Great travel tips you can share for someone who wants to see the world on a budget?"

The best way to see the world and get a great deal is to purchase a round-the-world fare (RTW) from one of the major airline alliances like OneWorld, Star Alliance, or SkyTeam.

There are a lot of rules and restrictions involved, but the general framework is the same: your itinerary starts in one city, and you have up to 16 segments in one general direction (east or west) to make it back there.

For example, you could fly from Madrid to Moscow to Hong Kong to Tokyo to Auckland to Santiago to Miami to New York and back to Madrid on a single itinerary; the total fee is quite reasonable, usually as little as $3,500 in economy class, and around $8,500 in business class.

The price varies based on your specific itinerary, as well as country of departure. I've found US departures to be the most expensive, African and South American to be the least.

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Simon Black
Senior Editor,