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Thread: Where to hide Billions of RM?

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    Where to hide Billions of RM?

    After the most obvious (Petronas - only need to have PM's approval), it is the Defence Ministry.
    Go after them and follow the money trail. Cut off their source of supply.

    Then again, NATIONAL SECURITY is easily enforced and any opposition will be silenced.

    Why is the welfare of millions of Malaysian less important than arming the military? Where is the foreign/terrorist threat coming from?
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    My god! I could only count to Billions. NOW is Trillions. Why cut subsidies when you could gain more by going after these crooks?!

    Whenever the government talks about cutting subsidies, PR must ask what is being done to go after these trillion. Why save 1 to 2 billion when you could just catch one of these crooks and save a lot more billions?!!!

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