In the MSM, it is understandable that BN takes all the news.

But where is Pakatan Rakyat? But news on Hudud, seat allocations squabbling, etc.

It's so easy for BN to make PR speak as it wanted it to. Just trigger the forever dependable outspoken "leaders". They may think that they are fighting for their rights to speak but who wanted them to speak? The rakyat or BN? To think that their years of wisdom would make them wiser. Sigh!

PR may have identified the tricks of BN. Where's the proof? Just shouting is not enough to convince those naive voters.

So what is PR doing? Waiting to fail? Then come out saying that it's unfair due to this & that?

The voters are getting restless. They wanted real change. Not just hating the BN but real intelligent governance.