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Thread: Politics: The World vs Wall Street

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    Politics: The World vs Wall Street

    The World vs Wall Street
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    Emma Ruby-Sachs - to me

    Thousands of Americans have taken over Wall Street -- joining a global movement from Madrid to Jerusalem to take back democracy from corrupt interests. If millions of us stand with them, we'll boost their spirits and show the media and leaders that this is no fringe movement. Click below to sign the petition - every signature will be counted on a giant live counter in the middle of the Wall St. occupation:

    Thousands of Americans have non-violently occupied Wall St -- an epicentre of global financial power and corruption. They are the latest ray of light in a new movement for social justice that is spreading like wildfire from Madrid to Jerusalem to 146 other cities and counting, but they need our help to succeed.

    As working families pay the bill for a financial crisis caused by corrupt elites, the protesters are calling for real democracy, social justice and anti-corruption. But they are under severe pressure from authorities, and some media are dismissing them as fringe groups. If millions of us from across the world stand with them, we'll boost their resolve and show the media and leaders that the protests are part of a massive mainstream movement for change.

    This year could be our century's 1968, but to succeed it must be a movement of all citizens, from every walk of life. Click to join the call for real democracy -- a giant live counter of every one of us who signs the petition will be erected in the centre of the occupation in New York, and live webcasted on the petition page:

    The worldwide wave of protest is the latest chapter in this year's story of global people power. In Egypt, people took over Tahrir Square and toppled their dictator. In India, one man's fast brought millions onto the streets and the government to its knees -- winning real action to end corruption. For months, Greek citizens relentlessly protested unfair cuts to public spending. In Spain, thousands of "indignados" defied a ban on pre-election demonstrations and mounted a protest camp in Sol square to speak out against political corruption and the government's handling of the economic crisis. And this summer across Israel, people have built "tent cities" to protest against the rising costs of housing and for social justice.

    These national threads are connected by a global narrative of determination to end the collusion of corrupt elites and politicians -- who have in many countries helped cause a damaging financial crisis and now want working families to pay the bill. The mass movement that is responding can not only ensure that the burden of recession doesn't fall on the most vulnerable, it can also help right the balance of power between democracy and corruption. Click to stand with the movement:

    In every uprising, from Cairo to New York, the call for an accountable government that serves the people is clear, and our global community has backed that people power across the world wherever it has broken out. The time of politicians in the pocket of the corrupt few is ending, and in its place we are building real democracies, of, by, and for people.

    With hope,
    Emma, Maria Paz, Alice, Ricken, Morgan, Brianna, Shibayan and the rest of the Avaaz team


    Demonstrations in Spain protest political parties and economic crisis (Washington Post)

    Israel uprising: Beginning of an end (Press TV)

    Greece protests austerity measures (Washington Post)

    Occupy Wall St - online resources for the occupation

    Occupy Wall St primer (Washington Post)


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    Protest on Wall Street Spreads to Washington

    By Ricardo Mir de Francia, Translated By Menaka Dhingra

    7 October 2011

    Edited by Alyssa Goulding, Spain - El Periodico - Original Article (Spanish)

    Little by little, and without too much noise, the popular protest movement called “Occupy Wall Street” that emerged in New York three weeks ago is gaining momentum and expanding geographically. On Thursday the outrage arrived in the country’s capital, Washington D.C., where over a thousand people marched through Liberty Plaza, a symbolic square that emulates the Cairo plaza around which the Egyptian Revolution circulated.

    Like in Boston, Chicago and San Francisco, the protest has no defined objectives, but there is a determination to consolidate as a movement and to use civil disobedience to make grievances heard. In the United States money and politics are intertwined in a more clear and transparent way than anywhere else in the world. Multinational corporations and private interest groups finance election campaigns, intervene in legislation through pressure from their lobbies and sustain the administration through what is generally a give-and-take relationship. Though it has been this way for decades, the economic crisis and high unemployment rate appear to have revitalized the anti-corporate movement, consisting of everyone from traditional pacifist groups to ecologists, student groups and anarchists.

    In an appearance at the White House, President Barack Obama attributed the movement to the “discontent” resulting from the difficult economic situation and bank policies.

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