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Thread: JPN (Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara): PR gets MyKad, a conspiracy between BN, JPN & SPR

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    JPN (Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara): PR gets MyKad, a conspiracy between BN, JPN & SPR

    UMNO, in their desperation to hang on to power, will do anything, including the destruction of our national security.

    1108 PRs were issued MyKad's in Selangor alone.

    PR is demanding a special sitting of Parliament to debate this issue.

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    EC denies permanent residents enlisted as voters

    Kuek Ser Kuang Keng
    Aug 3, 11
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    The Election Commission (EC) has denied that permanent residents (PR) have been registered as voters, saying that the cases exposed yesterday could be a result of technical negligence on the part of National Registration Department (NRD).

    "I think the list of PR names in the NRD's website was the old one and not updated," said EC chairperson Abdul Aziz Yusof (left) in a text-message to Malaysiakini late last night.

    Abdul Aziz was responding to the controversy that PRs are registered as voters in the latest draft supplementary electoral rolls and that their status had been 'upgraded' to that of citizens in just a few hours in the NRD online verification system.

    He reiterated that only Malaysians can apply to register as voters.

    "PRs are not allowed unless the Home Ministry has approved their application as citizens. Otherwise their application to register as voters will be automatically rejected by (the) EC screening system after checking their status with NRD Agency Link-Up System (Alis)," he said.

    However, Abdul Aziz stressed that EC will continue to display the quarterly supplementary electoral rolls to the public for a period of one week.

    "The voters of that area can object (if they find any irregularity)," he added.
    Yesterday morning, Malaysiakini reported that the NRD online verification system confirmed that a voter registered in the Selangor state constituency of Ijok was a PR-holder with a MyPR card.

    However, a second check after four hours found that the voter named Mismah had become a citizen with a Mykad.

    Members of PAS had informed Malaysiakini yesterday that they too had discovered the same situation. In their case, as many as 52 voters who were PR-holders in the morning had, by about 3pm yesterday, become citizens.

    The 52 voters found in the latest draft supplementary electoral rolls, which is currently on public display, are registered in six parliamentary constituencies in Kuala Lumpur, which were won by the opposition in the last general election.

    Malaysiakini has conveyed the matter to the NRD, but has yet to receive a response.

    Continuously raised, consistently denied

    According to election laws, the EC updates the electoral roll every three months with a quarterly draft supplementary electoral roll.

    The names of all newly-registered voters, voters who have changed their residential addresses and voters who have been removed from the electoral roll, make up the list in the draft supplementary electoral roll.

    The roll is then displayed, usually for one week, for public scrutiny, before it is gazetted and used in the next election.

    During the display period, members of the public can raise their objections to the names listed in the supplementary electoral roll.

    Allegations of foreigners being illegally registered as voters to shore up the support of certain political parties have been continuously raised by the opposition parties, but consistently denied by the EC.

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    A light-hearted view of the issue by NIAMAH.

    TUESDAY, AUGUST 02, 2011

    Hiyoh! Really Niamah la!!!

    Hiyoh! Don't worry what I say. Just follow aje la! Faham tak?

    Over the last couple of days there have been several incredible stories that have appeared in the MSM as well as the online alternative media. And most if not all of the events reported definitely will qualify for entry into Ripley's Believe It Or Not la.


    Did you read about Najib's unbelievable announcement about not wanting to say whether he is Malaysian 1st or Malay first? It was reported in The Malaysian Insider HERE. The Prime Minister was asked this 'sensitive' question by a student when he attended the Malaysian Student Leaders Summit. Najib refused to openly declare himself a “Malaysian first”. Why? His alleged answer will stun any Malaysian into total disbelief. Najib's answer was that he did not, ‘want to respond in a way that will divide me from my deputy. In Malaysia, that can be very dangerous’. If you have ever felt like just a pawn in a giant Malaysian game of politics that statement from the PM should have removed all doubt. But that is not all, Najib allegedly continued and said “1 Malaysia is our guiding philosophy. It does not matter what you say, just as long as you follow.” If anybody can credibly explain what the fuck that means I will buy you dinner. It does not matter what you say, just as long as you follow? Follow whom? Follow what? Is it like I will follow 1Malaysia concept but you're a fucking pendatang and should be grateful for what scraps you get so shut the fuck up? Sorry I said the last bit la but I follow 1Malaysia concept. 1 for me and 1 for you ma. Get it?


    The other current thing happening that is quite frighteningly amusing is this registration of legal and illegal foreign workers. And ya, the biometric system. First of all I'll bet none of you reading this can fully explain or understand what it is and what it actually does for the country, this biometric thing-a-ma-jig. Can you? I can't. But I do know that since the name BIOMETRIC started being bandied around by the flers from the Home Ministry there has been nothing but fuck-ups. Remember how the system collapsed at the Johor Immigration check-points? Now we read about the system collapsing daily while being used in the registration exercise. But that is not what gets my goat about this registration thing.

