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Thread: Postal PACA Files

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    Postal PACA Files


    (Published with permission from Steven Choong who prepared these documents)

    1. 0.1Sampul-sampul Undi Pos (docx)

    2. 0.2Undi Pos Pengiraan Kertas Undi (pdf)

    3. 0.3Undi Pos Sebelum Pengiraan (pdf)

    4. 1.1Akuan Penerimaan Sampul Keutamaan (pdf)

    5. 1.2Contoh Sampul ‘A’ (pdf)

    6. 1.3Contoh Sampul Keutamaan ‘B’ (pdf)

    7. 1.4Contoh Sampul Keutamaan (pdf)

    8. 2.1Notis Pengeluaran Kertas Undi Pos (pdf)

    9. 2.2Notis Pembukaan Kertas Undi Pos (pdf)

    10. 3SPR Surat Menolak Kertas Undi Pos (pdf)

    11. 4.01Borang 1-a Permohonan Bagi Kertas Undi Pos ms1 (pdf)

    12. 4.02Borang 1-b Permohanan Bagi Kertas Undi Pos ms2 (pdf)

    13. 4.03Borang 2 Perisytiharan Identiti (pdf)

    14. 4.04Borang 15 Penyata Pengundian Selepas Pengiraan Kertas Undi Pos (pdf)

    15. 4.05Borang A Borang Sumpah Kerahsiaan (pdf)

    16. 4.06Borang SPR 714-a SPR Surat Perlantikan Sebagai… ms1 (pdf)

    17. 4.07Borang SPR 714-b SPR Surat Perlantikan Sebagai… ms2 (pdf)

    18. 4.08Borang SPR 717 SPR Kebenaran Mengundi Di Salah Satu Tempat Mengundi (pdf)

    19. 4.09Borang SPR 753 Contoh Corak Penindik (pdf)

    20. 4.10Borang SPR 754 Bilangan Kertas-kertas Undi Pos Yang Dikeluarkan Dan Diterima Balik Mengikut Kumpulan-kumpulan Pengundian Pos (pdf)

    21. 4.11Borang SPR 755 Kira-kira Kertas Undi Pos Selepas Peti Undi Pos Dibuka (pdf)

    22. 4.12Borang SPR 764 Penyata Awal Pengiraan Undi Pos (pdf)

    23. 4.13Borang Ulangkira (xls)

    24. 5Senarai Ejen Undi Pos Yang Bertugas Untuk Serahaan Kepada SPR (doc)
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    18. 4.08Borang SPR 717 SPR Kebenaran Mengundi Di Salah Satu Tempat Mengundi (pdf)

    This is tricky and tied to Regulation 15 (1) of the Conduct of Elections (Law book page 129). This is designed by the SPR to cheat by ballot stuffing. A polling agent who encounters any SPR staff trying to put this envelope in any polling station must insist that the Sampul B and ballot paper be sent to the Postal Polling Counting Centre for processing and not counted in his station as he has no way of knowing whether there is multiple voting or not.

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    Preparations for Role-play

    Description Quantity
    Ballot paper with same serial numbers 5
    Ballot paper with different serial numbers 2
    Ballot papers no serial number 3
    Envelope A 5
    Envelope B with address of Returning Officer 5
    Form 2 3


    Nama Sampul Saiz, mm Kuantiti Kegunaan
    Paket 1P - 14P 254 x 280 14 Simpan bahan-bahan selepas pengiraan undi
    Keutamaan 154 x 328 1 Hantar kertas undi kepada pengundi pos
    Keutamaan B
    127 x 235 13 Kertas undi kembali kepada Pegawai Pengurusan. (13 kategori). Sampul disimpan dalam Sampul Keutamaan B
    Keutamaan A 102 x 238 2 Mengandungi kertas undi (Parlimen & DUN)

    1P: Unused and damaged ballot papers at issuance
    2P: Postal voters roll, Form 1 and list of EC officers on duty voting through postal votes
    3P: Ballot paper counterfoils
    4P: Form SPR 753 and 754
    5P: PACA list, SPR 714, Form A and List of SPR officers on duty
    6P: Rejected Form 2
    7P: Other rejected documents like envelope B and ballot papers after the opening of Envelope B
    8P: Rejected and spoilt ballot papers
    9P: Empty envelope A (chopped “Empty”)
    10P: Envelope B received after 5pm.
    11P: SPR 755 and 764
    12P: Form 15
    13P: Counted and rejected ballot papers in counting process
    14P: Laws and Regulations, other documents and tools

    Borang 1 Permohonan Bagi Kertas Undi Pos
    Borang 2 Perisytiharan Identiti
    Borang 15 Penyata Pengundian Selepas Pengiraan Kertas Undi Pos
    SPR 753 Sample of perforation mark
    SPR 754 Record of the number of postal ballot papers & main envelope issued and returned by code
    SPR 755 Record of envelope B issued, returned & rejected/accepted, empty Envelopes A & ballot papers rejected
    SPR 764 Preliminary polling results

    Ballot boxes:
    Number = Expected ballot papers/300. Size 15” x 15” x 15”.

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