This is the flow:

1. Trainers Schedule (in your google documents) is a shared excel spreadsheet maintained by me
2. You have access to view and update this list
3. You can add, but if you want to cancel an excel row, inform me
4. You update all the details, insert the session you want to conduct, and go through from left to right as a checklist of what you need to do and who is involved.
5. Get the help you need, because some sessions will need at least 2 of us.
6. If total numbers are less than 15, if you are organized enough, you can actually run a session by yourself, if you can get a motivated participant to help you.
7. If you are alone, and there is no help, everyone can see, and we can pitch in, please ASK anyway
8. Once you write status=confirmed, I will post OR update the details at google site, google calender, google signup form, google map, and post to Sel-PAG, UndiMsia
9. Check your google contact list to see how many has registered so far.
10. Publicize like crazee, becos you must treat it like campaigning, you have to move people to come.


Chris Wong
012 2678868