On 24th Nov 08, I went to Selangor State Secretariat to meet a Political leader. Our appointment was 5pm. On arrival, I was told by an aide that they were going to have their prayers. I waited until 5:30pm. When the Leader came out, he called a couple who was also in the waiting room to discuss with him first. After waiting for 15 minutes, I decided to go for another meeting in the same building. When I returned at 7pm, they were going for another round of prayers. Finally, at 7:30pm we got to talk. Even then, another person managed to squeeze in and have his say while I waited. All in all, I wasted more than 2 1/2 hours waiting to talk to this leader.

What is my point?

Time is very important.

The above episode, one of many that I have already experienced, indicates that our political leaders don't know how to manage their time. Equally important, they don't value our time.

1. If he knows that he is going to have prayers at 5pm, why schedule a meeting at 5pm? Make it 6pm. That's fine with us.

2. He should give priority to the person who has an appointment with him, not just entertain anyone who walks in unannounced.

If our leaders continue to behave this way, they will lose support and they will learn a hard lesson during the next elections.