    Registering legal foreign workers? Now, that statement alone is quite confusing. If they are not registered workers doesn't it make them illegal workers? And if they are illegal foreign workers how did they get work here in the first place? And shouldn't they be penalized instead of registered?

    Registering illegal foreign workers and offering them amnesty? If they are illegal foreign workers working here shouldn't they be deported? After all, we deport people for simple things like making a speech at a dinner party. So why are we wasting time and money registering these illegal workers? So they can come in, work illegally and then get registered to become "legal"? Very strange Malaysia Boleh system ain't it?

    And then ah, what is this amnesty offer to the illegal baargers about?

    My online dictionary defines AMNESTY as the act of an authority (as a government) by which pardon is granted to a large group of individuals.

    So what? Does it mean that all those illegal flers from Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Myanmar etc. are going to get their papers to stay and work in Malaysia? And eventually become Permanent Residents or worse, citizens with voting rights? And all from starting as illegal workers?

    Wah! I've heard that Malaysia is a paradise but this gives that statement new meaning man!

    When I read the papers about this registration of legal and illegal workers I discover that there are hundred of thousands of them. Probably totaling past the million mark on final count. Call me paranoid or whatever but this scares the shit out of me with the General Elections coming up soon. We have close to 4 million eligible Malaysians who have not registered to vote. And meanwhile, they are opening counters round-the-clock to register legal and illegal workers. I am not saying that there is any connection at all here. But isn't there something at the back of your mind that tells you something is not quite right?

    The only comfort about this registration thing is that it is now Ramadhan and Muslims fast. So the Immigration flers probably ain't working as fast as they can do at punching those biometric machines.

    Okay la, I shall leave you today with a story that is not so tearing-out-hair type la.

    It is reported in The Star today that a teenaged contractor in Penang is the talk of the town. He was awarded a RM1million contract for a school building project. But what is so funny about the story which is about MCA's Tan Cheng Liang accusing the Penang government about being racist in awarding contracts, is this paragraph in the Star report...

    "Wanita MCA deputy secretary-general Tan Cheng Liang claimed that the bumiputra student was awarded the project to construct a double-storey religious school in Batu Maung which has since been completed."

    This MCA woman seriously needs a brain re-tweak. So what if the contractor is 19 years old? So what if he is bumiputra? So what if he is a part-time college student? The important thing is he got the contract through open tender. So he must have met all the conditions set. And he has successfully completed the project he was awarded. Eh hello! Ms. Tan if you want to make some noise also must be a bit smarter la. Go find out if the kid has completed the building without defects and that the quality standards set by the government have been met. Stuff like that la. Still want to talk about race issit? Now add age some more.


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    There is too much smoke to ignore this issue. It is very dangerous for the future of Malaysians. If UMNO gets away with this, it's game over.

    The 13th General Election Will Be The Dirtiest Election In Malaysia's History

    Tony Pua

    Wednesday, 03 August 2011 05:16

    The rumours have been swirling intensely for the past few months that the Barisan Nasional (BN) is registering foreign workers and permanent residents as voters for the coming general election. Various parties have given eye-witness accounts of vans from the National Registration Departments (NRD) heading to remote areas to conduct discreet registration exercises.

    In May 2011, PKR Ampang Member of Parliament, Zubaidah Kamaruddin had also surfaced a letter allegedly written by UMNO Hulu Selangor to the Home Minister to grant citizenship to a list of 2,000 foreign workers with the pretext that they will vote for BN in the upcoming elections.

    However, it was the reports in Malaysiakini yesterday providing hard-evidence that foreign permanent residents have been granted voting rights in Malaysia. What was perhaps more shocking was that within a matter of 4 hours, the status of the dubious new voters were immediately changed from permanent residents to citizens of this country in the NRD database. Essentially, these foreigners first secured their permanent residency, then became a voter and subsequently granted their citizenship.

    The above cases prove beyond doubt that there is an unholy conspiracy between BN, the Election Commission as well as the NRD to cheat their way to victory in the next general election.

    Alarm bells are raised over the integrity of our national security systems because of the flagrant abuse of the process and the ease at which our citizen data get manipulated. They also prove that the biometric system proposed by the Election Commission to "prevent phantom voters" is a complete non-starter. If even our NRD system can be tampered with so blatantly, there is no credible assurance that the government can provide that the biometric system proposal worth hundreds of millions of ringgit will be clean, transparent and secure.

