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Thread: Silver: Customs Duty

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    Silver: Customs Duty

    According to this link,, there is no import duty for bullion silver under code 7106. However, a 5% export duty is applicable. If you were to import silver as jewelery, you incur a 10% duty.

    I observe the spread for silver coins is very big and yet some forumers still buy. Probably, they expect a huge spike in price to compensate for the spread.

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    According to me silver is also very precious metal. Investing in silver you can get more benefits from it. This is wrong that government increases the custom duty in silver. I have read your post and import silver as jewelery that we have to pay 10% duty as you said.

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    Importing silver coins there is a different tariff code:-

    - Coin (other than gold coin), not being legal tender Import Tax 5% Sales Tax 10%

    - Gold coin Import Tax 0% Sales Tax 0%

    Customs can still squeeze a few bucks you

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