners to Putrajaya for a specific reason.

    "True enough, when I arrived in Putrajaya at 7.30am, I found there were six buses at a mosque there. But the buses suddenly disappeared and we got information that the passengers came here, to this resort.

    "Why are they brought here? Why to Putrajaya? Is this a malicious effort to topple the Selangor government?

    Tip off from bus driver

    The information about the issue of MyKad to the foreigners, PAS central committee members Mazlan Aliman said, came from one of the bus drivers who felt deceived having to ferry the foreigners to Putrajaya when he had initially been made to believe that the passengers were to attended a course.

    "I was informed by the driver that this was his 10th trip. Each of the trips involved six to 10 busloads of foreigners. As I understand, this activity has been going on for a long time, supposedly under the name of ‘naturalisation’.

    "What shocked him (the bus driver) was that in Putrajaya, they were approached by a group claiming to be National Registration Department (NRD) officers. I have come to understand that some of the NRD officers had escorted the foreigners out of the resort," Mazlan (left) said.

    He said the bus driver had also seen documents, believed to be for citizenship applications, with the NRD officers, who were led by a runner driving a black Mitsubishi Pajero.

    However, despite their efforts to block the "runner", the vehicle has since disappeared from the resort compound.

    Mazlan said the six buses left Kulai at midnight and stopped at the Pagoh rest area at 2am. They arrived at Putrajaya at 7.30am and the passengers were then taken to Kampung Bukit Dugang.

    "I was informed by the bus driver that during each of his earlier trips, with up to 10 busloads on each trip, the passengers were all foreigners with permanent resident status and brought to Putrajaya to be given blue identity cards (MyKad)."

    He said the buses have since left the area, on the advice of police officers, but that the foreigners were still hiding in the resort.

    The local villagers will continue to keep watch on the resort, Mazlan said, adding that PAS would also raise this matter in Parliament tomorrow.

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    Friday, 14 October 2011 08:59Within a year, 300% increase in new voters

    Written by

    Even as the controversy surrounding various revelations about electoral fraud continues, minister in the Prime Minister's Department Nazri Aziz dropped a shocking figure of newly registered voters, showing a three-fold increase in 2010 compared to 2009.

    In his parliamentary reply to Bukit Bendera member of parliament Liew Chin Tong, Nazri revealed that a total of 820,156 people had been registered as voters in 2010 compared to 276,621 in 2009.

    According to Nazri, the sharp increase was not surprising and attributed it to rising political awareness among Malaysians.

    He said it was usual to see low number of registration after a general election, adding that the number of new voters would gather pace "when the election is around the corner".

    Nazri added that a total of RM500,000 was allocated for new voter registration exercise.

    - Harakahdaily

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