    The action of the above parties follows the Prime Minister's rallying cry in Selangor in May 2011 for BN to "win at all costs". While the results of 2008 took BN by surprise, they are now leaving nothing to chance and would use all tricks in the book to maintain their strangle hold on power as well as to recapture the states lost to Pakatan Rakyat.

    It is also not the first that BN has awarded of citizenship to foreigners in a massive scale. They have previously done the same in Sabah with the covert “Project IC” which is also known as “Project M” where “M” denotes Mahathir. The project has cemented UMNO’s stranglehold on power and reduced the political power of the Kadazan, Dusun and Murut communities in Sabah. The outcome today in Sabah was a population explosion where naturalised “foreigners” outnumber locals in the state.

    BN will use its control over the media and security apparatus to intimidate Malaysians to vote BN as seen most recently during the Bersih rally, and money will not be an object to buy votes as shown in the Sarawak state elections. And if intimidation and the buying of votes do not assure them of success, BN would blatantly cheat its way to victory.

    Malaysians who are united in seeking free and fair elections will need to work doubly hard to negate the electoral malpractices committed by BN. And Malaysians seeking to achieve change in the next general election will have to work triply hard to convince those who are still in doubt over the need for change to overcome the uneven playing field in favour of BN.


    (The views expressed above belongs to the author in its entirety and does not represent the opinion of Malaysian Mirror in any way)

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    August 4, 2011

    EC’s imaginative yarn on phantom voters

    Should Bersih 3 be the appropriate response to continued electoral fraud?, asks DAP MP Charles Santiago.


    By Charles Santiago

    Sometimes, I cannot help but think that Malaysia’s Election Commission is very creative.

    This time around, the electoral body is struggling to spin an imaginative yarn over new evidence which clearly show that the Election Commission has been subtly registering Permanent Residence (PR) holders as eligible voters.

    Following the case of Mismah, who was given a citizenship in a matter of hours to facilitate voter registration, more facts and figures are emerging from the bowels of the government’s electoral manipulation to ensure it stays in power.

    PAS has found more than 1,000 permanent residence holders in Selangor who have been included in the electoral roll of eligible voters, confirming the fear that the government would resort to every devious tactic to topple the opposition-led state government.

    The Umno-led Barisan Nasional government is clearly cheating to win the next general election.

    These shocking evidence vindicates Bersih 2.0, the coalition for free and fair elections, and underscores the nature of dirty politics in the country.

    Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak is well aware of the dissatisfaction and unhappiness of the people against his government and uses his office as the bully pulpit to garner votes by unfairly influencing the Election Commission.

    The stunning gains by the opposition in 2008 has led the government to default to a time-tested strategy by engaging in back door deals with public institutions. This is shameless behavior.
    It also demonstrates the lack of openness and accountability on the part of the government and its reluctance to allow for public scrutiny and debates over its decisions.

    Following the rally last month, which saw tens of thousands of people taking to the streets to demand for electoral reforms, the government has clamped down even more violently on activists and opposition politicians by nabbing them under emergency laws to curb dissent.

    The people remained defiant while Najib and his cabinet ministers refused to take into account that their days are numbered when the rakyat are no longer afraid of the government’s show of force.

    Bersih 3 rally

    In June this year, Malaysia unveiled a plan to fingerprint voters to combat electoral fraud. The Election Commission took a whack for this plan, which in itself, is not foolproof.

    Many Malaysian identity cards have faulty chips and it does not look into serious allegations of vote buying, vote rigging, gerrymandering and the opposition parties’ lack of access to the local media.
    But evidence of the EC registering foreign-born permanent residence holders caricatures the shadow play by the government to hoodwink its people into believing that it is serious about nipping unscrupulous electoral practices.

    We cannot allow the government to win the next general election through phantom voters. The Election Commission must, therefore, be committed to cleaning-up its electoral roll.
    If the EC fails to resolve this issue then the call for Bersih 3 would become a reality.

    And when that happens, it would deal the Umno/Barisan Nasional government with a long-postponed death blow.

    Charles Santiago is DAP’s Member of Parliament for Klang.

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    Bersih: NRD's Mismah-gate clarification unacceptable

    Kuek Ser Kuang Keng
    Aug 5, 11
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    The National Registration Department (NRD)'s explanation of the 'Mismah-gate' is unacceptable as it fails to address the public's concern, said Bersih 2.0 chief Ambiga Sreenevasan.

    Therefore, she supported Pakatan Rakyat MPs' call for an emergency parliamentary sitting this month in order to seek answers for the many questions the scandal's raised.

    "We haven't actually had any meaningful answer... there has to be accountability on this issue," Ambiga (left) told Malaysiakini during an interview yesterday.

    "The answer that they have given us so far is really quite unacceptable."

