Political rant by anonymous. Is this true?

We have a child rapist exMB in charge of RISDA and we have a corrupt ex MB in charge of FELDA. We have a PM who has allegedly slept with actresses and singers and Mongolian girls and has been slapped publicly by his wife who was bought over for 200,000 from another man..who also has been alleged to have blown the woman who slept with him.

We have two ex MBs, another one from Selangor who climbed the Sultans fence to sleep with the princess, produce a child and divorce her later. The other MB slept with his sister -in law and produced another child and kept it in the cupboard until Jakim had the balls to make noise.

We have a current Sultan bonking a bai girl with the possiblity of producing the first bai Sultan for Malaysia and the Malay dilemma here will be whether he can wear a yellow turban or should he wear a yellow headdress and read the Sikh Koran or the Koran Koran.

And we have had an AG bonking his employee while a prosecutor bonked her client who was alleged to have been bonked in the rear, whose 'cave' had other men's DNA.

We have a Kerala Dog who writes sex stories about his former Deputy to sell his book as a hot item.

Now we have porn producers and one female prostitute coming fast round the corner with 18 porn tapes.

We have a MB in Malacca who promotes underage marriage and says "Malay girls like to have sex too" and says he does not mind paying the 500 ringgit to marry them.

In the world of Malays the Malays have gone SEX MAD. And it looks like UMNO is now promoting SEX for the Malays.

UMNO is now the premier producers for Malay men involved in sex. I take my hats off to the Kerala dog for bringing the Malay society to the dogs through UMNO.

Not bad 22 years later we have a society that excels in sex beating in the likes of Chua SOi lek and DP Vijendran. UMNO has come a full circle to disgrace and make the Malays look like a filthy sex crazed society with a Kerala Dog ending writing about sex too.

In the 200 years of history of Malays this is the peak of sex scandals and romping with prostitutes. However the sorry thing is the poor Malay folks who are thrown into this filthy tale of back stabbing and calumny. How their leaders who are supposed to be model Muslims tear each other's throats with stories that make even Satan shy.

Islam in Malaysia has gone to the dogs. The daily sound of loudspeakers calling for prayer is now useless as it falls to deaf ears. Money has muffled the loudspeakers and faith and charity to a fellow Muslim is gone to the dogs. When the Kerala dog let another dog go..and another dog go and another go...he set the pace for the demise of morality in the malay society....

Anwar.........every dog wagging it's tail with the Kerala dog is now set to devour him.


They know if he becomes PM...they all will be sent to the dog house. !!

Another bothering point ... does he favours men or women for his pleasure ..Make up your mind, M/s Clean & Efficient BN !!