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Thread: Welcome to T-PAG (Trainer People's Action Group)

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    Welcome to T-PAG (Trainer People's Action Group)

    For calon/wakil calon egroup:

    Hi there,
    We wish to invite you to join our egroup, T-PAG, on PACABA Training. Please refer to FAQ here -
    Join us on

    And Voter Education Series at myDurianTV:
    Volunteer with Tindak Malaysia:
    You can see our needs there at the bottom of the posting.
    Register online at
    Self-education at:
    Tindak Malaysia Vision:

    Towards a People-driven Malaysia where Integrity, Freedom, and Fairness prevail.
    Where freedom of choice, speech and religion is guaranteed.
    A Malaysia for all Malaysians regardless race, religion or political affiliation.

    Our objectives are:
    1. Voter education,
    2. Promote Free and Fair Elections,
    3. Defend Democracy,
    4. Enjoy our Constitutional Rights and Human Rights.

    Our tag line is:
    To education,
    To Empower,
    To Mobilize,
    To Act!

    2. General Guidelines for all Trainers
    Here are a few things to remember about this group:
    This group is for the purpose of communication between trainers relating to voter education, particularly relating to training programmes. There will be openness but also some limits and some common netiquette. Here are some things you may want to know:
    1. As a trainer, you are a leader and represent Tindak Malaysia when you face the public. You have to be always conscious of the fact that your performance and behaviour has an impact on the whole group.

    2. To post a message/email use this address:

    T-PAG <>

    3. As a rule - no spamming and no marketing of services, products etc, unless approved by the moderators. If you have something you think may be good for the others, ask the moderators first.

    Don't know what spamming is? Look it up on Google or Wikipedia or some other site.

    4. No chain emails. If you like the contents, just strip out the "send this to your gazillion friends and reap mucho blessings", and just send the contents only. If in doubt, don't.

    5. On replying to an email, you should clean it up a bit. Snip out any parts that can be left out. Basically, you are your own editor. This will be very helpful for your recipients and we are sure they will be grateful.

    6. Some topics may be controversial. We all respect each other's opinions but we may not agree with each other's thoughts. That is OK. Because the worst is that we all agree to disagree. If you don't like what you read, ignore it or report it to the moderators who may allow it or put it to a vote if too many people complain. If there is sufficient backing (subject to moderator's discretion), the member will be asked to stop at risk of being barred.

    7. SMS (***** IMPORTANT!)
    We must develop habits that will stand us in good stead during elections. All senders of sms must close the message with their initials or names. Not all phones have sender identification and recipients don’t have time trying to figure out who is the sender. On polling day, it is even more critical.

    The list owner is contactable on:


    [eGroup Moderators]

    Pywong <>,
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    Who are we looking for?

    Caring Malaysians,

    Heart in the right place,


    Can put ego in the pocket,

    Strong desire to contribute to the nation and national unity,

    Committed to promoting Free and Fair Elections.

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