    In a statement on Wednesday, NRD director-general Jariah Mohd Said explained that Mismah, a name found in the latest supplementary electoral roll draft, was granted permanent residency on July 17, 1982, and later citizenship on Jan 31, 2011.

    However, the statement failed to shed light on the question of how the NRD online verification system could have categorised Mismah as a permanent resident on Tuesday morning but 'upgraded' her to citizen four hours after a Malaysiakini report.

    Jariah was also silent on the PAS allegation of there being 1,597 such cases nationwide.

    Ambiga said that Bersih 2.0 had received similar complaints prior to the expose but had not managed to have it proven until the Malaysiakini report was published.

    "What I would have expected from the authorities is for them to say 'we think this is serious, we think it must be investigated and we will come back to the public on the issue', but unfortunately all those who have spoken appeared to be defending the indefensible."

    Misgivings over biometric system

    Ambiga described the issue as something that requires urgent attention and transparency from the NRD, failing which the affair could largely undermine the introduction of the biometric system by the Election Commission (EC).

    "It was one of the reasons why we have misgivings about the biometric system, because if we can't even get the database at the NRD right, and there are questions about its integrity, then I really don't know how it can progress to a biometric system."

    The issue coupled with the failure of the authority to provide a satisfactory answer, has deepened the confidence crisis faced by the government, warned Ambiga.

    "Trust is something that they have to build and the way they can build trust is by being honest with us, it is really quite simple, and by being absolutely transparent with the public."

    She reiterated that the EC has to involve the public at every stage of the implementation of the biometric system and keep them updated throughout the process.

    "In today's Malaysia, it is not enough for the authority to say 'just trust us'," she stressed.

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    200,000 Indonesians listed as voters, claims Anwar

    Jimadie Shah Othman
    Aug 5, 11
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    Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim claimed that some 200,000 Indonesians have been registered as voters in Malaysia, complaining of another dive in the standards of democracy in the country.

    He was quoted as saying by The Philippine Star that he has received reports of the allegations and added that Filipino migrants in Sabah have also been registered on condition that they vote for the ruling BN government.

    "I believe in the people of Malaysia. The Malaysian media and the government may have labelled me as a threat to the country and accused me of being a pawn for Zionists and the United States, but I believe the people can't be fooled," Anwar was quoted as saying by the online news portal during his visit to Manila.

    Anwar's (right) comments come in the light of the recent controversy where a permanent resident holding a red MyPR card had been registered as a new voter in the latest supplementary electoral roll issued by the Election Commission (EC).

    Merely four hours after Malaysiakini reported that Mismah had become a voter despite being just a permanent resident, she had apparently become a citizen.

    According to election laws, the EC updates the electoral roll every three months with a quarterly supplementary electoral roll draft and only citizens are allowed to be registered as voters, and that verification is done through the Agency Link-Up System (Alis) of the National Registration Department.

    Claims that foreigners being illegally registered as voters to increase the support of the political parties in power have been continually raised by polls watchdog Bersih 2.0 and opposition parties but constantly denied by the EC.

    MyKad syndicates found in Subang

    Meanwhile, Selangor PAS said today that several months ago they caught a group of syndicates involved in issuing Malaysian identification cards (MyKad) to foreigners red-handed.

    Division secretary Khairuddin Othman (left in photo, with Khalid) told a press conference today that they had raided two houses in Paya Jaras, Subang to nab the group.

    Khairuddin added that the “house owner” was distributing MyKads to those suspected to be Indonesians and Cambodians.

    However, the culprit managed to escape before the police arrived at the scene. Nevertheless, members of Selangor PAS had lodged a police report on the matter.

    During the raid, which took place in February, a collection of MyKads and scanning equipment as well as card readers used to authenticate the identification cards were discovered, he said.

    Oddly enough, said Khairuddin, the names of the owners of the confiscated MyKads are still only recognised as permanent residents, with red MyPR identification.

    “We have lodged a police report, but we still waiting for an answer,” said the practising lawyer, frustrated over the delay in investigations since their exposure in February.

    “We don't dispute that many deserve to get the MyKad... but the discrepancies on the NRD's website give rise to doubts,” he said.

    Shah Alam PAS MP Khalid Samad, who was also present, said that this case is similar to what had happened in Sabah several years ago, allowing for BN to win big in the state.

    “So it is not impossible for this to take place in the peninsula, moreover when there is no transparency in the award of the identification cards,” he said.

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    Friday, 05 August 2011 10:34

    The rot within the Election Commission, NRD and Immigration Dept

    Written by Maclean Patrick, Malaysia Chronicle
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    In the face of denials by the Election Commission and the National Registration Department on irregularities in voter registrations and the issuing of citizenship to illegals, one has to wonder; what would have happened if no-one had taken the time to check on the registration listings and the status of citizenship of certain people?

