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Thread: Sympathy votes for Najib

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    Sympathy votes for Najib

    Lately there are been news that there are UMNOputras trying to oust the PM. Is it PR trying to launch an anti-Najib campaign or is there a 3M group inside UMNO trying to position for the PMship? Only time will reveal the truth but in the meantime, it's interesting even to watch the daily events from the sidelines. Is the advisors as bad as RPK think or is the advisors of the 3M as good as they think? Do all these events enough to give a surgery-recovered sports injured (when the hell did you see any news about Najib participate in sports, maybe it was when he kicked the RM24mil diamond ring in anger) Najib sympathy votes in his party or even the voters in his Pekan constituency? Why should he contest an urban seat when he could not even let a French lawyer stay in Malaysia? Why is the laws so useless in Malaysia that one could not get justice by bringing a foreigner to court for blatantly lying against the most important (they think) person in Malaysia that they had to let the foreigner run around in the world spreading lies especially in the courts in France? Looking forward to GE13.
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