    Would the irregularities have gone unnoticed? And if they have been irregular practices - how long have they been in place?

    Does this not smell of the infamous Project IC of the 1990s?

    Again, it began with UMNO

    Project IC is the name used to describe the allegation of systematic granting of citizenship to immigrants (whether illegal or legal immigrants) by giving them identity documents known as IC (identity card), and subsequently, MyKad.

    The project is a complex matter involving certain political parties as well as various government agencies including the Election Commission of Malaysia, the National Registration Department and the Immigration Department, which comes under the purview of the Ministry of Home Affairs. The suspicions and allegations on the existence of Project IC began around the mid-1990s.

    The project, in its widespread and intensive form, is suspected to have begun in the early 1990s after the entry of United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) into Sabah politics.

    Throughout the 1990s, several government officers were arrested under the Internal Security Act for their involvement in Project IC. A Parliamentary Select Committee on Integrity was set up to hear testimonies of some of the detainees in February 2007. The committee was chaired by Sabah Member of Parliament Bernard Dompok. On May 16, 2007, Dompok quit as chairman of the committee over disagreements on the function and scope of the committee, in particular, over the refusal of the National Registration Department to appear before the committee. Later on, the findings of the committee was never made public.

    Has a rehashed Project IC been reborn and using the latest technology to aid it?

    Some wait a lifetime, others need only 4 hours

    In the case of the individual called Mismah, who had her PR status upgraded to Full Citizenship in the space of four hours, Election Commission head Abdul Aziz Yusof attributed the problem to technical negligence.

    Elaborating on the issue, he said he had contacted the NRD and was told that its online database had not been updated alongside the Agency Link-Up System (ALIS).

    "(It was only) when I called (them) that they realised they have not updated the names online," Abdul Aziz added.

    The NRD online database - used by the public to verify their status and details - is different from ALIS, which is the reference point for the EC in registering voters, he said.

    If the NRD only knew that their online databases were not updated when the EC chairman called them, what were their ICT staff doing the whole time before the phone call?

    And the EC explanation does not explain how Mismah could have her status changes within the same day during a four hour span. The changes to Mismah status were made before the call by the EC chairman to NRD. Thus, the ICT team was updating its record before the call. Does this mean that the main database had already had the changes made, and thus, this database has different information as compared to the online databases?

    How many more are there?

    And how many more Mismahs do we have? The records held by the NRD are now a point of contention? How sure are we that the information contained within the NRD databases are credible and true?

    And with the impending use of the biometric system by the EC, one still wonders; how sure are we that the biometric information is coming from the correct database and how correct will the data be?

    The legalisation of immigrants also uses biometrics as a means of registration, and this database of immigrants may be far more complete than the NRD or EC databases. Yet, even this to is looked upon suspiciously. How sure are we that the records from the Immigration Department’s databases will not make its way into the NRD databases?


    Bear in mind, the EC still has to collect finger-print information of current and existing voters. The easiest method is to tap into the NRD database but not all those registered in the NRD database are registered voters.

    Citizens still have to register to vote and a vetting process still has to be complied with. Thus, there will be a lot of activity to update and keep current the databases under the control of the EC, how sure are we that during this period of activity, manipulated information does not makes its way in?

    The EC assertion that everything is transparent and clean is a farce. The EC must now convince the public that their right, as citizens of Malaysia, is not tainted nor super-ceded by the needs of a ruling government desperate to stay in power and willing to do anything to accomplish the task - even to the point of selling citizenships to illegals in order to buy votes. - Malaysia Chronicle

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    Saturday, 06 August 2011 18:05

    Malaysians in an uproar as BN voting fraud exposed

    Written by Dana Kay, Malaysia Chronicle
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    Malaysians are in danger of losing their beloved country if immediate steps are not taken to stop the government's electoral manipulation of illegal immigrants’ status to allow them voting rights so that power-crazed leaders can stay in power.

    In the case of one Indonesian permanent resident, Mismah, it was revealed that her status was changed from PR to full citizen within hours so as to allow her full voting rights. In Selangor, 1,000 permanent residents and in Penang 1,500 were found on the voter rolls although only full-fleged voters can have such rights. Again in Penang, Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng discovered a staggering 32,000 new voters being registered within three months.

    There are now growing calls for Pakatan Raykat leaders, the NGOs and the people to join forces and demand a stop to the huge voter cheating going on. It has become clear that Prime Minister Najib Razak has lost his way, and the latest hot tip leaked by former deputy minister Tan Kee Kwong is that the BN has hired an IT expert to create a virus to destroy the voter database in the event that the Pakatan wins.

    “They have hired an IT expert to do this work of disruption just in case they lose the polls,” said Tan, who is also chairman of the PKR disciplinary panel.

    Vote Pakatan to offset the BN vote rigging

    In Sarawak, people from all walks of life are now worried about a repeat of what happened in Sabah, following the launch of Project M in the 80s that focused on legalizing Filipino and Indonesian migrants to vote for the BN in exchange for their citizenships.

    See Chee How, the PKR Batu Lintang assemblyman called on all "sensible BN supporters" who wanted to save Malaysia to vote for Pakatan Raykat in the coming general election to counter the "cheating" perpetuated by the BN's rigging of the voting system.

    "The BN is desperate and tend to make desperate move even at the expense of the country. So legalising the illegal is one of the many dirty tactics the BN government will use to win in the next general election,” he told Malaysia Chronicle.

    Saying that he too is a desperate Malaysian doing his little bit to save Malaysia, See believed that there were a lot of sensible and fair-minded BN supporters who love Malaysia as he did and together they could vote out the betrayers who were willing to sell their land to foreigners in exchange for power. "The power of the country is in your hand,” he urged.

    Najib, said See, is using all the government machinery including, the police, the Election Commission and the National Registration Department to ensure that he stays in power. That was why, Najib was so reluctant to use the indelible ink but opted for costly and easy to manipulate Biometric system.

    With illegals coming into the country seeking blue collar jobs or who were involved in criminal activities, See is worried that the future of the country would be at stake if tens of thousands of these uneducated are absorbed into the society. “Sabahans are suffering from high crime rate and we would be infested with social issues in the future. Is the BN government so blinded by power not to see the consequences,” he chided.

    Although the Pakatan leaders have asked for an emergency Parliament sitting on the electoral fraud, See believed that Najib would not agree to it. “It will spoil his plan.”

    Wake up call to all Malaysians

    MP for Kuching, Chong Chieng Jen also made a similar call to the people and the government servants to "open their eyes" and see the dirty tactic used by the BN to stay in power.

    “I am appealing to the good conscience of the civil servants in the Election Commission, the NRD and the other government agencies to come together and expose this tactic of selling our country to foreigners bit by bit. This is our country, our children’s land and we must protect it from going to ruins,” he said emotionally.

    Chong said he would not appeal to the BN leaders as conscience was something he said they lacked. “This is Najib’s way of defending Putrajaya by hook or crook. By crook, you are destroying your own country, Najib,” he warned.

    Admitting that it would be very difficult fr Pakatan to suss out every Mismah, Chong pointed out that the best alternative was to monitor the electoral registration which they are doing every three months. “In Sabah, the damage done is irreversible. The state security is a mess and the locals are being treated like foreigners in their own land,”

    He said such dirty tactics amounted to treason. Chong warned that Pakatan would lose heavily in the coming general election if projects like Mismah continued.

    Angry, betrayed and no-eye-see

    Meanwhile, "angry and betrayed", that was how most people on the streets viewed the Mismah case.

    Chung, a professional said when he read about Mismah, he believed that the BN would use such a ploy in simple-win majority seats held by the Pakatan. “It’s all a numbers game for the BN. I do not think Najib and those around him are concerned with what will happen to Malaysia. To stay in power, everything goes for them.”

    Chung said he is worried of more brain drain. “There will be so much to lose out in future. We will have to share our medical benefits, free education, jobs, business and almost everything. If they contribute to our economy, that's fine but here they are just given citizenships to vote BN, what have they done for the country. It is scary to even think about it,” he added.

    Cindy, an administration officer in a private firm said she could not wait for the general election. “I registered more than 15 years ago as a voter but I have never voted. This time, I have to exercise my rights as those without rights are doing so,” she said, referring to the citizenship for votes ploy.

    “Those in power fail to see that the people affected are not only the non-Malays but also the Malays. Foreigners who come in are mostly Muslim and in future, I can see Malaysian Muslims and the instant-noodle citizens fighting over religious practice and government jobs. It will happen,” she said.

    Ah Hing who rans a char-kueh store said at the rate Najib was running the country, it was a lose-lose situation for all Malaysian.

    “Instead of turning the country around, he is legalising illegals to be part of us. This country is sinking lower than I thought it will. I am joining my daughter in Singapore next year. 'No-eye-see' what is happening here but I pity you guys who have to stay behind,” he said.

    - Malaysia Chronicle

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    Kg Baru registered as a voter by the SPR!

    We need a Royal Commission of Inquiry to get to the bottom of this!

    EC registers voter named 'Kg Baru'

    Kuek Ser Kuang Keng
    Aug 9, 11
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    The Election Commission (EC) has been found to have registered a voter named 'Kg Baru'.

    At the same time, a new search has turned up more names in the electoral roll without a record in the National Registration Department (NRD) online database.

    According to the EC online verification system, 'Kg Baru' (MyKad: 830527115422) is a voter registered in the state constituency of Hulu Besut and parliamentary constituency of Besut, Terengganu.

    However, a check with NRD online system revealed that the MyKad number is assigned to one Noraini binti Abdullah (left).

    "The question is, how can the EC make such a shameful mistake? How did it happen?” asked Johor PAS Youth chief Suhaizan Kaiat, who discovered the flaw.

    “Does (EC deputy chairperson) Wan Ahmad Wan Omar still think this is an issue that should only be answered by the EC clerk?"

    Suhaizan also said he had detected a 'phantom voter' with no record in the NRD online database.

    During a verification check this morning, the EC online system showed (right) that Farhana binti Abdul Rashid (MyKad: 840505715012) is a voter registered in the state constituency of Wakaf Mempelam and parliamentary constituency of Kuala Terengganu.

    No result in the NRD database

    However, the same identification number returned no result in the NRD online database which stated 'no application/the number entered is not valid'.

    "How can the EC register phantom voters when its registration system is linked with the NRD database through the Agency Link-Up System (Alis)?" queried Suhaizan in a statement.

    This is not the first case of voters without a NRD record. This was also the case with two eligible voters, who appeared on the EC online verification system as being registered in the Hulu Langat parliamentary constituency.

    Suhaizan (left) said such mistakes could have been due to human negligence, but that this shows the EC's voter verification system had failed to detect errors when the details were keyed in.

    For this reason, he urged the EC to abolish the RM10 fee levied on each objection raised by the public, as well as the RM200 penalty for every objection that is rejected.

    "One way to detect human negligence is through objections... But when the fee is too high, it burdens those who want to raise objections, when the purpose of objections is to clean up the electoral rolls," said Suhaizan.

    "The objection fee is one of many weird matters in Malaysia. In fact, the EC should pay those who make objections as a token of appreciation, rather than charge them," he added.

    Objection period 'too short'

    Suhaizan also complained that the five-day objection period (July 29 - Aug 2), including a weekend, for the second quarter supplementary electoral roll draft was too short and unreasonable.

    "The charges and short period make it seem that the EC has hidden agenda to make it difficult for people to raise objections."

    Under election laws, the EC updates the electoral rolls every three months with a quarterly supplementary electoral roll draft.

    The names of all newly-registered voters, voters who have changed their residing addresses and voters who have been removed from the electoral roll, are compiled in the supplementary electoral roll draft.

    The roll is then displayed usually for one week, for public scrutiny, before it is gazetted and used in the next election.

    During the display period, members of the public can raise objections to the names listed in the supplementary electoral roll, but must pay the related fees.

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    Selangor EC rejects all 583 'PR voters' complaints

    Aug 9, 11 12:42pm
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    Selangor Election Commission (EC) has rejected all 583 complaints which claimed that permanent resident (PR) holders had been registered as voters, claiming that they were found to be citizen.

    Selangor EC chief Dzulkifli Ab Rahman told Sin Chew Daily that his officers had verified that all the 583 voters have become Malaysian citizens with the legal right to register as voters.

    He further explained that these individuals had been given citizenship in January this year as cited by the National Registration Department (NRD).

    Therefore a public inquiry, which allow both complainant and voter to be heard, will not be called for these 583 cases, the Chinese daily quoted Dzulkifli as saying.

    He said that Selangor EC had received a total of 1,475 objections against the second quarter supplementary electoral roll draft, with 583 or 39.5 percent on PR holders allegedly being given voting rights.

    The rest were ordinary complaints such as discrepancy in registered address, which will be resolved through a public inquiry held from Sep 6 to Oct 6, Dzulkifli added.

    The issue of a PR holder named Mismah registered as a potential voter in the latest supplementary electoral roll draft was first reported by Malaysiakini last Tuesday.

    Pakatan Rakyat then claimed that they had detected 1,597 such cases nationwide, with 1,108 of them found in Selangor, a state ruled by Pakatan.

    They demanded that Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak call an emergency parliamentary sitting this month to debate the issue.

    The NRD clarified that Mismah had been awarded citizenship in January this year but it did not explain why the NRD online database was only updated last Tuesday after Malaysiakini published the news.

    It also failed to respond to the 1,597 similar cases raised by Pakatan.

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    We need all voter records of police and military to include their ordinary ic nos as well. Also they cannot be allowed to vote as postal voters. They must vote like everyone else.

    Tuesday, 09 August 2011 10:07

    Another fraud find: Police, army keep dual I.C.s

    Written by Malaysia Chronicle
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    After revelations about “instant Malaysians” and non-Malaysians being allowed to register as voters, another expose is set to rile up calls to accelerate electoral reforms.

    The latest revelation has to do with police and army officers retaining their civilian identity cards in addition to their police and army identity cards.

    “They are found to have two ICs. One card is identity card for armed forces personnel, which allows for postal voting. Another is normal IC which allows the same person to vote like the rest.

    "As far as I know, the civilian card has to be kept with the relevant ministry when the holder is on duty,” said Rantau Panjang PAS chief Abdul Fatah Harun .

    Expressing shock over the findings, Fatah promised to reveal more such instances.

    "I have proofs of this allegation. Many policemen and army officers have admitted that they indeed have two identity cards,” he said.

    According to Fatah, if proven true, it showed yet again UMNO's dirty tricks to remain in power.

    “Perhaps this is why the government is so excited to introduce the biometric system as opposed to Bersih 2.0’s demand to apply indelible ink on voters after casting their votes,” he quipped.

    Another expose

    Meanwhile, a blog called “Perisik Rakyat” today revealed that a voter, Sulong bin Jalil, has been detected to possess two identity cards, a blue MyKad and a purple MyKas, which is the temporary permanent resident card valid for five years.

    Surprisingly, each of the cards has been used to register Sulong as voter, giving him the opportunity to vote twice. Both profiles share the the same old identity card number 6290844, and is registered at the Hulu Terengganu parliamentary and Ajil state constituencies.

    This means Sulong will pass the biometric measures as he holds two identification cards bearing his own thumbprints.

    - Harakahdaily

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    Daily's hunt for 'Mismah' hits dead end

    Hazlan Zakaria
    Aug 8, 11
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    A local daily's attempt to find 'Mismah', a former permanent resident whose Malaysian citizenship was recently approved, has hit a dead end with its efforts to track her down running into snags.

    The daily was following up on a Malaysiakini expose about a permanent resident who was curiously registered as a voter and miraculously became a citizen in four hours.

    Reporters from Malay language daily Sinar Harian scoured Desa Coalfield in Ijok last weekend in an attempt to find Mismah, but to no avail.

    This is chiefly due to Mismah's address being incomplete, causing them to fail in locating her house from among the hundreds of houses in the area.

    Her address in the online Election Comission (EC) voter database was only listed as Desa Coalfield.

    "There was no street name or house number given, making it difficult as Desa Coalfield comprises five phases of double-storey terrace houses spread out over a large area," the daily says in a report on the matter today.

    The daily's source had revealed Mismah's house number as 12A.

    While that helped to narrow down the search, it still left a lot of houses to be checked as in Desa Coalfield 1 alone, there 10 streets, each with a house numbered 12A.

    'Locals not cooperating'

    "The difficulty in getting the cooperation of local residents and the inability to identify who Mismah is further complicated the search," says the daily's article.

    The legal alien attained brief notoriety last week after Malaysiakini exposed the irregularity of her registration as a voter in Selangor despite being listed as a permanent resident in a National Registration Department (NRD) web page.

    Malaysiakini was initially informed about Mismah's case by a reader who noted that she was listed in the supplementary electoral roll, which is now on display for public scrutiny.

    A check with the online verification systems of both the NRD and EC on Aug 2 confirmed Mismah's registration as a voter.

    The NRD online verification system, which allows users to check the status of an individual by entering the PR card number, shows that Mismah (No. 64070471523 is a permanent resident.

    However, when the same number was entered into the EC online verification system, Mismah was listed as a newly-registered voter.

    She was registered as a voter in the Ijok state and Kuala Selangor parliamentary constituencies, which are respectively held by Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim of the PKR and Dzulkelfy Ahmad of PAS.

    'Citizenship in four hours?'

    Adding a further twist to the turn of events, another check with the NRD system at 3pm the same day (Aug 2) returned a shocking result - the same Mismah had become a Malaysian citizen with a blue MyKad.

    In other words, in what can only be called a dazzling display of public service efficiency, she appeared to have received her citizenship, in the course of four hours.

    As a rule, permanent residents are not allowed to vote in Malaysia, as voting is the exclusive right of citizens. It takes many years for a permanent resident to be able to even be considered for citizenship.

    The opposition parties are alleging that the BN, in collusion with the NRD and the EC, is stealthily inserting voters into Pakatan Rakyat-held consistencies in its bid to retake the areas.

    This was with the participation of permanent residents who were put on the fast track to citizenship in return for their pledge to vote for the BN, opposition leaders are claiming.

    However, the NRD explained that Mismah was a long time permanent resident of 29 years whose citizenship was approved on Jan 31.

    The EC then moved, changing her status as a voter in its online system from "name on display" to "application being processed".

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